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Found 288 results

  1. Thumper35

    Fuel Stabilizer

    Hi all, I just put way to much fuel stabilizer in my bike because It has to sit for a few months while i am away, is this a bad thing. It says 10ml in 3L. I put about 25ml in a CRF tank which is like 1.9L
  2. matt_israel

    Checking Oil

    I bought my '99 XR400 this past spring from a single owner. The bike was in great shape, noting really to notable was wrong just continuing general maintenance. I struggled with checking my oil in the bike, but figured that I would get the hang of it over time. I am looking for any tips or tricks folks use to check the oil in their machine. My bike came with a Scotts damper (off the bike), and inconsistency checking the oil is the only thing keeping me from mounting this up. I follow the directions in the Clymer manual with a couple things I have learned on the internet, but maybe I have it so convoluted now that its not working. Process: Start the bike, and let it idle for maybe 5 minutes while I get my helmet and gloves on. Usually I will take a slow lap, maybe 2-3 minutes in 1st or 2nd gear. Back at the truck I stop the bike, wait about 30 seconds and check the oil with the bike level. -There is oil on the dip stick before it gets wiped off to check. So it is pumping up in to the frame. When I check the oil it is maybe an eighth to an quarter of an inch up the dipstick. When its that low I usually start the bike up again and do my little slow lap, then repeat the checking process. Its always at the same level (very low). I add a splash of oil and go on my ride. Any ideas? I am nervous to put this damper on because it removes the dipstick and mounts to that little flange so checking the oil gets a little more involved. I wouldn't mind this if I could predict if my bike would need oil or not. Thanks, Matt
  3. ptown

    Quick Oil Question

    I have a bunch of this Maxima MTL xl 75w oil: http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Product/maxima-mtl-xl-75w-transmission-fluid/353-0659.aspx Is there any reason I shouldnt run it in the WR250r? I dont know about the different additives different oils have. I run it in my two strokes but havent changed the WRs oil yet and want to put decent oil in it. Thanks
  4. keith450R

    Transmission oil colour

    Please help . Is this colour normal oil only had one ride.
  5. ThumperTalk

    Motul 3000 Petroleum Oil

    1 review

    Specially designed to handle the extreme pressures and high temperatures of todays sport bikes and touring machines Reduces clutch drag and allows gears to mesh smoothly and positively
  6. ThumperTalk

    TMV Twin Air Biodegradable Filter Care

    1 review

    Keep your foam filter in like-new condition BIO Liquid Power filter oil was developed and produced by Texaco exclusively for Twin Air; exceeds the strictest standards on biodegradability by 16%; starts thin for deep, even penetration and dries to an even-coating, high-tack shield that traps dirt, dust and grit BIO Dirt Remover cleans Liquid Bio Power oil by using granular detergents instead of solvents; water-soluble cleaner can go right down the drain without clogging the drain or harming the environment; will not harden or damage filter foam Recommended for all foam filters Kit contains one BIO Dirt Remover and one liter liquid BIO Power Filter oil BIO Dirt Remover in 1 liter bottle, BIO Liquid Power filter oil in 1 liter can or 500ml spray can
  7. tjamscad

    Oil problems?

    First off I know this is a dry sump system. But with out the clutch cover on there should be more oil than this correct? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B86EwtSOzbrjSzRlWWg5YVc1cXM/view?usp=sharing
  8. SlickProducts

    Slick Products Slick Cleaner

    0 reviews

    Slick Cleaner 32oz Ready-to-Use is a premixed cleaner and degreaser designed to penetrate and lift the toughest dirt, oil, grease and grime. This specially formulated biodegradable spot cleaner can be applied directly to a variety of surfaces without damaging paint, plastic, rubber or metal surfaces and easily rinses away without leaving a sticky residue.
  9. 95jersey

    Oil weight effect HP?

