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Found 196 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    Moose Racing Racing Air Filter

    1 review

    Flip-back breakaway features to prevent damage on impact Shatter-resistant tempered safety galss and high-impact ABS housing Convex mirror for wider viewing angles and image stability 1.75in. steel bar clamp for maximum strength and durability Tension adjuster to keep mirror swing stiff - no floppy mirrors Sold in pairs
  2. ThumperTalk

    K&N Engineering Air Filter Foam Wrap

    1 review

    Designed to extend service intervals, use in very dusty conditions Fits over K and N filter Polyester with elastic enclosure Can be cleaned and re-used, instructions included
  3. ThumperTalk

    BMC Air Filter

    2 reviews

    Custom designed to maximize power for Super Bikes Carbon structure designed to endure both vibration and extreme heat Created to use entire volume of the airbox to keep the air constantly pressurized Race-Tested for performance and reliability For Track Use Only
  4. Hurricane_Shane

    Honda CRF150R (2007)


    Ever since I bought this is when my neighbors started hating me. But that doesn't matter since its fast as hell and a blast to ride.
  5. Harpdogg

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2014)


    for A to B riding , not much else is faster or more fun
  6. 0 comments

    The best picture that I took of it so far. Original here: http://www.someoneqc.com/_photos/_motos/rockerc_2009_16nov2013.jpg Bought it new in sept 2009.
  7. MuddySA

    Yamaha YZ450F (2013)


    The last dirt bike I owned was a '98 YZ400 so I have been out to the dirt game for awhile but never stopped riding. I had street bikes still to keep me happy. Buying this one, I actually went in to see about buying a 2014 YZ250F. The salesman talked me into getting this 2013 450 at a huge discount so I jumped on it even though I was worried about power and not being used to riding in the dirt after so long of a break. Best decision I had this year as for as hobby purchases. I love it, picked up right where I lift off riding off-road. This thing has the perfect amount of power everywhere for my riding style. I did have to give it some extra umfh already a for as power adders. I started with an FMF Factory 4.1 RCT slip-on and the Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner then recently added an FMF megabomb header (neither were installed yet on the pics posted) and love it even more. For me the bike went from perfect to heaven.
  8. Suprchargedriot

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2007)


    This is my 2007 Drz400s. Its had a few different identities over the years the latest one being converted to supermotard. I've had it since it was brand new and been modifying it ever since.
  9. Hi there for anyone that uses one of these filters in there bike how much oil are u using like my stock one only needs 2 ounces of oil and it's for a 450 ktm.
  10. ColoradoTom

    FunnelWeb Air Filter

    So I got a newsletter from ThumperTalk store about these new filters from Oz. Two questions: -Anybody have any real time on them? -Is this an oiled filter, or dry? If it's dry, do you clean/service it with a compressor or what?? Just curious. I cleaned and oiled my conventional filter the other day and the bike is running like a raped ape right now, so nothing in my world is broken. But I wouldn't mind an oil-less filter that could be quickly blown out with the compressor for a 2-minute cleaning.
  11. ThumperTalk

    No Toil Dual Stage Foam Air Filter

    5 reviews

    DUAL STAGE FOAM: Two different pore sizes create more trapping area for even the smallest dust particles FLAME LAMINATED FOAM: Both stages are not glued, but heat sealed to provide maximum flow RETICULATED FOAM: Increases dirt stopping surface area and increase foam strength Strongest glue seams will withstand harsh solvents and gas (although we cant understand why youd want to use them). Pull as hard as you can, foam will rip before the glued seam will Light color foam easier to spot where the filter oil has covered and where it has not OEM size for more dirt stopping capability Handmade Every square inch of each filter is and inspected for quality One year warranty Made in the USA, not a cheap Chinese throw away
  12. ThumperTalk

    MSR HP Air Filter

    1 review

    Premium dual stage bonded foam Extra thick base provides a positive seal Promotes maximum airflow and superior protection Perfect for offroad and moto applications
  13. 1 review

    OEM replacement air filter Replaces the stock restrictive perforated filter plate and increases airflow Increases throttle response, rpm and top speed Mounts directly into the stock filter box and retains OEM appearance
  14. So, Where do I start to get this bike back to running? Its on a CR125 so my plan was take off carb and take out the reeds and clean them, and that means there is dust and grit throught the whole motor, how do i clean that. The motor is surprisingly not seized. And there is gas in the gear case/bottom-end and i dont know if that has to do with it... I would realy appreciate some help on this, thanks. Hope i have this post in the right category this time....
  15. Rukix

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2001)


    This Bike is great! On or off road you have excellent power/acceleration once you do a few simple mods. It is very maneuverable, easy to handle and just out right fun to ride.
  16. PWM

    Honda CRF250L (2015)


    Just picked it up today, August 7, 2015. I had the shop install a FMF Power Core 4 pipe and FMF Programer before I picked it up. It runs well but I only put 40 miles on it. So far so good.
  17. Denver Mike

    Honda CR250R (1978)


    Still trying to figure this bike out. I raced one when I was 17, back in the day !!! Love the classic looks. <br /><br />I've raced the bike x 2 in 2015, and found a number of problems, so I've actually completely rebuilt the engine, and replaced the carb with a Mikuni. Seems to run really nicely now. Looking forward to the 2016 season !!