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Found 57 results

  1. Took this bike out for a ride and while riding it i noticed it was very snappy on throttle and honestly uncontrollable on slick hills, etc. the hit was so much i was scared of flying into a tree. Like some of you might know i am used to the 4 strokes power roll on and how its super controllable response. So how can i make the throttle/bike more controllable so i can roll the power on smoothly. Basically make it feel like a 4 strokes throttle in a way? Also i will be adding a 9oz fww to the bike after a few more rides to determine if its needed for me or not. I read a few articles online before coming here, saying to retard the timing a few degrees. 1. I am very unfamiliar with most motor work as in gaps, head mods, etc. Also heard changing to a G2 throttle might help but has anyone used it on a woods bike? Just let me know what you guys have done to knock the mx hit off the yz for woods below!
  2. I went out riding for the day and on the way back home i fouled my plug so i walked it the rest of the way and i took a wire brush and cleaned my plug and it started first kick. I noticed it was a bit rich on the pilot so i adjusted the fuel/air screw and got it running really good but then i saw coolant steaming out of the radiator cap so i quickly turned it off and later in the week i diagnosed it as a blown head gasket so i ordered it and replaced it and didn't start but it backfires out the exhaust when i kick it. I even tried bump starting it towed behind a quad and still nothing but i heard it fire every so often but didn't start so then i started tearing the bike down cleaned the carb really good got all the jets, replaced the pilot air screw since it was missing parts, got a new spark plug cap since it was rusty inside and the plug was loose in there, took apart and cleaned the power valves, cleaned the spooge out of the expansion chamber and silencer but still wouldn't start so now i don't know what to do i think it might be a timing problem since its backfiring but i really need some more opinions before i start f-ing with it.
  3. Hi! I am wondering if a 2 stroke would suit my type of riding best. I do trail riding, but not stuff that's really intense. I am 5'5 or 5'6. I currently have a KLX125 and I like it, but need more power! I am thinking a KDX200 would be the perfect two stroke, if I were tall enough. Same goes with the XR250r. Any suggestions would be great!
  4. Hey guys. I am looking into getting a lectron carb.... just wondering if anyone here has ever bought a 38mm lectron and not liked it and took it off? if you took it off, and have it just sitting in the shop... what didnt you like about it? why arent you running it?
  5. I should start out by saying that I am 42 years old. I have about 3 years of off road riding experience (including the last year and a half with the Beta) in the last 24 years. Living in Kansas there is no reason to own a dirt bike if you can't travel. So as life changed and I met some guys that went on regular motorcycle trips to Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, and Utah. I decided to take the plunge. After some research and some help from TT I ignored my KTM riding friends advise, and bought the 2017 Beta 500 RR-S. In a short amount of time I was easily keeping up with my friends who have been riding for many decades more than me. I am an aggressive rider (or so I am told), but I feel like my Beta constantly makes me a better rider than I actually am. It is extremely ridable, finds traction everywhere, and goes up anything you point it at. I am not talking about Kansas hills, I am talking about some of the best riding in America. The bike got it's first real test @ Taylor Park Colorado. It went up everything from Star trail, to timberline, to Flag mountain. With a little clutch slip there was nothing that it wouldn't do, it just stayed under me and kept me side by side with my much more talented riding companions. I can't stop smiling. The 500 is amazing. It is what everyone says it is. I read all the opinions about other bikes but I couldn't imagine that another bike could be more fun or capable. This last winter with the bike tucked away in the garage I