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Found 68 results

  1. Hi, so i just bought a new 2013 yz250 and was wondering what everybody used in terms of oils, mix and engine, I know it says to run yamamlube but i just feel like that stuff is cheap, ive never used the stuff so thats just my opinion. I race and im always pinned so i just wanted to know what everyones go to oils are. I used amsoil interceptor and the motul sytnthetic tranny expert, 10w 30 on my 08 sx125.
  2. Spectro Rollin

    Oil Q&A With Spectro Oils

    Question: Have a couple of simple questions. What makes one oil better than another? What should be in a good off-road motorcycle oil and what should not? Everybody claims to be the best, I've even heard that many "test results" published are not even applicable to motorcycles. Answer: Here at Spectro, we've been making motorcycle oils since 1966 and continually update our formulas as oil technology improves. The true test of an oil is how well it performes over time, not the hype and half truthes used by others in marketing claims. I'll explain some of the basics of oil, keeping it as simple as possible. Oils are compounded using three categories of ingredients: 1. Additives usually combined into a ‘package’. 2. Base oils (these may be mineral oils or synthetics). 3. Viscosity index improvers made of different types of molecules for different purposes. We are committed to using the top shelf products within all three of these categories, and we continually tune our compounds to maximize quality. What this means is this: Additive packages are revised every year by Infineum, the chemicals arm of ExxonMobil. They do all of the wear testing and analysis to ensure the packages meet the required OEM specifications thankfully, because this is the hardest work in the process. Some of these packages are built to be used at several optional treat rates for different uses. They perform dispersant, rust/corrosion inhibition, anti-foaming, wear protection, anti-acid and oxidation protection duties. We always opt for the maximum treat rate allowable. It costs us more money but we believe it is money very well spent for wear and rust/corrosion protection. Then, we specially modify the package with more zinc/phosphorus (typically 1800ppm) for even better cam, lifter, and main bearing wear protection. This adds significantly more to the cost. Only a small handful of companies do this. This is the reason for the high levels you see on the additive charts. The base oils we buy are different from most of our competitors oils also. We buy exclusively from ExxonMobil for continued quality and consistency. You can buy cheaper base oils on the ’spot’ market, but you will lose all of the aforementioned advantages. Unfortunately, we pay dearly for this benefit. The finer base oils have a higher natural viscosity index, meaning they thin less when temperature rises. This enables us to formulate a more thermallystable motor oil than our competition. The Heavy Duty viscosity index is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with higher quality VI improvers and higher VI base oils. The viscosity index improvers do additional work on the oils to even further lessen the thinning out as heat rises. The market is flooded with cheap VI improvers none of which we have ever used, by the way. One category is Polystyrene. Another category is Olefincopolymers OCP which most higher quality motorcycle OEM oils are made with: OCPs cost more money than polystyrene. At Spectro, we choose an even more expensive product that is higher still in shear stability and in its ability to survive in a gearbox. For us, this is more money well spent. By the way, the straight grades do not need this component which is why they work fine with methanol. This shear stability polymer combined with huge amounts of zinc/phosphorus, is what gives a rider longer lasting oil and a longer lived motor! The higher viscosity index is what gives the rider a smoother, quieter motor with better protection at start up. If you're still hungry for more oil tech, checkout our knowledgebase: http://www.spectro-o...e/dirt/tech.asp I know oil is a hotly debated topic on ThumperTalk, so hopefully this info will help you make a more informed decision about what oil to run in your skoot. View attachment: spectro-logo-w-path-thumb.jpg
  3. I'm not sure this topic has been posted before, but what the hey! Ok gang, who is your favorite dirt bike hero of all time, who is the badest of the bad? Who do you think drew interest in our sport and created the most commotion? It doesn't matter if the person is of the vintage era, or of today. Just choose your fave! Have fun, The Dude!Some of the Dudes faves!!!
  4. crrider21

    Best premix

    I was wondering what everyone is runing for premix out there and the results they are seeing. I run castor 927 right now but think I'm gonna switch to hp2. Comments?
  5. Alex5714

    Best 2 stroke mix

    I recently got an 02 cr125 and am trying to decided which premix I should get I'm thinking maxima but I don't know which kind.
  6. I recently went through my cr80 and found out almost every reason why the cr80 motor might not be functioning correctly. I made a youtube video about this and i encourage you to watch it if you have problems with your bike...plz leave feedback. video is in link above, enjoy and subscribe
  7. Okay, so Im helping a friend mix 32:1 gas. I mix this a lot for my bike, and I know its 16 OZ of oil per 4 gallons of gas. I'm trying to figure out what that number would be per 1 gallon. Some math says if you divide that in half, it would be 8 oz oil per 2 gal gas. Divide that and you get 4 oz oil per 1 gal of gas. Can someone just verify this number real quick? Thanks.
  8. I run motul 40: 1 in a 300xc,50sx and kx125- I have mechanics and fellow riders tell me to try Amsoil premix and run it at 100: 1. Will the jetting need to change? Will I need ethanol free 93 octane or racefuel? And more importantly is there increased risk? Or should I back the motul up to 50 or 60:1
  9. Riddski

