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Found 14 results

  1. I own a 2005 Honda Crf 250r. My problem first began with it not kick starting, however it could bump start and run. From what I read it needed a carb clean and possibly check the valves and shim if needed. After cleaning the carb and replacing the O-rings I put it aside after screwing all the pieces together and setting the pilot screw. Taking the head off the engine to inspect the valves is where my problem started, since this would be my first time taking the crank off and unbolting the clamp that held it down I forgot to stuff a rag down the timing chain section ( I have learned my lesson) one of the small rings fell down the crevasse... I have not tried everything; magnet, drain oil, and even tipping bike upside down. I called a local dealership (FBC) and they told me it would be $700-1000 or more to take the engine apart and since my bike isn't worth enough to have that make sense my options have become limited. Now do I rebuild the engine completely; what is needed for a rebuild, what parts, gaskets, o rings, and specs do i need to look out for. What is the estimated price for something like this if you were to do it yourself...??? ?? Hope someone can help me , Thanks Nelson
  2. 2 reviews

    FEATURES Kit Includes CRF STUFF 280mm Rotor and CRF STUFF Billet Mounting bracket. Why upgrade some of the best brakes ever put on a dirt bike? Since the introduction of the CRF, HONDA has had some of the best brakes in the business. Excellent feel with hi resistance to fade for most riders and conditions. So you may be asking yourself, Why upgrade? Here are just a few reasons that will improve your competitive edge. 36% increase in swept area and 18% increase in moment arm for dramatic improvement in braking power, control and modulation. (ability to develop maximum stopping power without locking up the brakes) 280mm rotor laser cut and machined in heat treated 400 series stainless steel surface ground for warp free performance and superior heat dissipation. Trick light-weight design weighs only 422 grams and looks like nothing else on the market. Hi-strength 6061 billet aluminum bracket is hard anodized for a tough long lasting finish Rotor material is compatible with all top quality aftermarket pads. Original HONDA brake pads also work great. Easily installed in under 30 minutes with common hand tools and the included step by step illustrated instructions. 1 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship
  3. 1 review

    When it comes to parts for your Honda XR650L, it can be tough to find quality, performance and protection, but XR's Only answers the call for performance-minded riders looking to increase the reliability of their 650L with the XR's Only Case Saver / Sprocket Cover. Manufactured from a massive block of air craft-quality raw billet aluminum, the XR's Only Case Saver / Sprocket Cover for the XR650L is CNC machined to exact tolerances, producing the ultimiate protection for the left side engine case against the catostrophic engine failure associated with a thrown chain. When stacked against the only alternative, which is a stock Honda sprocket cover, the brute strength of the XR's Only Case Saver / Srocket Cover is the ultimate in protection and reliablity against the elements.
  4. CRF450XINOZ


    1 review

    FEATURES: • Injection Molded Ultra High Strength Plastic • Reinforced Frame Tongues • Contour Fit • Full Motor Coverage • Billet Machine Mount Frame Brackets (Hardware Included) • Easy to Install • Factory Race Team Designed and Tested • Made in the USA
  5. AnotherBlownReed

    Custom Crf Supermoto Help!

    So here's the deal. I've decided that instead of dishing out 10k for a brandy new Ktm 500exc, I'm going to build the bike I want for a lot less. What I have in mind is a Honda Crf preferably 07-present made street legal. This bike will be modded to pass inspection in NY state which would include head, tail, signal lights and a horn. I have little experience in doing this type of work so, any past experience / knowledge / tips would be more than appreciated!! Please post pictures as well as give recommendations to the parts used on your supermotos. Thank you!!
  6. Ordered my parts on the 4thfeb arrived today 11th feb 3 working days to australia,express post Now to wait for my white plastics and grey seat
  7. I have a 2012 Honda CRF250R with FMF 4.1 RCT Aluminum Muffler, FMF Titanium Megabomb Header and Twin Air Air Filter. I am trying to decide who the best person or company to send my stock ECU for a remap to get the most power out of my upgrades. Any help thanks.
  8. I have an 05 crf450 and lately it has been backfireing ALOT and now recently it wont start, or takes 50+ kicks to start. >.< I will be buying new Valves, intake and exhaust, w/ seats and springs. I just was wondering if there is any combination people would reccomend or usually use, I want to replace em all in one just to get it out of the way. I am told of Kibblewhite SS Vavles are good, but does that count for Intake and Exhaust? And what about springs/seats to go with em? Also, I will be doing my jetting and going with a JD jetting kit. Is this something you would use/recommend? Thanks
  9. 1 review