began to read more and more in the 2t forums and was confronted by a couple of 2t douche bags that challenged me to not knock it till I tried it. So I found a used 2016 300 RR and bought it. To begin with it was WAY different. I could tell immediately around the house (30 acres) that I did not know how to ride a two stroke. I was slightly titillated but mostly terrified. I know it is not the hardest hitting bike made but it felt like it to me. This culminated in a loop out that required a new sub-frame, air box, plastics, and some ice strategically applied to several parts of my body. When the bike and I healed, we scheduled a multi day trip to Chadwick Missouri to learn a little about each other. I can only say, WOW. This bike is amazing. While the weight of the two bikes is similar the 300 feels much lighter. I don't know if it is the quickness of the 2t or the way the motor is set up, but it feels much more nimble. This does not mean that I felt the 500 was lacking. It did everything well, I can't explain it but the 300 was so so sweet. I expected to have to keep it reved out going up the steep technical trails and that was not the way it was at all. Many of the steep technical trails were easily dispensed with in second or third gear ( I know, you told me). All of this was done at low RPM"s. The bike making about as much nose as a sewing machine, just purring up the hills. This goes for hills like Dairy Queen, Strawberry hill, and many of the rocky climbs with large rock ledges. I was climbing things that my buddies wanted no part of. It was incredible. We met up with someone who rode with us for a while who claimed to be an intermediate B rider and the Beta and I were keeping up just fine and climbing hills that he wanted nothing to do with. This is not to promote myself at all. These bikes are amazing. With a little bit of practice of some of the skills from Barry's cross-training vids and the tips some of you gave me combined with these great bikes and you can accomplish a lot. At the end of the day I love my 500, buuuuuuut the 300 is stupid. I can't imagine grabbing the 500 unless I have some extended distance to cover at speed. The 500 is awesome for going 30 miles at 60mph to a technical trail..... but the 300 IMHO is so much more fun when you get there. In two weeks I am going to Arizona and then to Moab for a week and will be taking the two bikes but unless it changes the 300 is getting the nod for the majority of the riding. Thanks for all the input from the TT community. These are just my observations if you disagree, you are wrong. My opinion is just that, my uneducated opinion. Peace, Gary
  6. After doing some adjusting to my float, my 2 stroke has started running a lot better than before but started acting a little bit funny. First, It's a little bit of a pain to start. Then, The idle feels low and it dies if not given gas. Also, if I'm on the clutch while coasting it tends to die. Lastly, bottom and mid power feel pretty good, but the top end power feels weak. Whenever I stop it pours a little gas out of the vent hoses. Is my problem still my float? If so, how do I adjust to fix this?
  7. Looking at two bikes right now for riding. First one is a 97 dr350 that im buying for 2300 its the se model (dualsport street legal with electric start) and the other is a 2000 yz250 for 2,100. dr350 is in great shape the yz250's plastics are aftermarket with a bunch of shitty stickers on them but other than that looks fine. he says its "mint and has extras on it". The riding I mainly do is on backcountry roads with potholes or dirt roads 90% of the time (I live in northern mn) and occasional trails. Don't berate me for riding illegally lol theres no cops out here and im not tearing up anyones property. Im 14 and started out on a kx80 which was pretty much junk but taught me how to ride and im looking for something that's fast, has good low end and suspension and that I can ride for hours on end without worrying about running out of fuel and being stuck out in the middle of nowhere. I know the dr350 is heavy but how fast is it compared to the yz250? would it be fast enough to outrun cops or angry people (asking for a friend) and should I be concerned about fuel consumption on the yz250?
