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Found 68 results

  1. SlowDirt03

    TTR 225 Suspension

    Hey all, I am new to the forums and dirt in general. (street rider) I am looking at getting a TTR-225 this week. I know that this has a few threads already but I was unable to find links to products with an exact fit. I was wondering what the best suspension would be for this bike. I am new to upgrading suspension so would I just need stiffer fork springs, what exactly do I need to change? And what difference if any do RaceTech gold valves make? I won't be jumping the bike, I would just like to have something that has stiffer suspension than a stock TTR-225. I will be doing trail riding in Georgia, with mud crossing, mostly decently packed dirt/clay what would work best for my application? And who makes a good skid plate for the bike? Please provide links to all things mentioned. Thanks! Nick
  2. Hi i have a 2006 Suzuki DR-Z 125L and i am looking for more performance from it. I am already saving for a FMF Powercore 4 s/a slip on. If you guys know of any good performance mods for my bike please tell me!! Everything is appreciated!
  3. I have a ttr125 regular and I haven't rode it more than 50 times and i've had a little experience with 4 wheelers but never owned one. I want a little bit bigger bike but I also have always wanted a 2 stroke. Im not interested in yamaha or suzuki. I'm not a racer and I don't plan on getting into racing but I want a 2 stroke. I'm 15 years old, 5'6, and 130lbs.
  4. apolloorion

    Boaring an enduro bike

    I was wondering if it was possible to bore a 125cc dirt bike or if there are any universal big bore kits online in the UK. Cant seem to find any. The bike I have is an apollo orion (chinese bike)
  5. drewkuze

    Kx250f burning oil?

    I recently bought a 2012 kx250f. The guy I bought it from said he never adjusted the valves, but the previous owner bought a new engine in 2014. The bike is burning oil (I haven’t had a chance to do an oil change yet so idk how much) but it burns on startup, and when the bike is revved high quickly. It isn’t hard to start, every time I’ve started it it only takes 1 kick. I’ve heard it could be the valve guides, seats, or the piston rings. Any suggestions on what it most likely is?
  6. RiDiculous

    WR450F or YZ450F

    I've been riding a KDX 220R and want to move up to a bigger bike, but I'm not sure which one of these is right for me. I haven't sold my bikes yet, so keep in mind I don't have my mind set on one that's for sale. I'm looking for a 2008 - 2009 YZ450F or a 2009 - 2011 (they didn't sell the 2010 in the US) WR450F. I'm not really sure which one is right for me though. I ride on the road to get to my riding spots so a speedometer and a brake light would be good, but I'm not sure of the WR would be good for track riding. I usually ride trails, so I'm leaning more towards the WR, but I'd also like to get into track riding and I'm not sure if the WR has the power for that. I'm really leaning towards the WR because of the suspension, body (headlight, taillight, ect.), and reliability. I haven't heard much about the YZ450F but any opinions you have on the bikes are much appreciated.
  7. Just got rid of my wr450f after many years on it. Was very heavy. What’s better the TE300i or the YZ450FX for trail riding???
  8. So I screwed up big time. I had a small leak coming from the outer screw on the timing chain plug and I pulled it apart to find the o ring is smashed. No biggie so replaced it threw it back in and went to start it and it wouldn’t turn over. Turns out you gotta reset the tensioner, so looked it up how to reset the the tensioner did that put it all back together properly but it still would not turn over. Found a video saying you have to have it at top dead center for it to engage properly, (now that I think now was probably wrong). Any way pulled it apart and proceed to find top dead center without the tensioner in place and the chain slipped on one of the sprockets. And now I believe the cams are out of sync and I’m not going to be able to properly set the timing back in to sync. So my question is what should I do to get my cams back into sync and how to get it top dead center? And why was the tensioner not allowing the bike to turn over? How do I get it back to normal?
  9. RiDiculous

