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Found 678 results

  1. nailit69

    Honda XR600R (1995)


    Overall, one of the best bikes i've ever owned. Could use a few refinements to the suspension... front in particular. Currently doing a USD fork swap to improve rideability
  2. anyone use one of these? i havent but the screen looks pretty small for viewing while riding. i would think a stand alone gps reciever would be easier to see while using. a bit of color makes maps easier to see. thoughts? by the way ive used their vapor for years now and like it.
  3. I have a new to me KLX300 with Baja Designs dual sport kit. The battery seems dead. This is OK except on the last ride I went through a dark tunnel at low engine speeds and could barely see. Would a new battery help in this situation or would the head light require more energy that the battery could supply anyway? The headlight is 35 watts.
  4. Can anyone tell me how long its safe to charge a camera for example without the engine being on?
  5. ThumperTalk

    Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    2 reviews

    Has the same features as the Hour Meter plus tachometer feature Works on any gas engine up to 2 cylinders and 8000 rpm Firing pattern 1 spark = 1 rpm Resolutions 10 rpms Maximum rpm of 9000 Suitable for all single and twin, 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engines operating within specified tachometer firing pattern
  6. Kevin_S

    Honda CRF450X (2012)


    All the mods were completed except for the Rekluse Core Exp. 3.0 and the custom JCR 1x Team Graphics which I added.<br /><br />There was a little build-up in the pilot jet that caused a lean condition but that was easily solved. All prepped and ready to go again.
  7. PorkyPig

    Honda XR650L (2007)


    This is my go-to bike for almost everything. I got it in 2014 from a guy in Iowa. It only had 650 miles and no mods. original tires, original oil. finally getting it right.
  8. JGlaze

    Kawasaki KX250F (2013)


    Making my decision to purchase this green machine was influenced by its solid results in the shootouts, as well as good reviews from local riders who had experience with the KX250F. It was purchased in the winter of 2014 as a left over 2013 model year for a great OTD price. The current 2016 KX250F is basically the same bike as the one in this review, but with some new bells and whistles. There is a start mode, adjustable foot pegs, and adjustable handle bar mounts. The “bling” on the motor is now green instead of blue, but you get the picture. Same frame, engine, and suspension. Once I got the bike home, it went into my basement to stay nice and warm for the remainder of that winter. The black triple clamps and blue anodized engine plugs really pop out as a pretty cool look for a stock bike. Although it looks nice while new, I am not a huge fan of so much black plastic. Once it scratches it looks old real quick. This is nothing a can of Maxima SC1, and a new set of graphics can’t fix. I guess I’m just old school and like the brand color to be more prevalent on the bike. As with any bike brand, you will save yourself a TON of future headache’s by doing some basic preventative maintenance before you take it out for that first ride. This not only ensures that your bike is ready for a long life of use, it also familiarizes you with how the bike is put together for future reference. One of the more common threads in the thumper talk forum’s refers to people snapping the chain adjustment bolts in the swing arm, or having major bearing issues due to lack of maintenance in the steering head for example. I striped the bike down and greased the entire chassis and wheel’s to prepare it for its first ride with Maxima water proof grease. I unplugged all of the wiring plugs on the harness, and added die electric grease to all of the connections. While the swing arm was off the bike, I removed the chain adjustment bolts to add anti seize, and grease to the threads. Once that was done I reassembled the bike and was set to ride! Engine The power of this bike really impressed me when compared to my last 250F which was a 06 Honda. I am a big fan of the new FI technology. FI gives me a lot more confidence knowing that the bike isn't going to bog when landing from big jumps. I had to adjust the valves at about 20 hours, but nothing out of the ordinary has gone wrong. I primarily ride with the white coupler on the MX tracks. The bike wakes up and produces a lot of excitement right off of idle. The power just seems to be more aggressive with this setting everywhere, and I prefer it on all the MX tracks I ride. Maybe if I went out west and rode a sun baked track, concrete hard surface I could see trying a mellower coupler. The bike gives a great tractable power in the woods with the black coupler installed. The trails around here are really tight/rocky/root's/steep, if the trails you ride are a bit faster with less rocks such as a GNCC type environment, you can leave the green or white coupler on. Suspension Handling The stock Showa SFF suspension is pretty good, although I don't have experience with the other brands to compare it too. I found that a few clicks out on the compression and rebound really calmed the front end down on the execration bumps on medium to hard terrain tracks that have a lot of small chatter bumps. At softer tracks like Southwick and even Winchester Speed Park, going in a quarter turn on the high speed, a click or 2 in from stock on the comp/rebound, and lowering the forks in the clamps so they were flush gave me great results when staying on top of the large soft rollers. I would still get an occasional weird kick or deflection from the fork from time to time however. At 20 hours I sent off the suspension to Factory Connection for are valve for my weight and ability (30+ B MX rider, 172lb). With 7 hours on the bike since I got the suspension back, I have been pleased with the changes. Using the easy to understand info sheet, I have been able to make changes based on the varying terrain and conditions with amazing results. I really notice a difference with how well the bike charges over the bumps with confidence. Doing a re-valve is one of the first things I would recommend doing with this suspension setup! The stock MX51 tires from Dunlap were not ideal for my local New England terrain, but I kept them on for about the first 7 hours. The only place I had a good feeling out of the MX51's was at Rocky Hill, CT when the track got hard packed and blue grooved late on a summer day. Unless you are riding in those conditions exclusively I would highly recommend that you change them out to Dunlap MX32's. The bike has a much better feel with those tires and I am very pleased with them so far in all conditions. Overall impression and opinion Overall, I am happy with this bike. I have really enjoyed riding it and would recommend it if you are in the market for a 250F MX bike. The light feel of the bike makes it easy to throw around. Sometimes it takes a tad more effort to initiate turns, but you quickly get used to that trait. On the other end of the spectrum, the bike is extremely stable in a straight line giving a sense of comfort which allows you to push as hard as you want to over rough straightaways. Add ons: The stock skid plate was swapped out with an Acerbic off road plastic unit which I am extremely impressed with. All it takes is 2 bolts to remove for easy cleaning and protection. Works Connection radiator braces were installed when new, along with an hour meter. I grew up in the 90's and always admired the look of the KX's of the day which influenced my purchase of the One Industries 93 retro graphic kit and seat cover. As stated above, I went with a Factory Connection re valve. Thanks for reading!
  9. Today I received my fan for my 2007 300xc-w. As suspected there are some clearance issues. I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into this? So far the options I am considering are. 1. Use a heat gun to reshape the tank in the area of the fan to provide clearance. 2. Make up some offset brackets to pivot the bottom of the rad forward to provide the clearance between tank and fan. 3. Mount the "pull" fan on the bottom front of the rad and reverse the polarity to make it a "push" fan. I think option 3 would be a real eyesore and possibly make the fan more vulnerable. I also think that having one of the rads pivoted forward will also look goofy. The heat gun on the tank makes me fear damaging my tank by possibly melting a hole, but so far it is my favorite option. I would appreciate some input from anyone who has had experience with this. Thanks
  10. StandardFish450

