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Found 121 results

  1. I have recently been having problems with my honda mtx 125. It will run great for 10 minutes then it will die on me if i give it any throttle. The bike will idle fine but cuts out if I give it any gas. When I let it Idle for 1 minute it will work fine for another few minutes then the same problem happens. I have adjusted the carburetor many times to see if it was because its too lean or rich but the problem happens either way. I am running 40:1 fuel mixture. I recently replaced the head gasket and I noticed the piston needs replacing as its very worn, could this be the problem? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. OK here goes... Picked up an 04 200 EXC few months back, needed some work to say the least, wont go into detail of all the things i've fixed on the bike just the current and most present issue I cant seem to fix... it is smoking IE blue smoke/lots of splooge to the point that at the end of a few hour's ride, it's out the tail pipe, running down the back and dripping onto the swing arm/rear break caliper and blue smoking quite a bit. When I first got it, it smoked more and smelled like shit. So first things first went to the carb, I live on the Oregon coast (elevation/temp reference) it's old dirty/stained but inside looks good, came with jetting pilot-45, main-178 needle: no idea what brand guessing stock in the 3rd clip, adjusted the float height due to it leaking gas when bike was upright no tilt with the gas on, Bought JD jet kit and running pilot-45, Main-185 and Needle is blue 3rd clip (JD's recommend specs for my bike @ my attitude). I have also replaced my Inner crankcase seal twice (First time I thought I messed up the O-ring so redid to make sure). I've rebuilt the top end/new piston (same thing) cleaned the PV, NOTE HERE that the PV has some issues, it seems to work fine but the screw that goes on top of the cylinder, down into the PV/flap would not come out preventing me from removing the flap to clean it, however it move's/ function's correctly, and has minimum clearance on both sides. One of the PV cover bolts that also works at the exhaust spring holder, was over torqued at some point (impact driver prob), or a result in a hard impact, the hole the bolt goes into is flailed/jared open a bit, not bad, not in the way of any function/ PV Gearing/hinge, it is not needed for that area to be air tight as their is also a breather that goes out of the PV so will not result in an "air leak" or loss in Top end PSI.... anyway... it's still smoking.... quite a bit.. now the bike itself rides fine I feel, the carb does puke gas when tilted over slightly/ hard to start (kick start) after flooded (like all bikes tho) I don't have any stalling/low idle issues outside of user error on clutch control. Honestly outside of it smoking as much as it does I would think nothing is wrong with it.. I have also tried raising the needle Clip to 2nd clip and it changed nothing at all, not even feel of the bike/response and have a new Spark plug I have yet to put on the bike. I have also "compromised" the crankcase Gasket (new one in the mail) while I was putting the Crankcase back on but that should do nothing with the exhaust just a little gear oil leak not relevant but throwing it out there. So I am at a loss... I've been toying with the idea of getting a Lectron carb... However... would hate to drop $400~$500 and the issue still persist, if it's a jetting/carb/float issue that would fix it and improve MPH/fuel consumption Or something with the PV? but I don't see the PV causing that much smoke/sploogee... I've ridden the bike normally/hard and nothing's happened but I don't want to keep pushing it and possibly clip the bike. Any ideas? "Oh help me 2 stroke community you're my only hope"
  3. I'm thinking about buying a 2002 cr125, it needs a new cylinder head and I can't find any online. All I find is older than 02. Do you know which years the cylinder head will fit on a 02 125. The cylinder is in good shape but the head got chewed up a little bit
  4. Hello, so I recently just picked up a 1995 Yamaha RT 100 two-stroke bike . For its age it’s in very good shape and very mechanically sound no issues and before you ask no it is not for me it is for a younger brother of mine it is his first bike and it’s turned out to be a great bike to learn on. But I guess my question would be right now the bike runs off the oil injection system but every used bike I’ve ever purchased that had an oil injector system it has been bypassed and runs just off mixing everything in one can and pouring it straight into the gas tank. I have heard these oil injector systems are bad because if the injector does fail obviously you are no longer getting oil mixed into your gas and you are just getting straight gasoline which is not good and eventually will blow the motor.So what I’m getting at is there’s anybody That has one of these that has successfully bypassed the oil injection without harming anything else and if so how did they go about doing it. I’ve heard there are quite a few benefits to keeping the oil injector system but I don’t know if any of those outweigh the possibility of what happens if it fails.