    My bike (2013 Husky TXC310R) calls for 10w-50 synthetic. I bought a couple of jugs of premium Bel-Ray Works Thumper Synthetic and by mistake one of them was 20W-50. In order not to waste expensive oil, I used it the last oil change, not thinking it would make much of a difference. After taking the bike out, I noticed it was running lazy, seems a bit down on power and does not rev as quickly. I am not sure if I am just getting use to the power after 15 hours and it is a mere coincidence, or just all in my head. The bike never made impressive HP from the start, but it just seems lazy all of a sudden. My common sense tells me that such a small change in oil weight should not make a difference. Hoping I don't have some other problem or that I am already bored with the power.
  10. So I've been meaning to start this up here on TT... For ages!!! I've slowly started restoring an '84 XR 250 to like new. It's a hybrid restoration ( using some aftermarket bits ), but mostly original and following the same ideas by Honda ( colour schemes etc ) It's a long process and I have well over 300 plus progress picture so I'll update as I can... But here are some highlights pictures!! Hope you guys enjoy!! This is what I started out with and only a few months ago I purchased a more complete donor bike.... It wasn't much but it got me going! The motor was junk so I found another.... I got the frame down and ready for new PC This is the motor that I decided on... Stripped down and ready for restoration!! Non cracked head!!!
  11. Bmenard17

    Trx 400ex engine oil ?

    Can I use rotella t 15-40 in my 2006 trx 400 ex? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everyone. Simply, how clean is a clean airfilter you would install in the bike..? I got some used filters with my bike and bought a few ned ones and after cleaning them all I wonder if they are good to go even if they are NOT spotless, meanibg they doesnt look new. When I clean I do the diesel>simple green>warm water and then letting it airdry. However there is always something tiny left and I sit with a picker under bright lights. Am I overdoing it or is everyone doing it like me?
  13. I would like some input on what chain lube to use and how often should I use it ?
  14. Alright boys here is the question: My new 350 much to my delight has a Rekluse Core installed. I have one in my KLX and absolutely love the clutch. I had the Kawi on a steady diet of Mobil 1 10w40 for six years and never a hiccup with the clutch. I installed it new when I purchased the bike new and it has only required two adjustments the second after new friction plates were installed last summer . As of now the Clutch in the Beta is working perfect. I will tear it down this winter for inspection So is anyone running a Rekluse in a 4T and what oils have you been happy with? Let the fun begin.
  15. D-rek07

    Running fuel stabilizer

    I live in California where we put our bikes away for the summer and ride in the winter. Anyways, riding season is here. I have a 2014 WR450F. It's fuel injected and I left it stored with a full tank with fuel stabilizer in it. This is the first time I've left it sit for the summer. I'm riding it for the first time next week. Is it okay to run it with the fuel stabilizer in it or do I need to drain it and put new gas in it? Thanks guys
  16. AceDub13

    Gear Oil Question

    Hello all, thanks for taking the time to help me out. I recently bought my first dirt bike, an 02 yz250. The service manual calls for Yamalube 4 10w30 or 10w30 motor oil equivalent. I want to go with Bel-Ray Gear Saver Trans oil instead, and on their website they have a chart saying 10w30 motor oil is equivalent to their 75w gear saver oil. But they contradict it by saying "Most commonly, engines up to 125cc use a 75w; anything bigger usually calls for the 80w." What is the better option, 75 or 80? I've seen guys with yz250s go with 80, saying 75 feels too thin, but after seeing what bel ray recommends it completely threw me off. Any advice is helpful, thanks again!
  17. Hello, I just got my first two stroke and find the throttle to be a little sensitive. Has anyone ever put a stronger spring in the carb to add a little resistance? Would it hurt anything if I did? Thanks
  18. SlickProducts

    Slick Products Slick Suds

    0 reviews

    Slick Suds 32oz. Super Concentrate mixes with water to make a total of 16 Gallons of ready-to-use wash. Slick Suds is a specially formulated biodegradable wash and wax designed with the highest quality ingredients to clean and remove road dirt, bugs and grime without harming waxed or gelcoat finishes. Slick Suds can be used as a traditional wash or waterless application to safely clean and polish painted surfaces, windows, chrome and other areas of your vehicle leaving a protective wax coating.
  19. dirty_rider

    my 2 smoke is really smoking!