    THE PODIUM Outstanding design Extremely well manufactured Very reasonably priced Comes with the necessary bolts Forms an extraordinarily strong, triangulated structure around the radiator Does not interfere with Honda’s insulated mounts Does not interfere with the Clarke 3.0 gallon gas tank Protects the radiators better (far better, in fact, in my opinion) than any similar product I’ve seen THE PITS Requires trimming the plastic inner ribs on each shroud Installing the bottom front shroud bolt is very difficult (I wound up not even using it!)
  10. So i have a 2004 crf450r and recently i purchased a mega bomb header and the power core 4 FmF slip on exhaust. As of right now i have a 48 for the pilot and 155 for the main , and for the needle set i am using is the one provided in the FmF re jet kit, which is on slot 5. Pretty much the bike appears to be running lean it is backfiring and popping on de acceleration . i would appreciate it a lot if anyone could give me their opinion on what they think? Here are a few pictures of the bike if anyone cares to see it:). Also if it helps to no i just recently replaced the jug gasket and head gasket, also put new shims in and had to set timing cause it was all taken apart, i did this right before i put the new exhaust on . i live in Arizona it is currently 91 degrees and about 1100 feet above see level currently.
  11. Hello everyone Im about to buy this dirt bike used from Gables Motorsports. What do you guys think? Anything I should look out for?
  12. CRF450XINOZ

    Honda CRF450X (2009)


    Awesome bike, The power, Suspension & handling exceeded my expectations Removed snorkel & opened up the airbox slightly R&D flex jet 170 Main Pilot 45 Leak jet 60 NCVS Needle jet JT 14 tooth front sprocket Hinson clutch cover FMF Powerbomb header pipe E-Line carbon fiber Header cover FMF Powercore 4 muffler Trailtech Vapor Stealth speedo & dash setup, Great to keep an eye on the temperature & RPM etc Having both supermoto & offroad wheels is great
  13. wagz112

    Rebuilt Topend 2006 crf250x

    After being the 3rd owner and a couple of years riding under my belt, the original valves finally went south. After a couple of shim jobs I decided to rebuild the top-end of this bike I've grown to appreciate. I researched a bunch on this site and others and decided on a brand new head 2007 crf250r with Kibble White SS intake and exhaust valves from CRFs Only. I figured for $200 more than a rebuild of my current stock head, it'd be worth the added performance of the '07 R. Additionally, I settled on keeping my stock cylinder that was in good shape with original cross-hatching. I planned on getting a HC piston, like 13.5-1, but couldn't purchase one in time for the build and settled on a new stock '08 crf250R piston. Not sure if the '08 piston is spec at 13.1-1 compression ratio due to decreased volume of the '08 head vs. the '07 head 12.9-1 ratio, but I went with it anyway. Along with the '08 piston, I went with a '08 R cam. Per Rick Ramsey's site information I went with stock '06 crf250x head and cylinder base gaskets for thinner measures in hopes of increased or maintained compression ratios. I also replaced the cam chain and tensioner. I tore down by myself (easy part). Rebuild done by Paul at Powertoys in Montclair, CA, for 3 hours of labor. I was already running 4x4 open air box, FMF Q4 muffler, stock X header, 42 pilot 2 turns out, 158 main, and stock gearing. After a few complete warm-ups and baby runs at no more than 1/3 throttle and complete cool downs, I took her for her first ride yesterday. Nice nice dirt after Thursday's rain at Silver Wood Lake OHV area to SW Arrowhead ! Perhaps it felt so great being a fresh top-end in general, but I am happy with the '07R head and '08 R cam. Maybe a tad bit of lost bottom-end, but coming off the stock '06 California X cam, anything is better! It seemed to stall a bit easier a couple times in slow rocky areas that I hadn't before, but I was still trying to baby the new top-end so not the best momentum. This fresh bike definitely rips and tears up the trails. I can't wait to really open her up next ride! Here's some pics of my tear down, new head from CRFs Only, and yesterday's ride. Let me know what you think or if you have questions on my rebuild. Cheers!