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Found 15 results

  1. TheNoose22

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Like it so far! Esp after the stage 1 mods. Big difference and a lot more fun to ride.
  2. Scooterman386

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Got to admit this is one hot ride, Even tho it's not as fast or great off road to it's rival's. It's Worth the least but looks and performs GREAT! Not a great off road bike but on road, Dragging knee all day!
  3. chiefmasterx

    Honda CRF250L (2013)


    Fun to ride. Reliable, low maintenance, non adjustable suspension, hard seat, good looking, good mpg, nice display, cruises ok at 70mph on freeway, seat is lower than mx style bikes, low feed back on front brake, takes effort to wheelie, bright lights, kind of heavy, fuel injection!, cheap to maintain.
  4. captaincanuck

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Amazing street and offroad bike. With some mods this bike is definitely one to keep.
  5. 1 review

    Patented stealth technology No computer needed to adjust EFI when additional fuel delivery is needed Tap-on stealth technology (doesnt interfere with stock ECU map) Uses carburetor tuning logic. Simple to adjust with a screw driver Increases horsepower Improves throttle response Simple plug-in design installs in minutes with factory type wiring harness LED lights indicate fuel delivery settings while tuning Wont interfere with stock sensors and inputs Compact size - 3 long x 1 wide x 5/8 thick
  6. So I finally decided to order my EJK fuel programmer and due to being a veteran and the discounts they offer I contacted Dobeck performance directly. I was in emails with Dillon and I must say there customer service is exceptional. He was very helpful and informative. Shortly after I had placed my order he sent me an email and let me know that my order had successfully gone through and based on the information that I gave him I had ordered the right part. Roughly 3 days later my new fuel programmer was at my door, not bad at all for free shipping. I know I know, I can't post this without posting my review of it. Installation was very easy, I think between the installation, programming and air box mods it took roughly 30-45 minutes just taking my time to make sure I didn't mess anything up. I trusted everyone's recommendations and set it to Positron's settings for factory exhaust with the air box mods. I also made sure to do a few power runs to make sure everything was dialed in. I must say thank you Positron for posting up your recommended settings. The bike felt great, it picked up quite a bit in the lower range and it was nice and smooth throughout the full range. For anyone on the fence on if they should go with the fuel programmer, I would say to definitely give it a shot, it is well worth the money.
  7. Okay so maybe the title sounds like and advertisement a bit but I don't see much on the site pertaining to the AFR+ that Dobeck Performance made available for our bikes (CRF250L/M), as well as, the Honda Grom, 10-15 CRF250R , 09-15 CRF450R. At this point I think it is more of two factors as to why I see EJK everywhere and AFR+ no where: price and availability. Most of the parts vendors that we as CRF250L owners deal with offer some kind of Stage 1 kit combo which includes a EJK or the likes. Also, at a whopping $400 from Dobeck the AFR+ is a chunk out of anyone's wallet (CRFonly priced at $356.25 for water resistant, +$25 for waterproof). But I thought I'd share the information I have one my set-up and link Rick Ramsey's site (http://www.rickramsey.net/CRF250Ltuningafr.htm) about his, so that anyone who is on the fence about fuel programmers has somewhere else to look. The Dobeck AFR+ is Dobeck's Gen4 fuel management system that essentially takes their ever popular EJK one step further (maybe more). The AFR+ integrates an Air/Fuel Ratio gauge and Wideband O2 sensor into a programmer setup (Dobeck's bung is Mild Steel; I used a Stainless for the Yoshi system). It's install is relatively easy and about the most trying decision during the whole install is where to locate the O2 sensor and bung on your exhaust. When I started piecing together my "Stage 1" mods I ordered most of my parts separately from different vendors. I picked up a full Yoshimura from SRMoto and my AFR+ from CRFonly, my snorkel I removed but only after a week of running the AFR+ with it installed. I wanted the AFR+ for several reasons over the EJK. The EJK in principle just adds fuel to the factory map and hopes for the best, it runs only open loop and greatly hurts fuel economy and seems to have some stalling issues. The AFR+ can run both Open or Closed loop fueling based on settings and O2 readings. In principle the AFR+ reads an Air/Fuel ratio (AFR) number from the exhaust and the programmer adjusts fueling to achieve the set AFR; which should help with efficiency and make for a superior tuning method. So here are the initial AFR settings Dobeck has the programmer set to for our bikes (They call this Stage 1 settings): GRN @ 12.5 YEL @ 13.5 RED @ 12.5 G/B @ 12.8 Y/B @ 11.1 R/B @ 11.8 All the settings are Closed loop except for the Green setting which is open loop (at its current settings). With the Open loop settings the AFR setting value is only a reference to which way the programmer is adjusting the fuel. On Open loop an AFR gauge value of adds 0 fuel, an AFR gauge value of 12.5 adds .5 making the base (light cruise/acceleration/idle) map richer, and an AFR gauge value of 13.5 minus .5 making the base (light cruise/acceleration/idle) map leaner. I hope at this point everyone is still following. Before I (temporarily) garaged my bike to do, tire changes and fit CBR wheels, I run the bike mainly as a commuter. I have run two tanks through the bike since installation of AFR+ and haven't noticed a significant decrease in fuel economy since the installation. Bike achieved 70 MPG first week of install w/ snorkel still installed, bike spent most time in the green setting which reads back a 14.6 -14.7 AFR value. Second week bike achieved 64.5 MPG w/ snorkel removed, bike took longer to warm up on our low 20 degree mornings we were having and spent most of it's time in green settings reading about 14.7-15.0 AFR values. So my thought here is that the removal of the snorkel leans the bike out a bit. Not sure if I really gained anything from removing it versus leaving it in. It might accelerate a little better but it's hard to tell with the night and day different the AFR+ and exhaust made. Also, another thing to mention is the fuels were different between the two tanks. The first tank was running Regular (87) w/ Ethanol (normal US up to 10%E) and the second tank was Regular (87) 100% gasoline. I'm still saying the weather difference made the fuel economy difference... Although I will continue to log my efficiency to see which adjustments do what. So far only "stutter" I've experienced was I was in one gear too high about midway up a tall hill and the programmer switched from yellow mode to green and back to yellow, drop a gear or give it more throttle and stutter is gone (also, 18 degrees out that night). I'll post pictures of everything installed later. Rick's location for his bung is further back than I put my bung location (is you look at the recent picture I posted my CRF with orange CBR wheels its the O2 just behind the coolant reservoir plastics). Dobeck's recommendation is no further back than Rick's location, closer to the engine in better but you have to account for things like clearance and possibility of if you dump the bike will you break damage the O2 location. Hope everyone enjoyed that little spill about my experience with the AFR+
  8. shadow100

