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Found 3,823 results

  1. mccpaulr

    Atv chinese crap

    I know it's junk, but it's my nieces not mine. Does anybody know where to get a chain tensioner spring for a H:banghead:banghead: Hensim quad? They went out of business last year.
  2. VirtuRock

    Atv Wi utv

    Maybe this should be in the region secion but it only pertains to UTV... If we have any UTV riders looking for fun in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin ATV Association started a UTV site called a while back. Here you can see where you can ride a UTV on public trails. Registration is still per riding area but this is the test before introducing a state wide UTV program. Anyway, for what it's worth...
  3. I am buying a 4x4 to plow sidewalks with this winter when my back gets tired. I want to know of some good plows and good winches to raise the plow. I actually just was digging through my shop and found a 4000lb venom winch new in the box. i bought it as a gift for one of my workers a decade ago and when he quit he must have forgot it. Its mine now! It looks like it has a ton of wires that to the soloenoid and switch and im not sure if all winches are like that? i never installed one. I would like one that has as few of wires as possible to keep things nice and clean. If that is a pipe dream than i got a winch and i am happy with that. For the plow im looking to get a 2016 grizzly non eps since i never had it and i dont need it. I dont know if i should go with aftermarket like warn? or go with what yamaha is pushing? I never had an atv plow i have no clue who is quality and who is a joke. i wouldnt mind saving a bunch of money either. if there is a cheap plow that is easy to weld back together and people like it i might be game for the right price. anyone with some insight let me know if there is anything to know! Thanks!
  4. Hello, sorry, not a regular in this forum, but I have a set of new American Racer flattrack quad tires on ITP regular wheels that I got in on a trade. Looking to find out a decent price to ask, and a good place to list them for sale. As said tires are new 18x8x10 fronts on used slightly dented wheels, rears are 18x10x10 on same cond wheels. Honda/Suzuki bolt pattern. Thanks in advance. I will list them in the TT classifieds, I just don't see a lot of quad stuff on there.
  5. falconrod

    Atv 110cc Horizontal motor

    My grandson bought an '02 chinese quad. He's had nothing but charging/spark issues. We've replaced the rectifier and the CDI but still seem to have the same problem. Watching the sparkplug, it seems to loose spark strength. Is there any way to measure this strength. The CDI we replaced was literally melting thru it's casing. The quad never has been able to recharge the battery and runtime is about 3.5 hrs when there isn't any spark issue. At times it seems to run great but has spent more time in the garage torn apart. He's only 10yrs old and this is his first "bike" so he's relying on Papa (me) for help and all I can do is stumble thru this. I "think" we should just replace all the components and wiring in the ignition system to start from scratch but not sure. When the quad is running as it should be, like when he first bought it 2 months ago (except for the charging part) it performs great so it's mechanically sound. It's the automatic trans (no clutch lever) with 3 forward speeds and reverse. The starter is on top of the motor. What would you guys do, and how would you go about doing it??? Thanks in advance for your help...
  6. insertusernamehere

    Atv Is it possible to carry a passenger?

    I may get a quad soon(not sure what model) but it's a sport quad. Is it PHYSICALLY possible to carry a passenger? As in, whats the chance of their foot going into the wheels, them falling off(no side support from plastics) etc.
  7. inthedirtagain

    Atv Don't laugh.......

    Last month, my uncle invited my family on a camping trip. In doing so, he also dropped off 3 ATVs that had been sitting all year so that I could prep them for the camping trip. Just had to do the usual carb cleaning, but one of them also required a re-jet for elevation. All went well and we loaded up for a great campout. While we're up there, he mentions that his work takes him out of town too often and his machines just sit there in his garage until his annual camping trip. So, he gives me one of the ATVs claiming lack of use! So now I've added another toy to my collection, but before you guys say "oh man! that's so cool!", I have to tell you what it is. He bought a Rancher 420FI for work, and bought his grandson a little Baja 49cc. He kept both of those and gave me a Roketa 250 sport quad. I know, its not a Honda! But, for a completely free toy, its not bad. I had to tighten every nut and bolt and verify coolant/oil levels, but its not that bad. My fat azz can get it up to about 45mph, which is about twice as fast as my family will ride down the trail. It has electric start and reverse, with less than 5hrs on the whole thing. I'm not complaining!
  8. Hey fellas, i have a 00' bombardier quest 500, it all started one day where i was riding on a road, i stoped and went to turn it back on again and all i herd was grinding what sounded coming from the starter, but the atv started anyway. so some time had passed since that ride and the other day i tryed to start it and a couple of flicks and nothing. so i went and put a new battery on it, not even a noise of it turning over. the weird thing though is all my gauge lights come on and my headlights and taillights still come on? whats the problem? is it the starter or some other sort of electrical problem?
  9. Post 'em if you got 'em! John Deere XUV 620i , XUV 850d , other Gator models welcome too! Here's a photo of a 2009 Special Edition. Should be getting mine soon!
  10. First off let me say we are new to the forum and new owners to 110cc taotao. We are very puzzled as to why we are stuck in gear and can't get it back in neutral. We bought it from the junk yard bc the previous owner junked it as his kids were rolling it. My fiance and I took it partially apart and cleaned it all up ordered a new battery n new starter chain as it snapped when we were test driving it. We were having trouble with it starting and stay running but tinkered with it some more and got it running. (Still won't stay running) but we are more concerned with it being stuck than anything else right now. Can anyone help?
  11. quinns_daddy

    Atv roketa 250 wont start

    i recently got a roketa 250 quad from a friend that i am trying to repair. The battery is dead but it will start fine if i hook up a battery charger or jump start it. The problem now is it will not start at all. It will not even make a clicking noise (from the starting solenoid). i replaced the battery, cdi box and i also tried jump starting it. Is there a fuse somewhere i could have blown???
  12. zukieman