  8. So I've got a 1993 husky wxc250 2t , but that doesn't matter too much I just need a starting point on something that went wrong. I was about ten minutes into my ride when this happened - I was about halfway through third gear, not an excessive rpm, and I heard a very aggressive noise from the motor, I pulled in the clutch and coasted to a stop (the motor had died). I was almost positive I had blown the motor and it was going to be seized. But when I pushed the kick starter down everything was fine. I pushed it back home, pulled the plug, turned it over, turned it through all the gears and nothing felt wrong. So I figured I would just start it up and give it a shot. I started it up and it sounded fine on idle, but as soon as a gave it any throttle a very loud "clanking" noise came from the top end. Almost comparable to a rod knock, but I can tell it is coming from the top end. My best guess would be something in the power valves, I am experienced with working on motors but power valves are new to me. What do you guys think it is? I'm just looking for I tip before I tear into it. Thanks in advance - Devin
  9. This is my first top end rebuild. I just got the head off, cylinder and piston removed. There's definitely some wear on one side of the piston and cylinder. I'm replacing the piston, rings and head with a VHM. Should I be concerned about the wear in the cylinder? If so, would scotch bright suffice? Also, I gave the bike a good cleaning prior, but as more and more parts came off, it was apparent that things were still a little dirty. Can I clean the cylinder prior to putting it all back together. Lastly, the cylinder bolts were pretty corroded; well at least 3 out of the 4 were. Should I wire brush these? It'll be hard to keep junk from falling into the bottom end... The bike is a 2006 RM250 Thanks
  10. I just picked up a ‘98 CR250 to turn into a woods bike and it has a chaparral racing plate welded on the pipe. I can’t find any information on the internet of them ever selling their own pipes. Is this an fmf or stock pipe rebranded?
  11. I got a question. I own a 2016 KX 85. It ran amazing after it first bought it used. I was riding one day with a bogging issue and about 35 minutes of riding I shut it off to take a break. Came back 20 minutes later and it would not start.I changed the spark plug, cleaned out the carb,checked the reeds,and tried hill starting it but nothing .When ever I try to hill start it I can hear it trying to crank and It starts for like half a second but then dies.There is spark coming from the plug though.I took the cylinder off and the piston and cylinder are &%$#@!ed.The piston rings were stuck in the grooves and I had to use pliers and a screwdriver to get it out.There was a ton of blow-by and the cylinder was scored.I bought a new piston already but how can I fix my cylinder.Im thinking of getting it repaired and replayed by either millennium,PowerSeal USA, or usnicom.This is my first time owning a 2 stroke.Any answers or tips.
  12. you can feel how stiff it is and when ittl make ur hands numb with the vibrations. any cheap or inexpencive or anything at all really to cut the stiffness and vibrations down a bit
  13. Please this post is not asking what I should use(that is beaten to death!) but can I use the stuff in the pic for my tranny. I use Belray 80w Gear saver and perfectly happy with it. I uploaded this pic to a fb Yamaha page and almost got my head ripped off when I asked if I could run this in my YZ250X Transmission. "Different additives" "not designed for it" you stupid fk" Use what the manual says...….my manual says 10-40 soooo is there a difference between 10-40 for my tranny and the 10-40 in the pic??? I bought this oil for my RMZ250 that the X is replacing and wanted to use this if I can as opposed to give it away...some say yes and some no. I get better advice and less attacks at TT than FB...jeesh Ill never ask another tech thing again on FB...
  14. I am thinking of buying a dual sport for commutes/trail riding and I have 2 models in mind but not sure which one would be better. Either a 2009 Yamaha WR 125R with 49,000km or 1990 Yamaha DT 125R with 63,000km (although engine rebuild last year). I can't decide if I want 4 stroke or 2 stroke. I'm aware that 2 stroke are much cheaper and simpler to rebuild, but the reliability of the wr 4 stroke engine seems very good. It also has EFI vs a carburator on the DT. I'm quite worried about engine seizing on the 2 stroke. Which one should I get?
  15. So yesterday I met a guy who had an old bike he didn’t want anymore, so I went over to his house to pick it up. It’s a mid to late 80s Suzuki RM125. The guy had all the parts, everything’s there except for the seat. It needs some work, from what I can see it will need a new piston, replate on the cylinder, brakes re-worked, new front and rear tires and tubes, carb clean/rebuild, and of course normal things like chain sprockets and air filter. Do any of you happen to know the year, and do you think this is a project worth taking on or simply parting it out? I’m a little reluctant to part it out, as the man who gave it to me wanted me to restore it. It seems like a pretty solid bike, just want to know if it’s really worth the 800-$1000 i’ll have to put into it.
