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Found 11 results

  1. So I'm having fuel problems like what seems like every 690 owner in the world, mine has left me stranded twice. What started as a simple idle problem a few months ago is now a complete engine can't stay running at all problem. The more threads I read the more I find different solutions so I'm not sure anymore where to go next. Bike: 2008 690 SMC, SC Project slip on, BMC filter, EVO airbox, EVO1 map What I've tried so far: Cleaned injector Checked THAD/TAD/whatever they're called using TuneECU; all checked out ok Reflashed both maps to clear any adaptations Replaced fuel filter Replaced fuel pump Braced fuel lines in the tank to prevent kinks Throttle reset; can't complete an idle reset because the bike won't stay running Here's a video of my initial problem where the bike's idle would oscillate as it tries to maintain RPM and then eventually dies. This video is after replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump. The bike would start then the idle would slowly go down until the engine stalled. This is a video taken right after where I gave it a little throttle and then hold it to maintain 3k RPM. All the erratic engine RPM is whatever the bike is doing, not me. So the last video is making me think it's the fuel regulator in the tank that's going out but after reading more threads I'm not sure anymore. Throughout this entire time I haven't gotten any fault codes. Does anyone know if the fuel regulator creates a code when it's going bad?
  2. So I've been riding a crf230f road legal conversion done, but I need something a little more powerful, and able to ride longer distances on asphalt to get to a trail. I want something light weight and reliable, but also road worthy and inexpensive. Narrowed down to: Suzuki Drz400 BMW G650X challenge Dr650 (although too heavy) Xr650l (heard it lacks bottom end) Ktm, Husqvarna, ccm, husaberg etc are out of bounds (due to price or maintenance issues.) Note: buying second hand
  3. Hey guys, I just picked up my 2nd KTM 690 (first one was stolen) and the quickshifter is only functioning for downshifts. It also is very tight compared to my first bike. Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions? If not I'll take her back in on the weekend and get them to check it out. Edit: so after a bit more riding I've figured out that the quickshifter only works when the throttle is closed.
  4. So the title may be slightly confusing or misleading, I've strickly road offroad for the last 13 years and do to recent happenings I am looking into Going head first into adventure riding. So initially i was certain of getting a 690 but After reading a little about the 701 now I'm at a cross roads. The 701 has the updated duke engine where as the 690 has the older version of the engine, having read certain reviews and comparisons (which are sorta hard to find), most people say the changes really don't take the 701 ahead of the 690, just makes it different. Now after seeing the reveal of the ktm 790 adventure I was going to wait till next year to buy that bike, but price weight and power all seem to be on the high side. I am seeing weights aroung 440-450, and bhp over 100... SO as for the rally thing, my ultimate goal is to make the bike a rally replica. At this point the 690 has far more options to build such a machine where as the 701 is lacking but expanding in that department. While looking at kits and items the 690 i could build over time, buying individual parts and pieces. The 701 I am mostly finding kits as opposed to individual parts. The final thing is dealer location, I have ktm dealers 1-2 hours away with 690's in stock, and husky dealers 3-4 hours away. part wise it seems like it will be just as easy to get oem parts online. thanks for any advice in advance.
