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Found 43 results

  1. So i recently purchased a brand new CRF250L ABS. What i didn't take into consideration is that the roads here are absolutely HORRIBLE and the bike has no adjustments points on the front forks and the rear shock is (by my understanding) only adjustable to an extent. Does anyone have any kind of recommendation on what i can do as far as upgrading/replacing my front forks to make them adjustable? Any help is welcome and greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all L owerns anyone interest those chinese plastic covers replacement and protection parts ? my friend has factory makes those in china. compare the OEM is very very cheap 😁 or someone tell me a dealer I may contact..... ship to your country thank you
  3. I am shopping for a used 250 L or possibly a 230L. I just stumbled on a 2015 250L with 11k miles. it looks flawless. I was wondering if this seems like a lot of miles and what can I expect for longevity moving forward? Asking price is 5000 or best offer. These bikes are selling fast
  4. Ok, just got a new to me 2013 CRF250L. I thought I'd write down first impressions for anyone interested and get some advice. To preface this, my last bike was a 1991 KX125, a much lighter two stroke, and i almost never wear riding boots (I know, I should). So the first thing i did was ride it around the yard on my little track. One of the first things I noticed is that the weight wasn't really noticeable unless your going under about 7-8 mph. The geometry is also different from the last bike, so it isn't as good at the really tight stuff, but if it's fast tight stuff it does just fine. Next ride is at a real OHV park, this is also the first time I've ever ridden here. Unload the bike and ride off the bat I go and do some small hill climbs that I didn't think i would be able to do. I am also on stock gearing, no engine mods, Kenda dual sport tires, and a bike I've never ridden hard off road on before. Main thing I notice is that I stall a lot more. I'm pretty sure this is a four stroke thing, plus the high 14 to 40 gearing, so I think with gearing and experience that won't even be a problem. Other thing is that it doesn't descend as well as the light weight, high travel motocross bike, but that should be expected. It also makes me want to sit down more. Other thing is that the brakes are pretty awesome, but the tires can't stop me, especially since I'm using terrible braking form, mainly because I can't feel my rear brake through the riding boots I'm not used to using. This means I end up boiling the fluid in my front brake, but after using a lot of rear brake it come back and works just as well as it did. I ended up being able to do some hill climbs and rocky, muddy, and whoopy singletracks that are a lot of fun. For anyone who says you can't do hard offroad on this, they are wrong. When I was riding with good form, I could keep up with experienced riders on 450s. The verdict/TLDR, it can handle hard stuff, it is heavy but you only notice it on really slow tight stuff. I think with tires, gearing, and bar risers this thing could be a very capable dual sport. Time for some questions. For 80% off road and 20% on road what gearing should I run? 13 to 45? Also, how tall of a bar riser can I get away with without changing cables? I have a set of aftermarket Renthal bars that are probably close to the stock bars. Thanks for reading my rant.
  5. On the weekend i went riding with my mum and she was using a 2013 Honda CRF 250L and fell off the i did not see her fall off or how the bike was on the ground but she got back to me and she can only go in first neutral and second but it is very hard to change to them and wont go any higher. can someone please tell me how to fix it and if i need to buy new parts how much it will cost thanks
  6. I recently did a conversion on my 2014 crf250l switching the front rim with a crf150rb (big wheel) finally got my spacers made put it on and the disk brake I ordered was for the crf150rb but it’s too small. My stock disk brake has a different bolt pattern and so I can’t use that. I was having problems with brakes being very squishy when I put it on (wasn’t having this problem before) and not working real well so I assume it’s because the caliber isn’t catching the disk very well. any thought on that? And maybe a little help finding a disk that will fit? Thank you!
  7. Hey guys I’m new to all this so hopefully I can get some help. I bought a 2019 crf250l last year. I put zeta handguards with built in directionals on the front, and a rear fender delete kit for an led taillight/directionals. Before the winter I noticed if I hit either my front or my rear brake the left directional comes on the hand guard (but not on the rear) so I believed it had to be because I only used electrical tape because I was lazy. Well I just redid all the connections with Burt connectors and sprayed out the plugs under the rear fender for the delete kit. And the issue is still there. Any suggestions?
