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Found 8 results

  1. 0 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION Had a nasty case of heat stroke at the start of summer, never want to go through that again so finally got some proper ventilated riding gear along with a ventilated helmet. it's a bit of a compromise but settled on the klim mojave gear as i reckon it can double up for one day adventure rides as well as the usual dirt rides. first up, it works incredibly well and i should have got something like this years ago. even just walking around you can feel the air move through the pants and jersey. a neat feature is even though they are dedicated dirt riding pants they have two zippered side pockets which is great for wallet phone, keys etc. the jersey has no pockets of course, just padding along the upper arms and shoulders and it's very stretchy so easily takes body armour underneath if wanted. this has worked out really well this summer... normally i'd wear the rallycross jacket but once it gets over 30 degrees i just use the klim jersey now and slip on some elbow guards underneath. anyway, posted my thoughts on the gear in the vid below. for me it's been a great to still look forward to going out for a one day adventure ride when the temp gets over 35 degrees.
  2. Gravesdigger

    6 Sigma Jet Kit Neutron

    2 reviews

    I ordered the kit a couple days because i was told from TT that a jet kit could be the cure to my illness . the problem that I am having is a hiccup so to speak when i am twisting the throttle or pinning it and a sputtering problem going up a hill . i have stock carb and pipe .cut the baffle out and the noise suppressor at the end or that what I think it is . I have NOT done the 3x3 mod was told that i am running a bit lean and opening the pipe bit makes matters worse . so i found the 6 Sigma jet kit and ordered it . figured i should get acquainted with the carb til then so I took it out and went threw the steps I will go through when changing the jets and stuff. i also poped out the plug for the mixture but Lightly snaged the screw itself too when drilling out the plug and in doing that it screwed it all the way in . i unscrewed it 2 full turns out but dont quite know what the factory setting were . Can someone help me on that ? Found that i have a jet that has 142.5 I think its the pilot jet that has the number 22.5 the starter jet I believe and has the number 62.5 I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and ride in altitudes of 6,000-9,000 above sea what are going to be the best Jets for me ? i ask to find out and if this kit will supply the jets that are recommended from here. also they Say they have detailed instructions and proper drill bit for a Slide mod .
  3. 97MAX

    6 Sigma Jet Kit Jet Kit

    2 reviews

    Why a 6Sigma Jet Kit: - Installing a 6Sigma Jet Kit in your carb is the best way to get the maximum performance and longest life out of your ride. - 6Sigma Jet Kits are the only custom engineered jet kits produced. Each individual design is based on your year, model, altitude and modifications. What does a 6Sigma Jet Kit do? The stock carburetor from the factory is designed to meet Import Regulations ... not peak performance. Once you install or modify an exhaust or intake, you have put your bike into a leaner condition that will eventually destroy your engine due to excessive heat and detonation from running lean. If you notice any exhaust popping, you are extremely lean. Our 6Sigma jet kits provide the parts and installation instructions needed to enrich all the circuits in the carb, to fix the problem, save your engine, and add performance you can feel in the seat. This is a comprehensive jet kit, addressing all throttle positions, throttle response, and each kit is custom made to your bike and its modifications. Replacing just the jets does not address 1/4-3/4 throttle, or throttle response, only full throttle. This Kit is for all throttle positions, and throttle response. 6Sigma Jet Kits uses an engineering methodology that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve operational performance.
  4. 97MAX

    Honda XR250L (1992)


    My first bike so its great for that. Light weight and decent power. Easy to work on.
  5. Nicholas Stolle

    Yamaha TTR230 (2017)


    Great bike, very reliable would recomend to others
  6. delaware_destroyer

    2004 cr85 top end issues (HELP)

    ok, so long story short, i just bought my first 2-stroke for my son, bike was advertised as a great running, big bore (wiseco) , cr85. i told the guy if it starts on the first kick i wil give him the cash . he kicked it 3 times and it started(fair enough) there was a bunch of snow on the ground so it couldnt be riding. once snow melted, i took it out for a spin to feel it out. ran crazy , bogging, sputtering, but at one point i did get it through the gears. now, bike stalled and never started again, so i replaced air filter, drained the tank , put new 32:1 with 92 octane, new br10 plug took the reeds out and inspected(looked good) new OEM coil, new cdi, rebuilt the carb, and still nothing, ran a compression check and BOOM she is ate up (50PSI). i dont believe this happened on my test drive, marks on everything tell me this was on its way out WHEN I BOUGHT IT. i open it up and suprise #2. its stock bore(i used caliper and it came in at 47.5mm). question is this, can i reuse this jug and head, the piston was melted pretty good down the side and i cant tell if these are detonation marks on the chamber of the head or if something was bouncing around in there. i did clean the head and jug up as good as i can get them. gimmie your thought, and sorry for the long post