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Found 28 results

  1. Brandon582

    2013 KTM 250SX weird surge?

    Hey everyone Just picked up a 2013 KTM 250SX and it’s doing something fairly strange. I live in NH and it’s obviously very cold right now so when I first got the bike it was surging at idle/ running lean due to it being adjusted for summer. I fixed that issue with the air screw so it’s running just about right at idle, but when I blip the throttle it does some weird surge. The best way I can explain it is the RPM’s jump high from the throttle blip, then do a spaced out “ping, ping, ping, ping” all the way back down to idle speed. I’ve owned many two strokes and have never heard this, they always have a constant rise and fall of RPM’s, not this annoying ping. I’ve played with the air screw for an hour now and no cigar. Trying to ice race the bike soon so any help would be appreciated.
  2. MotoXRacer_19

    New Bike! KTM 350 XC-F

    I did it. Finally quit beating around the bush and decided to go for it. Now the proud owner of a bran-USED 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. Bought it today, only had the chance to ride it down the road and back and I think I’m in for a treat. Previously had a 250 XC that I bought used November of 2016. Kept buying parts and constantly working on it to get it where I want it, but with out any luck so I decided to go back on the four stroke route. Anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket on it? It already has a lot including a skid plate, boyesen super cooler water pump, hand guards, rear brake rotor guard, radiator braces, mouse bibs in the tires, brand new Dunlop MX 3 S tires, radiator fan, shorai lithium battery, side grab bar, and ktm silicone hoses.
  3. Bryant McCarthy

    Should I upgrade?

    Right now I have a 2004 ktm 125sx, here’s a little background of it, it has a ported head, Barnett clutch, and a 6 gear added, the 04s came with 5 speeds and it didn’t cost too much to add the sixth so I did! The question I’m asking is should I get a ktm 250sx I’m tired of over reving it and all I do is trails and hill climbs I weigh 130 and 5,8 kind of worried the 250 will be too much weight for me but want someone’s opinion on this, parents are not too amused with the idea of getting a bigger bike but I think it would just make my life easier with the torque! Should I keep the 125 for longer or get the 250?
  4. howar1rc

    Fuel pouring out of carb

    I have a 2010 KTM 250sx that was running well before the rebuild. I just completed a top end rebuild and have it all together. When I turn the fuel petcock on it immediately pours out of the carb as though it is just a hose from the fuel tank leaking onto the ground. It is not a leak, it is from the hose lowest on the carb. The carb was cleaned not too long ago and has not been touched since I had it running. What could be causing this problem? Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Okay guys, first post on the forum, hope I can get some help. I have a 1998 ktm 250sx and the bike runs great, starts first kick, idles fine and is very responsive and hits the power band great, but when I'm wot in the power band it bogs, if I let off the throttle slightly it will hesitate for a moment and then make it's way into higher rpms. This only happens at wot but is very annoying. Any help would be great thanks! I have replaced the gaskets on both side cases, adjusted the carb and still have no luck
  6. Doukis1

    09 250 sx won't start

    New spark plug, new air filter. Went for a ride and all was good. Hadn't run it in a week and a half. Now it won't start. Getting spark. The plug is dry. Is it possible I over oiled the filter and it has somehow gummed up the carb/ float? Thanks
  7. Anyone switch from a 450 to a 2017 or newer TC250 or 250SX? I have a 08 CRF450 I like a lot but since the new Husky/KTM redesign in 2017 I have been thinking of making the switch back to 2 strokes. I am 37 with 2 kids and mainly ride at practice tracks and maybe one race a year...so I dont ride competitive but love ripping on tracks. So I was looking for some feedback/input from anyone who rode a new Husky/KTM.
  8. KTMRider4Life

    What If?

