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Found 14 results

  1. TheSlicer

    Aprilia SXV 450 (2007)


    This thing is incredible. It may have the most uncomfortable seat of any bike I have been on but it does not matter. The bike is a toy and it is wonderful as such. The power from the little 450 v-twin is amazing. It does not have the off the line torque like my Yamaha but once it gets up beyond 5k it starts pulling harder and harder until around 12,000rpm! The front end does not like staying on the ground. I have ridden a few motards and a KLR650 and they all started to weave and wiggle somewhere from the 70-85mph range. I was pleasantly surprised the Aprilia was stable at any speed and I've had it up around 110! It only takes 14 seconds to get to 100 ON DIRT, SPINNING THE TIRE! The brakes... People complain and upgrade but I don't see why. The front has WAY more initial bite to them than any other bike I've ridden and I cannot get them to fade. The rear isn't as grabby as I am used to but works well. There is more than enough front brake to send me over the bars with moderate pressure from one finger. I love this bike and there isn't another supermoto out there that I would rather have.
  2. So I installed my stage 1 kit two weeks ago and have yet to try it out because New England weather sucks as of lately. I have the FMF Q4 and mega bomb installed, I also have the EJK as it came pre programmed for the stage 1 and a 13T up front. I was reading about air box mods and was curious which ones should be done or what ones you guys did. Here are my questions. Do I have to pull the snorkel out of the top of the air box? Is there anyway to modify the snorkel so crap won't just fall into the top of the air box and still get the benefit? Do you have to remove the backfire screen from the stock air filter? Do you have to drill holes in the side cover on the filter box? Did you guys unplug your o2 sensor? I would rather not and heard they ran rich if you did. Lastly, is there an aftermarket filter option other than the DNA $100 filter? Thanks for your help. I just want it right when the weather hits and I can ride.
  3. DarkCRF

    Honda CRF250R (2011)


    Very like the ease to innitiate to this bike. Good suspension setup, nice handling but a little lack in power. I upgrade it throught the years with this : Suspension : Stiffer .46kg/mm Factory Connection fork springs, Factory Connection lowering link, thicker FF5 Factory Connection oil in the HSSD. So the bike is now more stable without sacrifying is handling Engine : C4MX ported cylinder head, Pro Circuit camshaft and complete valvetrain, Yoshimura RS4 full exhaust, Moto Tassinari Air4orce, TUF 43mm Throttle body insert, EBC HD clutch spring, Twin air filters, PC racing Pro seal, removed backfire screen with a remaped ECM by Eddie Sisneros. I have now a better response, strong power everywhere with a lot of overrev. Control : Renthal twinwall handlebar, Zeta rubber killer, Zeta fold back lever, Motion pro revolver throttle system, Motion pro grips, Tusk footpegs. Drive : DID VT2 Xring chain, Supersprox stealth 48 teeth rear sprocket, Supersprox 13 teeth front sprocket, Zeta axle blocs. Body : Custom plastics mix, Custom graphic kit, Factory FX B4 seat cover, Cycra full armor skid plate, Work connection Holeshot device, Work connection Radiators braces, Black rims, Red anodized look hubs, Michelin tire, Moose spokes set, Zeta, breather, clips, plugs, washer and cap. With all this upgrade the bike became a real beast on the track.
  4. jkrauter77

    Honda CRF150F (2005)


    Great Bike!
  5. beastie250

    Honda XR250L (1992)


    Love it, first dirt bike, tonnes of fun on the trails, it tractors everywhere and is a blast, fun and cheap and a big rush of adrenaline :)
  6. slolane

    Airbox Modifications

    Wanted to create a thread for air filter/airbox mods. Please let me know what your using besides the stock setup. Thanks!
  7. Ownerof3bikes_masterof_0

    Airbox flow measurements

    I was perusing the Keintech pages and came across this old note re: the DR350 airbox. http://www.kientech.com/benchmark.htm It has some pretty cool before and after flow measurements done by RST heads in Lakeland, FL. I tried to find that place on the web and came up with some screen company but nothing that looked like a machine shop that did air flow studies. If anyone has some airflow study data re: the DRZ airbox and the effect of the popular mods (i.e. 3x3) that would be very cool. John
  8. SpunBearing

    ProSeal Question

    How does this ProSeal gasket provide a better seal than grease? I have one here in my hand and I'm just not seeing it. I've searched TT a bit the last 2 days and can't find an answer. This is the only info I can find from their website: From the reviews on TT it's obvious it works, but I want to know the how and why of it.
  9. Tombonombona

    No gain with 3x3 mod?

    If someone knows what to do or a thread that can help it would be greatly appreciated... I have a 2009 SM with about 11,000 km on it... I just put a JD jet kit in. Red needle, clip in third spot (elevation is 1500 ft) with a 155 and 25 jet and screw turned out 2.5 turns from being seated as per instructions. I also went one tooth smaller on the front sprocket I took it for a test ride and it doesn't feel like there is any gain at all... When it was stock I would try wheelies and it would barely get up in first (let off gas then full throttle), second wasn't a hope. And no clutching methods worked at all ever either.... I'm just wondering if the carb is not set right or if maybe there is some underlying problem of the bike. From what I have read, it sounds like everyones is a lot more powerful than mine and I can't figure out why.
  10. Britex

    Honda XR650L (2009)


    Just recently purchased...getting into trail riding after being absent from dirt riding for 30 years....I LOVE this pig! Runs good for a plugged up bike...needs some opening up but from all I have read can be done on the cheap with good results.