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Found 113 results

  1. Got in the most expensive crash any one I know has ever seen, throttle stuck WIDE OPEN in 3rd and that bad boy wheelied up into a tree, bent pegs, pipe, a fork tube, axel bars, subframe, broke wheel Bearings and silencer pipe mount off the subframe. Everything is on order with the exception of the forks. Recently I bought a set of 97 forks for my 99 bike the only because my outer tubes on the originals were wore due to fork guards rubbing. Had my new forks rebuilt for $300 and with 2 hours on them bent one. So to save me some money I'm doing them myself this time. I'm replacing damaged bushing and seals. And using the fork tube from the original set I had. Here's the problem on the bent fork the cartridge when I pulled it out and tipped it upside down spewed out oil of the two holes nearthe top the not bent fork when pulled apart the cartridge would not let any thing out. Which one is normal?
  2. My 1989 cr 250 flutters at high rpm. It sounds like your holding it at the rev limiter when your just getting to the meat of the powerband like 4000-5000 rpm. Has new reeds, powervalves have been checked, carburetor rejetted and has new top end with 180 psi of compression. What could cause this?
  3. I bought an 03 cr250 and makes weird noises, about 1/4 to 1/3 maybe 1/2 throttle it makes this really strange rattle, checked to powervalve cables, rebuilt the top end, don't really know where to for from here. Any knowledge helps! Thanks
  4. 0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 5 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 5 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  5. 0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  6. 0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  7. Hoping to get some experience input. I have a 94 cr250 that has a hack job of JBweld on the left case and make shift silicone gasket on the flywheel cover. I ordered a 98-99 left side casing. I want to make sure that the casing is interchangeable with the 94. As well as compatible with the internals, or will i have to buy new internal parts. In addition the bike already has an 01 head on the 94 engine as well the stock 94 carb.
  8. I’ve got a 2002 cr250 and I’m getting rid of the mikuni carb and putting on a new Keihin pwk airstryker. Mods are Fmf fatty with turbine core, vforce 3 reeds, fly wheel weight, running 100 Sunoco when I can get it at 40:1. Mostly woods riding at a max of 3500ft elevation. Looking for good bottom-mid and fair top end. Any suggestions in regards to jetting? Thank you
  9. I got a 50watt lighting coil for my 2000 Cr250. Can I run an 18w led light bar and integrated led blinkers/taillight/brake light without a battery? I understand I have to convert the AC to DC with a regulator/rectifier but can I do this without a battery? Also what reg/rectifier should I get?
  10. Hi guys The other day my bike that had been work great for years decided to take a dive while riding, the bike started to bog then died as if it was out of gas. At home I began looking over everything discovered I had a weak spark and only on the first kick after a 2 min cool down. I pulled the stator connector off and measured resistance and the stator measured fine and so did the pulse generator but when I tried to measure voltage on the pulse gen I'm getting barely 5 millivolts instead of the 700mv minimum after pulling it apart the only thing that looks out of the ordinary is the pulse gen looks like it got hit by the tab on the flywheel. Could the pulse gen be my only problem or is something more going on???
  11. So im rebuilding my entire 1989 cr250r. In short my 4 yr old boy got a little curious and wanted to help dad while I was out of town for the weekend. Anyway, he lost my e clip to my exhaust valve, and my rack sealing bolt, and I dont have one until next week sometime, and i have a riding trip planned for this weekend. My question to you knowledgeable folks is this; Would I be able to do some light riding without my valve eclip. Seems as though it is more of a fail safe than anything. As the pinion arm holds the valve in place and dictates where it sits. Follow up; my seal bolt for my rack which goes in the side of the cylinder was lost as well. Honda has discontinued and I cannot find ANYWHERE! Seeing as its only to seal the hole, is there a workaround for this specific problem if I'm not able to find a semi matching bolt that will thread in. I am a welder/fabricator so im fairly skilled when it comes to fab work, as far something simple like finding a matching thread pattern and cutting down. Or maybe some sort of sealant till I can get ahold of one. Thanks in advance. Y'all ThumperHeads always got.the answers.
