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Found 96 results

  1. I have a 2004 Rm-Z250. I bought it off a guy for $700 because he didn't want to deal with it anymore. He put a new crank and piston in and still couldn't get it going. I brought it home and did a compression check and it read 60. which is low, I know. So I took it apart and looked and the cylinder and it had some pretty good scratches in it. I honed it for about 15 Seconds and threw it back together and kicked the hell out of it and nothing. I pulled the spark plug out to check the compression and the plug was saturated in oil. I was getting blow by. so I bought a new cylinder and just threw it on and that fixed the blow by. So then I tried to start it and it was giving me a really hard time and wouldn't start so I checked the plug to see if it was shot. It had a decent amount of carbon build up so I threw a new one in. It was wanted to start when I did that. I started to feather the throttle a little to try to help it and it fired up. not every time but about once every 10-20 kicks. So after going through the entire bottom end and top end, the only thing i'm left with is the carb. The bike wont idle and I gave it a little ride and its not running too hot so I believe something is wrong with the carb. I cleaned the jets too. I just took it apart and the O ring on the throttle slide is broken and I am going to throw a new on on but I feel like there is more to it than that. especially with it being so hard to start. There is also a knob on the bottom of the float bowl with numbers on it. Numbered 1-4. I attached an image so you can see what I am talking about. I've looked at the manual and at tons of carbs and have no clue what it is. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  2. Should I buy this bike my uncle just sold one and said in good condition they’re worth from $600 to $1200 and if I could get it for $300 it would be a good deal.
  3. I'm trying to put a bigger motor in my Baja dr70. But I'm not really mechanically inclined I was just wandering the biggest I could fit without having to change anything like mounting brackets etc...
  4. My dad has a 2002 or a 2005 Kawasaki 650 that sputters when you give it gas. (Sorry can't remember the year) Sometimes it will run fine (only for a few minutes) and sometimes right away once you start it and give it gas it'll lag and sputter when you roll the throttle. It starts right up but for some reason this problem keeps happening and it's preventing me and my dad from riding. He's nearly 60 years old and I want to help him fix it so we can get some more rides in together. He's been messing around with the gas line and one of the air tubes from he carb. He was showing me that the main gas line had a bubble in it so it wasn't getting gas but I'm thinking it might be something with the carb. What do you guys think? Any ideas would be a huge help for us so we can get back to riding.
  5. My 2007 WR250F has been starting with no problems with the electric start. I just ran the bike Saturday and towed the bike from North Carolina to Colorado Sunday and Monday. Today, I went to start the bike and the electric start was not working. I just charged my battery a couple months ago because the battery died. Could it be the change in temperature? I kick started it and after several kicks it started, but when I press the button for the electric start it just never turns on. The fact that it starts rules out a bad spark plug. This is probably as simple as just needing a new battery but I figured I'd ask just to see what other people had to say.
  6. Headed to Bearwallow this weekend. First trip down there. Staying at the Holiday inn just outside of Logan. Questions- 1.) Anyone with area experience know any must ride trails or sights to see? 2.) MX bikes with stock gas tanks, should we plan on taking extra gas with us? I usually take 2 gatorade bottles of gas. 3.) Going EARLY Saturday, coming home Sunday evening. Should we try to ride Bearwallow and Rock House, or Bearwallow only?
  7. Hey guys I recently bought a 99cr125 long story short it needed a clutch cable and perch. I ordered new clutch cable and a cheap 10$ perch and new boysen clutch basket and plates. The bike runs great it's just super hard to pull the clutch. I lubed it very generously and I have it routed correctly i don't know what it could be I'm not the weakest dude out there but man does it kill my hand and fingers and it's quite annoying. Anybody have some advice? Thanks
  8. I just bought a used yamaha ttr 125 and when i put it into 1st it feels as if im in 3rd or 4th all gears have no power unless i really build up some speed and then i can feel pull a tiny bit.In 1st i have to give almost full throttle for it to move it should be taking the front wheel of the ground at with that much throttle anybody have any ideas ?
  9. Does anyone know how I can get my ttr 125 to sound better, I don't want to spend 200 bucks on a fmf pipe or something like that, anyone know any mods I can do to it while maintaining my spark arrestor and green sticker status, anyone tried one of those chinese clamp on mufflers from ebay ?
  10. Alright enough bullcrap. I'm gonna buy a two stroke because they are fun. I'm gonna ride it everywhere including the track. Performance aside, what is the single most reliable 2 stroke dirt bike EVER made? Is their any bike that I wont have to put a top end in every year? (Assuming I'm not an idiot who overrevvs it everywhere.)