  16. I got a question. I own a 2016 KX 85. It ran amazing after it first bought it used. I was riding one day with a bogging issue and about 35 minutes of riding I shut it off to take a break. Came back 20 minutes later and it would not start.I changed the spark plug, cleaned out the carb,checked the reeds,and tried hill starting it but nothing .When ever I try to hill start it I can hear it trying to crank and It starts for like half a second but then dies.There is spark coming from the plug though.I took the cylinder off and the piston and cylinder are &%$#@!ed.The piston rings were stuck in the grooves and I had to use pliers and a screwdriver to get it out.There was a ton of blow-by and the cylinder was scored.I bought a new piston already but how can I fix my cylinder.Im thinking of getting it repaired and replayed by either millennium,PowerSeal USA, or usnicom.This is my first time owning a 2 stroke.Any answers or tips.
  17. It's been nearly a season now and I realized the GPX TSE250R two stroke doesn't have it's own thread here yet. So what exactly is the GPX TSE250R two stroke? She pulls inspiration from a number of different machines pooled together in a blend that just simply "works". The engine is based off the Yamaha DT230 Lanza engine, a bike never seen in the United States, with it's closest relative being the Yamaha WR200 here. After Yamaha ceased production, the entire DT/WR two stroke line was purchased from Yamaha and continued development and production in the Loncin plant that assembles the current BMW GS650 today. A few developmental changes were made such as removal of the kick starter and relocation of the electric start to under the engine, very similar to how Beta's is designed, lowering center of gravity. She's 6 speed, electric start with mechanical oil injection, counter balanced engine, Mikuni TM30 carb and electronic power valve. The engine is a 225cc two stroke rated at 40 horsepower that features extremely linear near four stroke power delivery. I currently have 24.1 hours on mine now and mine has seen everything from freeway to bark busting single track (mine is plated/street legal). Lots of quality parts on it from factory, including extra wide pegs, CNC machined hubs and rims, dual walled stainless steel expansion chamber, skidplate with linkage protection, lights, speedo, Taiwanese Fast Ace suspension using primarily Showa internals. I'm really digging her so far. Low and mid range is pretty on par with a 250 with a top end about on par with a KDX 220.
  18. Say I found a 00-06 yz125 are they hard to find parts for, I’m fine with having troubles of an old bike. As long as it’s fairly easy to get motor parts for. thank you also same early 2000s cr125, same question US btw
  19. I just brought home my new baby. A new to me 2003 KX250 in great shape and she's set up for the woods (which is primarily what I will ride) she was never raced a day in her life and judging by the boot marks I dont think she has seen much action in her lifetime at all... got the title, all bearings tight no play anywhere. Has a warp9 18" rear wheel, 11oz. Flywheel weight, magura hydraulic clutch (I think the hymec not sure). Vforce3 Reed valve. They Had the suspension revalved in 2018 at a reputable place, (they do alot of racers suspension) the previous owner who is the same weight as me and does the same type of riding (mostly woods) and she really wasnt ridden a pretty much at all since the re-valve, but she was started weekly and maintained (almost analy which is good for me!) I haven't had time to ride her yet except for the test ride and a quick putt-putt around my shed (been itching to throw a leg over her and rip). Sorry about the long intro but I am very excited it's the nicest bike I have ever had (had a 2005 yz250f that dropped a valve into the cylinder after my first 8 hours of owning it, got rid of it then). And after that a 96 yz250 which I loved. I haven't ridden in years now and I am just getting back into it! Anyway I have been trying to find a green anodized bling kit like the one from mojo motorsports or moose racing or tusk. Green seems more difficult to find than blue or red. And it seems impossible to find one for my year (2003) kx250... also tried to find the green anodized foot pegs but once again I can find them for just about every year except 2002, 2003, and sometimes 2004 as well... same for a black w/green tip brake pedal and shifter... what the hell? I have heard there are alot of one off parts for these years but I feel like a bling kit is something silly to not find. Also I really want to get the shorty lever for my magura hydraulic clutch ASAP because when I pull it with my middle finger or