  5. Hello I am looking for a set of cases for a 05 KX250 2 stroke. Part # is 14001-0021. From what I can tell cross referencing parts, 06-07 are practically identical to 05 and have all the same internals. the part # for 06-07 is 14001-0065. Anybody out there who might have some lying around collecting dust? Kawasaki discontinued manufacturing these apparently
  6. I recently purchased a 1972 Kawasaki F7 175cc from a friend. The bike sat in a barn for 4 years until I happened to stumble upon it. So its tinker time. Here is what I was told: - The gas tank leaks. - The oil pump needs a banjo bolt. - Installed a new piston. (4 years ago) So after some quarentine craziness, the gas tank is rust free, sealed and painted and the oil hose/pump has a banjo bolt plugged in her. So my next step was to "clean the carb". Rather than try and salvage parts, I decided to just buy a rebuild kit for the 1972 Kawasaki F7 175cc (keep in mind this is my first engine work, first time even seeing a 2 stroke). After purchasing a manual I believe I put the carb back together correctly, with some trials of course. But I was stoked because thought I was finished. I filled up the gas tank to find that not only was my petcock leaking fuel (vaccum vs. manual problems) but also out of my carburator and my fuel pump diaphragm, it as it has also been called (Orphase, Drain, Front Right Engine Fuel Drain thing, High Risk Leaking Drain). After thorough research I am now familiar with a rotary valve engine and vaccume pressure and this P.I.T.A. orphase. @thejunkman has incredible information about this on his website that helped a noobie like me... If you have made it this far here is where I am at and where I need help: The Petcock - Vacuum to Manual Conversion: I am currently converting my petcock from vaccum to manual. I bought a rubber stopper to fit into the hole of the case where the vaccum tube goes. My question is do I need to do anything special to the plug the carb? (If you have pics of your carb and hoses I would greatly appreciate them.) Sealing The Fuel Drain Diaphram: The time to stop the vaccuum leak amd all my gas coming out has come. When I took it apart there was a small pinky nail sized puncture in the diaphragm paper itself. I will use RVT sealant to stop the hole but is there a good way to do this. Please share tips/tricks. The Carb I bought a copper washer that is coming in the mail to fit around this "suspect leaky banjo bolt"... but could it be anything else. I have read that it could be my floats and needle valve but am not sure how to check to see if it is specifically. I have a new gasket on the carb along with new parts that typically come in a carb kit. This is the only carb info I have to go off of. The carb just sits on this black threaded tube basically. It kind of wobbles on it though and it slightly worries me after seeing them clamped down in other videos. Is this how they normally are for bikes this old I will post post of how it looks/ sits later. There is one other problem that involves the shifting pedal but I'll save that for another post. I appreciate you all for reading, commenting, and following. All of your advice is welcome. This is my first build so I'm hungry to learn, scared to mess up, and ready for all the in betweens.
  7. Hey rippers Im getting back into riding dirtbikes again from street bikes and would like to know a good bike to rip the trails with i have had dirtbikes and big bore quads my whole life and are wondering your inputs on what to buy i would ljke a 2 stroke im 5 10. 155 ibs wonder if a kx100 or 85 would be good or that if a four stroke is better and more reliable for trails
  8. 2002 RM125 stator and coil check out per specs of resistance, got spark, compression and fuel. Bike ran with a new coil and stator 5 or 6 times to break the bike in now won’t start. I’ve swapped the old coil and stator back in the spark seems to be stronger but when everything is together it won’t turn over. Previously after fixing two broken cdi plug wires it started right up. Out of ideas at this point. Any input is appreciated
  9. Bought a 1984 Honda CR500 and it starts up sometimes. Brand new top-end, cylinder bored out, new piston and rings brand new ignition coil, brand new spark plug brand new spark plug cap, cleaned out the carburetor 3 times, new air filter... It fires up only once in awhile probably like every 30 kicks and when I ride it around it's fast and pulls but sometimes bogs. What's wrong with my CR ?