    KTM 690 vs DRZ 400 S

    I've heard a lot of good and bad about both of these bikes. Mostly the weight problem though. What are your opinions? I have never owned a KTM before or even ridden one but I have ridden a few Suzuki's and aside from their weight they are very fun.
  10. Tired of putting money into an old 2003 KX 250 that keeps breaking and isn't perfect for what I ride, has some upgrades but kills me every race from the suspension. I like the bike but just don't want to be the guy who puts $1000 into suspension to make it suitable. What does anyone think the best option would be? budget around $3000. 6ft 160lbs. Really interested in a crf 450x or a wr450, and I know it will be heavy for me to handle but I'm hoping the trail settings and suspension should compensate and still be better than my KX (and it would still be a fun powerful bike). Ideally I would want a 250f mx bike that already had the suspension work done, but that is rare. Is there a certain 250f to buy that would have the "best" stock mx suspension for the woods? Really want something reliable and newer (2006-2010ish) but I know I would be bored of a regular trail bike (KDX, 250x, TTR) after the first ride, and need something to be able to compete. I can deal with my 250 2Ts power but the 450x torque might be a bit much in the PA single track. KTM is an option, probably only a 2 stroke, but bikes newer than 2005 are fairly expensive and hard to come by. Any suggestions for a competitive woods bike for that budget would be great, thanks.
  11. Down here in mexico, land of the miracle and home of the weird, ive seen people use the same mousse for over 2 years. They claim that though it has become softer, it remains in place and performs well. How long have you used the same mousse for? Rubber side down my guys, Saludos,
  12. Hello all, I am having an issue with a 2006 Honda CRF50 and looking for general guidance for troubleshooting tips. The problem I have is the bike will only run when the choke is on. I can turn it almost 98% of the way to off and it will run on idle. When I push the choke to the full off it will die. I have cleaned the carb like it was in a Hospital Clean room and YES the pilot jet is open and clean. The card has been dipped in carb cleaner for 3 days also. As I said the bike will run on choke and if I raise the throttle to a high rpm and turn the choke off the bike will start to bog down and die. I thought that by getting the RPM's up I could tell if the bike would run fine of the main jet. But seeing that it will not run with high rpm running off the main I think I have another problem other than the pilot jet. Does any one have any sound advise as to what to check next and maybe even help explain why it would act this way i.e. vacum leak, too little fuel, too much air, etc. I want to understand what causes the symphony to be a better mechanic. Here is a video of it idling on choke and what it does when I turn the choke off. Notice how little choke is actually on when it runs and just moving the choke lever that last little bit makes the engine die. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4XB9FK7qnI&feature=em-upload_owner#action=share
  13. hi, im weighing up between a ktm 450 sxf and a ktm 250 sx, im a veteran rider been riding for 20 + years and was wondering what bike would have more low to mid power? Archie
  14. I found a bunch of twigs and crap in a vent hose going from what I think is the starter motor to a big T that connects to the top end vent as well as the air box. Im guessing the guy submerged the bike enough that a bunch of crap got in through the air box but maybe somebody with more experience can help me out. Is that spot in the engine that the hose is going into pushing out or sucking in? And why exactly are there two vents from the engine? Ive only seen a crank case breather hose from the air box to the crank case with a T in the middle but I could be wrong. Heres a pic: Im guessing finding a bunch of twigs and grime just on the inside of that hose is a bad thing
  15. wr250ish

    Vortex tuner adjustment

    17FE450 , read my plug thread... sorry De smogged, reeds removed, fmf slip on, oem map switch, vortex tuner. I have always felt like this bike runs on the lean side, even after upgrades mentioned above. It's just feels like it heats up quickly and runs hotter than my other 4 strokes. All of the vortex trim switches are in the neutral (5) position. Map 1 (on the handlebars switch) is preset to vortex power map Map 2 on the bars is preset to vortex traction map The plug pictured has 30 hrs. Any 4 stroke guys out there want to throw in their .02c? Any down side to richening up the vortex 1 click each on low, mid, high?
  16. So my mate called and said, I'm fed up with riding road bikes, especially with all the new speeding laws in England now, lets sell our road bikes and buy dirt bikes. So I said, yeah, ok and without doing anywhere near enough research or knowing which discipline I wanted to get into I sold my fireblade and bought a CRF250R. Fast forward 6 weeks and armed with 2 MX practice days and 2 enduro days experience, and a ton of reading about dirt bikes, I have realized that enduro is more my bag and I've probably bought the wrong bike. My decision now is, do I make my Honda trail friendly by doing mods like a G2 throttle tamer, heavier flywheel, bark busters etc orrr, do I sell it and buy an enduro. I've already decided that I'd probably go for a 2 stroke if I did go down the enduro route as I'd be happier to work on it myself in the garage. My budget isn't massive, maybe 2600. I've been looking at the KTM 250 exc. Any thoughts or advice is welcomed.
  17. idratherberiding


