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Found 17 results

  1. jiveabillion

    Beta 250 RR (2016)


    This is my favorite bike to ride. It has power right off the throttle and it's a blast to ride.
  2. Mark Matthews

    Honda CRF250R (2016)


    Love this bike, w/ the added rekluse and slip on fmf. I can tear thru anything in any condition.
  3. Endoair

    Kawasaki KX450F (2016)


    Great smooth power, light and turns as good as any modern 450.
  4. RobinWatson

    Honda CRF450R (2016)


    Cons - Not the fastest 450 ever made OEM Rear Shock Sucks. Once hot, no rebound damping Air fork not everyones flavor Pros - Light & Nimble Reliable Good handling (After some suspension mods) Map Switching Strong re-sale values
  5. crash220

    Yamaha YZ450FX (2016)


    I love it so far, the tranny is awesome for offroad and the Rekluse makes everything easier!The "hit" off the bottom is abrupt and is a handful in tight single track. This can be taken away through re-mapping or a after market exhaust.
  6. voidsstr

    KTM 300 XC-W (2016)


    Awesome bike. Light and powerful. Need to replace the stock silencer tho - very restrictive.
  7. jskidmore

    Honda CRF250X (2013)


    I found the stock setup was great for me getting back into riding, but got bored quickly. Yeah I have thrown a few thousand dollars into it (Body parts, Rekluse EXP core 3.0, FMF megabomb / Q4 can, JD kit, and suspension), and I must say it is quite the trailblazer my friends. I like my bike, period. My avatar is before I installed my Rekluse, will update soon.
  8. mike_dean

    KTM 350 XCF-W (2017)


    Great smooth engine, love the electric start, and light weight.
  9. Poekey

    KTM 250 SX-F (2009)


    I HATE MY BIKE!<br />When it works..... it's great.<br />........when.......
  10. guearyt

    Suzuki RMZ450 (2015)


    Handles lightly compared to others in it's class. Turns tight, good bottom end torque coming out of turns. I don't have the suspension dialed in perfectly but it has been built by Factory Connection, front and rear.
  11. jiveabillion

    Beta 500 RS (2016)


    Awesome bike. Now has fuel injection and it's very smooth.
  12. Metzman

    Yamaha YZ450F (2008)


    Great bike with excellent suspension and nice smooth power. My bike has a Rekluse clutch and a heavier shock spring because I am a big guy and I like to ride single track and open desert.
  13. So yesterday I went on my first ever 'SingleTrack' Ride... all I can say is WOW! Single track racers are CRAZY! I've seen a few single track videos and thought it was pretty crazy going fast through the tree's.. but now that I've tried to through the tree's, over the 90million rocks and ruts, roots, small and large logs, stumps sticking out, rocks sticking out, shrubs, etc...YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! haha I had a blast, but I def have the WRONG bike for this stuff!! My bike is a 98 yz125. Only change I've made for the tight stuff is 13/50 sprockets. I've read tons of threads on how great the 125 lightweight is and of course the famous "It'll make you a better rider" nonsense... First of all, the trail was extremely tight and I was moving a lot at about walking speed. In and out of all these tree's with no bark busters so was trying not to get a broken hand and/or finger... 2nd, and this maybe a jetting thing, I don't know, but going walk speed I was clutched most of the time, then when I needed power for the random 15 foot straight up hill climb with huge rocks and roots all over, the bike was carbon'd up and bogged a lot, it'd fall on it's face. I'd stop, hit neutral and ring it out a bit till it was capable of hitting the power band. Then the climbs became fun, but This is where the "It'll make you a better rider" really fails. These trails were way too tight to ever get out of 1st. I had arm pump bad from constantly pulling in the clutch and dragging it on the band constantly to get it un-carbon'd up for the next challenging obstacle. I was so focused and warn out from trying to keep it un-carboned, it really took away from the fun. The 3 other riders in the group all on KTMs. 2 300's and 1 four stroke. They could lug and chug those 300's all day, never carbon'd up and 1 small blip could lift the front end easily when needed. They didn't have to pull clutch or hit neutral and hold it WFO for a few to get moving. Overall it was a blast! but I'm going to be working hard trying to convince the wife that a new yz 250x is in order!!! I don't feel like flywheel weight would help any, bc I can go slow and balance w/out stalling, problem is the bike getting carbon'd up... so to avoid that, constant clutch and high-revving when hardly moving and I'm sure just smoking those clutch plates!! a 144 kit I feel would have the same problem, getting carbon'd up rendering the bike useless until you could ring it out. Maybe going to a 52 rear would help?? I just don't want to be stuck with 35mph top speed either.. I was soo beat, on the very few spots I could ring it out and even grab 2nd gear, I literally had to decide if I could sit and save the little that I have left in me or go for the un-carbon' and try not to die! haha most of the time I rested, but I hit that band a bit too, not for fun, just to un-carbon it, as much as I could.... Sorry if I used the term 'carbon'd up' 9milliion times but that really was my only complaint about the ride... Wonder if the lectron would help, or someone to properly jet it for this stuff, I just don't know.. but wow those 300's sure made things look easy, relaxing and fun! Even the 4-stroke guy was having a better time than me. I will add that I think they were impressed I made all the climbs on "That loud MX bike".. Anywayz that's my story thanks for reading!
  14. So I counted twice to be sure, but my 17 300XC has 116 links (stock chain) but all the OEM sites say 118. Since I've never changed the chain, why am I counting 116 links and not 118?