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Found 68 results

  1. That Other Motocross Man

    Should I buy this 2-stroke

    I found a nice little 1984 kx60 for sale and I want to buy it because I heard there really tough rugged and easy to access the parts I mainly want to get it because I want to use it to learn how to wheelie and take jumps without destroying my bigger bike but all I really want to know is how can I make make 2 stroke fuel and where do I get the supplies...
  2. Alright I have a 2000 cr125 and recently changed the exhaust gaskets due to they where leaking more then I thought was normal and since I have changed the gasket it is leaking worse then before also shooting way more out of the back of the pipe too. I thought it was running rich so changed the oil mix around to play with it and see and it didn't help checked for cracks, made sure the exhaust was on correctly and still leaking I have ran out of ideas on what could be causing this so I turn to the help of you guys let me know what your ideas are and if something fixes it ill let you know but I need input asap. Thanks
  3. bourquerippa320


    What kind of oil do you use? What ratio do u run and what kind of bike do u have???
  4. thredbo

    Starting on a new premix

    I'm running out of my current premix (Penrite MC2ST semi synthetic) and have decided to try the yamalube 2r full synthetic oil. When I do switch over, do I need to drain my tank completely, or can I just add some new stuff in with a half full tank of old stuff? Thanks in advance
  5. Joshua223

    cops came again

    Well I can't say this is my first time dealing with the cops as I was having fun on my dirtbike, but this time it was just not fair. I was riding in the ditches around my grandma's property and my neighbor who no one really likes called the cops saying, "I think there is a dirt biker that is trespassing on someone's property." The funny thing is, I have been riding there for over 2 years and ever since I got a 2 stroke everyone hates it, (with the exeption of me and my dad). Anyways got a super cool cop and he asked what kind of bike and such but he said I couldn't ride in the ditches anymore which I think is really stupid because my grandma owns the property where I was riding. My neighbor I know was just annoyed by the noise because he knew I rode their for a while. So I lost pretty much all my riding spots so I have to look for a new one . I will countiue to ride in the ditches until the cops come again because it's stupid and the nearest dirt bike track is 3 hours away. I will never stop riding! Keep riding everyone!
  6. mountainman24

    Honda Fuel injected Two Smoke

    what do you think ? true ? http://www.gizmag.com/honda-two-stroke-with-fuel-injection-patent-filing/38529/ does'nt sound like they plan on MX use but we can hope
  7. Guys and gals, my apologies ladies:) So recently I bought my first diesel truck. A 2002 dodge 2500 cummins 4x4. Badass truck. Well I'm adding twc-3 2 stroke outboard pre mix oil to the fuel when I fill up to keep the fuel system lubricated. I also run 2 stroke outboard pre mix in my snowmobile. It's auto injection so there's a big oil tank I just dump oil in(as u all know). I bought it from a dude used who always ran Johnson outboard pre mix. What's the deal with outboard pre mix? Is it just better all around? My thoughts are that since a boat engine is always under a load during operation it needs the highest quality oil out there. The outboard engineers more then likely developed a pre mix oil to suit the lubrication needs of an engine that's constantly under a load. That being said could there be any benefit to running outboard pre mix in our 2 stroke bikes? I currently run honda hp2
  8. Wanting to ride trails all day without a backpack or some weird bag on my bike. Can never find a good place to hold my phone and really am out of ideas. Tried to fit it into an old ipod armband but was uncomfortable. Must have some people out there who have a solid way to carry a phone. I had seen some TLD gear that was made for mountain bikes but fit and material wise was almost identical to moto gear and had zippered pockets but haven't seen it sense then
  9. 631bikelyfe

    2t Oil

    What is the best premix oil and gear oil to run in my ktm 2t
  10. Ok, so you want to go faster, isn't removing weight from a vehicle one way to accomplish this task?<<<this dude know's what he's doing! lol! Harley riders bob and chop their ride,<<<<<drool! So chime in if you have any weight shaving idears, and remember shaving is a good thing!
  11. ThumperTalk

    Maxima Castor 927 2 Stroke Oil

    1 review

    Ultimate lubricant for 2-cycle racing engines The most biodegradable 2-cycle oil available New additive keeps power valves and rings even cleaner Premix only, not for injection systems
  12. Im going to start to wear latex gloves when changing oil, didnt know used motor oil can cause cancer. Used motor oil contains Carcinogens, which helps promote skin cancer. Just for your information...
  13. Yamalube, $12.00, best value but smokes a lot. Overall, good oil. Lucas oil 2 cycle land and sea, $15.00, great oil but creatse a lot of spooge. Belray MC1, $12.00 for a small bottle. Best oil I've ever used but costs way too much. Im sticking with yamalube. What oils do you guys use and how do you like it?
  14. Nerippa704

