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Found 8 results

  1. CRF450XINOZ

    Honda XR250R (1993)


    I thought I would add my 93 XR250R to the garage (again) to document what I have done to it, It looked like something you would find at a wrecking / salvage yard when I got it, It was missing the carby, Front caliper, Headlight, Front guard, Side covers & other odds & ends but I could see that it was actually still in very good condition & it just needed the missing parts replaced & a good tidy up, Luckily the motor is good & runs sweet after fitting an XR250L pumper carby which is now jetted to XR250R specs I am collecting the necessary parts to rebuild the top end soon At this stage n XR's Only seat cover & graphics would make it look a bit better Dunlop D605 fitted on the rear XR's Only stainless exhaust Header pipe Custom fitted White Brothers E-Series muffler (If anyone happens to have the discs or a complete maybe damaged E-Series muffler with the discs & Elliptical end cap setup (which would also be a great donor for what I need) laying round please let me know) New RHK fatbar mounts & Tag 1-1/8" fatbars fitted, Makes the ergo's much better for me, A bit taller & looks sweet too New white 15.9L / 4.2 Gal Clarke tank New 42 tooth Renthal sprocket fitted, + I have a spare 44 teeth Renthal sprocket also Just fitted, Baja Designs headlight, Moose skid plate & some XR's Only (Custom/were to suit XR600 oversize IMS) tank decals / Graphics Very close to an engine rebuild now, I have a new 77mm JE piston kit, Cometic gaskets, Brand new in the packet OEM XR250R camshaft, Brand new Honda rocker cover + lotsa other goodies to sort out the rebuild, Looking for a good used 88-95 XR250R cylinder head, Anyone have one laying round? Just fitted some CRF450R forks & a 2010 CRF450R front wheel using a set of Emig Racing billet triple clamps Time to move on & sell this sweet old 93 XR250, Anyone interested send me a PM! SOLD!!! Went to the new owner after he handed me $2750AU, A bargain really He is very happy with it especially being a very different looking & unique XR250, Sad to see it go but I am very happy with my near new 09 CRF450X which takes my riding level way beyond, The CRF450X is a whole lot more of a bike, Anyone looking to do a bit more than just ride trails should definitely step up to a 450X!
  2. Hiya, Looking to get new gaskets (and change rings). Would like to use Cometic but I can't find a 90mm kit. Not sure if it's my failure to find it or if they don't make them? 92mm and 94mm and 97mm bores are widely available but not the stock bore? Anyone have any info? I really did try pretty hard to find it! Thanks!
  3. 1 review

    All Cometic top-end gasket kits are complete with head and base gaskets Cometic graphite head gaskets are manufactured from non-asbestos flexible graphite laminated to a stainless steel core Cometic graphite material is impervious to fuels, coolants and oils Kit contains Reed, Power Valve, and Exhaust gaskets.
  4. jasongoldberg.1669

    Honda XR600R (1988)


    so far i love this bike. it is the biggest dirt bike i have ever ridden and the amount of power it has makes me get goose bumps.
  5. 1 review

  6. csmithe

    Honda CRF250X (2005)


    Purchased for $2500 this spring and replaced piston and rings and new Kibblewhite SS valves. It already had all of the usual modifications done ..JD Jetting, 4x4 airbox, pipe mod, Rekluse clutch. Added lowering link and Maxxis Tires. <br />Absolutely love this bike in the tight single track I ride in Eastern Oregon.
  7. The signs point to a leaking head gasket. I’m just not sure why a new head gasket would be doing that. It was recently installed, 7.7 hours ago to be exact, with my new Cylinder Works big bore kit. I’ll describe the problem in hopes that some one can point out something I’ve missed, either a different problem, or why the head gasket might be leaking. Bike is a 2005 S Model CW Big Bore kit w/ single layer base gasket Hot Cams, not new to the bike E model FCR, not new to the bike Stock pilot, adjustable fuel screw, James Dean needle on 4th clip, 170 main Yoshimura Ti exhaust, not new to the bike either K&N air filter, 3x3, all the standard stuff Engine Ice in the cooling system I took my bike to my friend’s shop for the big bore install. Bike was running just fine, but I wanted the extra power. My spare time is limited and he gives me a break on parts/labor. So why not? Install seemed to be fine and the bike ran great. I installed an hour meter and after 2.6 hours of easy break in, I changed out the break in oil and filter. After the oil change I took it out for a 1.5-2 hour ride to see what the bike could do. Ran great, with seemingly no issues. When I got home and put the bike away I noticed the coolant reservoir was nearly full. The next day I drained it and topped off the radiator. I dismissed it as a fluke. Next day, I ride it to work. It was an easy commute in 45-degree temps. We can split lanes here in California, so I was always moving. I get to work and look down; the coolant tank is half full again. At lunch I decided to take it to my friend’s shop. It’s within walking distance. His mechanic gave it a visual and suggested I try a new cap. They gave me a loaner to try. It doesn’t say, but I believe it’s a 1.3 bar and it’s from CV4. When I pop off my stock cap it pukes warm pressurized coolant. Not too odd considering I rode it over there. The ride home seems fine. No additional coolant in the reservoir when I park it. Problem solved, so I thought. Two days later I pop off the cap to check the fluid levels, and it pukes cold pressurized coolant out. Now I’m bothered. The cap was just a band-aid for something else. My friend with a GSX-R says his radiator stays pressurized and not to worry too much about it. But a head gasket leak was looming in the back of my mind. I researched possible causes and decide the mechanic probably torqued the head to 34 lb ft. That weekend I decide to retorque my head to the TT suggested 43 lb ft. I loosened the head bolts (possibly a mistake, but what did I have to lose?) so that I could retorque them starting at 18, 34, then 43 lb ft in the recommended pattern. I also adjusted my valve clearances; they were in spec but right on the tight limit since install of the Hot Cams. I also raised my needle one notch, to the 4th clip because it seemed a little lean and a richer mixture would run cooler. I ride it to work again, no additional coolant in the reservoir. Ride it home and once again no coolant in the reservoir. Two days later I pop off the cap to check coolant levels. Good news, no big pressure release and coolant spill. Bad news, the coolant level is low. I think to myself “Darn. Only one other place for it to go, into the engine.” I don’t see any external coolant leaks, I don’t have white smoke coming out of the exhaust, the bike doesn’t seem hot. There isn’t any sign of coolant in the oil (on dipstick), or oil in the coolant. It really has me bothered. I don’t believe the mechanic used the copper spray on the head gasket. So that’s a possibility for the leak. So is a defective gasket, a cracked/warped head, or a defective cylinder. But could it be other cooling related issues instead? Water pump or thermostat failing? Huge pocket of air in the system? I just want to try to cover my bases before pulling the head and replacing the gasket. Sorry for the novel. I appreciate your help. Thanks!