  10. Hi all, New to this forum! I have recently purchased a clean KTM 200 exc 2002. 1 owner from new - so he says it has never had a top end rebuild which did concern me however it rides lovely feels like it has lots of compression when I kick start. I decided to do a compression test to see where it was at.. My new Compression tester showed it's at 200 psi (image attached). My dad's very old gauge showed 150 psi which o understand is on the lower end of where you'd want it.. the thread was much shorter on this gauge then the new one Any advise would be great!
  11. Idk if im posting in the correct area or not, but here goes. Little long winded, my bad. I have an 02 KX250 2 stroke, Fresh Top end (wiseco pro lite) cleaned powervalve and I believe its timed correctly, clean carb, 162 main, 2nd clip, 55 pilot, 48 power (per boyesen recommendations) brand new boyesen pro series reeds, and im having a horrible no power at all bog starting from barely a crack of throttle to about 1/4, and WOT. Pulls hard thru about 1/4 to 3/4 throttle, then proceeds to have a bad bog with no power at all especially when trying to land on the gas. Doesn't do it on the stand, only when riding it. Also it seems as if the TPS is upside down. I just bought this bike, it was haggard, been going thru and fixing a bunch of broken/missing parts.. It hasn't ridden right since I got it, I just kept believing it was this or that since so much was wrong with it and the internals being so nasty. I'm at my wits end. Please, send help or send a lighter so I can burn this thing to the ground.
  12. My son has outgrown his ttr125 and now wants a 2 stroke bike. I think he should stick with the 4 steoke and am leaning towards the yz250f or kx250. I am concerned with the maintenance of the 2 stroke. I believe they have resolved the powerband issue with 2 strokes so they ride more like a 4 stroke. I am just looking for some pros/cons of the 2 stroke Thanks for any input.
  13. Hi all - So I have my friends kids 1991 JR80 that needs a top end. (I dont think they ever ran mixed fuel) Its got about 30 PSI in the cylinder and from what I could see through the exhaust port, it was looking pretty bad. Looking for a top end kit, cylinder and all. So my question is... is the LT80 and JR80 the same engine? Will a LT80 top end kit fit the JR80? Having a hard time finding a JR80 specific kit. Anyone have a suggestion?
  14. Hello! So i have recently bought a 1997 cr125. It leaks a lot of black oil around where the exhaust connects to the cylinder and around the Exhaust valve, its kind of hard to see. So i took apart the exhaust valve and found loads of black oil inside. Does anyone want to explain how the oil gets to the into the exhaust valves? Does it pick up transmission oil? And why is the oil in there really dark black when i just changed the transmission oil? Pretty new to dirtbike engines and how they work, but i would love some help with this one!
  15. For some reason when my bars are turned on my 1998 honda cr125 about halfway from full cranked my engine stalls but if the bars are full cranked then it runs and idles fine I don't know what this could be
  16. Hi all, Looking at changing the chain & both sprockets on my 2002 200 exc. Currently running 14 f 42 r sprockets (this is what came with the bike) I ride green lanes with occasional easily ISH hill climbs and I was wondering if anyone would suggest a different gearing for the 200 exc? Cheers
  17. Was wondering if anybody knew a place I could get a petcock that has reserve for my 1998 Honda cr125 looking to do hare scrambles and want reserve for if I run out of gas on the trail somewhere
  18. Hi Everyone I am buying a new bike. I am stepping up from a KTM 85 BW hopeing to get a yz125 or a Ktm 150/125sx. I do mainly enduro riding racing state series. Whats the best for me? I am obsessed with 2-strokes. I tryed a 250f and I would much rather a 125! I will be buying second hand. Years I am looking at vary from 2005-2016. i am not loaded with cash though. What should i put on it? Maybe a Flywheel Weight, bash plate/s? Will definitely Consider anything you guys say and thanks foir your help.