  5. I am considering purchasing a smaller adventure bike for trips that mainly do NOT require camping gear but could require long road sections. I currently have a 2017 Honda Africa Twin that I have done 4 trips on and have about 12K miles most of that is adventure riding which for me seems to be about 75 % dirt and 25% pavement. During that time I had upgraded the suspension and other mods to make it more dirt and crash proof. It is reliable and has treated me well but I always feel that it is a bit big and cumbersom at times for what I really want to do. It also does not have the "Fun Factor" of a higher power to weight bike such as my KTM 500. I have a big trip coming up in the fall that I would like to consider a smaller adventure bike for. I know there are some offerings coming from KTM with their new 790 and from Yamaha with their new T700 but it seems doubtful that I would be able to get my hands on one of these prior to my trip in September and have enough time to prepare it for the trip. So having narrowed it down to the readily available 690 and 701 here are a few of my concerns regarding these two bikes. I would love some input from you all that have knowledge and experience with these two bikes. 1. Seat height. I am 5.8 with a 30 inch inseam. The AT is good for me on the lower seat height but the 690 and 701 are taller. Do I drop the suspension or just deal with it? 2. Reliability. It seems that both of these bikes are good but have known issues that can be accounted for. I am fairly mechanical and not to concerned about these but if I went with the 701 and had an issue in the field, I worry that finding service or parts may be an issue. KTM dealers seem to be abundant. 3. I would want to do modifications to the bike. I know there are numerous aftermarket items for the 690 but do not see as many popping up for the 701. I love the idea of the 701 but am concerned I would be limited in this regard. 4. Motor. Last I heard the 701 had an upgraded more balanced motor. That seems nice but the 690 has done well previously. Does this really matter? 5. Seat Comfort. I don't know much about the seat for these bikes but my AT is pretty good for all day riding. Upgrade or keep as is. 6. Fuel Range. I have only needed to carry extra fuel on my trips a few times with my AT. I would get between 35 and 50 MPG depending so not great range but it worked pretty well. I could add a rotopax to the 690/701 to keep it simple. 7. Wind screen. Even on my AT I had buffeting with the standard wind screen on road sections and it was not perfect for sure. Should I get a tower or some othe wind screen to make this bike better on the road? 8. I have heated grips on the AT and fortunately didn't need them much at all. This trip will be in the mountains and I may run into wet cold conditions. I also have a heated vest. Are there any issues with either of these bikes running external power such as grips and heated vest? Any input on any one or all of the above would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Guys, I just spend hours googling on what is going on but cant find anything on this topic (possibly because I dont know the correct terms) When I am looking at the front of the bike(2016 ktm 690 enduro with warp9 wheels) I can see that the front wheel is closer to the right fork arm then the left and is rubbing on a plastic piece(Im sure I can remove the plastic) I see the bolt to the right has a stopper and wont go any further(if it went further it would be more centered) Any idea on what I can/should do with this. Thanks
  7. Greetings boys and girls, I recently became the proud owner of my very own KTM! A 2009 690 Enduro R (sitting just under 10k miles). I have lusted after this bike for many years and finally had the extra cash to pick one up. However, it hasn’t all been good. In the very short period of time I’ve owned it, it has left me stranded 3 times! I have been playing catch up on all the previous owners maintenance that he had “deferred” and in the process, trying to accomplish the mods needed to make this rig more reliable. I’ve got to say that when it is running, it is probably the most fun thing on two wheels. It eases the sting a bit for when it breaks down. Anyways, I digress… lets get down to the current issue at hand. Current Problem: Click here to see a video of what it does Once the bike is fully warm, usually after I have been riding around for 1-2 hours, the bike will all of a sudden start to sputter (as if it is suffering from a fuel cut) and eventually after a few moments it will die altogether. The problem can be more quickly brought on if I am riding around town in stop and go traffic in the hotter part of the day. The bike will start right back up again but will generally sputter and die again within 10-30 seconds if you continue to ride around. Or if you start it after it initially dying and let it idle, it can idle for up to a minute before it dies on its own. The main thing to take away from this is that it only does this when it is really hot. (usually 4 bars on the gauge, that’s as hot as it ever gets with the fan switch mod) I should also mention that there is no blinking FI light. Secondary