    2 Stroke Oil

    I'm sure this has been done to death and I'm sure I'll get lots of different answers but anyway.. Is the Motorex 2 stroke oil really worth it or necessary? I've got a 2006 300 if it makes any difference.. It's $35 per litre here and I can pick up the Valvoline stuff for less than half that..
  10. Why not? Ok what do you think about 2 stroke piston seizers vs. grenading valve dropper 4-strokes vs. electric powered "bro I need to double up on extension cords to get around the trails and mx track bikes?" Have fun out there with this one, the pro's are out there. Now get some!
  11. So i just purchased a 2013 YZ250 and its going to be my new project bike. first mods are all new white ufo restyle kit white gas tank full custom 180 decals full bud hgs racing exhaust steahly fly wheel weight ive always run stock jetting and exhaust so i was wondering what ill have to change when getting the new pipe and what pre mix i should run, my old race bike, sx125 i ran 40:1. the guy i got this bike off ran 50:1 yamalube but he only trail rode and im more of a pinned around the whole track. This is going to be my baby so i want to do everything right, thanks btw thats my base design but im getting custom 180 decals cause they are my sponsor and do better work
  12. So the pic shows 35 miles, combo of steep technical and high speed gravel roads. I'm currently running 162, 35, N2ZK on 2nd groove down from top, 1.5 turns. Mixing with Motul 800 Factory Line at 60 or 70:1 depending on operating conditions. I mixed it 70:1 the day of the picture. So how far should I go trying to get rid of the spooge? Also, I take it this is the starting jet mentioned in the manual? It's not in the jetting chart so I'm guessing no one messes with it? One more thing. The jetting chart indicates a 35 pilot for almost EVERY situation. As if you never have to change it. In the past, it's one of the first jets I've tinkered with, as my riding elevations make stock jetting rich, typically. My daughter's Honda 150R manual is very similar. Same pilot for everything. What's up with that?
  13. Post them up I'm sure everyone would like to see them.
  14. 1 review

    Synthetic blend Designed for todays high performance recreational machines
  15. jake_andrew

    yz125 winter temp ratio

    hey i recently bought a 1998 yz125 and its in almost perfect condition i think. i brought it home the first day and rode it with no problem. the second time i started it up i flooded it because i didnt let it warm up enough and bought another plug and it started up on first kick. here its about 30 degrees out, and i guess it takes awhile to warm up. but when i start it it spits out oil out of the pipe and bogs down easy. takes about 15 minutes just to get it ridable. im running 32:1, should i run it weaker like 40:1 since it is cold out or? any suggestions?
  16. So i know there have been innumerable long discussions about what is the best 2 stroke oil. so i decided to tackle the problem, after reading through a bunch of threads, i narrowed it down to 3 oils that had characteristics i was looking for RedLine, Lucas, and Yamalube. I will be running it in my 2008 KTM 300 XC-W, on the trails of Michigan, mostly fairly tight, twisty and considerable sand! So I figured If i just mixed up the oil, 1/3 of each, i would retain all of the good qualities of each! Great plan eh! Can't wait to try my new invention oil this weekend, i figure the bike will go like stink, no splooge, no smoke, and defintely no seizing! can't believe none of you ever came up with this idea before!
  17. I just recently started riding with over the boot pants and love it. The pockets are nice for the obvious reasons but the thing I like most is the fact that I get "0" boot rub on my bike now. So far so good but what is the downside them?
  18. I'm running klotz right now and am not totally happy with it, what would be the cleanest burning between super m, hp2 or amsoil dominator considering the bike was jetted right and mixed 32:1?
  19. Conner_Steezel

    Motor oil for 2-stroke

    I have a 05 kx 250 and I've been running 80 weight trany oil. Was wondering if that is chill or I should use something different. Any help is appreciated.
  20. StamFR

    premix ratio....

    hi there i own a 125sx im using a 50/1 ratio manual recomends 40/1ratio previous owner used 50/1 and told me to leave it 50/1 i changed the jetting from main jet 170 piot 35 needle nozf clip2 air screw1,1/4 to main jet 185 needle r1469h #3 pilot 40 air screw 1 what ratio should i use 1/32 or 1/40?
  21. Jimi86

    Honda CR250R (2000)


    traded it for a 1988 Yamaha 350 warrior,. got a 2000 built CR250. looks bad but runs fast. Still trying to get off that red paint.
  22. Am I the only one!!! I find myself cranking up my son KX 65 in the garage just to get a smell of that sweet ass 2 stroke!!!!! That's the sweetest smell IMO...heaven on earth........
  23. Tricking out your ride, this category is self-explanatory. What cool gizmos, decals, seat covers, anodized parts, frame paints, plastic color changes, exhaust system, cylinder heads, ti-bolts, carbon fiber parts<<<<, and any thing you can think of. Post if it if you got it!
  24. ScrewMx_Hd

    Spoke skins

    What do think about all the plastic clip on spoke things? Alot of googans at my school think they are so cool and think they are pros using them. I just wanna get some other opinions