  19. The RM125 seems to be in good condition. It has recently had a full engine rebuild. My CR85R is in good condition and I just rebuilt my top end and put a new rear shock and wheel assembly on it. Do you all think this would be a good trade and why or why not?
  20. Hello! It's time for me to get my first big bike. I've ridden an aircooled 4 stroke since I was a kid and learned all the basic skills and habits. I quickly got comfortable on a friends 450 EXC on some open fields when I tried it. I will mostly ride on open terrain and gravel roads but also some mx tracks. Everyone seems to advice beginners to stop looking at 450's as they are too heavy, but I want the power on the open terrain. 250F's are too expensive around here so I have my eyes on older 250 2 strokes. People seem to really like them and I'm afraid I'll want more power than a 125. I'm 6'2 and weigh about 170 Ibs. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks
  21. So I acquired a 1994 DS 80 that had been sitting in a shed for a few years after sitting up against a garage for a few years. I decided to tear it apart and found a bunch of Ice inside one of the covers. I then decided to rip the thing completely apart figured either it’s gonna be a lot of pieces I can’t put back together or a lot of pieces I can figure out. (I’m an automotive mechanic and didn’t figure a dirt bike could make me look to stupid) Upon getting it completely ripped down it seems as if the lower end has been rebuild very shortly before it was abandoned, and the top end was completely shot. I found a 2002 JR 80 online that had a fresh top end rebuild on it just before the guys son tried to replace the kickstarter gear without splitting the casing. Enough said I got it split apart and the tension spring for the kick starter was wrapped around the gears. Going back together what is the best way to make sure all off the gears are completely lines up or what do I need to watch for? Also the shift pins in the shift cylinder (not sure what the thing is actually called) there is one pin different from the others and I’m not sure the location it needs to be in.
  22. Calling all 2 stroke know-it-alls! I just lost my 2 stroke virginity! Kind of embarrassing since I'm 23, a little late I know... Anyway, I need the know how and some ideas for good hard enduro mods for my 2006 KTM 200 XC-W (let's keep the prices tame.) I did a little research and have a basic understanding of the wide ratio thing and it being the same as the EXC (if I'm wrong someone please correct me). I also have a 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F that gets beat up pretty good so I know about all the protection parts I'm gonna need. I really want to learn about engine mods, tuning the engine and carb and really just the basic ins and outs of my beautiful new 2 smoker. I would also like to know what bikes I can share parts with. Doesn't have to be a perfect, I'm not apposed to modifying. If you guys could recommend some good parts/mods/videos that would be awesome. Thanks to anyone with the knowledge and experience to help me out.
  23. I have a Suzuki ds 100 that I have re built and was wondering how I would bleed the oil injection system. Has anyone done this and have any advice? Thanks
  24. Hey everyone, sorry if someone has answered these questions already I just couldn’t find them I have a 2014 125sx and ever since I replaced my main jet and pilot jet with a new pair of the same size I have encountered 3 issues since doing this. 1) My bike has started started bogging at full revs which it hasn’t done before changing jets. 2) Fuel usage has risen a lot more than normal. 3) There isn’t as much spooge as before, if at all. I am riding same location with same conditions and I don’t know why it would be behaving like this. Any help would be great.
  25. Hi! Im new here. I bought a kx 125 2003. It ran ok untill i changed my main jet from 450 to 420. I started my bike and it again ran ok for few seconds but then i saw it started smoking hella lot. It runs ok high rpm's (still smokes a lot) but when i let it idle for few seconds and give it gas it starts bogging and spits oil out of muffler and smokes so so so mutch! The bogging lasts like 5 seconds and then it starts really reving. I also saw it spitting oil out of the brather. The smoke is super blue. All the jets are in and not fallen out. Im sorry, english is not my main language.
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