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Found 19 results

  1. Has anyone installed and used a Checkpoint impeller? I see dirt rider had an article about them and I've been curious about them. I've been having overheating problems recently and after spending well over $200 on brand new radiators I've discovered the radiators weren't the problem. So I bought new piston rings since they were out of spec (supposed to be like .15 and they were .5) and then thought about buying one of these aluminum impellers to help the problem instead of keeping the flimsy plastic one. I've read mixed reviews about them. Has anyone had any luck with them or is it basically just paying for the same overheating problems to happen?
  2. I thought i would share my short term experience i have with the 17 ktm 250xc. Bought the bike 3 weeks ago and have been getting in tune with it for this upcoming enduro season. Me im a 45yo 200lbs very fast B ,mid pack A level woods rider. On open fast terrain I'm more a mid B . My main current bikes had been a 13 150sx set up for woods and a 2016 250xcf . Im a 2st guy but wanted to try a 4st . For the most part i really liked the 250xcf but certain aspects didn't feel quite right. I was torn between the 150 and 250f on which bike i was faster on. The 150 was light flickable but the 250f had more usable power and was better planted. I wanted a bike that was agile, light,could turn good with power and stability. If i could only combine the 150sx with the 250xcf i would have the perfect bike. I decided to take a gamble on the 250xc . Here is my review of the 2017 KTM 250XC. WOW......... Its going to be hard to sum it up but i will try. I have never been so impressed with any other bike i have owned before. My firt ride i did was almost magical. It left me in shock and amazement on how good the bike was. It felt like i had the bike for years, it was so natural and dialed in. The motor. Smooth, smooth with more smooth. Did i say the motor was smooth. Now i did jet it with the JD kit and set the float height. The power is perfect. Very linear almost 4st like. Good responsive bottom end and mid with a free reving top. You can go up a gear and lug it along or keep the rpms up and scream it. I went out with the wife yesterday. She is a beginner rider and doesn't go very fast. The bike was just fine putting along right off idle in 2nd and 3rd gear. Super easy motor to go slow on. When i wanted to do a quick sprint there was zero load up and the response was crisp. Power wise it has tons more than the 150 and good deal more than the 250xcf below half throttle. The 250xcf is real strong up top so i would say there pretty close to even in the upper rpm. Suspension. The new AER forks in my opinion are the best ktm has put on a bike. I was dumbfounded on how well it worked out of the box. As of now i will not be getting re-valve. With the pressure at 135 psi and compression set 3 clicks softer there about perfect. These forks are so smooth and progressive. They handle the small roots and trail junk along with the big woops and high speed hits. The bike tracks excellent with little or no deflation. The shock I went up 1 spring rate. Its good ,but not as good as the forks. My only complaint is its just a little harsh over multiple small roots. Ive played with the clickers some and have it where im happy with it. When i have the shock serviced it will get e re-valve but its not needed that bad. Handling This bike is a dream. It feels lighter than it is. Its 14lbs heavier than my 150sx but riding it you would never know. It honestly feels more like a 125 than a 250. The bike corners amazingly good. You just think and it goes there. The bike is every bit as flickable compared to the 150 but is still stable. It has a good planted feel, not as good as the 4st but still good. I can make tight corners faster on this bike compared to my others. This bike is the total package. Light weight, quick handling, stable, solid usable power, smooth suspension literally a dream bike. I have never been blow away by a bike before untill now. My 150sx is now for sale. I took it for a short ride and realized its never going to be used again. The 250xc just kills it. Im keeping the 250xcf. The xcf is a good bike and will be ridden, it will be my secondary, backup bike. I will add i did own a 200xcw up untill last year. I now know why ktm dropped the 200. There has been some post recently on 250 vs 300. I have never owned a 300 but have ridden several. I have no regrets buying the 250 over the 300.
