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Found 57 results

  1. I have a new to me KLX300 with Baja Designs dual sport kit. The battery seems dead. This is OK except on the last ride I went through a dark tunnel at low engine speeds and could barely see. Would a new battery help in this situation or would the head light require more energy that the battery could supply anyway? The headlight is 35 watts.
  2. damo010

    Lithium Batteries

    Hey, Any one tried Lithium battery / got any feedback? also any one know where to get in Thailand? not sure if this is a best item to mail order, the postal services are getting keen on stopping lithium batteries especially when sent by air. cheers d
  3. I'm running my lights on my yamaha yz250f from a 9.6v. 2500mah rechargeable battery pack. Trouble is the battery pack wont run both front and back for long it only runs one at a time or one turns off due to lack of power. Both headlight bulb and rear tail light bulbs are LED. do I have to run separate battery packs to each one? I really don't want and cant to go to the expense of doing the conversion. Any Ideas anyone?? Thanks in advance.
  4. DRZ 4OOE Namibia

    DRZ battery swap that works.

    Yo all. Swapped my original DRZ battery with a UPS battery 1 month ago and still have more than enough amps after the bike was stationary for 1 week during this month. Much cheaper,no kits and the UPS Bat is 8.2ah against the original 7ah Yuasa bat.
  5. My DRZ-SM needs a new battery. I was going to buy a TurnTech, but see that they just closed (which sucks). So what battery do I buy so my bike now?
  6. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 450 XCR-W (2008)


    This bike rocks because KTM gave it so many letters. The more letters, the more horsepower. So, this thing has like 600 I think. Read my full review here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/reviews/product/42685-ktm-450-xcr-w/
  7. What do you think about ebuttons on dirt bikes? Just added cost & weight or once you've had, you can't go back? Do only weenie riders have an ebutton or do they just know when something is great? Curious about what riders from all sides think about this feature and it's value.
  8. I worry about the generator in my turbo YZ (snowbike). Besides the fuel injection system, it is powering my secondary injection system, Koso multi-gauge, sometimes a radiator fan, sometimes my MCX data logger and I need to get a headlight, hand warmers would be nice too. I would like to mount a battery and wire it into the system so I don't have to worry about my stator burning up out in the woods. Has anyone done this? I am sure the wiring cant be as simple as I am thinking. Just wire the battery into the same harness I pull the rest of my power from, and have a switch? Obviously the injection system would be live at all times when the switch was on. Would this cause any problems? I also wonder if the battery would be at risk of over charging when I'm not using a bunch of juice? Electricians, I need your help! Thanks
  9. WarHammer0106

    New Shorai battery keeps dying

    So I bought a new Shorai battery a couple months ago and it was working wonderfully. Last week I installed a Trail Tech Voyager on my X and now twice my battery has been dead. I connected the power wires to the battery and installed a 2 amp fuse (smallest I could find) between the + battery terminal and the + power wire to the Voyager. I have my Voyager set to power off after 25 minutes of the bike not running. Any ideas on why my battery keeps dying? I am pretty sure its the battery dying. As I am trying to start the bike for the first ride of the day it will crank but the crank speed will slow and get slower. On a side note, i think my starter may be going out. Sometimes I have to push the start button 10 or 15 times before it will enguage the starter. It will click and hold utill I let off the start button. Then click and hold again when I push the start button but it doesnt always enguage. It doesnt always act up...but its not a surprise when it does.
  10. got one in my 520, and no problems since i don't leave the GPS in the cradle any more.... bikes been parked about two weeks. battery is stone dead. start it with a little powerall unit, and the thing is running like poop. won't idle, won't crank. acts like the battery is kerflooie. got it sitting on a 4 amp smart charger, to see if that helps... has there been any earth x batteries bricking that anyone knows of, or do i start looking elsewhere for the problem? thanks for any feedback...
  11. c00kiebr0s

    Honda CRF450X (2007)


