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  1. Okay so to start off i know for a fact that it is a carby issue. Basically i have a 1995 Kawasaki Kx100 2 stroke, and its never ever had a single issue for the time that i've owned it which is over a year. Recently with the weather becoming colder approaching winter in Australia, the bikes been really really un-happy. First i noticed that is wouldnt start like it used to so i was like no issues, probably just the colder weather, then while riding it i realized it would bog out at full throttle, like a blubwubwubwub kinda bog. After a bit of tinkering i cleaned out the carb and stuff and tried to tune it, i came accross a different issue, now basically when im riding and i get to like 4th gear, all the sudden the bike will rev out really high and ill loose all power. Then i upshift into 5th and it will be good for a second then rev out and i loose power again. Ive checked everywhere for air leaks and all that and i cant find any. is my air adjustment screw letting in too much air? and in the case of the bog at full throttle should i maybe go down a size on the main jet. Lastly theres another issue lol. when i start it it will idle for a second and then rev its guts out. Please help me, next step is to get a brand new carb i think.
  2. Hi guy's, Can anyone give me a proper guide line for power valve setup on a '04 300exc KTM. There is a bit of play on the control valves on either side and I have replaced the oring on both to specifications. Is that normal? I haven't ridden my bike in 4 months and it's getting on my nerves now.
  3. So I converted a 1994 KX 250 into a flat track bike. I recently changed to a modern front Flat track tire that is 135 mm wide and this is causing some slight rubbing to the lower portion of the upper fork tube. Does anyone know if there are any triple clamps that I could bolt woth minor modifications that would make the forks slightly wider front center t oto center and be able to retain the stock forks? I only need maybe 4 to 8 mm I do know I could have custom ones made, but i hoped someone might know of a less costly solution, other option is to machine the forks, but I fear that I'll lose the interety of the structure... Any help would be appreciated Thank you
  4. I have a yz250 with a bored over piston that is 67.35mm, and I was wondering what the cc would be.
  5. So... I have a new to me Beta 300rr. 2016 with only 40 hours. I have took 1 hour ride as soon as I got it. Ran fantastic! Then I brought it home and did basic checkover (tighten bolts check/change air filter, change crank oil,...) This was attached to the magnetic drain plug!! What is this? The bike has a rekluse installed by the dealer.
  6. How hot should a 125 2 stroke engine get? How do I know if the bike is overheating? The bike seems to be running fine, but I want to make sure it’s not getting too hot. After a 30min ride, I can leave my hand on the cylinder for about a second before I have to take it off. Im relatively new to mx style 2 strokes, so sorry if this is a bit of a noob question 😛 P.S : The bottom end is always hot to the touch as well. I can’t keep my hand on the clutch cover for more than 3 seconds after a long ride.
  7. Hey guys, looking for some advice on on getting my tc250 going. Any input is appreciated as I’m beginning to run out of ideas. long story but I want to give as much detail as possible. 2014 tc 250 3rd owner was told bike had around 10-20 hrs. All original plastic and tires. Cases barely has any rubbing. I put another 60 hrs on the bike all woods riding and started encountering fouled spark plugs. Adjusted the needle position to lean it out and that solved my issues last summer. Bike sat over winter and was only started once a month but would start normal. I added an fmf shorty slip on and the bike continuted to run well if not better than stock. Then I added a steahly flywheel weight. Rode the bike about 2 hrs then could not get bike to start back up. Tried to bump start bike a few times with no luck. After kicking a few more times I got the bike to start but it was bogged and unresponsive when turning the throttle. Played with air mix and idle screws but had no luck so I shut off the bike for the day and couldn’t start it again. I have fresh gas and 60:1 ratio motorex. I checked the flywheel weight and it looks good and in position with no rubbing on the cover. I removed the stock washer as instructions stated and torqued to spec. It appears the flywheel is still passing the sensor at top dead center also. I thought I had carb issues again so I bought a jd jet kit and carb rebuild. Replaced jets float needle and gaskets. set air fuel mix to 1-1/4 turn out as jd instructed. Bike still doesn’t start. I keep trying to kick and adjust air mix for a few hours on every setting but no luck. Also checked the reeds and they looked ok too. I noticed my map selector switch wire ripped and became disconnected. From my research online the bike should still run but be in map 2. By looking at the map switch and wiring I would agree that’s how it appears to work but correct me if I’m wrong on this. Kill switch looks to be operating normal. Air filter has 2-4 hrs on it. I checked spark plug and it’s making spark. Compression at 150psi. I took the header pipe off to look at the side of the piston. Some light scoring but overall looks ok still. Top of piston looks very black with a lot of carbon buildup. Can carbon buildup affect starting? Any input is appreciated and I’ll update as I try other ideas. thank you!! -LL