  3. In my searches I didn't see too much about anyone who has tried both of these options. I tried the jd jetting kit first and did some fiddling and got the bike to run good, seemEd pretty clean. I also lowered the float level slightly and did jd jettings overflow tube loop to try and minimize lost fuel on the ground. Then I bought a lectron hv 38mm carb and it was considerably better than the mikuni with a jd jetting kit. There was a big boost in low end torque that is super smooth. The bike sounds better. Automatically adjusts for altitude. Starts great. And I get considerably better fuel economy (about 15 or 20 percent better). My conclusion having used both products is that the jd jetting kit will make your bike run well and be much more rideable than the terrible stock jetting. The jd kit is also much cheaper. The lectron carb will make your bike run amazing, give a big boost in rideable smooth low end torque. Also a big boost in fuel economy over the mikuni with jd jetting. The bike is really really good with a lectron. It's like fuel injection that is simpler, lighter, and available in North America.
  4. OK here goes... Picked up an 04 200 EXC few months back, needed some work to say the least, wont go into detail of all the things i've fixed on the bike just the current and most present issue I cant seem to fix... it is smoking IE blue smoke/lots of splooge to the point that at the end of a few hour's ride, it's out the tail pipe, running down the back and dripping onto the swing arm/rear break caliper and blue smoking quite a bit. When I first got it, it smoked more and smelled like shit. So first things first went to the carb, I live on the Oregon coast (elevation/temp reference) it's old dirty/stained but inside looks good, came with jetting pilot-45, main-178 needle: no idea what brand guessing stock in the 3rd clip, adjusted the float height due to it leaking gas when bike was upright no tilt with the gas on, Bought JD jet kit and running pilot-45, Main-185 and Needle is blue 3rd clip (JD's recommend specs for my bike @ my attitude). I have also replaced my Inner crankcase seal twice (First time I thought I messed up the O-ring so redid to make sure). I've rebuilt the top end/new piston (same thing) cleaned the PV, NOTE HERE that the PV has some issues, it seems to work fine but the screw that goes on top of the cylinder, down into the PV/flap would not come out preventing me from removing the flap to clean it, however it move's/ function's correctly, and has minimum clearance on both sides. One of the PV cover bolts that also works at the exhaust spring holder, was over torqued at some point (impact driver prob), or a result in a hard impact, the hole the bolt goes into is flailed/jared open a bit, not bad, not in the way of any function/ PV Gearing/hinge, it is not needed for that area to be air tight as their is also a breather that goes out of the PV so will not result in an "air leak" or loss in Top end PSI.... anyway... it's still smoking.... quite a bit.. now the bike itself rides fine I feel, the carb does puke gas when tilted over slightly/ hard to start (kick start) after flooded (like all bikes tho) I don't have any stalling/low idle issues outside of user error on clutch control. Honestly outside of it smoking as much as it does I would think nothing is wrong with it.. I have also tried raising the needle Clip to 2nd clip and it changed nothing at all, not even feel of the bike/response and have a new Spark plug I have yet to put on the bike. I have also "compromised" the crankcase Gasket (new one in the mail) while I was putting the Crankcase back on but that should do nothing with the exhaust just a little gear oil leak not relevant but throwing it out there. So I am at a loss... I've been toying with the idea of getting a Lectron carb... However... would hate to drop $400~$500 and the issue still persist, if it's a jetting/carb/float issue that would fix it and improve MPH/fuel consumption Or something with the PV? but I don't see the PV causing that much smoke/sploogee... I've ridden the bike normally/hard and nothing's happened but I don't want to keep pushing it and possibly clip the bike. Any ideas? "Oh help me 2 stroke community you're my only hope"
  5. Hey all, im shopping for my first two stroke. I’m a woods rider and I’ve found what looks like a great deal on an 250 sx. Changes in bike thus far are lower gearing on chain and softer spring on shock, bark busters and handlebar risers. I will certainly need an xc gas tank and probably work on forks. Anything else I can/should do to make this single track worthy?
  6. Hey guys/girls, I'm looking at buying a new KTM and don't want to spend the money without riding one first. I'm on the fence between the 250 and 300xc models. I race c class in local hare scrambles and will be racing my first GNCC (Camp Coker) in a few weeks (I'm pretty slow btw). I love casual trail riding as well. My current bike is an 09 200xc. My riding buddy has a 2020 300 husky and It is an absolute dream to ride, but at 170lbs wet I'm not sure I wouldn't be just as happy with a 250 and have less felt weight in the single tracks. I'm always looking for new people to ride with and would enjoy meeting up with someone at a local compound. We have a pretty awesome private 6mile loop in Sumter, SC also. Its tough to spend 10k on something without giving it a test ride... Hit me up if anyone's interested, KTM or not!!