  8. I went to start my bike yesterday and the (lithium) battery was dead and it wouldn't start. It's weird that the battery died because I've let it sit much longer than it had. I charged the battery back up and it's holding 13.2V now. I've checked all the fuses - the lights, horn and turn signals all work. Kill switch is not in the off position. When I try to start there is nothing - no click of relay or anything. The lights do dim a bit. I've deleted the kick stand kill switch about 3 months ago and it has worked fine to date so I don't think it is that. Any ideas what I can check?
  9. Have a question maybe someone can answer. Loctite on the sprocket bolts??? Watching a few videos some show using loctite and some don't and checking the service manual in the notes column for the sprocket is not showing using thread lock just 7ftlbs torque - if it was required it would be there. Iam I missing something here??
  10. I installed a 13T sprocket in front, left the back at 40T. I know that the speedometer is off by a few miles per hour, but will it also have an impact on the odometer?
  11. Is the factory grease OK to use, or should I repack the bearings with another grease?
  12. Have a 2016 with about 1500 miles on it that won’t start. Battery was dying at the end of last season, I parked it for the winter with a dead battery. Now I can’t get it to pop at all with a new battery in it. Airbox had mice in it, but didn’t get past the K&N filter. Cleaned everything out, checked every fuse and wire for signs of chewing. Only visibly damaged wire was the ground for my EJK tuner. I unhooked it completely to rule it out, still nothing. Drained the tank, cleaned the injector and TB, great spark at the plug cap ( I don’t have the special socket for the plug). Checked the clutch, neutral and kickstand switches for proper function with a meter. Only thing I noticed is the new DieHard battery is 85 CCA and the factory is 100 CCA, but it still cranks just fine. Any ideas guys?
  13. Hello all, searched around and didn't see a similar thread.. I have a 2019 CRF250l and am having trouble with the forks. I dropped it in the woods at low speeds, wacked the frontend a tad and was easily able to fix it doing the tried and true loosen axle and lower triples and push up and down a lot, worked great. This happened again, maybe 5-7 mph, dropped it on its right side. Got home, tried said method again, and while it did straighten things up, its been very hard to compress the forks. If you push on the handlebars downward, and slowly lean on them it takes a bit for them to compress. If you hold the brake and push/pull, it will dive and come up, but on its side stand stationary, I run into this issue. Short of removing the forks I've done all I can. Purchased a Motion Pro fork alignment tool and it checks out great, re greased the seals, no dice. When the tire is off, looking at the front, the right fork compresses and spins easily, the right fork is tough spin and compress. Assuming that's because the spring is in this side. Even took it back to the dealer and they said "it drives fine" which it does, they didn't want my money when I asked for the front end to be tore down! I'm a slight guy, under 130 pounds, but have been and they compressed when it was new. Was planning this weekend to take forks off and check for true, but I hear its not realistic to bend forks on a slow drop, in dirt, soft dirt. Almost feels like stiction, but when the forks do move its fairly smooth, just tough to get moving. the spring fork makes a sound, like somethings rubbing internally? Also checked tubes with a straight edge, checked out. Any help is appreciated, came to where the smart guys are! Thanks!
  14. My Long term Honda CRF 250L review, having owned 6 under a motorbike tour company in Vietnam. The funny thing about the Honda CRF 250L is I find myself bashing it in the video, but inside I love it. If I was to go overseas and rent a motorbike in a foreign land. Then I would likely search for the CRF 250L. Anyway, in this video I share who this bike is for, and a little about our maintenance issues. Let me know if any comments. Review is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUG4or5umvI&feature=youtu.be
  15. I recently changed out my clutch with EBC clutch pads, new springs and new plates. Since then, I've ridden about 6 times, 30-50 miles each time, and changed the oil after each ride. The oil has been a thick green color, and on my last ride the clutches gave out, I was unable to get any movement and had to push/hitchhike home. Has anybody experienced this before? I am not sure if the clutch plates were bad, my install was bad or if something unrelated is going on. I did soak the pads pre install for about 3 hours.
