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Found 405 results

  1. orismaug

    Drive ratio

    Dear all, I'm riding with 52/13 sprocket ratio. It gives me nice torque on the bottom low gear, as mostly I ride hard enduro. This ratio is 4 to 1, my question is, if I change the setting to 48/12, which gives the same 4 to 1 ratio, will the bike behave the same way? What is the difference between settings achieving the same ratio but with different T numbers on the front sprocket? And what ratio would you recommend for hard enduro ride, slow technical terrain? I ride ktm 400 exc 2011. Thanks in advance, Adi
  2. I've had this issue since I got the bike. The plates are flat, no grooving in the clutch basket, changed oil, checked clutch lifter mechanism, but still the clutch plates seem to stick together. If the bike is in gear and I pull the clutch, I still can't roll the bike. What's going on? The only thing I can think of is that the fluid in there keeps the friction disks and the metal disks somewhat stuck together. My Honda service manual says to use SAE 10W-40 or equivalent, which I've used, and before that I believe gear oil was in it. Should I use a thinner oil like ATF, and maybe the plates will spin freely when no clutch pressure is applied?
  3. 1 review

    Part Number: 023107 Features - Premium Gold Series motocross chains - Lightweight, ultra high-strength chromoly construction - Replacement master links available 520XRC - Designed for up to 125cc to 750cc applications - Proprietary XRC ring seal technology is proven to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions - 7,700 lb. tensile strength
  4. ThumperTalk

    Dura Blue Inc Eliminator Axel

    1 review

    Adjustable from -2in. to +5in. from standard by quick-changing pin drive hubs Forged carbon ASX-600 Steel for maximum strength X-33 axles all include a billet or cast hub and are available for select models only Only 12 to 13 lb.
  5. ThumperTalk

    D.I.D 520 VM Premium X-Ring Chain

    2 reviews

    Chain Length: 100ft. Chain Type: 520 Special oil seals produce 50% less friction and 50-100% longerwear life than standard O-ring chain Features gold and black color plates Average tensile strength of 8,050 lbs.
  6. ThumperTalk

    TMV Chain Guide

    1 review

    Low friction chain guides Wear block is included
  7. 1 review

    Chain Guide pads offer improved and quiet chain performance. Features Powerlip top to keep chain in line with less noise. Self-lube oil in material lowers drag and chain plate wear. Aluminum bushing is installed for durability and light weight.
  8. 1 review

    Front chain slider is designed for maximum long term wear life for Baja endurance and Europeon Rallye races 100% Oil impegnated for virturally zero friction and chain drag and is designed with a new shape and thickness to minimize chain torque effect on the suspension 2 stage noise suppression design comes with extra replacement dampening pads to lower chain slap sound and protect the arm This is the ultimate front chain slider for performace and long term durability UV protected Unconditonal 1-year free manufacturers replacement warranty in the USA
  9. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper Steel Front Sprocket

    1 review

    Sprocket Position: Front Material: Steel Sprocket Teeth: 13 Precision broached and machined to the strictest of standards Case hardened cro-moly steel Lightening holes keep sprocket light weight Self-cleaning mud grooves prevent dirt build up Etched teeth number for easy identification
  10. rocket625

    Honda XR400R (1998)


    best xr400
  11. slowwheeliesquid3

    Honda CR250R (2004)


    I love my girl, shes fast, handles like a dream,once you work out the few electronic power-valve bugs, its the easiest to bike ive ever had to maintain.
  12. Cpcmx34

    Kawasaki KX250F (2013)


    Love this beast. It is a 2014.
  13. captaincanuck

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Amazing street and offroad bike. With some mods this bike is definitely one to keep.
  14. bc44

    Kawasaki KX250F (2012)


    This is my 2012 KX250f.. Factory connection suspension, Yoshi carbon fiber full exhaust. Too much list. This bike is a real monster.
  15. Dirtrider 88

    Brand loyal S.o.b's!

    *RANT* Alright. I am even at fault for this but I am so sick of all of the threads about how ktm is ruining the world of moto and about which brand is best. I don't understand the whole concept of more power = better bike. Really 47-50hp is more than adequate for anyone. Ride your favorite color. Weather it be red. Blue .green .pink. Purple . whatever. I don't understand why people hate on other brands. *rant over*
  16. 6 reviews

    Sprocket Teeth: 50 Color: Black Sprocket Position: Rear Material: Aluminum Unique flat face design keeps weight to a minimum and means the TwinRing is as narrow as a regular chainwheel Inner Ring is high strength Ultralight 7075 T6 Aluminum. Outer Ring is Electroless Nickel Coated steel Outer is expanded at 200C and then fitted to inner, creating a permanent bond for the life of the sprocket Precision CNC machined to extremely tight tolerances Flat socket head screws add additional strength to the chainwheel during side impacts Self-cleaning mud grooves between every tooth on both sides help prevent dirt build up Available for most popular dirt bikes with a 520 chain in sizes ranging from 48 to 52
  17. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION Fisher Fabrication House uses CNC machining and only the best materials to make our parts. Chain guides are made of T6-6061 Aluminum, HDPE Plastic, and Stainless Steel hardware.
  18. thorny78

    Talon carbon hubs help!

    Has anyone got any idea when the front spindle diameter changed?? I have a 2010 450 and I bought a set of talon carbon hubs with a60 rims off a 2012 450 but the front spindle just rattles inside the 2012 talon hub an help would be appreciated
  19. ThumperTalk

    Renthal Rear Sprocket

    16 reviews

    Sprocket Position: Rear Sprocket Teeth: 47 Aluminum alloy rear chainwheels for Offroad, Road Racing, Road/Street and Kart applications Precision CNC manufactured to extremely tight tolerances from a high strength, specially enhanced 7075 T6 aluminium alloy. Renthal chainwheels have unequalled accuracy of fit, tooth profile and concentricity for longevity and maximum power transfer Maximum reduction of unsprung revolving weight at the rear wheel, through a combination of the choice of material and design insures maximum power transfer. Renthal rear wheel chainwheels are 33% of the weight of steel yet incredibly durable Hard anodized finish
  20. lugi45

    Kawasaki KX125 (2001)


    First bike back in the day. Sold it and then got it back years later.
  21. ThumperTalk

    RK 520 MXU GB Heavy Duty Chain

    1 review

    Chain Length: 120 Chain Type: 520 High quality pins, bushings and rollers for maximum durability All pins are 4 point riveted Longer wear life than RK standard chain U-Ring sealing technology Bright Gold Finish Narrow lightweight chain Average tensile strength of 9,000 lbs.
  22. wolverine_05_

    Tranny work

    Is it insanely hard to work on a dirtbike tranny? All the local shops said it would cost around $400 in labor and all I need is my third gear swapped with a new one. I can buy the entire tranny components for $150 on ebay but would it be hard for me to split the case and take all of the tranny stuff out and replace it if I'm careful? I'm decent with mechanic work but have minimal tools and a budget and very little experience. What do you guys suggest?
  23. ThumperTalk

    Polisport Chain Slider

    2 reviews

    Injection molded polyurethane Tougher than stock sliders