  8. Ok so i know there aren't many snowmobile guys on here but its more so an motor based problem, and their are lots of motor experts on this. So i have a 1998 polaris 488 indy super sport. Its a 2 cylinder 2 stroke motor(air cooled), no power valve system and about as basic as it gets. I got the sled not-running for free and the compression was too low to start, i wanted to keep it cheap so i put new rings in it and now the compression is back to where it should be. After the rebuild it fired right up and the first time i took it through the yard it barely had enough power to make it around. I ended up thinning out the gas mixture with the needle and clip in both carburetors, and it decided to run very well. I took it up and down the yard a few times and it ran perfectly. I had it running perfect for about 45 minutes and then i parked it. i came back a week later, i was about 10 minutes into my ride when it started bogging and running like crap again. Its hard to describe how it runs but i will attach a video to demonstrate. It is very boggy at low rpm, very little throttle response. But if you let the rpms rise and get to powerband, it sounds like it should and has good throttle response. keep in mind this is in a neutral position. it will not idle without me applying little pressure to the throttle and even then it runs boggy. When you try and drive the sled here is what happens, first it bogs down until you hit medium rpm range, then it hit power band and speeds up for about 5 seconds, then if you keep holding the throttle it bogs down until it will eventually kill. It reaches close to max rpm and powerband is decent. If you don't get it started right away it eventually floods itself, it will also not run or start with the choke on. I've ridden many of these sleds with the identical motor so i have an idea of how they are supposed to run. I'm just looking for a head start of what might be wrong so i don't throw unnecessary parts on it. here are the things i have done with it since then: Cleaned the carbs, adjusted fuel/air screw, cleaned fuel pump, new rings/seals/oil lines and filters/ spark plugs are brand new and gapped Here is what i suspect is wrong: To much gas is getting to it, reason being is i can see gas actually shoot backwards out of the carbs sometimes, wont start with choke Let me know if you need more info or you have an idea, Thank you I can’t put the video on this apparently but if you want it I can dm it*
  9. Will a stock 1992 125cc 54mm kx125 bore cylinder, fit a 1995 kx125? PLEASE HELP
  10. Hello everyone, so I have this 2 stroke PC pipe thats in pretty bad condition and rusted. I was wondering has anyone here tried electrolysis setup on a 2 stroke pipe here or does everyone use naval jelly for deep area rusting. I was thinking of setting up a electrolysis since I already have everything I would just need to buy washing soda which is like 5 in the near store. I have heard naval jelly works good too as its $5 too but electrolysis is gonna give me experience for future rusting stuff too and the washing soda can be used for many years. What do yall think? https://photos.app.goo.gl/2JT2ufPd8981NbTa7 I know this doesn't show the bend near the exhaust flange but there is ALOT more rust there
  11. What are the pros/cons of a forged or cast 2 stroke piston and what should you watch out for when going from one to the other.
  12. Hey everyone, I just got this Yz250 about a month ago and I bought it with what the owner called a “leak” from the power valve. I think it just came from him using the incorrect thickness on some gasket or seal but it really didn’t affect the power at all. I’ve ridden the bike a good couple times and it’s been awesome. However, after washing the bike, I noticed the bike sounded/ran a little odd. It felt like every time I pulled the throttle there was like a second blip that came with it, and I feel like the bike is plugged or something and it’s not as loose as it was. I wasn’t yearning that crisp sound at when I revved it like normal. I’m assuming that I got water into the power valve somehow through that leak cause there was grey sludge coming out of the drainage hose after riding it a little last night and today. If water did enter is this a major detrimental problem, or is it going to be ok if I just get that leak foxed out and the power valve cleaned out? Thanks!!