    Cr125 rebuild

    This is a cr125 that we built up from nothing. It's an 02 frame with an older motor if I'm not mistaken it's a 93 cr125 engine. And it's is 125cc engine not the stock 124cc. We got a couple of mods but not much and leave any questions if u have any or just comments.
  15. Just wondering this, but why doesn't another company make a 4 stroke race bike to compete in the 85 class?
  16. Im talking being a smart rider and not riding over your head with all gear(helmet,boots,motoxvest,knee guards,elbow pads, neck brace). With all of this how much difference in safety is there from motocross/desert etc than football,hockey,wrestling where people are trying to hurt you. Even other sports like basketball where they have no protection and could still get hurt. Look at other action sports as well like bmx,skateboarding,wakeboarding etc. My parents think these other sports are a lot safer but from what ive seen a lot of those guys break tons of bones trying crazy gaps while doing tricks. Wakeboarding once you get going the water feels like concrete and i have a friend that wakeboards a lot and ankle injuries are very common also the board hitting them somewhere.
  17. rrbeta

    two stroke oil

    just picked up 13 300rr [new] haven't rode in around 12 years. wondering what everyone used in beta. thanks
  18. I know, I know..... you are supposed to torque everything down to the manufacturing specs. But just being realistic that I would assume most people dont. What are some of the things that HAVE to be torqued right that are a part of normal maintinence. Ex: Checking/adjusting valves, changing oil etc Edit: So I heard somewhere you NEED to torque the cam bolts if you end up changing the shims in the valves? Is this right or can I just feel it and make them tight but not too tight?
  19. Hey guys my bike is a KTM 150sx 2013, I've installed a thermostat on my bike and it is at 82C i have a bottle of motul 700 a and the flashpoint is 88C about, does it have to be same as engine temp or higher? Ive looked everywhere and found no answer, I'm i better off with motul 800? Which idk the flash point! And i ride trails, I'm always on the pipe too! Thanks!
  20. ThumperTalk

    Motorex Racing GP 2T

    1 review

    High-performance synthetic-blend 2-stroke racing oil Developed for high-speed road racing and off-road desert racing Premix use only; 30wt viscosity Extremely resistant to high temperature Low-smoke formula burns clean with no buildup
  21. Hello, This is what I ride, police hate me, they stopped me once cause they said my headlight isn't working while it was working. Then they said my rear tire is not DOT, my rear tire is D606 DOT tire. Then they said to demonstrate turn signals and I did. Then gave me a ticket for not having a licence plate light. They just kept looking all around the bike until they found something wrong. That really pissed me off. I wonder what I can do to the bike to make it less attractive to the police because the officer said himself that my bike attracts a lot of attention, could it be the plastics????:
  22. So I did a complete rebuild, everything. I have the jetting on the rich side, 55 pilot, 168 main, stock needle. 2002 kx250. I rode a good hard 25 min moto Sunday. This is the first time I have stretched her and let run. When pulling off, she idled up and back down erratic, like a lean condition. Maybe once every 5 or 6 seconds at worst. i shut her down, coolant level was good, it did not do that earlier in the moto. i did notice itlater on though. so once she is warm is when she did it. i have a boyeson super cooler, so flow and volume are not it? I know it isn't lean, so is that an overheat issue?
  23. Andrew13

    Premix Ratio

    I've read through a ton of threads about premix ratios but can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. What premix ratio are you all running? And can anyone tell me what the tall-tail signs are of too lean and too rich mixes. My owners manual says 30:1, everyone seems to run 32:1. I ran 32:1 last time out and there was a lot of blue smoke at operating temps. I was recommended by an acquaintance to run 40:1, and he definitely knows his stuff. 2005 yz250 EDIT: I was running Yamalube 2R
  24. i cant find a whole lot of information about yamaha IT's, although i have herd alot of comparisons to them. suppose to be a benchmark in dirtbike history. pictures would be great:ride:
  25. Looking at restyling my 125 with that nifty plastic kit from ufo. Its all cool and dandy but does anyone know where good graphics are to throw on that kit? Or can you order 250f graphics from the never yz's and use those? Questions questions questions