    Top bike! heaps of power but manageable for beginners(if your not scared), suspension is great on hard dirt, gravel, sand, mud and whatever you can throw at it.<br />real tuff bike, mines been dropped down hills, on rock, in deep mud so many times i just pick it up and its fine.<br />great trail bike, would recommend!
  12. motoinmoab

    Yamaha XT250 (2015)


    It's not a serious dirt bike, but it's lots of fun on and off road. Probably my favorite thing is the low seat height, I fall over with my DR-Z400 every ride in the dirt.
  13. Heard some folks talking about Shorai batteries failing on them and it happened to me today. I've had the battery for 6 months. I went riding on Saturday without any issue at all. Sunday I washed the bike fired it up and let it run for about 15 minutes before shutting it down and doing an oil change. So here it is Wednesday and I went out and was working on the bike and went to start it and nothing. I was pretty surprised by this. So I pull out my maintainer and it refused to start a charge cycle. Luckily I have the stock battery and pulled it out of a dusty corner of the garage and it is charging now. I went online and filed a warranty claim with Shorai. Guess I will see what they have to say but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. Volryder

    Battery Drain

    Ok, forgive me for being lazy and not reading the manual for my 300rr Race. If I don't ride for 2-3 weeks (yeah many of you can't imagine that, but I'm old ok?) my battery goes dead. I don't turn anything off. Do I need to turn a computer off somewhere or does it look like I have a short? Haven't put a multi on it yet, thot I'd ask first. Thanks.... oh and best bike I've ever had.
  15. Just wondering which brand everyone likes and where the best place/price to buy them is? I will be buying one for a 13 350sxf only riding MX and I live in Alabama so normally don't ride below 45 degrees. Thanks
  16. Hi, I ve lost my Yuasa battery due to stator failure. Long story. Now I am looking for a new one. I ve been following the L.ion batteries for a while. Seems good, small, light, strong enough and can't say cheap. OEM batteries are classic, no need to explain. I make a short research and found both type works well-no problem (especially with free power mod). But I have some conflicts about "value". http://www.ballisticparts.com/products/batteries/4cell.php http://shoraipower.com/lfx09a2-bs12-p50 These are 2 popular L.ion batteries which fit DRZ400. Because I am from out of US (Turkey) they cost me more (+shipping). I found best ; Ballistic 4 cell costs : 105 $ (inc. shipping) Shorai LFX09 costs : 119 $ (inc. shipping) In here Turkey, I found Yuasa YT7B-BS for : 108 $ (which says 85 CCA old model I think and 6.5 Amp/H ) Bosch YT7B-BS for : 60 $ (120 CCA and 7Amp/H) total cost. So I have 2 question 1- Shorai has 9 amp/H and 135 CCA which seems very nice, much better than oem. But Ballistic has 120 CCA and 2.3 amp/H What the hell 2.3 amp/h means? Does it mean another thing/value ?? If it is not, how it works with 2.3 amp (Craig-O said he has been using Ballistic 4cell for ~2years with no problem) ? 2- Do L.ion batteries really worth ? Any reason to pay more to get similar specs with less dimension and weight ? Just asking... I would like go with Bosch, it is bosch in the end how bad can it be Almost half price...
  17. ejs989

    Honda XR650L (2009)


    If I had to pick 1 motorcycle to survive the apocalypse, this would be the bike. Tons of support, bike hasn't changed in ages...really its pretty bulletproof.
  18. Just as the title says. I'm looking at replacing the standard battery in my 12 300xc. Over here in New Zealand I can get earth x battery's and shori from my local dealer. Was kinda leaning towards the earth x battery as it's a wee bit cheaper Has any one got one off these battery's and what did you think both good and bad thanks
  19. skaiter1007

    Honda CRF450X (2006)


    great bike, tons of power, dual sport capable (and mine is) a little on the heavy side, but i'll get used to it and stronger for controlling the beast that it is haha
  20. tyler90

    Husqvarna SMR 510 (2006)


    I love this bike but it's always needing something new lol