problem: Sometimes when you start the bike the dash will flash the wheel size measurement on and off: “LENGTH 1870” and a couple other symbols for a few seconds to half a minute before it displays the speed and all the regular information. I don’t think this is related to the issues but I thought I’d make mention of it. Current mods and notable part replacements: *Akro Slip on *K&N drop-in air filter *Power Commander V with tune for pipe and intake (from Rottweiler) *CA Cycle works Fuel pump (less than 200 miles on it… the OEM one died a couple days after I bought the bike) *New in tank fuel filter (bike does not have an inline filter) *New KTM injector (less than 100 miles on it… old one dribbled fuel causing hard starting after sitting) *RR Manual Cam Chain Tensioner *New NGK spark plug *KTM Twins Low temp fan switch *-15 Exhaust Rocker *Valves recently lashed and are in perfect spec *All the emission components are removed What I’ve done so far: *Completely disconnected the Power commander from the bike and ran the bike in stock ecu config- the problem still occurs *Checked all electrical connections and took apart the bike and went over the entire wire loom - no defects noted *Checked the battery with a multi meter with the bike off and running, battery appears perfectly healthy both static and running *Swapped back to the old leaking injector – problem still occurs *Disconnected the tip over sensor – this causes an FI light, the problem still occurs *Disabled the kickstand sensor with a dongle – the problem still occurs *Replaced the voltage regulator with a nice mosfet unit, didnt fix the problem but the regulator runs so cool now! *Put a meter on the ignition coil and spark plug connector, both of these values read almost dead nuts in the middle of the specified range *Put a meter on the stator connector, the manual says the resistance should be less than or equal to 1 ohm at 68 degrees F. Both my measurements read 2.1 ohms, but its also about 80-85 degrees in my garage... so I'm not sure if this is acceptable or not? Possible ideas: *Throttle Body Sensors/ blade gears - This is something I'm hesitant to get into since if I mess with it and take it to the dealer I wouldn't want them to blame me for messing with it. I only say this because my dealer told me that KTM has warrantied complete throttle bodies for 690's before- even on older bikes like mine. *Fuel pump – God forbid this would be the issue since I just replaced this… but it seems like the bike is suffering a fuel cut and I know that they tend to have issues when they get hot… but every time this problem has occurred I’ve had at least 2 gallons of gas in the tank… I also triple checked my hose routing when I installed the new fuel pump/ filter and made sure it didn’t kink as it went in. *ECU failure - just grabbing at strands here... maybe its fudgin up when it gets hot for some reason. _________________________________________________ Sorry for making yet another 690 thread… Thanks for reading this, ANY input is appreciated. I will try to keep this organized as I remember to add things so it is somewhat easier to read over. THANK YOU
  8. I am running out of luck trying to find handguards that fit my 2017 with stock Neken bars. I tried the KTM Evolution handguards but wasn't happy at all with the fit and they hit the ends of the levers: http://www.ktm-parts.com/U6910015KIT.html I tried to get these but they're on backorder for at least a few weeks: http://www.ktm-parts.com/7650297900028.html It looks like these might work, it says Renthal but they're also 1-1/8" like Neken: http://www.ktm-parts.com/U6951375-2.html What handguards work for you? I would love to know! Thanks
  9. RADE/GARAGE got their hands on the 2019 KTM and show what parts fit without modification and what will require a new design
  10. Hey guys, I recently dumped my KTM 690 in a rather large mud puddle. After washing it A LOT, and cleaning out the wires/battery under the seat I have found a new problem, it won't start as it should. It starts occasionally but most of the time there is a "buzzing" or "squealing" sound coming from what seems to be the fuse box when the starter is engaged. Has anyone else had this problem? Everything else seems to be running properly, though I have heard the buzzing noise most of the internet seem to attribute to the "fuel pump" priming, it sounds more like a solenoid to me but I'm not well versed in electronics. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. The youtube link shows the starting issue
  11. Hello, I understand that the Husky 701 has an additional ballancer in the motor to smooth it out. Not sure what year that was introduced. What I am wondering is if the KTM 690 has incorporated that in recent years such as 2017 or 2018 or if not if there are plans for 2019. Also, there had been some rocker arm issues in the past and I am wondering if there has been a revised part to take care of that rocker arm issue and if there is a model year that has incorporated that new rocker arm design. Thank you in advance for your input or direction to where I may find more information on this.
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