  7. Hey all, I need some concrete specs on the '08 ktm 250xc. The manual and all the online specs vary wildly. Anywhere from 227 lbs dry weight to 215lbs. And 37.5 in seat height to 36.4 in. Manual says 215lbs and 36.4in height. However this is lighter and shorter than most other years of xc250's. This makes a difference in my next decision, because I am short in stature (30 in inseam) and I want to stay with a light bike. I currently have a yz125 and love it. I race hare scrambles in the rockies (even two endure-crosses) and moto . It can beat me up in some tech offroad sections but is serious fun in single track! Love to scream it and hop/skip it around. Its super fun, and really fits my riding style. I run tubeless and have it slightly geared down. Suspension is stock. And its perfect for the mx I race. I'm 165 lbs before gear. I would just stay with my yz, and maybe have the suspension softened in the first part of the stroke, to help with the tech sections. But I can't help but think about getting a shorter seat height and slightly softer (initially) suspension. The seat height really helps for offroad. My yz is 39in tall. I shaved the seat about 1/2 in but I still cant touch on both sides. And just the tip of my boot on the side that does. For mx it doesn't matter but offroad I have been missing it. I really don't want to go with something too much heavier either. The ktm 200xc would be ideal but they rarely sell in my area and they are ridiculous prices when they do. Even for early 2000 models. So if the '08 250 is actually 215lbs dry and has a shorter seat height....that might be the ticket. Even though I can get buy on big hill climbs slipping the clutch, it would be nice to have more low end. And I could race the more tech cross country races in the series that I have skipped. I really don't want to sacrifice my mx suspension too much though. I rode a '09 250xc-w for one lap on a track and it was adequate on jumps and felt awesome in the whoops. I was actually quite blown away. The suspension was just super smooth/planted and even though it didn't rev, (like I prefer), it could still be fast (by 125 standards). But, it felt heavy. And not near as flick-able. If the '08 is lighter AND shorter, plus more power.....it might be just right. So to recap. I don't want to move away from light/flickable. I like to rev. But I want a lower seat height and slightly softer (initially) suspension would be beneficial. Is the '08 actually lighter/shorter than other years? Who's specs do I believe? Make a switch?
  8. Hey guys. I have a 09 250 xc w/ a gnarly, stock muffler, green spring. I'll give you the situation and problem i run into. My bike doesn't really have a power band because of the green spring and w/ the gnarly it definitely signs off early but after I rev it out in like 4th and 5th gear, I lay off the throttle and if I give it throttle after that it bogs right down and has no power till the RPMs drop mid-low range. Is this a carb issue? I think I might need a smaller main needle. The only this that throws me off is the fact it has all the power I need going through the gear. Its just when I left off and then get back on it, its bogs/doesn't have power.
  9. Hi Guys. I'm in the market for a different bike as mine isn't cutting it for me anymore. I have a 2010 KTM 250 XC and have the opportunity to buy a damn near brand new 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. I've heard a lot of mixed things about the 350, and was wondering what the owners of them have to say about them. I've read a lot about different years but haven't heard much of anything about the 2014. Can someone help me out?