    Yamaha WR450F (2012)


    This bike handles really frickin awesome for being as heavy as it is. It's realiable as heck, pretty fast, reasonable to maintain, and the fuel injection is pretty sweet. It still has a bit of squishyness to the suspension though. Other then that, sweet ride!
  11. tmee

    Suzuki DR-Z400E (2000)


    Great bike, on and off road. I've owned it for a few months now and couldn't be happier. Use it as a commuter to work and an ADV bike on the weekends.
  12. WrOilFieldTrash

    Yamaha WR450F (2012)


    Pretty awesome bike, lots of unused power stock though
  13. yousef1

    Honda CRF230F (2007)


    super nice bike that i was able to make a dual sport bike out of. has many mods and is easy to maintain. bike has enough power and speed. easy and fun to ride and never get tired of or while driving. Mods wanted: Brazilian 300cc big bore set, sunline flexi levers,honda crf250l head light, hydro clutch, trx450r rear shock, cr250r forks,
  14. Suprchargedriot

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2007)


    This is my 2007 Drz400s. Its had a few different identities over the years the latest one being converted to supermotard. I've had it since it was brand new and been modifying it ever since.
  15. iPlay4keeps

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2013)


    I love riding this bike all over Washington state. It is easy to modify and change whichever parts I choose with the huge aftermarket available for this bike.
  16. Kimberwhip

    Crf250L headlight on Xr400

    Look into upgrade the headlight on my xr400 , if any of your bikes are apart could you take a few pictures on how the headlight mounts to the bike. Thank you ! Any one know if this would work ?
  17. PWM

    Honda CRF250L (2015)


    Just picked it up today, August 7, 2015. I had the shop install a FMF Power Core 4 pipe and FMF Programer before I picked it up. It runs well but I only put 40 miles on it. So far so good.
  18. I'm running my lights on my yamaha yz250f from a 9.6v. 2500mah rechargeable battery pack. Trouble is the battery pack wont run both front and back for long it only runs one at a time or one turns off due to lack of power. Both headlight bulb and rear tail light bulbs are LED. do I have to run separate battery packs to each one? I really don't want and cant to go to the expense of doing the conversion. Any Ideas anyone?? Thanks in advance.
  19. Cello

    Yamaha WR250R (2008)


    I use it for everything from onroad day-trips to tight single-track.<br /><br />Porkier and less powerful than a 250cc pure offroad bike (such as the WR250F, with which the R shares virtually no parts) - however, the 250cc dual-sport is the most versatile platform of any motorcycle. The WR250R is at the high end of that segment with enduro-like ergonomics and layout - the price reflects this.<br /><br />Stock, the engine is a dog off the line - the power only really comes on as the engine starts to scream - uncharacteristic of an off-road thumper. This can be mitigated with some common modifications to the airbox, fueling system and exhaust - this makes the bike surprisingly brisk for a 250 that weighs almost 300lbs wet!<br /><br />The off-road capability of the adjustable suspension is debatable but just about everyone agrees it's better out of the box than a Honda CRF250L.<br /><br />It's quite expensive new for a 250 but there are many used examples on the market.<br /><br />The aftermarket parts availability for this bike is very strong. For long-distance trips, a variety of extended-range tanks are available (stock range is about 110 miles on the 2gal tank, depending on conditions). Cushy aftermarket seats are available for people who don't like sitting on the 2x4-inspired saddle, which is comfortable only in comparison to race bikes. It is extremely easy to maintain, friendly to live with (it crashes very well and is very durable when fitted with appropriate aftermarket protection), and economical.<br /><br />Consider also:<br /><br />Honda CRF250L - cheaper, fuel injected, less power but more low-end torque, assembled in Thailand but less off-road focused<br /><br />Kawasaki KLX250S - slightly cheaper, but older design and carbureted<br /><br />Kawasaki KLR650 - more comfy for long street rides stock, but a handful off-road when the going gets at all tricky.<br /><br />Suzuki DRZ400S - much older design, carbureted, heavier and more top-heavy - but more gumption in the engine down low<br /><br />KTM 350 EXC - more expensive, more maintenance-intensive, but lighter and more powerful - a lot quicker in the right hands.<br /><br />KTM 690 Enduro - MUCH more expensive, a little bit heavier but great stonks of extra power to play with.
  20. Torch2552

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2006)


    The reliability and fun factor from this thing are unparalleled by any means of transportation I have discovered.