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Found 1,012 results

  1. wilaircraft

    Big bore and hot cams

    Anybody notice additional engine nose after installing a big bore kit and hot cams. Maybe more of a ticking sound at idle? Wilaircraft
  2. SpunBearing

    Top End Advice

    Have a question or 3. Have 74 documented hours and about 15 non-documented - so around 90 hrs. I've owned quite a few bikes over the years, but never owned them long enough/rode them enough to do a top end, so this is my first. Piston and cylinder are w/i spec. I did not check ring end gap. Couple weeks ago I checked compression and had 220 or 225 psi. PV, etc. was not very dirty at all. I burn C12 and K2 at 32:1. I've never fouled a plug, but it does run a bit rich. Many jet changes and clip experiments led to arrive where it's at. Any leaner with the main or needle and it seems like it's starving. Plug isn't light brown, but it's not black either. I ride trails and spend most of my time at closed to 3/4 throttle, with occassional blasts at WOT. I have a new piston, rings, small bearing, piston pin, and circlips due to arrive tomorrow. First pic is the head exactly as it came apart. Looks good to me. Second pic is the top of the piston. Exhaust side is facing left. Does this look good? Third pic is the exhaust side of the piston. What's going on there - blow by because the rings are worn, or is this normal? Fourth pic is the bottom of the piston - shows no discoloration, etc? Think that's good.
  3. Just a little back story why I am considering this. My riding group used to consist of 1 CRF250r, 1 tired CRF230F, and 1 CRF80. Which was perfect since we were always waiting for the 80 on the long stretches and my 230 had no problems keeping up with everyone being the 2nd fastest bike. However, things have changed and now the riding group consists of 1 YZ450F and 2 CRF250r bikes, therefore making my bike the slowest (not to mention me being the heaviest rider at 200 lbs) of the group. Now my question to all the engine gurus here, is it even worth putting a cam and high compression piston in my bike in an attempt to keep up on the long stretches? If so, what cam/piston is recommended now? Or should I not even bother and just enjoy the ride when we get to the tight technical sections? Or would I be better off swapping the front sprocket for a 14t for more top end speed? Thanks!
  4. Apparently rekluse has an all new auto clutch that is completely redesigned from their old model, called the Rekluse EXP. Motocross action has a small write up on it. apparently it is easier to install and maintain. all of the parts are contained in a single, large disc that you install in one shot, and uses a series of weights instead of ball bearings. there is a small news clip on Rekluses website, but interestingly it doesn't mention anything the MXA write up did, and mentions some things it didn't. it says that you can switch the bike from manual to autoclutch in a few minutes, and the clutch action feels even better than the rekluse pro. http://www.rekluse.com/exp2.shtml MXA says it will retail for 700. not much more than the rekluse pro. just figured i'd share
  5. KawaBunga2

    Simple Valve Compressor

    Here is a cheap and easy way to compress your valve springs. Tools Needed: Rag, Magnetic pen, and a metal bracket bent to shape. Step 1. Buy a package of corner braces. The brand and size shown in photo1 will do nicely. Use a vise and hammer to shape bracket into photo 2. Step 2. Place rag under valve to be compressed. Photo 3 Step 3. Place bracket as shown in photo 4 with magnetic pen in left hand. Step 4. Using your hand, press down on valve spring and collect retainer collets as shown in photo5. Your done! To install, simply place collets into position as shown in photo 6 (left valve). Then, just press down with hand using bracket as shown in photo 7, and collets usually fall into place. Sometimes you need to lightly tap one of the collets with your finger. Your done! If you have to force, pry, or hammer; you're doing something wrong. It's as simple as it sounds.
  6. jmeperu

    How to re-sleeve a cylinder

    This was done on a 400cc single but it works on twins and 4 cyl's as well. Clean your cylinder and get as much oil out as possible and freeze your new sleeve or sleeves. Use an oven to heat to 450 deg F push cylinder down and most of the time the sleeve or sleeves will pop up use an oven mitt or welding glove to pull the sleeves out. if they dont pull out then gently tap them out with a large tipped punch. remove new sleeve from freezer and drop it in. you will still need to have a machinist face the top of the cyl and bore it to your piston, but you saved yourself a few bucks.
  7. 1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Carbon clutch cover guard. Protects against rocks and brake levers DESCRIPTION Hyde Racing exhaust guard and skid plates offer a sleek factory look which protects your pipe from roost and rocks as well as protect pants and boots from burns. Made of a Teflon/Co-polymer, these revolutionary exhaust guard/skid plates come with stainless steel hardware, are abrasion resistant, will not dent, and will not crack or fatigue. The Hyde Racing form fitting design restricts mud accumulation allowing for lower engine temperatures due to more air flow, as a result there is no loss of horsepower. Hyde Racing exhaust guard/skid plates absorb sound instead of reflecting it so it offers superior impact absorption with no resonate noise.
  8. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION Pro Circuit's titanium valves are designed by Pro Circuit's race technicians and manufactured to their stringent specifications by Del West, the industry leader in F-1 racing valve technology. Each intake and exhaust valve is CNC machined and precision ground using only the finest lightweight titanium. Every valve is sprayed with a thermal nitrate coating to increase performance, durability and reduce normal wear. Available for most Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki models. CNC-machined and precision ground. A thermal-nitrate coating to increase performance and product life. Sold in pairs.
  9. 2 reviews

    Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals. Quicker shifts. The 690 has lazy shift action. Not what you want when Super Motard racing or jumping those doubles or splitting that lane. Factory Pro's opinion is that if you nudge the bike out of one gear, it ought to go into the next gear. The stock shifting, on the KTM 690, can be sketchy under even recreational use. Some individual bikes, more than others, have a propensity for false neutrals and missed shifts in critical situations. Changing the oil can make, maybe a 10% difference and perhaps moving the lever up or down can make a 10% difference - and this shift kit is a stunning 100% difference. In other words, use any old oil and have your lever set almost anywhere realistic and it will still shift well. Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals. Installation: About 1-2 hours - no case splitting required. The clutch basket doesn't even have to be removed. Available with Steel, 7 ball or 20 ball Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing
  10. 1 review

    PRODUCT DETAILS Fully polished radiator, well packed, exceeds OEM spec. The core of the radiator is welded in vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy. The tanks are 100% TIG welded.
  11. ItsJuniorJ

    Kawasaki KX250 (2006)


    When originally released the bike was highly acclaimed. 10 years on, and the KIPS system still has the ability to keep you entertained.
  12. Paul Griffin

    Kawasaki KDX200 (2006)


    Check out my ride, Put about 40 hours into it, New top end, Boyesen power reeds, air box mod, PC Pipe, new plastics and graphics. Maier rear guard looks cool too!
  13. MythicJoker

    Honda XR250R (1984)


    Just purchased, currently in the middle of rebuilding engine. EDIT 9/5/16 - Engine is rebuilt, she is running well.
  14. Brian Wilson

    Rekluse Friction Disk Kit

    1 review

    Friction Disk Kit - Designed for use in our full line of Rekluse clutches or as OEM replacements in stock clutches. Matches or exceeds the wear characteristics of OEM plates.
  15. Bryan Bosch

    TMV Billet Clutch Cover

    1 review

    TMV anodized blue, gray and red billet aluminum clutch cover for the Suzuki DRZ 400/E/S/SM (all years). Add some style and strength to your DR-Z!
  16. ThumperTalk

    Wiseco Cam Chain

    1 review

    Maximum strength and durability Expert engineering to exceed O.E.M. specifications and tolerances Premium materials reduce friction and increase service life
  17. ThumperTalk

    Moose Racing Valve Exhaust Kit

    1 review

    Each kit includes stainless steel valves, High-Rev valve springs, steel retainers, and Viton valve seals Stainless steel valves are made from a one-piece forging out of 21-4N stainless steel Valves go through a black nitrided hardening treatment which decreases valve wear and improves performance High-Rev springs are heat-treated and stress-relieved, which dramatically increases the springs life cycle Valve seals are made with Viton rubber which allows for greater seal and less stiction Made in the U.S.A.
  18. 2 reviews

    Black Diamond valves feature one-piece stainless steel construction with stellite tips and special impregnation to improve wear properties and reduce friction Sold individually
  19. ThumperTalk

    Hot Cams Builder Series Camshaft

    2 reviews

    Single cam engine. Good midrange cam for modified engines that are oversized. Can be used with stock or aftermarket valve springs, if ignition rev limit is increased requires spings VSK1009. Uses stock auto decompression mechanism.
  20. 1 review

    Developed with and recommended to enhance performance of OEM pressure plates as well as Hinson clutch baskets, inner hubs and pressure plates Made out of high-temperature steel to OEM specifications Highly resistant to losing strength due to high heat from 4-strokes Provides optimum hook-up with minimum heat build-up
  21. ThumperTalk

    Filtron Factory Flow Filter

    1 review

    Paper element oil filtration Exceed OEM specifications Sold in two pack
  22. ThumperTalk

    CP-Carrillo CPKX Top End Piston Kit

    3 reviews

    Each piston is forged from 2618-T6 aluminum to ensure maximum strength, durability and performance under extreme applications Each piston has been developed, tested and raced by championship winning professionals, enabling CP Pistons to offer the best available part on the market while exceeding your expectations Full radius crown designs maximize quench while eliminating hot spots CPKX Kits feature CPs latest Project X technology which incorporates a fully boxed style piston which ensures a high strength, lightweight assembly CPKX Kits also includes a DLC pin.This technology has been proven and used in the highest forms of motorsports because of its high resistance to abrasive wear, which extends the service life and reliability under extreme conditions CPKX Kits include a Project X piston (coated), DLC pin, circlips, rings and Cometic top end gasket kit Made in USA