  10. Ladies and gents...First post and I will keep this short as possible! I recently bought my kids (7 y/o boy and 8 y/o girl) a Honda CRF 50 to play on and they are really taking to it, especially my son. I live on some land in West Texas and already have a decent trail layed out for them. Currently chasing them on my ATV but am now looking for a dirtbike for myself. A little background on myself. I am 36, 6'3" 215lbs and workout a minimum of 5 days a week. I have been a competitive mountain biker (downhill and enduro) for the past 8 years. I grew up riding but never racing dirtbikes, and my last bike was a 1995 Honda CR250 I had about 13 years ago! I have had numerous street bikes since then. I discovered that there is a nice and tame local motocross track about 15 minutes from my house and we watched a race a few weeks ago and was bitten by the bug. We also have an amazing ranch about an hour away that has held some national level enduros with tight, super rocky trails. Some of my coworkers ride and all have 250 or 300 2-strokes (KTM/Husky). Now onto the bikes. I might play/race occasionally at the local track. I will definitely be trail riding and possible hare scramble/enduro with the guys and chasing my kids. I also foresee some trips into the mountains of New Mexico and CO fairly frequently (currently do this with mountain bike). I think I want to get a new bike just to keep from getting someone else's problems. I have located a leftover 2016 Yamaha YZ250X for $6,000 within a few hours drive. I have also found a 2016 KTM 250XC for the same price. My other option is a Yamaha YZ250FX. The maintenance and cost has me leaning toward a 2-stroke plus that is what I know from my CR days. But I have to admit a modern FI 4-stroke is intriguing (and what my local shop is pushing me towards). I feel I will pick up on riding pretty quickly, and I want something fun over outright speed, but not something I will outgrow and want to upgrade quickly. For someone of my size what would you recommend for an all-around bike? I also am considered a KTM 300XC but 250's are much better deals and I can always convert to 300 later. From all my reading as far as the 2-strokes go, it seems that the KTM has the advantage of E-start, hydro clutch, wired for lights, larger gas tank and possible a better fit for a taller guy. Yamaha is simple, bulletproof and better suspension. Due to the MSRP on paper the 2016 KTM 250XC is the much better deal, but I am kinda digging the yamaha after reading reviews. Please HELP!!
  11. I'm and intermediate rider who rides very aggressively and on hard, but fast-paced woods/cross-country/harescramble riding. Sometimes I'll do technical, really tight trails, log crossings, and hillclimbs, etc. and I also will ride motocross tracks every once in a while. I currently own a 2008 KTM 250 XC-F with a bigger rear sprocket, FMF exhaust, aftermarket piston, and I typically run high octane fuel. I won't be upgrading for quite a while but I am planning ahead trying to decide what to save up for and all that. I'm sure this forum will also help others in similar situations. I'd like something that can top out faster than my bike but something that can accelerate quickly and have more torque as well. The majority of my riding is very fast-paced woods with hard corners and lots of roots and steep hills as well, so I'd like something that can blow through corners and accelerate quickly. But, I also ride a lot of tight technical trails so I'd like something that's torquey and has explosive, yet controllable power and something I can take over big logs and rocks. I'm fine with a bike that likes to be revved a lot as that's what I do on my 250xcf now. I'm used to four strokes although I'll probably adjust to a two stroke very quickly as I ride constantly. I'm leaning towards a 250 XC or a 350 XC-F although I've heard lots about KTM's 125 and 150 2 strokes, the 450 and 500, the wide ratio "w" models of the cross country bikes, and their respective motocross models just because I know how explosive they are. I understand that this is a lot to ask out of one bike but I'm going to be adding a lot of aftermarket parts to whatever I end up getting if it doesn't already have any. Tell me all about these bikes if any of you guys have ridden them! I'm probably going KTM because I've heard nothing but good things about them but I will still consider any other brands as well. Tell me any aftermarket you had to do, improvements to be done or downfalls of each bike, and all their advantages and things they're better at than the other ones if you've ridden more than one of these. This is more of a harescramble/cross-country racing post, but since some of my races have parts of motocross tracks I'd like to hear how they do on the track. Also, money isn't too huge of a concern with me but I will definitely not be able to get a brand new bike. I will be racing so if it's bigger than a 250 then I'll have to be sure that it can compete with bigger bikes. Thanks, in advance!
  12. Newly-recruited Australian-Factory KTM Team Rider Lyndon Snodgrass shows his training on the 2017 KTM 250EXC. Love the scenery (I'm Aussie) and the sound! Braaap!
  13. Got a 2013 KTM 250 XC-W need some tire suggestions, I ride in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Yes I know those are very different areas to ride, but trying to find the best all around tires. Ride for fun, Muti-Day Enduros, single track, fire roads, gravel roads and some asphalt when going from trail to trail. Let me know what you like! I weigh about 200 pounds and am a senior rider and am an intermediate rider. Give me your suggestions... (Asking for my pops) Thank you...
