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Found 17 results

  1. 1 review

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Dirt Tricks front disk brake rotor is the ultimate combination of durability, wear resistance and stopping power. Our rotors are incredibly strong and will resist bending unlike anything else on the market today. They are Black Zinc plated to prevent rusting. We currently have them available for KTMs with more on the way (magnet hole cut out has been included). These rotors have been developed and tested for nearly one year by engineers with the assistance and test riding/racing of Shane. Every rotor includes a 1 YEAR WEAR WARRANTY! Like our Dirt Tricks Sprockets, if you want the toughest race products, choose what professionals race. 2-3 times higher tensile strength than OEM rotors, resulting in much higher resistance to bending and wear Made of heat treated alloy steel, providing higher stopping friction, therefore 25% less braking effort Three times the cooling rate of stainless steel rotors. If they cool three times faster they run cooler all the time * Magnet hole provided in most front disks. Location of each suggested by our professional racers. This location may or may not help you depending on your current set up and sensor location. * Rotors plated in black Zinc which must be burned off prior to serious use. This is performed by dragging your brakes until no black is visible at pad contact location.
  2. Tom Erik Brauer

    KTM 500 EXC (2014)


    Very fun
  3. CSAR FE

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)

    1 comment

    Great motor and great suspension. The bike handles a bit different than anything else I've ridden, which I attribute to Yamaha's centralization of mass. From my experience, this bike's ability to corner and not hop out of ruts is heavily dependent on your body position on the bike. Overall, I love this thing.
  4. mxmaster040

    Yamaha WR250F (2005)


    Great bike. Reliable. Fun and easy to ride. Motor is a tractor and will climb a lot of technical stuff.
  5. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION The Dirt Tricks Kawasaki SE Rear Sprocket is a part of our latest sprocket design and is a revolutionary change in weight and color. Our new Dirt Tricks Special Edition PVD sprockets are 2oz lighter than our chrome plated design, and are comparable to most of the performance aluminum sprockets and lighter than the twin metal designs available. The new coating on these sprockets reduces friction up to 50%, increases durability, and looks sharp! Our Special Edition sprockets will outlast any sprocket on the market, and we back that up with our 1 year guarantee. Proudly made in the USA.
  6. JustTakeItEasy

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


    Street legal in AZ, this 450SXF. Started with trail ready, kept going to full street legal. Easy to get plated in AZ. Pain in the ass and expensive to do all this on MX bike, but mad fun to have the 450SXF on the trails, open desert and bush. TBT suspension Rekluse Auto Core EXP Fastaway System3 Overbar Steering Stabilizer Fasst Flexx bars Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Headlight Rear LED tail kit from EXC with (exc rear fender swap) 70 watt upgraded stator Promoto Billet black kickstand Trailtech Striker digi gauge Seat Concepts low seat Moose Racing front fender dual sport pack Moose Racing rear render velcro cylinder pack Doubltake fold down mirror ProMotoB Billet rear rack - black Fastway linkage protection TrailTech radiator fan kit Bulletproof radiator guards Bulletproof chain guide/swingarm guards Ricochet skidplate FMF muffler Black Excel rims Cycra handguards Orange Anodized unbreakable levers OdiLock grips DirtTricks sprockets and Did gold series chain Warp 9 adjustable rear brake pedal with flexx Warp 9 gear selector with flexx Fastway Adventure footpegs Tm designworks chain guide Padiator - rear brake radiator
  7. Sierra_rider

    Beta 300 RR Race Edition (2015)


    It has a very neutral chassis, turns very well but doesn't give much up in stability. The power is very linear and easy to use. If you wan't a hard-hitting 2 stroke, this isn't your bike. Even with the aggressive map switch and the powervalve adjuster turned in, it much more mellow than my Yz. Although the power may not be exciting, it's perfect for gnarly technical terrain. Stock forks were harsh on square-edge obstacles. The Pressure springs(small spring in the top of the fork) are known to be to stiff for most offroad riding. I had them changed out when the forks were revalved. E-start works flawlessly and starts the bike within a couple seconds when cold. Ergo's feel good to me...at 6'1", I was worried that it would feel to small to me, but that's not the case. The rear brake lever is a little low for most people, but I actually prefer it that way and it's adjustable anyway. Brakes themselves feel good, the front in particular is very strong. I don't feel they give up much to the Brembo's on the Ktm's. 40 hour update: replaced the stock rear tire within 20 hours and did the front at about the 35 hour point. I now have a tubliss front and rear, with a new rim in the front because of bad crash I had. In that crash, I also smashed the pipe, split a radiator hose, twisted both radiators, and popped the preload adjusters out of both forks. Beta fixed the forks free of charge, so no complaints there. Separate from that crash, the stock map switch is busted and I blew the fuse for the e-starter, although it blew in extremely wet conditions. The most likely culprit is the horn, it's a pretty common issue that's easy to fix. Also, the stock plastic is extremely brittle and easy to crack.
  8. Sveltereagle745