  11. 2018 purchased with 40-53 hours on the stock motor, pistons, vavles, shims, transmission, everything; besides an aftermarket yoshimura slip on exhaust. Checked the vavle clearance before I road it and they were all in spec with suzuki's service manual. Let's move on. The bike was primary used for I dont know what. The last owner said he did some riding in the Oregon sand dunes. No idea if it was raced before that. My goal was to turn it into a road legal dual sport. I opted for a 2012 RMZ because they come with a dignostic port behind the front number plate mounted on the ECU that when kicked over provides a constant voltage of 13.50V to 14.50V ish. To power all the road legal stuff. Upon completion I replaced the hour meter with a Trail Tech Endurance 2 at 0 miles and 0 hours. Other then a stainless steel oil filter, changed spark plug, and cleaned air filter the engine remained stock. I commuted with the bike to work daily which is 3 miles there and 3 back on 40 mph roads. During lunch i ride for one hour about 15-20 miles on some wood trails. Blah blah blah. Fast forward some more and the bike has 90 accumalated hours total. I have not check the vavle clearance since getting the bike. Most of the riding was around 45-55 mph average for top speed to 35 everywhere else. My oil changes have been every 10 hours give or take how hard and how many miles I've driven. Changed with full synthetic maxima pro plus 10w40 oil. Air filter was cleaned once in between, from the time I got the bike till 90 hours........ lay it on me but wait till you finish this read. Okay so up to this time I'll reiterate that the engine is still stock. No top end rebuilts, no vavle shims, NOTHING! All OEM. At 90 hours I changed the gearing from the stock 13/49 to 15/49 since then I've added 15 hours on it with the same riding habits as before with my longest highway/freeway trip being 30 minutes at 18 miles mostly highway miles driven at or around 65Mph. Yeah she was screaming at that too, with a 5 speed gear box. It was sketchy even with that changed gearing. Blah blah again. Now I'm at 110 hours and 1500 miles on a still stock motor besides transmission gearing. My vavle spacing hasn't changed. And I decided to tear down the top end to see what I'm working with. Cylinder, piston, rings, conrod, vavles, spark plug, head, etc look okay with normal wear and tear. So in conclusion. I will order a forged piston to deal better with the higher rpms that I run at. BUT THAT AS FAR AS ENGINE MODS WILL BE IT. I haven't notice any power losses and love that gearing. It still works well down low. Now take it or leave it but this is an honest tracker from my level of riding and mechanicle knowledge. I'm not getting paid for this or influenced by a company or brand. I'm just posting this because there is, in my opinion no real knowledge posted about this topic but a lot of people are curious. Thanks.
  12. Do you think it's possible to register my ttr125 as a moped or motorcycle in California, and what would I need to do it, i live in a small town wanna be able to ride it down to town without a ticket
  13. I have a 2003 ktm 250 sx that was fouling plugs but I've re jetted it and now its running good, I was just curious if there is a cheaper plug I can run in it. Right now I'm using the BR8ECM 3035 and its 25$ a plug is there a spark plug out there that is cheaper but will run okay in my bike? Thanks anything will help!
  14. Okay. I'm having a issue with my bike to where it will not kickstart. I have to bump start it Everytime( good reeds, new ring and piston, clean carb). As soon as i let the bike get below a certain rpm is just died with no warning. Then it's time to bumpstart it all over again and hope it goes. Whenever I hit a large bump or go up the face of a jump it starts dying on me. Also the bike has no power with stock timing. The stator is adjusted to the max amount of timing it can be set to and its still a dog. It doesn't ping at all. It has stock jetting, stock needle position, oem reeds, b10eg spark plug, running 32:1. Stock pipe. Float height is correct also. Also I've put about 10 hours on the bike with the fresh plug and it looks just like when I put it in except only the electrode is solid black. Everything else is still shiny. The fuel screw is set to 2 turns out Would this be electrical grimlins? Also would thelat be why the spark plug looks like that?
  15. Hi, guys. I'm living in Japan and I got a dirtbike called "XR250" recently. Its model designation is "MD30" and it is actually a street legal variant of XR250R(ME08) and its manufacture period is from 1995 to 2007. I'm now struggling with finding enough replacement parts especially generator because it's been for long since Honda discontinued the production. So I was thinking of looking for foreign made products with International shops such as e-bay, and I found that "MD30" doesn't exist overseas. But I learned that there are street legal XRs called XR250L in US, and I'm now wondering if "MD30" is compatible with them. Is there anyone who knows about it?
  16. Have a 2003 rm 125 on the first ride it seized bad crank bearing changed the crank and bearing and gaskets first ride after being fixed there started to be a weird grinding sound coming from bottom end almost sounds like clutch side bike starts and runs fine im not starting it though to minimize damage
  17. Hey guys does anyone know why when I put my front tire on and compressed the forks they got stuck so I went to take the tire back off and when I started taking the axle out the forks popped back up!! Anyone know why this happened?? What am I doing wrong?? And fyi it is a 2005 crf250r
  18. So I’m buying a 2020 Honda crf250 fl Mx. this will be my first bike. The only thing I am worried about is the suspension as this is not a race model. I’m a beginner but looking to grow into the sport and eventually do jumps. Are there Aftermarket fork and suspension upgrades I can buy or can I swap my suspension with the racing model down the line, or will I have to buy a race model when I get to the point I wanna send it. Any help would be awesome I just don’t want to fork out double the price of the trail model right off the bat.
  19. Bob Robles

    TTR 125 headlight

    Anyone know how I can install a headlight on my ttr 125, it is only kickstart?
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