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Found 19 results

  1. Hey all, picked up a used 250x about 6 weeks ago. Brakes have been a bit weak IMO. I've only been out on it 3 times. I replaced fork seals after first ride due to leaking seals and figured brakes were weak because of oil dripping on front brakes. I then had my mechanic replace the brake fluid after my second ride. It seemed better, but now after the 3rd ride, they just seem.....squishy and weak. What are my next steps? Brake pads have life left in them, but thinking I should replace them as preventative and relatively cheap maintenance. Wondering if in addition I should get stainless steel brake lines and maybe new rotors? Any help/advice would be great. I realize that the X is known for weak brakes, but looking for best remedies/steps/options.
  2. Zub Umr

    Honda crf 250x

    Just had my hona crf250x 2006 on its side whilst I was having a look at its clutch plates and started it and oil was dribbling down when riding, could this be some type of oil overflow? U can't really see it in the picture because I wiped it but it was flowing on that side of the engine any help?
  3. Jokster

    Headlight setup

    I'm just rebuilding my 2008 Honda 250x and I have an after market head light kit on that I dont like because it doesn't get bright enough. What's everyone using on their bikes? I was thinking of going to the stock mask with led bulbs.
  4. Hey guys, I've recently purchased a 05 crf250x and noticed a loud noise coming from the top end. It looks like it is the auto decompression thing. From the 2 videos (linked below) does everything look good? When riding if I am low rpm, the top end makes a horrible noise but it seems to go away once I open it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also it looks like it is running aftermarket cams, Hot Cams it says on them which I presume isn't standard. Video 1): Video2): Thank you! -Sean
  5. I have these seals left after full engine rebuild, i think the bigger o-ring is for the starter. and i dont know where the rest go, does anyone know? That is a 1/4" ratchet. Thanks in advance
  6. My dad has been working on his '06 CRF 250X, and he had to take the carb completely out (for those of you that have done this you know what I mean). All went well with the rebuild, and when he went to put the Carb-to-Cylinder carb boot onto the cylinder, it wouldn't go on. The boot went onto the carb fine, but I can't get it on to the cylinder side for the life of me. We tried grease on the inside of the boot and on the outside of the cylinder side, but nothing is working. Plus, there is nothing online that talks about this issue for this bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I honestly can't think of anything else to get the thing to pop on there.
  7. Decided to pull the trigger. I've been looking pretty hard for the last 2 years (was contemplating the 250x when I bought my Beta). I think this is a little bit of a return to the basics of having fun on simplified machine. Just bare bones high performance fun times. Pretty excited! My '03 YZ250 I had was THE most fun bike I'd ever owned. I'm hoping I can say the same thing about this '18 X.
  8. Can anyone confirm whether or not the shift stop lever on the new 250x's (2016 and beyond) have been upgraded to the roller type rather than the old bearing that used to let loose? Please say yes. I'm at around 200hrs and haven't ever looked at it.
  9. Hey everybody! I own a 2005 crf250x that has never had a top end rebuild, Or any rebuild of that matter. I plan on getting the top end rebuilt this winter so that I have no time crunch to get it done, and I can go into next riding season with it! So anyway, let me get into what I need help with: I want to rebuild the engine myself, but no one in my family has any clue how to work on an engine. We have always been ride/drive, change the oil every few months, and ride some more. Now that I own my bike I want to keep it right. So with a 4stroke, is it reasonable for a guy with no experience or past knowledge on engines to rebuild a top end? I have watched a few videos of rebuilds, and it doesn't seem too bad, but there does seem to be a few things that seem to require some real knowledge. I would love to save the few hundred bucks by doing it myself, but I am afraid that I will missing something (ex: not replacing the piston even though it should be). Also, if I am to do this myself, what tools would I need? How risky is this build to do by yourself. I may be able to get my cousin (who I ride with) or my dad (who is rather mechanically inclined just not experienced with engines) to help me if it seems needed. Overall from the rant: I would like to do it myself, but I am fully intimidated. Is it worth the risk for the money saved and knowledge/experience gained? What tools do I need (100% list)? Would I need a helper/partner to do this? Thank you in advance! I hope you are willing to have more of a conversation about this!