  16. I'm ordering a big bore kit for my 2020 250L. I already have a JD Jetting Power Surge 6x fuel tuner installed and would rather not have to get the Dobeck EJK version if I can help it. I've sent JD Jetting a message about a reflash and I'm waiting for a reply. I figured I'd check in here to see if anyone has dealt with the 305cc BBK and a JD Jetting tuner already, and whether or not they had it reflashed. Thanks for any info you can send my way.
  17. I changed the front brake pads a couple of months ago with no issues. Recently, about 1000 miles later, the front brakes make a a whizzing sound whenever I pull the brakes. The brakes work fine, but it sounds exactly like a cicada. Any clues about the cause?
  18. Have been running a Cbr250r ecu in my 2019 250l for some time, I liked the added throttle response but didn’t like the constant CEL, so instead of rewiring a cbr 3 pin BAS, to fix that issue, I decided to have the factory ecu re flashed to the Cbr250r specs as this should have eliminated the CEL and rendered the BAS operable again however, it didn’t. Still have a constant CEL ( no flash codes at all) and the BAS is still in opt. Anyone have any thoughts as to why this would still be happening after returning to the flashed OEM ecu? Thanks for any help with this!
  19. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice after my 2015 CRF 250L's engine started making a strange flutter sound on todays ride. It is most noticeable when revving the throttle and after the engine is warmed up. Other symptom has been that the bike is difficult to start recently? Video below: Thanks for any tips and advice!
  20. Anyone else have major headaches ordering the rear wheel bearing and seals for the 2015 CRF 250L? The "All Balls" brand only seems to be available for the front tire. The rear axle does not fit through the hole of the new bearings and they are much smaller. The ones on the left came from EBay but were listed as rear wheel bearings. Every time I do the search on any motorcycle parts store, they pop up. The original seals are on the right, with the original bearing inside and is red. The original factory part number always shows up as 25-1662, but is wrong. BTW, are there 3 bearing in this wheel, as some Hondas have? Gotta buy a Clymers manual as well. Any advice?
  21. Question for the group. I have a new 120 link chain and 13-40 sprockets for my 250L Rally. When I tried out the 13t, I just used the oem chain and extended the chain out. I can't find anywhere... can I use a 104 link chain, rather than extend the rear wheel farther back with a brand new 106 link chain. I found some great advice on Reddit saying to go with 105 links, rather than 106 lol.
  22. Hey Gang, After weeks of dithering, I have assembled all the parts and courage necessary to rip into my piglet's forks to do the spring/gold valve upgrade. With service manual open and all my notes, I plugged along til the part in the manual where I am to remove the Fork Center Bolt and washer from the bottom of the left fork. The bolt broke loose easily, I loosened, but did not remove, as per instructions, then I pulled the fork cap off, then attempted to finish loosening and pulling the center bolt. The bolt just spins and spins. I have secured the damping rod, tried altering the compression or expansion of the two fork tubes, nothing seems to work. It feels as if there must be some loosely affixed lock nut in there preventing it from coming all the way out. If I don't hold the damping rod, turning the center bolt will rotate the rod..if I hold the damping rod securely the center bolt will just keep turning. No one else seems to have this issue, but could anyone explain what I'm failing to grasp? Thanks!
  23. Hi all, So I'm looking to perform my first performance mod to my 2020 CRF 250L. I just ordered a 13 and a 42 tooth sprocket. This is intended to replace my current stock setup which is 14/40. I'm not sure but I think the CRF OEM chain is 105 links or something. Will I need a new chain for these sprockets? Can I use my current chain with just one? Any and all info is greatly appreciated 🙂
  24. The first month I got the bike I had about 5 false neutrals in the top 3 gears due to my inexperience but I haven't had any for over a year except for recently I had 2 and this really bad one when I had been in gear for almost a mile and it slip out sending the rpms to 10k before crash down to 5k with a loud noise. I am thinking of replacing the gears in my transmission. Should I just take it apart and see which ones a worn or replace them all (about $120)? If I do replace them all the only ones that could be worn from false neutrals are parts 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 19 from HondaPartsHouse? Is there anything else I should replace if I am replacing all of those gears like the main or counter shaft? Thank you in advance
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