    Ejk in the Uk

    Anybody know where I can get an EJK from in the UK, been. Searching for hours but cant find one without shipping from the States.
  9. Hi all, I have the two brothers exhaust, modded air box. And my ejk has the factory stage 1 settings. My problem is, my mileage is way down and am still having random stalling on decel. The bike pulls way better but I was curious if anyone had setting suggestions.
  10. 10 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION The Electronic Jet Kit (EJK) is the #1 EFI controller on the market for installation time to riding with great performance. Plug and play does not just refer to connectors to make installation easy, but the EJK comes programmed and ready to go for stage 1 (after-market pipe and air cleaner) modifications. Forget downloading maps. Forget looking up settings. The EJK installs in mere minutes and you are off to a better, more powerful, smoother ride. The EJK evolved out of the need to address the ever-increasing complexity of factory fuel injection. For the newcomer to the market or professionals wanting an easier method for tuning fuel injection, the EJK is a customizable solution for the shop that wants to take control of their tuning needs. GEN 3 is the short term used to describe the Generation 3 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) controller manufactured by Dobeck Performance. The GEN 3 was released in 2005 under a private label program. The GEN 3 is a piggy-back EFI controller because it does not replace the stock ECU, but rather monitors the signals to the injectors and makes fuel adjustments based on the mode settings. The GEN 3 has a push button interface allowing access up to 6 different modes to allow for quick fine tuning by the end user without needing a computer. The GEN 3.5 EFI controller is an extension to the GEN 3 controller. The GEN 3.5 technology was released in 2009 also in the DP private label program. The GEN 3.5 controller has the ability to add or pull fuel within each available fueling zone.