    Atv john deere gator 6x4 carb adj.

    i need some info on carb adj. for a john deere gator 6x4 kawasaki engine gas.
  13. Last year i had a 07 rappy 700 SE had the big three, ( LTE dual exhuast, pcIII and k&n filter w/ lid removed) Had fun with it, but got bored with it because non of my friends had wheelers, well now that my dad finally has time off hes riding his wheeler more soo i want another one. Well i only want to spend around 2k soo i know i wont be getting another 700 but thats ok. I want something that's trail friendly has good low end grunt and good top end. Needs reverse. I have my own peice of haven right down the road from me, it's a long trail i take no real mudholes wide enough for a small truck and then it leads to this long fireroad that leads me to this nice size pit soo that's basically what i'll be riding in. I don't do to many jumps btw. Ohh and i need something that should be able to keep up with my dad's '11 can am outlander 800 with the big three haha. I was thinking a z400 pred 500 and maybe the newer rappy 660's i dont wanna get an older 660 that has tranny issues. Soo what do you think ? And whatever i will get i will mod it, exhaust filter and i will jet it cuz no fuel injection for me I dont want to spend no more than that cause i want to get my 450hp camaro project on the road at some point. -cost under $2,000 -trail friendly -needs reverse -good top end -good low end grunt
  14. Share pics of yourself mudding!
  15. tmcauto27

    Atv twin cylinder 250cc chinese atv

    I just got 2 long chang 250cc utility quads. One is ready to ride, but the other is stuck in third gear. These are interesting. The motor is a lifan twin cylinder twin carb 250cc with manual trans. They use double chains. I would like to find out what else used this motor so I can find parts. Does anyone know anything about this?
  16. I have a 2005 Bombardier DS650 Baja X. I need a little help. I at first thought that I had a battery issue but am thinking that now it is something else electrical. I went to start my quad to load it in my trailer. When I hit the starter button, I got the clicking sound that is indicative of a dead battery. After getting it home and investigating the issue, I can't figure this thing out. I put my battery on the charger. It is an auto charger and right away the green charged light came on. Once I was able to acquire a voltage meter, the battery was in the 12.80 volt range. I put the battery back on the quad, and without turning the key to the on position, the battery already dropped to 10.4 volts. When I engaged the started the battery voltage drops to the 4-5 volt range. When I let the started button go, the voltage goes back up to 10.4 volts. When I took the battery off the quad again, and checked the voltage, the battery was showing 12.5 volts again. I then took a battery charger and hooked it up to the quad battery terminals. When I turn on the key and hit the starter button the quad will start. As soon as I let go of the starter button, the quad stalls. The quad will "run" as long as I hold the started button down. It will rev when I hit the throttle, so it isn't that the starter is what is turning the engine over and again as soon as I let the started button go it will stop running. This really sounds like an electrical issue of some sort, but I am at a complete loss as where to start trying to diagnose the problem. Any help as where to start would be great. I really don't want to pay an arm and a leg to a mechanic to fix something that is probably relatively easy to fix myself.
  17. OffbrandGuyski

    Atv 1988 LT250R engine swap, need help

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of rebuilding the engine in my lt250r and Im really pissed at myself for not getting a repair manual for the engine, so now I have a completely disassembled engine chillin' out in my garage. But an idea just popped into my head when I happened to look at my 1988 Arctic Cat Jag 440 for which I have no use... This engine was just rebuilt and it runs top-notch, and my quad has not motor as of now... What would it take to install this sled engine into my quadracer? Has anybody done a swap of this sort, or know of anyone who has? Im very interested in pursuing this project, I think it would be one bad toy if done correctly.
  18. After a number of years of research and hunting we now carry and offer BMS TYPHOON 125 at TBoltUSA.com This is an stronger version of the very popular Xtream Typhoon that went away in 2008 Its like a little YFZ450 in the way its wide and lowered center of gravity Fun for 16 year and older kids with semi auto (no hand clutch) 3 speed with reverse Also Its a cool Pit quad for adults We only offering this ATV since we want to focus on its potential and get a full serious support and aftermarket speed equipment system going These take Pit bike engines we know we can build one up to rip harder than stock Product Link: http://tboltusa.com/store/bms-typhoon-125-black-p-9987.html
  19. panici33

    Atv Trade Quad for YZ250f

    I have an '03 Yamaha YZ250F with a fresh motor, great shape overall, and many extra part including enough for another rolling chassis. I would be interested in most sport quads 400cc and up or Honda 250R. Call or text Andy for more details and pics. I'm in Illinois. 480-254-3924
  20. Headlights are pretty weak....Is there a drop in replacement LED bulb for this year outlander.. The lights have #81425 and #3241 but nothing comes up on a search.. I'm guessing these are bombardier part #s
  21. silver98mustang

    Atv Baja Wilderness 250

    I have a baja 250 that has some sort of carb problem. When the bike is cold it does fine, but when it warms up It spotters and sputters pretty bad. I have bought a new carb and it didn't help. Pulled of the air box lid, and left it one, but neither helped or hurt. I have adjusted the valves with no help either. I believe the bike was made in new Mexico so could the bike be jetted for that altitude. I am located in NC about 1000ft above sea level. I'm not sure but it might be a vacuum carb, would the sputter be caused by a lack of engine vacuum? PS. SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST, BUT I CHANGED THE MAKE HOPING TO GET MORE HITS THROUGH THE SEARCH FUNCTION.
  22. Rideredder

    Atv Help Me ID This Quad

  23. killen1970

    Atv eton 70 or eton 90

    Looking at an 07 4 stroke eton 70 and an 04 2 stroke 90 for a 6 year old. Which do you guys think is better?