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Found 90 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    Scar Racing Brake Clevis

    1 review

    Eliminate the play in the OEM brake pedal Rigid and lightweight design Provides better control of the rear brake
  2. ThumperTalk

    Braking STX Brake Rotor

    1 review

    Floating rotors with a stainless steel external braking track and aluminum carrier for more braking power due to the high % of carbon in the steel and the high friction coefficient that it results in Best resistance to heat: the floating design allows for the outer disk, where the heat is generated, to expand and contract instead of warping The STX disks characteristics result in a lighter, better performing and great looking brake rotor Sold Individually Polished Finish
  3. ThumperTalk

    SDG Galfer Rear Brake Rotor

    1 review

    Fits all year models
  4. ThumperTalk

    EBC Oversized Brake Rotor Kit

    4 reviews

    Supercross Contour discs not only provide a trick looking brake set up, but also deliver great and improved brake feel over conventional solid discs. Made from heat treated carbon steel with higher friction and more stopping power than stainless steel. Luster finish gold anodized to prevent corrosion. Extra weight reduction reducing unsprung weight. Stylish contoured profile.
  5. ThumperTalk

    Braking CM46 Sintered Brake Pad

    2 reviews

    Sintered metal pad for motocross, off-road, and ATV racing Provides powerful bite using less force/pull on the brake lever Works great in all racing conditions and temperature and offers a consistent brake pad performance throughout the entire race
  6. Sierra_rider

    Beta 300 RR Race Edition (2015)


    It has a very neutral chassis, turns very well but doesn't give much up in stability. The power is very linear and easy to use. If you wan't a hard-hitting 2 stroke, this isn't your bike. Even with the aggressive map switch and the powervalve adjuster turned in, it much more mellow than my Yz. Although the power may not be exciting, it's perfect for gnarly technical terrain. Stock forks were harsh on square-edge obstacles. The Pressure springs(small spring in the top of the fork) are known to be to stiff for most offroad riding. I had them changed out when the forks were revalved. E-start works flawlessly and starts the bike within a couple seconds when cold. Ergo's feel good to me...at 6'1", I was worried that it would feel to small to me, but that's not the case. The rear brake lever is a little low for most people, but I actually prefer it that way and it's adjustable anyway. Brakes themselves feel good, the front in particular is very strong. I don't feel they give up much to the Brembo's on the Ktm's. 40 hour update: replaced the stock rear tire within 20 hours and did the front at about the 35 hour point. I now have a tubliss front and rear, with a new rim in the front because of bad crash I had. In that crash, I also smashed the pipe, split a radiator hose, twisted both radiators, and popped the preload adjusters out of both forks. Beta fixed the forks free of charge, so no complaints there. Separate from that crash, the stock map switch is busted and I blew the fuse for the e-starter, although it blew in extremely wet conditions. The most likely culprit is the horn, it's a pretty common issue that's easy to fix. Also, the stock plastic is extremely brittle and easy to crack.
  7. 1 review

    PRODUCT DETAILS Tusk Oversized Floating Typhoon Brake Rotor kits are made for increased performance and braking power for your motorcycle. Oversized 270mm diameter rotors are made from a special tempered stainless steel that is not only durable but will work with any type of brake pad. Brake rotors are precision laser cut to maximize brake pad surface contact. Full floating rotor design ensures optimal pad to rotor contact and even heat distribution for maximum braking force and smooth feel. Tusk Oversized Floating Typhoon Brake Rotor kits come complete with a billet aluminum caliper relocation bracket. Large 270mm diameter dirt bike rotor increases braking leverage for high performance stopping power. Rotors are laser cut from a special tempered stainless steel that is not only durable but will work with any type of brake pad. Full floating rotor design ensures optimum pad to rotor contact and even heat distribution for maximum braking force and smooth feel. Kit comes complete with oversized brake rotor and billet aluminum caliper relocation bracket.
  8. 5 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS Smoother & Stronger Braking Stainless Steel Fittings and Bolts Eliminate That Spongy Feeling Sharper and More Responsive Braking Finest Quality Stainless Steel Braided Hose Lifetime Warranty More Reliable Braking System Superior Abrasion and Corrosion Resistance Race Proven Technology
  9. 0 reviews