  12. Hi everyone, hoping for a little guidance. So I recently picked up a brand new "A" cylinder for my 2003 CR250. When I sent to order the piston, the OEM is not available in "A" or "B". Wanted to go with a vertex or maybe pro-X , but I only see ones they label as B available. If it was a used cylinder I wouldn't be concerned. Being brand new and no wear in it , I want to make sure I get the right piston. Any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks in advance! Also according to Honda OEM manual, it actually seems to look like the "B" piston is smaller.
  13. Hello! It's time for me to get my first big bike. I've ridden an aircooled 4 stroke since I was a kid and learned all the basic skills and habits. I quickly got comfortable on a friends 450 EXC on some open fields when I tried it. I will mostly ride on open terrain and gravel roads but also some mx tracks. Everyone seems to advice beginners to stop looking at 450's as they are too heavy, but I want the power on the open terrain. 250F's are too expensive around here so I have my eyes on older 250 2 strokes. People seem to really like them and I'm afraid I'll want more power than a 125. I'm 6'2 and weigh about 170 Ibs. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks
  14. Alright so I just brought my first 2 stroke (CR250 2001) just over a week ago. When I went to inspect it, everything was pretty clean. And it run pretty good, started second kick cold. The previous owner said the bike had been sitting in his shed for 4 months after he finished getting things done such as this: New prox bottom end (crank and conrod). New gear box bearings and shims. New engine seals. New piston and rings. New tyres. New brakes (pads and discs). New plastics. New chain. New sprockets. New throttle cable. New clutch cable. New air filter and basket. New chain rollers and guide. New paint ( some storage/assembly marks). New wheel bearings/seals. New linkage bearings/ seals. New head stem bearings/seals. New stop switch. New coil. New spark plug. New tank strap. All new fluids. Barrel honed and reused. Clutch discs and fibres checked and reused. Carburettor parts sonic bathed and new needle. Front suspension rebuilt (have receipt). Engine performance checked (have receipt). Little damage on front fork tube (see photo). So a day later a mate came around and it started 2 kick again no problems at all and I only ran it for about 20 seconds and turned it off. So a couple days later I topped her up with some fuel (32:1 95 octane with k2 maxima oil) the previous owner was using motul 33:1. And again it kicked second start no problem and I was letting it warm up and about 2 minutes in, it started to bog out a little bit then eventually it just cut out like it wasn’t getting any fuel. I kicked it again and it run for a little bit then cuts out if I didn’t use the throttle. I’m sure I got the premix right, I used the maxima quick 2 mix cup so I doubt I did that wrong? So I got a new olug and that didn’t do anything still won’t run, so I then took the carb off and gave it a little clean checked some jets (not the brightest when it comes to bike mechanics) and couldn’t see any blockages, it all seemed fine so I put it back together and put it back on the bike and still it won’t run unless I give it some throttle and now fuel leaks out of the overflow hose. Only think I can think of is rebuilding the carb. I just don’t understand how it could run so good when I went to buy it and then a week later it won’t run:( havent done anything to the bike except put fuel in before it start not to run. any help would be really appreciated:)
  15. I’m wondering if the CRF150RB (16 inch rear) will fit on the CR250 swingarm. I’m not worried about if I should since the CR250 swingarm will be on a different bike. I’m not sure if things like the axles and bearings are the same so any info on that would help.
