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Found 211 results

  1. WisserRacing421

    Honda CRF450R (2004)


    This bike has a ton of hours on it. We did a complete engine rebuild 3 years ago on it, and it's been wrecked hard. Sent my husband on a helecopter ride to the Trauma Unit, but it's been resurrected and still holds it's own on the track. My son started playing on this bike at the age of 12. We do have a Rekluse Z-Start Pro clutch in it and it won't stall when you lay it over. Only downside is, it's hard to get parts/plastics as it's a 1-off year for most parts and plastics.
  2. Gereen50

    Husaberg FE390 (2012)


    Great trail bike but a little top heavy. Ultra reliable.
  3. Blind Stroker

    Honda CRF250X (2005)


    On single track the 250x is superb. The light weight, solid power and great suspension make it easy to hit the trail all day long. There is no downside to the 250cc to 450cc in the tight stuff until you hit wide open desert or fire roads. If single track is your bag I recommend you lean to the 250cc. PS: Get a Rekluse on it - you would be amazed at what it allows you to do in the tight stuff and how much effort you will save through the technical stuff. I would give it a 5 star if it was available in a 350cc - that would be a perfect mix of power to weight. Hence 4 stars.
  4. Jzonts

    KTM 450 XC-F (2008)


    I love the bike
  5. 1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Carbon clutch cover guard. Protects against rocks and brake levers DESCRIPTION Hyde Racing exhaust guard and skid plates offer a sleek factory look which protects your pipe from roost and rocks as well as protect pants and boots from burns. Made of a Teflon/Co-polymer, these revolutionary exhaust guard/skid plates come with stainless steel hardware, are abrasion resistant, will not dent, and will not crack or fatigue. The Hyde Racing form fitting design restricts mud accumulation allowing for lower engine temperatures due to more air flow, as a result there is no loss of horsepower. Hyde Racing exhaust guard/skid plates absorb sound instead of reflecting it so it offers superior impact absorption with no resonate noise.
  6. Theeebalz

    Kawasaki KX250 (1998)


    so far i like it. got a TON of extra parts with it. has ALOT of internal and external extras on the bike, and it needs to be polished up and pretty
  7. thebob_za

    Husaberg TE300 (2014)


    What a bike. The 300 two stroke has so much power all the way through the rev range, but without the heavy feeling of a four stroke. Quality components everywhere and killer looks just add to an already impressive package.
  8. 1 review

    Developed with and recommended to enhance performance of OEM pressure plates as well as Hinson clutch baskets, inner hubs and pressure plates Made out of high-temperature steel to OEM specifications Highly resistant to losing strength due to high heat from 4-strokes Provides optimum hook-up with minimum heat build-up
  9. SoCalJeff

    KTM 500 EXC (2016)


    What a machine! I picked up my '16 500 exc this week and got a chance to take it for a romp through Cleghorn trail in the San Berdoo National Forest. It rides like a dream!<br /><br />Prior to picking it up from the dealer, I had them add the Rekluse Core EXP 3. This is my first bike with the Rekluse. Love it!
  10. MuddySA

    Yamaha YZ450F (2013)


    The last dirt bike I owned was a '98 YZ400 so I have been out to the dirt game for awhile but never stopped riding. I had street bikes still to keep me happy. Buying this one, I actually went in to see about buying a 2014 YZ250F. The salesman talked me into getting this 2013 450 at a huge discount so I jumped on it even though I was worried about power and not being used to riding in the dirt after so long of a break. Best decision I had this year as for as hobby purchases. I love it, picked up right where I lift off riding off-road. This thing has the perfect amount of power everywhere for my riding style. I did have to give it some extra umfh already a for as power adders. I started with an FMF Factory 4.1 RCT slip-on and the Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner then recently added an FMF megabomb header (neither were installed yet on the pics posted) and love it even more. For me the bike went from perfect to heaven.
  11. Brian Wilson

    Rekluse Friction Disk Kit

    1 review

    Friction Disk Kit - Designed for use in our full line of Rekluse clutches or as OEM replacements in stock clutches. Matches or exceeds the wear characteristics of OEM plates.

    Clutch Slip @ almost WOT

    At nearly WOT, most noticeable in 3/4/5 gear and leaned over coming out of a turn, it feels like the clutch is slipping. My bike is a 2007 SM w/18.4k miles on it with, to my knowledge, a stock clutch. If it helps, like most SM owners, I spend a lot of time on only the rear wheel. Anyone else experienced this? How to fix this?
  13. Niellex

    KTM 300 XC-W (2015)


    Best single track bike you can own. Hands down the most fun bike I've had the chance to own. I absolutely love it!
  14. Having trouble finding any.. Any leads, links? considering running 450 springs. opinions?
  15. sandman1111

    CRF450R 13 clutch drag

    Hey again! I used to get bad clutch drag when the engine was warm. I changed out steel plates, and after that it has been much better, but still sometimes, it makes a strange "tsip" sound (sounds like clutch plates would touch) and engine dies. After that it starts to drag, but only at idle rpm, as soon as I give it gas it goes away. Since I changed steel plates out, the dragging goes away fast if I go riding, but comes back sometime later. I have opened the clutch - basket, hub, pressure plate, look almost new. Judder spring is out, all friction plates are the same and in specs, but look a bit burnt maybe. Steel plates new. Springs in spec and all same length. My next move is to buy all new clutch kit (all plates and springs), but I don´t see how will it fix it. Anyone has any idea what is wrong with the clutch? What makes the plates touch one second, and sometimes after one corner it is all right again. Or maybe t is not the plates doing that sound?
  16. Ok guys, my bike has been making some noises recently that I am attempting to fix one at a time. I replaced my timing chain which has quieted it down a lot but it is still louder than I think it should be. My clutch has developed a "knocking or rattle" to it. It is most noticeable at idle but I think I can hear it while in gear as well. When I took my clutch apart to get my timing chain out the main nut that holds the hub/basket on was on there hand tight and I thought that was where my noise was coming from. I was wrong and after getting everything tight and back together it still rattles loud as hell. I took a few pics of my clutch basket and discs when it was apart and a video showing what I think is making the noise. Also, when sitting in neutral if I pull in the clutch the noise quiets down but does still not completely go away. I am thinking about just ordering new discs and springs. The bike has 15k on it and used to be ridden100% off road.
  17. Apparently rekluse has an all new auto clutch that is completely redesigned from their old model, called the Rekluse EXP. Motocross action has a small write up on it. apparently it is easier to install and maintain. all of the parts are contained in a single, large disc that you install in one shot, and uses a series of weights instead of ball bearings. there is a small news clip on Rekluses website, but interestingly it doesn't mention anything the MXA write up did, and mentions some things it didn't. it says that you can switch the bike from manual to autoclutch in a few minutes, and the clutch action feels even better than the rekluse pro. http://www.rekluse.com/exp2.shtml MXA says it will retail for 700. not much more than the rekluse pro. just figured i'd share