    Anyone with a 2012 WR450F remember what size shims were in there originally? I want to know how much valve stretch I have without taking them out and measuring. Mine are all between 1.78mm-1.85mm thick. Thanks
  18. So, I took my 03 yz250f out riding for the third time since I've bought it. I never had any overheating issues till today. After riding it around for a bit I stopped and I let it idle (which btw has a hanging idle) for around 1 minute. Out of nowhere it started spitting coolant out of the radiator and the bike was super hot. I dont know if it being 100 degrees outside and idling might have affected it or my jets are dirty which is causing it to idle high and run hot. Ive also noticed that the gas is boiling inside the 5 gallon desert tank that sits directly on top of the carb and pipe, and it remains boiling all the time I am riding. The bike does not overheat or spill coolant when I ride it. If It starts spitting coolant at idle and I ride around for a bit right away, it stops leaking. I opened the radiator cap and revved the bike, the coolant was spitting out and bubbling, however, with the cap on the overflow line does not spit any coolant or even air for that matter. If it overheats at idle, the coolant comes out of the radiator itself and not the hose. Could it just be these bikes do not like idling for more than a minute or is my head gasket blown? Why does the gas boil all the time? Anybody have any thoughts on this? Thank you very much!
  19. I have a 2008 ktm 250sxf and I'm having a lot of problems with it. I missed yesterday's race because it wouldn't run right. It's idling really rough. Every few kicks it will back fire really loud when I get it to run it will idle rough and when I give it gas it will bog then when I release the gas it will rev high and is hard to come down. I will give it the smallest bit of throttle and it will stick at a really high idle and I have to rev it hard and quick a few times for it to come back down. When I put it in gear and try to ride it slowly it just tries to take off and it doesn't even feel like a high idle. I have to ride the front and rear breaks for it to not take off. I can let off the throttle and put it up to 6th gear and it still keeps going. I just had the entire top end replaced. Cylinder piston rings etc. I cleaned the carb several times cleaned all of the jets and still nothing. Replaced the throttle cable even disconnected it and still nothing. If I disconnect the throttle positioning sensor it runs a little better but is still pretty rough. I used a multimeter to test the tps and it seems fine other than when it's at "idle" it's at 1.14 on 20k I give it a little gas and it sticks at 1.17 until I rev it hard a few times. No idea what it could be. Needle and seat seem fine I'm stumped on it. Please help!
  20. Hello! somebody know how to run a 4 stroke lighting stator on my Suzuki RM250 2005, i bought a lighting stator from a Suzuki rmz450 2005. Conetor and colors of the stator are the same so i think the only problem is the timing or the advanze of the flywheel. does anybody know if is possible make it run. The bike actually start a couple times but without the throttle dies soon/ I leave you a couple of photos of the lighting stator in the bike and the wiring harness of each bike. Thanks bros!
  21. I have a klx110 pro circuit. and the exhaust is cracked right above the foot peg, I was wondering if its still okay to ride it? I`ve seen people ride without an exhaust so I thought it was okay. ( I do stunts on it so I'm kind of concerned if I should continue riding it )
  22. I’ve been obsessed with dirt bikes since i was a kid but have never been lucky enough to own one but here in the near future when i have the money i would like to buy my first bike. I’m tall and skinny (6’8” , 150 lbs) so i would like a bigger bike. I’m wondering what you guys think is the best bike to learn on. Also i originally wanted a 250 2 stroke but then heard for beginner adults to look for 2 stroke 125 or a 4 stroke 250 is there any validity to this? Thanks
  23. So I just bought a 2017 rmz 250 and I was wondering how often I have to rebuild the top end. I figured as long as a keep the oil changed every 3 hours and a new oil filter every other oil change and keeping the air filter clean I wouldn't have to touch the top end very often but the book says every 20 hours and I don't think I can fit that in my budget so often, any opinion is appreciated, thanks.
  24. Hey guys, While riding this weekend my bike started giving me a new noise I've never heard before. Any time that there is an initial onset of engine braking i.e. when I down shift, coast and let off the clutch, or let off the gas without using clutch, I get a sort of squeak from the engine. It doesn't last but is just a quick squeak. I honestly have no idea what it is because I have never heard it before. Maybe its time for clutch plates or a basket? I would really appreciate some input on this. If it is of any significance the bike is a 2008 KTM 250f. The best thing I can relate this sound to is a car with a squeaky suspension. Although its not my suspension, it's definitely something else. I can provide more info if anyone thinks it will help. Thanks, Mark.
  25. MNThumper250

    Decarbonizing a 4 Stroke Dirt Bike HELP

    I recently did a valve check on my CRF250X. All the valves were in spec except for one exhaust valve, which was WAY out of spec. I think there is supposed to be a .010-.012 gap to be in spec, but mine is at .018, which is much too loose. I think there might be some carbon build up on the valve, so I was trying to research some decarbonizing methods. Right now I'm trying to decide whether: A. use some sea foam and add that to the tank B. take off the air box and use a spray bottle of water with the bike at high RPM's or C. take off the head and check/clean carbon manually. Last riding season I checked the valves and all were in spec. I then installed the JD jet kit (much richer jetting), which is why I think this is probably a carbon build up issue. Any advice/suggestions?