  14. I did it. Finally quit beating around the bush and decided to go for it. Now the proud owner of a bran-USED 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. Bought it today, only had the chance to ride it down the road and back and I think I’m in for a treat. Previously had a 250 XC that I bought used November of 2016. Kept buying parts and constantly working on it to get it where I want it, but with out any luck so I decided to go back on the four stroke route. Anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket on it? It already has a lot including a skid plate, boyesen super cooler water pump, hand guards, rear brake rotor guard, radiator braces, mouse bibs in the tires, brand new Dunlop MX 3 S tires, radiator fan, shorai lithium battery, side grab bar, and ktm silicone hoses.
  15. Hi guys, probably a stupid question here, but I figure you can never be too safe. I have some Motorex 15w-50 from my 2010 KTM 250 XC (which I sold) and I was wondering if it would be okay to run in my 2014 KTM 350 XC-F which calls for Motorex 10w-50? What would be the side effects of running a 15w-50 instead of a 10w-50? Also, if you have any suggestions of good oil to run, please feel free to recommend it and give your reasons why. Thanks guys. (Attached is my 350)
  16. Looking for info on WP AER 48 front forks, and will stock forks work for 210Lb rider (novice) for trail/single track/Hare Scrambles. I have changed the rear shock spring for my weight but, was not sure on the front air forks. Any info and air pressures would be appreciated.
  17. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. My 2010 KTM 250 XC won't stop peeing coolant out of the overflow tube. I've used 3 different radiator caps (two of the oem 1.8 bar caps and one CV4 2.0 bar) and it still continues to pee coolant as soon as the bike starts up. I just recently bought and installed brand new radiators [GPI on eBay for $88 (the seem fine just the welds are a bit crappy and you can see inside of the tubes where the metal from the welds drooped down but there are no blocks)] and silicone hoses (profactory hoses) thinking they were the problem since the old radiators were bent in like bananas. To my dismay that was apparently not the issue. I've had everything apart and looked at. Has brand new base gaskets, head gaskets, radiators, and radiator hoses. I've bled the radiators like the manual says and there are no bubbles like air leaking into the system or being in the system. The jetting is also perfect. The only thing I haven't changed out is the oem impeller in the water pump but it looks to be in great condition. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem before it gets worse? Also, has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to fix it? I ride it in mostly tight 0-10 mph trails and also some 10-20 mph trails.
  18. Hi All, I'm picking up my first KTM on Sunday, a 2009 250 xc. The plastics are a bit tired so I'd love to upgrade them. I'm noticing the airbox covers are black, and most kits I'm seeing for the 2009 don't come with new covers. I'd love to go for the newer white and orange color scheme but with those big black airbox covers i'm not feeling it. Can i put plastics from any other years on this bike? I know some changes were made over time, and have seen some stuff about the 11+ years, but nothing about the 09. Any info for me?
  19. Hey guys I was wondering if any of you could help me out. I’ve got a 2010 KTM 250 XC that just doesn’t rip like a normal two stroke should. When I get up to the top end power it just signs off really early, causing me to shift really early. I can’t figure out why it’s doing that for the life of me. My jetting is spot on for th altitude I ride, the spark plug is a perfect brown coffee color, (170 main, 40 pilot, Suzuki NECJ Needle on 3rd clip) so it can’t be that. (I went with the Suzuki needle because I read on here that it could give it more top end, it did but not the amount it should have) and it I just put on new reed petals for the V-Force 4 reed system, new FMF Fatty and FMF Turbinecore 2 pipes, stock gearing (13:50), yellow power valve spring (red spring doesn’t help either) aggressive engine map, and it still signs off early on top. I bought the bike used, and the previous owner had it choked up so it acted more like a four stroke. The only thing I haven’t looked at is if it has a fly wheel weight, but that wouldn’t necessarily make it act less wild like a two-stroke, would it? I need some suggestions and I would greatly appreciate the help!
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