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Motomaster Flame Series brake disc rotors One thing I like about the Beta is they come stock with good quality aftermarket stuff like the Galfer discs, and as with most genuine Beta parts they are quite cheap too. I put the Galfer discs on the second set of wheels I bought with trials tyres, then scouted around for any other options to the stock Galfer discs. Eventually I settled on a set of Motomaster Flame discs when I realised they were top of the line brake rotors but the same price as the genuine Beta discs. I'm pretty fussy about brake discs as I researched them heavily a few years ago when I was having custom made discs made for motard projects. Just pause to read more... A few years ago I did try a set of cheap Chinese discs but down very steep descents they would start an annoying screeching sound, and on some of the longer descents they would start to fade, pretty unnerving if you've never had this happen before. Obviously our slow technical riding rarely pushes a brake disc very hard but we do have some very long steep descents that can drop about 1000 feet in altitude. I've only ever had the stock Galfer discs on the Beta fade once, but that was enough to swing me over to trying the Motomaster Flame Series. In a nutshell? Motomaster is a Dutch-based company and the discs are made in Holland - which can only be a good thing as I've spent some time in the Netherlands and those guys tend to be obsessive about things like quality control. Since 1997 they've become extremely popular discs for competition and they are now the standard disc in the KTM Hard Parts catalogue. If you are just pottering around on your bike then obviously cheap discs may suit your purposes. But if you usually prefer to use reasonably good discs I'd recommend you compare prices with the Motomaster Flame series, it's usually not big step up in price to a set of discs that won't let you down on those steep long downhill runs. A few other reviews I found... Motocross Action Magazine The hardened stainless steel Flame rotors are laser-cut, CNC-drilled and surface-machined to provide almost perfect flatness. That is the key to solid braking. Once our Flame rotors were broken in (and the pads seated to them), the stopping power was impressive.... This is a night-and-day mod for 2015 Yamahas and Suzukis. Bill Baker, Reno NV I've used moot-master on all my motors for racing and also for street work. Great tuff stuff. Motorcycle News Stopping power, put simply. This saw blade-like rotor is the recommended brand to suit the SBS carbon racing pads in my TZR250 (a similar set-up is used by some World Supersport teams), and between the two parts I can stick my race bike on its nose hard, late and with confidence. Feel is good, it’s light and looks great too. Enduro Illustrated Really liked the quality of construction. Great feeling and power. There was no aggressive initial grab, instead a progressive strong feeling and power which gave us confidence and security.
  10. Sierra_rider

    Tusk Rear Brake Clevis

    1 review

    DETAILS Tusk rear brake clevises are CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum for a perfect fit to replace your stock clevis. Brake clevises are anodized for corrosion resistance and to give your motorcycle that factory look. Made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum. Anodized for corrosion resistance and to give your motorcycle that factory look. Includes new pin and clip.
  11. 2 reviews

    FEATURES Kit Includes CRF STUFF 280mm Rotor and CRF STUFF Billet Mounting bracket. Why upgrade some of the best brakes ever put on a dirt bike? Since the introduction of the CRF, HONDA has had some of the best brakes in the business. Excellent feel with hi resistance to fade for most riders and conditions. So you may be asking yourself, Why upgrade? Here are just a few reasons that will improve your competitive edge. 36% increase in swept area and 18% increase in moment arm for dramatic improvement in braking power, control and modulation. (ability to develop maximum stopping power without locking up the brakes) 280mm rotor laser cut and machined in heat treated 400 series stainless steel surface ground for warp free performance and superior heat dissipation. Trick light-weight design weighs only 422 grams and looks like nothing else on the market. Hi-strength 6061 billet aluminum bracket is hard anodized for a tough long lasting finish Rotor material is compatible with all top quality aftermarket pads. Original HONDA brake pads also work great. Easily installed in under 30 minutes with common hand tools and the included step by step illustrated instructions. 1 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship
  12. 9 reviews

    Swivel union ends for easy kink- and stress-free installation Made in the U.K. by Venhill Engineering to Moose Racings highest specifications; feature top-quality DuPont Teflon-coated hose, wrapped with British-made stainless steel and PVC-coated for protection and great looks; designed to withstand a minimum of 14,000 PSI Rubber protection boots and extra-rigid tubing protect vulnerable areas from heat and impact and prevent hose flex under compression Give a large performance increase by reducing expansion under pressure, and absorption of water when compared to stock rubber hoses
  13. ThumperTalk

    Moto-Master Supermoto Racing Rotor

    1 review

    320mm floating front flame rotors are specially designed for use with Moto-Master 4-piston calipers The inner carrier is an aluminum anodized piece, and rotor thickness has been increased over Moto-Masters standard supermoto rotors, to 5mm All rotors go through a vigorous testing process, and are able to withstand temperatures up to 1004 F without any deformation or friction loss (fading)
  14. 2 reviews

    Add some style to your bike with these trick rear brake reservoir covers Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum Caps are polished prior to anodizing for a one-of-a-kind look Available in red or blue
  15. ThumperTalk