    KTM 350 XC-F (2011)


    Great bike awesome light like 250 but power to that of a 450 tractors when I need it to and bounces through the rocks with ease
  9. '19 350 EXC-F, de-smogged, uncorked, Vortex, Rekluse Many say and have said that the OEM fully hydraulic (oil fed) cam chain tensioner on the 350 motors can be prone to collapsing in certain low oil pressure scenarios and allow catastrophic engine damage. Is all this just overhyped garbage being re-spewed on the internets? (ie--maybe was an issue on older bikes but not in 2019) Being a modern EFI 4t it has the tip over switch and will kill the engine after only 8 seconds of potential low oil feed. I know Nihilo, Rally Raid, and Dirt Tricks make tensioners that could be smarter or more fail-safe at preventing collapse than the OEM design. Nihilo is a fully manual adjuster that also blocks off the oil feed port, sending oil that would feed the OEM tens'r up to the top end of the motor where it is more useful. It would require periodic adjustment. Rally Raid is also fully manual. But does not address the oil feed port. Also requires periodic adjustment. Dirt Tricks is basically the same as the OEM design but adds an internal spring and ratchet teeth to prevent collapse. It is self adjusting and is "set it and forget it" --Regarding the Nihilo: Not really wanting to tap and block off the port in my engine although fully confident in doing so. I presume you could remove the plug and return the OEM tens'r without issue if ever desired? It is ugly and basic looking and maybe bulky to get access for adjustments? --Regarding the Rally Raid: Very nice looking piece. I had contacted them and got mixed answers about the oil feed. Their design allows the oil that is normally fed to the tensioner to dribble its way back to the bottom end of the motor. Blocking the oil feed port is not part of their design/install. Has to be ordered from the UK. --Regarding the Dirt Tricks: I have concerns that the spring loaded/ratchet design could over tension the chain and lead to premature wear. The self adjusting is attractive, but not vital to me. And why bother being hydraulic if it is backed up with a spring and pawl design anyway? --Regarding the OEM: Hey---chill....obviously the guys at KTM know what is best for the engines they design, and would not be keen to warranty expensive motor parts if failures were frequently happening. Lets hear some insights? Lets talk oil pressure scenarios. Lets hear from people who have first hand experience with any (or all) of the 4 tensioner designs. Lets talk about engine safety, longevity, and wear with the different designs. And of course.....lets hear what you would do on your $11k 2019 model bike that you throw around, drop, and abuse, yet still care for meticulously!
  10. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 450 XCR-W (2008)


    This bike rocks because KTM gave it so many letters. The more letters, the more horsepower. So, this thing has like 600 I think. Read my full review here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/reviews/product/42685-ktm-450-xcr-w/
  11. 2 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION Hardened steel Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  12. Bryan Bosch

    Dirt Tricks Ironman Rear Sprocket

    14 reviews

    Arguably the strongest, longest lasting rear drive sprocket on the market. And because of it's design, it's lightweight as well.
  13. I hear the mechanical units (ie Dirt Tricks) with the ratchet system, the teeth can strip over time and cause it to fail. Can anyone shed some first hand insight into this? I need to replace my cam chain tensioner and I only want to do it once. Having to adjust the manual isn't a factor. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, i am new to the forums so I apologize if I have posted in the wrong area I am doing a top end rebuild on my brothers 2013 250 SX-F. I had the bike all together, tried to e-start it, but it sounded like it got stuck after a brief rotation. I opened up the crankshaft and tried rotating it to find that it was in fact getting stuck after almost a full rotation. Opened up the top and have narrowed down the issue to the camshafts hitting the valves and the valves not moving down. I am 100% sure the piston is in TDC, but it seems as though one of the wheels on the camshaft has shifted because the lobes are not in the proper position when the markings are lined up. Is this even possible? Any solutions? Thank you in advance, Gino