  13. Im looking at an 07 yz250 today. How can I tell if the forks are from an older model or not? Im getting it mainly for the Sss forks so need to be sure. Thanks
  14. I purchased a 2018 TX 300 in November and I been hearing about the magura slave cylinder failure on FE/FC/FX 450/501 but I was wondering if the 2 stroke models were having the same problems
  15. After doing some adjusting to my float, my 2 stroke has started running a lot better than before but started acting a little bit funny. First, It's a little bit of a pain to start. Then, The idle feels low and it dies if not given gas. Also, if I'm on the clutch while coasting it tends to die. Lastly, bottom and mid power feel pretty good, but the top end power feels weak. Whenever I stop it pours a little gas out of the vent hoses. Is my problem still my float? If so, how do I adjust to fix this?
  16. I was wondering if you can run 91 Octane fuel in a 2018 250/300 XC. I see in the manual it shows 98 or 95 octane and the oil mix changes with each. Is it safe to use 91 Octane ? If so what is the best oil mix to use ? And will it effect performance ?
  17. So I purchased a 1999 RM 125 over the summer, and have been riding it weekly on various tracks. I happened to blow both fork seals while at the track one day last week, and decided to give the ol' "Seal Mate" a shot at removing suspected debris. Turns out, the seals are infact blown out. So I purchased a Pivot Works 1999 RM 125 fork rebuild kit off of Ebay (verified seller) and it turns out the seals and bushings are the wrong size. So I contacted the guy whom I purchased the dirt bike from, and he said that he suspected that the forks on the bike were in fact NOT OEM 1999 RM 125 forks. So I have contacted Showa, Suzuki, AND Pivot Works to try and find out what year these forks are from. I have attached a picture of the Fork ID's in this post, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  18. I recently got a 2003 rm125. when I first got it, the bike was running. I went to ride it down to trails, and it was bogging when not in the high rpm range. Then the bike shut off, I started it again, rode for about 2 more minutes in powerband and it cut again. I couldn't get it running so I had to get a ride back to my house. I bought the actual spark plug (the 36.00 one). WhenI kickstart the bike, it sounds like no gas is getting in the engine. I opened and cleaned the carburetor, and checked to see if the float worked. I put the carb back together, and the float would not move. I don't know what the problem is, can anyone help?
  19. I was wondering if there were any aftermarket big bores or parts for the 1998 KE 100 because I just picked one up for $325!!! All responses appreciatwd
  20. Hi all i have a 2016 ktm 125 sx with 3 hours on and it has n weird bogging issue. It runs great with lots of power until i dont ride on the pipe for about a minute, then i have to clear it up again. Or it would just platter until it cleans itself. please guys any advice would help, this is driving me crazie.
  21. hey guys. i have an 03 rm 125 with jetting issues. i've jetted it multiple times. currently has all stock jetting (460 main,40 pilot, 3 down on clip) and i'm running amsoil dominator full synthetic premix. was running castor 927 but fouled a $30 plug which i'm not very happy about. anyways.. does my plug look alright? should i run a $30 plug in it? i'm not trying to get it too lean, and i'm not trying to foul plugs. 440 (next size down) is too lean. not sure what to do. this is how my plugs are looking right now. there not too wet, just pretty dark
  22. Hi all, I have a 2004 kx 250 2 stroke and it wont start. it only backfires. I was out riding it one day and came up to a stop so the bike was just idling and it started to try and die so i revved it up a few times then let it die and now it wont start back up. It only pops or backfires when you kick it. Its getting good spark and i just put a brand new plug and coil in it. I took the reeds apart and they look like they're brand new. It was running great before so i dont know what happened. Im thinking it could be a fuel problem even tho the plug is a little wet if you take it out after a bunch of kicking. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  23. Hey all, I have been waiting for this day for quite a while. I am finally able to fix my bike, i've been in debt for some time but the day has come 🙂 Now i have a question, when I got my bike checked out at the shop, i was told i could rebuild my crank with any rod and bearings from 1986-2000. I am going to purchase an entire new hot rods crank instead. Am i able to order any crank from 1986-2000 for my bike? Mine is a 1987. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct part before I spend the money! Appreciate any replies or help. Thanks!!
  24. Hi I’m 15 and I’m from Ireland. I can’t decide what bike to buy. I have no experience on dirt bikes(only small road bikes). I have been riding quads with about 10 years and I’m looking for a change. I can’t decide what to get a yz 125 or 85 since I’m only 5 4 and 55 kg. I have a lot of experience on quads so I’m not afraid of speed and power but I really don’t know much about bikes. Any advice would be appreciated .
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