    Steinkrle Dog was given a factory 250sx and was able to race it in the 250 nat's? I think he'd hurt some teams feelings.
  9. Hi I recently bought a KTM 250sx 2005 and my bike leaks a lot of oil. I made a topic recently asking how to fix this and got amazing answers from everyone! And I asked this question on the other topic, yet to be answered, but I felt it was a different question wholly due to the paragraph it took to ask the question. And if it is answered there, this one can be deleted, but I wanted to know how do I tune the carburetor to run 50:1. It currently runs 32:1 and I believe the carb is tuned for that. I don't know jet specs but I will try to find out. I know you can adjust the jets via the air/fuel screw... I was told to turn it all the way lean and run the fuel, and I understand to adjust accordingly. But I just want to know what I must do to know if I should turn it richer or leaner based on what the bike does. What are the signs to tell to tune richer once I turn it all the way lean? And is there only one screw I must turn? or are there many? someone please explain all of this.
  10. Hi, i have a 2014 250sx and it as you can tell by the title it goes through plugs like no tomorrow. If you aren't already aware the 2014 ktm 250sx has been known for having the most horrible jetting from the factory, when i rode it with stock jetting i fouled a plug on every start up. Pretty frustrating but anyway i changed the jetting completely, i replaced the original needle (N1EI) with a N1EH, 38 pilot and 158 main jet, air screw 1.5 turns out. I also have a 40 pilot i tried but dropped back to the 38. I run 50:1 with rock oil and 91 unleaded. So i started with the clip on the 4th position and fouled the plug within 30 seconds, moved it to the second and still had a lot of oil covering the plug. Finally i moved it to the top position and it still had a small amount so i have the air screw all the way out and its still not perfect? This doesn't happen often but it will even let off a backfire when i rev it too much but once its completely hot it will run pretty good. I read on a previous thread that a person was running a 40 pilot, 158 main and the same needle (on the 3rd position) as me on the exact same bike and year and he said it ran perfect. (he was at the same altitude which is sea level) I will note most of the time it fouled a plug was between 1/4 and full throttle so i thought about maybe going leaner with the main jet? but in saying that if i start the bike cold and not rev it at all for a couple of minutes and shut the bike off i have a bit of oil built up on my plug. So i assume there is something else wrong a part from the jetting? If it is the jetting should i try a new needle or main jet? i could be wrong but its weird i have to have the clip on the top position, air screw all the way out and an extremely lean pilot and have the bike still running rich. was wondering could this have to do with my reeds? if there was a gap? I have considered a hotter spark plug but i dont think i should considering going from the BR8ECM to a 7 plug could be up to 70 degrees differint in temp and that wouldnt be good for the piston or cylinder. Not sure if this is relevent but it could help. I ride mostly at the track, im not super fast im more a c grade rider but i usually ride it on the pipe and when i do that it wont foul a plug but if i ever let it sit for a minute or even less sometimes it can still foul plugs when i rev it. ANY help is appreciated, i have read like 20 forums and still no solution. Thanks! Ash.
  11. MotoXRacer_19

    2 Stroke Top End Problem

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you could help me out. I’ve got a 2010 KTM 250 XC that just doesn’t rip like a normal two stroke should. When I get up to the top end power it just signs off really early, causing me to shift really early. I can’t figure out why it’s doing that for the life of me. My jetting is spot on for th altitude I ride, the spark plug is a perfect brown coffee color, (170 main, 40 pilot, Suzuki NECJ Needle on 3rd clip) so it can’t be that. (I went with the Suzuki needle because I read on here that it could give it more top end, it did but not the amount it should have) and it I just put on new reed petals for the V-Force 4 reed system, new FMF Fatty and FMF Turbinecore 2 pipes, stock gearing (13:50), yellow power valve spring (red spring doesn’t help either) aggressive engine map, and it still signs off early on top. I bought the bike used, and the previous owner had it choked up so it acted more like a four stroke. The only thing I haven’t looked at is if it has a fly wheel weight, but that wouldn’t necessarily make it act less wild like a two-stroke, would it? I need some suggestions and I would greatly appreciate the help!
  12. evanalmighty

    I cant turn right???

    i dont know why but i can turn left fine but everytime i go to turn right i feel as if im loosing my balance like for some reason my body leans left even though im trying to lean right so i just end up going straigh so i dont fail. any ideas why or how i can improve turning right? ive read about it it seems to be kinda common i guess but i dont know its annoying me cause i wus out when i hit a right hander . Thankyou By the way thankyou to everyone who help me on my other thread, just so you all know i ended up getting an 09' ktm 250sx, love the bike its awesome thanks for all you advice
  13. I just bought a ktm 250 sx and haven't been on a 2 stroke in a while and am wondering what is the best engine oil, transmission oil, and best mix ratio for it.
  14. My 250SX is a dinosaur for some of you young tackers but I was hoping to get some advice from guys that know these beasts and what parts I may be able to use from later years. The first thing I am looking at is pegs, I have read conflicting reports online in regards to the pegs and compatible years, some state 93-97, some state 96-2002, and some state 93-2017, can some one clear up which is correct please? The second part I am chasing is a case saver for the front sprocket, I can't seem to locate one online, and am curious what years had the same case on the engine that I may be able to cross reference with and find a suitable part? Cheers in advance for any help supplied, I appreciate it.
  15. grantsafari

    Ktm 250 sx oil

    The owners manual says to run 15W-50 but I have seen that a lot of people run 10W-40 for transmission oil in a ktm 2 stroke. Which is better
  16. I need a new seat for my bike, the current one is ugly imo, and I looked around a lot for a seat, but I can't quite find one that fits... Anywhere I can look. I tried a LOT of motorcycle sites to find one but all of them only show seat accessories...
  17. MotoXRacer_19