    EBC X Series Carbon Brake Pads

    3 reviews

    The US #1 selling aftermarket line of premium quality organic disc brake pads. The EBC line covers every make and model on the market, and reflecting O.E.M. ideology, uses a front and rear universal friction material blend that does not require 2 separate part numbers. Carbon graphite X pads for leisure/sport use Lowest heat generation Best for fast dry riding, not for mud, wet or sand
  16. ThumperTalk

    Galfer Brakes Fixed Brake Rotor

    1 review

    Easy to install, the fixed wave rotor is made of the same materials and processes as many of the other Galfer rotors.
  17. 2 reviews

    Rigid body design virtually eliminates caliper fl ex or expansion and ensures effi cient, powerful brake operation Durable, strong and lightweight two-piston design features two 32mm pistons CNC-machined aluminum construction Front Race Disks are STX Style Floating Disks Must Use Appropriate Caliper Relocation Bracket for 320 Rotor Rear Race Disks are Standard Size NOTE: Must use 320mm Relocation Bracket For Supermotard Caliper
  18. 9 reviews

    Kit includes brake pads and relocating bracket Designed both for track and trail use Keeps brake system cooler by allowing air to pass over every point of a brake pad surface Best friction surface of any stainless steel rotor Full floating Wave® blades ensure optimum pad-to-rotor contact for maximum stopping force and feel. Extremely predictable and consistent Provides outstanding performance even in the most aggressive conditions Drastically increase lever feel / modulation and brake torque Oversize Wave rotors increase the amount of braking surface area, allowing you to gain up to 30% more braking surface per tire rotation than you would on your O.E.M brake system. Extensive brake dyno testing and “real life” racing tests show that our unique 270mm oversize diameter and Galfer’s 1054 carbon semi-metallic brake pads (included on the kit) allow for rapid and progressive brake feel with great cooling characteristics. Ideal for novice to professional track riding as well as regular off road use. The kit also includes a relocating bracket per each specific application. Available for Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and KTM models.
  19. 1 review

    FEATURES CNC Machined from high grade alloy. Anodized colour finish. Machined ZETA logo. Fits most Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha bikes. Available for either Front or Rear Master Cylinder.
  20. 2 reviews

    320mm Caliper Bracket for Braking Sold each
  21. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION Rippin' through the track or trails does not have to rip up your dirt bike brakes, thanks to the Pro Moto Billet Sharkfin rear disc guard. To keep the debris from destroying your rear brake disc Pro Moto constructed the Sharkfin out of 6061 billet aluminum, which offers superior protection with minimal weight gain. An open design allows mass amounts of air to pass through the Pro Moto Billet Sharkfin, keeping your rotor cool and performing better. Pro Moto anodized the Sharkfin rear disc guard in black to create a tough surface that will last. Some models will include Pro Moto spacers or mounting tabs.
  22. 1 review

    PRODUCT DETAILS Keep the tail of your dirt bike light and protected with the carbon fiber Lightspeed rear caliper guard and rear disc guard set. Lightspeed constructed the rear caliper guard and rear disc guard out of 100% aerospace spec carbon fiber, bonded with tough epoxy resin that results in high quality durability.
  23. 1 review

    DETAILS The Driven Oversize Floating Brake Rotor offers outstanding performance and stopping power to your motorcycle's braking system. The distinctive sharp-edged style of the Blade Brake Rotors will add to your already sweet looking ride. The Oversize Floating Brake Rotor is a 270 mm full floating rotor for maximum performance and stopping power. Driven uses a high-carbon steel construction for maximum durability. The Driven front brake rotor includes a billet caliper bracket for proper relocation and easy installation. The Driven Oversize Floating Brake Rotor offers maximum clearance and incredible stopping power. Blade styling not only adds to the rotor's appearance, but also aids in quick cooling for reduced warping and long-lasting effectiveness.
  24. 9 reviews

    Made in the USA Lifetime warranty Instructions for most applications Full-time brake line technician on staff available for support Virgin PTFE 64 lines of steel braid Pre-positioned banjos for easy installation, although adjustable as needed by hand DOT (FMVSS 106 and ISO 3996) kits available 11 line colors available Banjo fittings available in black, silver, gold, red and blue colors Galfer’s off road brake lines feature a heavy-duty stiffener sleeve over the hose to route just like the OEM units. Our off road line kits are available in our 11 different line colors, as well as four different banjo colors (silver, black, gold, blue and red) to customize the look of your race machine. Kits come complete with banjo bolts and washers. Check our product listing for CR routing applications for older non-Honda models. Most of our brake line kits come with labels on the lines to help guide you on which end goes where, something not found with any other manufacturers today. We also offer a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects. Call if you need assistance with your install or simply just have a question or two.