  10. Hey All, So I went through the grueling procedure to remove my carb today to clean it and when I was reassembling everything I went to tighten up the top shock bolt and it just spins in place after a bit. It's slightly threaded on. I was torquing to 32ftlbs and never even got close to that before the endless spinning. The bolt threads looked good when I reinserted it too. I've tried so many things to get the nut off and ran out of ideas. I haven't done heat or drill yet. I was trying to pry it in various ways to no avail. What the heck is going on with this nut/bolt and what can I do about it? How did this happen? It's not like it was cross threaded or anything like that either because I screwed it around several times effortlessly with my hand until it was hand tight before I started using a torque wrench. On the nut there are these 2 little edges that stick out on either side - it's that way from the factory, I'm not sure what the purpose of those are but did I put the nut on backwards or something? I can't even think of how this could happen given that I went effortlessly hand tight before getting a torque wrench. There is some resistance when I tighten or loosen but the nut never budges.
  11. Just picked up brand new YZ250X Looking for assistance in what carb configuration anyone has been using and is effective. Elevation at my home in Cochrane Alberta is 3800', riding from that elevation and as high as say 5000' Still in break in, using Yamalube 2R 32:1 I believe its got 178 main and 50 pilot from the factory Bike starts and idles clean, crisp from 0 to 3/4. Boggy 3/4 to full, basically as the powerband starts to wind up. Thanks guys!
  12. I have a 2011 CRF250x, I've always been on top of maintenance, never really flogged the bike. From about this time last year the bike developed a sort of rubbing/scraping noise coming from the left side of the motor only when it was 3/4 throttle or more. I thought it might have been drivetrain so I pulled over, put it in neutral and did the same thing (3/4 throttle and more) while sitting still and it did the same thing. The bike sat in the shed for about 6 months and then I took it out to see if I could figure it out. I pulled the valve cover off and everything seemed normal, nothing loose, valves still in clearances. I also pulled the cam chain tensioner out, I wasn't game enough to go further so I put it back together and started it. No noise. It was fine, I rode it for about 1-2 months with no noise at all. I had to get a friend to ride it to get it inspected for road worthy and the noise is back. I've tried taking the cam chain tensioner out again and it hasn't worked this time. The noise has also become worse and at lower RPM (more like 2/3 throttle now). I'm wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else also and how they fixed it. I'm not game enough to continue riding it as I'm not sure whether the noise is something going bad. I'm keen to fix the problem as I've been without a bike for so long, I just don't have the money to pay someone to dig around the bike for me. Thanks in advance
  13. At one time I was a pretty good rider back in highschool but got out of it during college when my KTM got stolen. Im fresh out of college now and am trying to get back into the offroad world. I recently bought an 07 CRF 250X. Im 210 pounds with gear and know im to heavy for my stock suspension but dont have the money to get my suspension re-sprung and revalved at the moment. Does anyone have any tips for getting the most out of stock suspension without heavier springs and revalving for until I can get the suspension worked?
  14. I'm curious if a 2015 crf250r and 250x have the same exact lower linkage arm, if they have a universal fit. I have a race coming up and my stock one took a crap.
  15. Hello fellow thumpers! Let me start off by saying I am all new to KTM's. I've been doing a ton of research, and I have friends and family who love them and swear by them, but I myself have always been a Honda boy. I ride mostly single track where I live in Utah. My days of trying to "prove" anything on a dirt bike are in the past. I am 5'10'' 175 lbs and the 250cc's fill all my needs. My current bike is a 2012 Honda CRF 250X. This has been a fantastic bike, but lately has me wanting for something more/better. Mostly a fuel injected bike. I have an opporotunity to purchase a 2017 KTM 250 XCF that is basically brand new. Price $6,500 The KTM was purchased brand new and only has 3 hours on it, the owner bought it for $8,200 (I know its a steal) I've attached two photos, one of the KTM and the other is my current bike. I am really wanting to give KTM a try, just wanted to know your guys thoughts in regards to comparing these two bikes