    KTM Stator

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could tell me if this stator looks okay and is right. It’s off a 2010 KTM 250 XC. I just pulled it off the other day to grease up the e-starting gears, and I don’t know much about the ignition system so could someone tells me if this stator is supposed to look like this? I’ve since cleaned up all the black crude. Thanks
  18. I'm and intermediate rider who rides very aggressively and on hard, but fast-paced woods/cross-country/harescramble riding. Sometimes I'll do technical, really tight trails, log crossings, and hillclimbs, etc. and I also will ride motocross tracks every once in a while. I currently own a 2008 KTM 250 XC-F with a bigger rear sprocket, FMF exhaust, aftermarket piston, and I typically run high octane fuel. I won't be upgrading for quite a while but I am planning ahead trying to decide what to save up for and all that. I'm sure this forum will also help others in similar situations. I'd like something that can top out faster than my bike but something that can accelerate quickly and have more torque as well. The majority of my riding is very fast-paced woods with hard corners and lots of roots and steep hills as well, so I'd like something that can blow through corners and accelerate quickly. But, I also ride a lot of tight technical trails so I'd like something that's torquey and has explosive, yet controllable power and something I can take over big logs and rocks. I'm fine with a bike that likes to be revved a lot as that's what I do on my 250xcf now. I'm used to four strokes although I'll probably adjust to a two stroke very quickly as I ride constantly. I'm leaning towards a 250 XC or a 350 XC-F although I've heard lots about KTM's 125 and 150 2 strokes, the 450 and 500, the wide ratio "w" models of the cross country bikes, and their respective motocross models just because I know how explosive they are. I understand that this is a lot to ask out of one bike but I'm going to be adding a lot of aftermarket parts to whatever I end up getting if it doesn't already have any. Tell me all about these bikes if any of you guys have ridden them! I'm probably going KTM because I've heard nothing but good things about them but I will still consider any other brands as well. Tell me any aftermarket you had to do, improvements to be done or downfalls of each bike, and all their advantages and things they're better at than the other ones if you've ridden more than one of these. This is more of a harescramble/cross-country racing post, but since some of my races have parts of motocross tracks I'd like to hear how they do on the track. Also, money isn't too huge of a concern with me but I will definitely not be able to get a brand new bike. I will be racing so if it's bigger than a 250 then I'll have to be sure that it can compete with bigger bikes. Thanks, in advance!
  19. 2010 KTM 250sx with newly plated cylinder, new piston, stock head. I am at sea level and I am not trying to mess with different compression by using different gaskets. I'm doing a top end rebuild and the Pro-X gasket kit I ordered came with 3 gaskets of varying thicknesses. Which one(s) should I use? I measured with digital calipers. Thin Green: .03 Black: .04 Thick Green: .08 Thanks for saving me yet again.
  20. grantsafari

    best exhaust for 2015 ktm 250sx

    I have a 2015 ktm 250sx with pro circuit exhaust with the r304 silencer. I'm looking for a new exhaust system that is best for desert, track, and mostly just freeriding. Let me know what you think is best.
  21. 1bad954rr

    250SX Exhaust

    I have a 2017 250SX and was wondering what the best exhaust is for motocross riding. Is FMF 2.1 or a Pro Circuit system more suited to track only riding? Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  22. I weigh 130 lbs and I currently have a 2017 honda 450R. The bike is too heavy and a little too much power for me. I am stuck deciding between a ktm 150 sx or 250 sx. I ride a lot of desert, freeride, and a bit of track. Which bike should I get?
  23. So the other day i bought a brand new 2017 ktm 250sx I took it for a ride on the mx track and it was great, heaps of power and good suspension. I took it home, cleaned it and did a little bit of maintenance. the next day I tried turning on the bike and it just didn't want to start. I thought it might of been a spark plug so I took it out and it was flooded with black stuff. It was a failed plug obviously. I did my research and it said if it's black, it's rich. so I changed the plug and it started right up with no problems. I checked the owners manual and it said main jet (440), idiling jet(42,5), needle(43-73), clip position(3), idle air screw(2 turns out) and my gas mixture is 50:1. it was all perfect for the temp and height I was riding at so i really dont know what's wrong. there is black oil coming from the exhaust aswell. Could anyone please help me and sort this out. cheers
  24. Hi I have a KTM 250SX and its a nice bike, a 2005. The problem I have is it feels kinda slow compared to other bikes, like my friends 4 stroke 250s. I don't know the exact speed of it. It is definitely a fast bike for what it is, but there is a "spare" tire with a large sprocket on it. Maybe the bike feels slower because of that, and I don't have much experience with sprockets and gearing in that way. That might be the problem. I don't know the exact difference in sprocket teeth between the two sprockets, but I never had the normal sprocket on. It pretty large in comparison to the other, from what I know. I didn't know sprockets would make a significant difference in speed. Is this why?