    My 01 cr250 is starting to smoke more and more. Is that a sign I need new rings? I played w the air screw a little. Doesn't do much. Just messes up my idle revs. The bike still goes pretty good....
  20. motomatt619

    1995 KDX200 Questions

    Hello Everyone my name is matt, I have a few questions to ask. I'm looking into getting a KDX200 and don't know what items to buy when I get it. First I'm looking at different tires. I want a tire good for hard packed dirt, mud and rocks like "shale" which we get a lot where I ride. I like the Michelin combo you can get, I think they're called the MH3? I'm not sure. But just a all around good tire. Also, what premix should I use which is a good price and well made? I'm only looking into racing Hare Scrambles so I don't need the best stuff on the market. Just something that is high quality and affordable. On another note what engine oil brand should I use which is good? Same thing I want something high quality but affordable. I am a bit new to everything and appreciate your help. I'm trying to learn the most I can before purchasing a new bike.
  21. I have been using Motul 800 2 Stroke Synthetic which works well. A few days ago on a ride, a mate mentioned he uses the Lucas 2 Cycle Semi-Synthetic "Smokeless" Oil and never had any issues with it.. He didn't appear to have any smoke coming out of his exhaust. Anyone else use it? Experiences? Being low ash I am guessing this also keeps things clean inside with minimal carbon. It works out about 1/3 of the price of the Motul where I live.
  22. Hudson Charlton

    CR 125 Lost Compression

    About two months ago, I did a compression test on my new 2001 CR 125 and got 180psi. I bought it in November but it was flooding itself so I did some carb adjustments and completely fixed it. The previous owner said he got a shop to rebuild the top end. It was running like a top with Amsoil Saber at 65:1. I went through about 40 liters of gas with this stuff but ran out so I mixed some Amsoil Interceptor at 40:1. The fist day burning this stuff was extremely wet and sloppy; I went for a good ride in the woods. It seamed to run good, have lots of power, and everything else seamed to run normally. (Now it would have been hard to tell if I was loosing power, because it was wet and my tire is very bald. But it was going into power band) The next day I went for a ride but I wasn’t getting much power. I rode in a 70’ by 50’ patch of mud (it is a garden in the summer) and tried to wound it out in going in circles. I could not get it into power band, and on the second round, it bogged and died. I pulled the plug, and I have never seen it so fouled. The other strange thing I noticed was that my two-piece spark plug came loose. The top of it was almost completely threaded off. I put a different plug in it, made sure the top was tight, and tried to clear the bogging by winding it through the gears down the road. It just wouldn’t clear. Then I noticed the kick start was easy to move. I did a compression test, and it had dropped to 75psi. I ripped it apart and this is what I found. The head looks a little smashed up? the top of the piston was very fouled up The piston looked half decent, except for the exhaust side. It was very scored. If you look closely you will see a flat spot. This is the exhaust side. Hear are some more pictures. I'll post them and see if you guys can see anything different. The inside of the cylinder looked fine When I ripped it apart everything had a nice amount of oil on it Hear are some of my theories. Tell me what you think of them. - It overheated when I was in the bush. I did notice that it got hot... it was the fist time I could feel the heat when siting on the bike. - The previous owner could have lied, he never did rebuild it, and it just wore out. Those are the only things that I could think of. I just don't want to put a new piston in and have it blow up again because I didn't fix the original problem. It seams strange that it just lost compression.
  23. I don't see a forum that this would really fit in so I'll dump it here. I've been thinking I want a waterproof pant this winter for my rough trail riding. I need it to be built tough and with wear patches that keep it from getting holes on the inside of the knees like my mx pants do, and hopefully enough knee patch to help at least a little to keep them sound when going off once in a while. The only ones I see that look like they may fit the bill is the $350 and $500 models from Klim. I will NOT buy one with a coating of any such for the waterpoofing, it always fails, and 40 years of various purchases for hunting has proven that. What have you guys found that truly works with no bs?