  16. I have been trying to get my '04 250x started after sitting a while and then not firing. I thought it was fuel related so I just finished rebuilding the carb and replacing old fuel lines. I have tried putting in a new coil but the spark still looks the same and both the old and new coil measure close to the same resistance. Brand new plug also installed. The bike will not fire at all. Can you take a look at this video and tell me if this spark looks normal? If not what should I look for next? Thanks!
  17. Made a little video of me riding some new trails we discovered, I had no clue where I was going. But I found out a way to ride a pretty fun loop to practice for woods races on. Check the video out, feedback is appreciated
  18. Hello everyone. First post here! Hope to stay active. Im making this post as I’ve read a lot about both bikes, checked several threads made here, but unfortunately I haven’t found anyone with similar intentions/riding style as I, to help make my decisions. To start off, a little background: I’m sort of a big dude, 6’1 205 lbs. I’m starting off my 20s and want to get myself a nice new bike. I got my first bike when I was 13 and I would consider myself an intermediate rider. Over the years of riding I’ve only owned a few bikes that lasted me quite while, started on an IT175, then a KX125, and my most recent bike I owned for 2 years was a 1990 XR250R. Bike was an absolute tank. I did ONLY trail riding, never raced and I don’t plan on it either. I’m currently healing due to a very severe compound tib fib fracture (non bike related) and I sold my bike not long ago. So, I have quite a while before I get another bike, and I figured while I’m healing it would be a good time to research and decide what bike would fit me best for when I’m ready to hit the trails again. My heart is set on a Yamaha. Either the YZ250X or the YZ250FX. I’m not crazy fast on trails, and I don’t get into any insanely difficult terrain most of the time. I ride around in silt “fields” and expansive trails that can get pretty rocky sometimes, and I’ll do an occasional hill climb. Northeast Pennsylvania to give you guys a rough idea. When I come out to an opening I will open the bike up, but most of the time I’m just cruising through the woods, so I still want some power. I’m not hard on the bike is what I’m trying to say. I was considering the WR250f but I’m not into lights, as I don’t ride at night and I have no plans on plating it. So that brings me to the two bikes in question. I’ve ridden 2 strokes before, and I don’t have experience on a 250 2 smoker, but like I’ve stated I’m more of a cruiser when it comes to the trails. Which is what had me eyeing up the 250fx. I heard great things about both bikes. That they’re both reliable. Maintenance is a concern here. I’ve done maintenance on both my 2 strokes and my only 4, but I understand older air cooled 4’s don’t need nearly as much maintenance as these MX styled 4 strokes. I know that routine Oil/Filter changes, and air filter cleanings will go a long way to help the longevity on any 4 stroke, as well as considering the fact I’ll probably never hit the rev limiter. My BIGGEST concern is top end rebuilds on the 4 stroke or catastrophic failure. Valve checks aren’t a concern as they seem simple enough. I have done a 2 stroke top end rebuild before and it wasn’t hard at all. Also I’ve heard 4 strokes like to overheat unless you’re constantly moving but I know the FX accepts a fan easily. Or is it even that big of an issue? The electric start on the FX is a big plus, considering my leg isn’t going to be to its fullest extent when healing’s over, but I would like kick in case something goes wrong with the electric. I’ve read that the FX has a very good electric start. Friends of mine have recommended the 4 because, well they all ride 4 strokes, and told me I can lug it when I want but the power is there. The thing that’s keeping me so torn between these two bikes is this. I’ve always liked 2 strokes and their sound/less expensive maintenance but I wouldn’t mind switching to a 4 MX styled bike, and I’ve heard nothing but good about the newer 250fx’s. Praise for both X bikes that is. So, with that mouthful being said, what bike do you guys think would suit me better? Thank you for reading!
  19. I have a 2018 YZ250x that I use for trail riding and hill climbing, I can’t seem to find a good gas/oil mix ratio for the trails and was wanting some other opinions for this bike, Thanks!
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