  16. I have a 97 CR250 that just had a full top and bottom end rebuild, (brand new GENUINE 38mm pwk air striker carburetor and jd jet kit, running 93 octane and mixing klotz @ 32:1)Also has pro circuit 304 full exhaust, k&N filter. The full rebuild and carb was done by a licensed bike shop. Since all that was done the bike has maybe 3 hours on it. I changed the spark plug after the 2nd ride and it looked fine “paper bag brown”, put a new plug in the bike. Rode good and hard for 30-35 minutes shut the bike off and talked to my buddy for 10 minutes and the bike didn’t want to start. I kicked it probably 15x and it finally started took off went to turn around and it died another 10 kicks later started back up again and I was able to make it home. Got home took the plug out and it was dry and looked extremely lean?? I’ve since done a leak test and I don’t have any leaks and I took my carb off and it looked spotless but I cleaned it all anyway. So why is my bike all of a sudden running so lean? No leaks and the carbs spotless nothings clogged up. The bike was jetted right judging by the first plug I pulled out of it “paper bag brown” and by the responsiveness of the bike. “Note” the day this happened there was a 5-7 degree temperature drop outside? I doubt that could be the colputate though? 93 octane klotz 32:1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about themisspellings and terrible punctuation I’m dyslexic as shit lol. Thanks! 
  17. I’m wondering if a seat from a 00-01 cr250 would fit an 02-07?
  18. Are honda 2 Strokes going to go up or down in value over the next couple of years? I'm just wondering for my 98 Cr250r.
  19. Hello, I was wondering what forum I should post this so I settled here. So here in PA you can't register a 2 stroke dirt bike to be street legal because the vin is traced to a motorcycle that is specified to be 'NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE' There is no emission inspections for motorcycles and only safety inspections. My plan is to buy a cr250 dirt bike and buy a cheap almost scrap street legal dual sport dirt bike. The vin number as far as I know is only itched on the steering head at the end of the chassis. I would cut the chassis steering head that contains the street legal vin number and weld the other street legal steering head on the cr250 and weld it. Add mirrors,headlights,turn signals,brake light to the cr250. Is that legal? would it work?
  20. Hpextenze

    Husqvarna CR250 (2003)


    Again not a husqvarna lol Always wanted this exact bike and bought this about a month ago with nothing on my mind except 02 or newer cr250!!!! Im sure i will love it when its done but i ought it for too much considering the hidden condition. Air box has holes melted into it, forks were done for and I blew it up second time riding it. Overall everything on the bike is worn out but it just looked so good I couldn't resist.
  21. 0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  22. so acquired a 2001 crf250 with everything but a bottom end. I was able to buy a 1999 motor for 500$ but got no spark and came to realize there was an extra plug. so I did some research and found out the cdi for a 99 with two plugs is different than the cdi for an 01 with just one. so is there a way to use the 99 ignition and harness with the 2001 cdi? it's around 800 dollars for the 2001 ignition which kinda sucks. or 200 for the cdi from a 99
  23. Okay guys now what rear break paddle can I put on my 2000 Cr 250? I want to go with hammer head but can’t find one that matches my year so can I put the 02 break paddle on my bike?? Or what break levers besides oem can I buy for my 2000 Cr?
  24. Just opened it up in preparation to get started with jets and needle set up. I am somewhat bewildered by the fact that there are no markings whatsoever on the jets, needle or slide. I have some misc. Keihin jets kicking around, and they all have the size and some with the Keihin logo stamped on them. Is it that the newer models/parts are no longer marked? Or should I be concerned about the authenticity of the carb manufacturing. (i.e. clone) Everything about it looks authentic, including the box and part numbers. BTW, intending on putting this on a basically stock 2004 CR250. With FMF Fatty, FMF Shorty muffler, V-force reed cage and a +10 oz. Steahly fw weight. Running 50/50 91 pump and Sunoco GT260+ at 40:1 Bel-Ray H1-R. I haven't checked squish yet. Got tired of fighting with the stock Mikuni. Could never get it right. Close, but not the way that I think it should be.
  25. So I have a 2003 cr250r recently done a complete motor rebuilt top and bottom, ruined my old stator so that’s also new lol. Stator is giving power my coil seems to test good on the bench but I am not reading any voltage on the coil once kicked over?.
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