my pointer and middle finger the long lever squashes my ring and pinkie fingers. (Most people can probably just adjust where the clutch levers friction point is and just not pull the lever all the way) unfortunately this drives me insane but I did see a "shorty" lever for sale on rocky mtn ATV(i think). When I click on it it brings up a pic with a red anodized adjuster which basically has a pin (for lack of a better word) through it. But then when I go to the option and i switch to the shorty lever the picture changes to what appears to be the correct one. What messes with me though is when I switch back to long the red adjuster lever picture doesnt come back but just the regular long replacement lever. i know it's silly but I have never had a bike that was worth doing any cosmetic stuff to, so I am actually excited to make it look bitchin. Could anyone help me find some green anodized bling even if I have to buy each piece separately? And or confirm where I could find the correct shorty lever for my magura clutch (extra points if you can find an aftermarket shorty green lever for the magura clutch and I'll love you forever). My cosmetic plans are to go for black radiator shroud plastics and get graphics that match the rear fender and fork guards (mostly black with some green and maybe a dunlop logo) so the bike will be mostly black. And then get the green anodized brake lever (two finger pull), green anodized gas cap, all the little stuff like master cylinder covers, rear brake clevis, axle adjusters, wheel spacers, oil drain and filler plug, hopefully foot pegs, maybe the adjustment screws for the carb in green maybe green handlebar and risers. Going to get black and green spoke covers and alternate them on both wheels then once I see how she looks with all the black with the green anodized accents I will throw on either a complete black or possibly green silicone and fuel/overflow hose kit. Any help and or links and info would be super appreciated. Idk why but it seems like red or blue parts are easy to find but green for my year isn't.... Thanks everyone in advance And I'm sorry I wrote such a long freaking novel I'm just super excited... and haven't had time to ride so I've been thinking about how I wish she looked... Btw this is my first post here. I used to come here for info years ago but never posted. Thankyou all for some of the best info and discussions throughout the years...
  20. Okay, this is probably a dumb question and I've looked all over google for what would happen but couldn't find anything. Reason for asking is I just sold my TTR 230 and am pretty much dead set on a two stroke 250 for a number of reasons BUT, they're very loud bikes compared to the 230 and I don't want to piss of the neighbors (aka the Forestry cop). I've read about guys wrapping their expansion chambers in heat tape, and silicone (which I'll probably do) and I've also looked at 2 stroke exhausts like the FMF Q and the Pro Circuit 296. My question is would a 4 stroke muffler be even quieter than these? I am okay with sacrificing some of the power if it becomes noticeably quieter. Would a 4T silencer work or would I just be better off by going with one of those silencers? Thanks,
  21. I currently have 05 yz that I just dumped a ton of cash into. I was searching for a set of 06+ forks and I found a titled 13 yz125, the guy say it runs like shit,has a cracked case, needs chain, sprockets and probably a bunch of other shit. My plan was to swap my motor and all the other new parts over to it since my bike doesn't have a title. Is it worth 1500 and a 6 hour round trip?
  22. Hey guys, I am wanting to buy a new bike. Should I get a YZ250F or a YZ250? Why or why not? Any opinion helps.
  23. Wanting a more progressive torque curve, more traction, more low - mid range power. Not sure which ones of these pipes is better. I was told the FMF Fatty was the way to go, but reading up on the Gnarly makes me think perhaps its the gnarly? Anyone actually have experience with both?
  24. Ok so I got an 01 kx250 about 2 and a half months ago, it’s super snappy and throttle response is amazing. I foul plugs literally every ride, the plug is black every time as well. I run 32:1 with Honda racing oil. My gear oil is a little low but it’s negligible imo since the time that has been on it since I replaced it (around 4 hours ago). The bike smokes a lot on start up and smokes even when hot. I know it’s probably a jetting issue but would gear oil constantly be smoking as described and I don’t smell gear oil burning. It spooges quite a bit also. I’m new to 2 strokes been on 4t most of my life any help would be appreciated.
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