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Found 25 results

  1. I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but I have not found any options available for the new 2018 bikes. I live and work for a new Beta Dealer (Auburn Extreme Powersports) in California, and we are having a difficult time mapping the RR-S bikes for full FMF exhausts. We have tried contacting Beta Support several times for this issue to no avail, and we typically are given the runaround when transferring to techs and secretaries. From what we can gather, the FMF flash is designed for the RR bikes, but not the street-legal counterparts. Every time we try to install the FMF map onto an RR-S errors occur, and the programmer screen goes virtually blank. We have heard through the grapevine that some are using the RR maps on the RR-S with success, but we have yet to try it, even on our own bikes for fear that it will permanently erase or damage the CDI. Any and all help or suggestions regarding this topic would surely be appreciated! Thanks, Ben.
  2. So I needed to get a spark arrestor for my FC350. It has internal screen which passes the stick test, but it was just for peace of mind in case you get a ranger that is super anal. I debated getting the PMB endcap, but decided to go with the FMF, partially because I figured it would be about 1lb lighter. That seemed realistic going from OEM can to full Ti can. I got it tonight and weighed both to confirm just like FMF website and every retailer and puppet that regurgitates their marketing claim says: huge weight savings! http://www.fmfracing.com/Product/ProductDetail?CategoryID=569&BikeType=MX%2FOFFROAD&BikeMake=HUSQVARNA&BikeModel=FC350&BikeYear=2016&ItemID=045595&imaConfig=Single&ParentCategoryID=31&Priority=8 OEM FC350 canister (the cone is removed but internal screen is kept). 2053g (4.52lb): FMF full Ti 4.1RCT: 2036g (4.48lb), it is A FULL 1/2 OUNCE LIGHTER! That 17g savings is huge, though to be fair I probably should have cleaned the mud off inside of Husky can before weighing, which would have made the true difference a bit closer. Of course once the spark arrestor is installed it will be heavier, but who cares about facts in today's dumbed down world. Besides I will have to do some serious filing on the spark arrestor to make it so since it won't fit anyway. So for now I can enjoy the benefits of losing 17g for a mere $400. And I am in disbelief at how poor the workmanship is besides the fact that the spark arrestor OD is too big to seat in the ID of exhaust. The form of the canister is so bad that there are .03" gaps at the endcaps on the sides. Literally a .03" feeler gauge slides right in. There seems to be no sense of shame in claiming "american made" right on the can. Yeah this post is a bit sarcastic in tone because I'm irritated with myself for thinking I was being realistic thinking it could be a lb lighter, but I really didn't expect it to be the exact same weight and made so poorly. Lesson learned, next time just buy the endcap.
  3. I just installed a BBR 170 big bore kit and a BBR camshaft for a customer. She had a KLX 140G with all the usual problems like hesitation at part throttle, cold start problems, not enough low end power if you lose momentum on a hill. She already had a FMF muffler and had re-jetted it with a 102 main and a washer under the needle as well as accessing the air screw. She still had a random hesitation and a lack of low end power to tractor her out of a jam if she lost momentum climbing a hill. After I finished the installation of the cam, cylinder and piston I did a low rpm heat cycle to break it in and another low rpm heat cycle riding it. The entire process including letting the bike cool off took just over 4 hours. This included the approximately 30 minute cool down after the first heat cycle. Now for the review: It runs better in every way. Idles stronger, starts better, pulls harder, has no hesitation and sounds way better. I'm certain it picked up a lot of torque in the low and mid range as well as the top end. After one day of riding she gained a lot of confidence in the bike and trusted it enough to climb several hill that she had been avoiding. She previously avoided those hills not because of lack of skill but because sometimes the engine would stumble and leave her stuck halfway up the hill. She is now so happy with the bike she ordered the performance ECU offered by BBR to get a little more power. I'm giving the kit 5 stars and highly recommend it. https://bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.aspx?Prod=411-KLX-1801 https://bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.aspx?Prod=411-KLX-1820 If your bike is fairly new you can reuse the "O" rings that go on the oil feed tube in the cylinder, if not there are 3 standard sized "O" rings that do not come in the kit that you might want to replace (one thick and two thin). Other than that the kit is complete and has excellent instructions. It is a simple and fun project that is for sure the best money you can spend on a 140G. The camshaft and big bore kit are sold separately and I installed both at the same time so I can not speak to how the big bore kit would work if installed all by itself but I imagine it would still be a big improvement.
  4. I recently purchased an FMF fatty factory and it came with a dent in it, is this supposed to be there? It doesn't look like a "clearance" bend to make it around the frame etc. Did I just get a lemon?
  5. 2012 KLX250S with FMF powerbomb. Melted my DS pants in a hail storm at 12,000 feet trying to get off the mountain in lightning. These were on back order but Rancho Cuchamonga Yamaha online kept my order for months until it was in, and sent it. I had to grind angles on the tabs to fit the taper of the bomb. Visually I do not like the hose clamp, but understand function over looks. Fit is super tight. No test ride today, been too sick. Hopefully this does not stick out too far. I will update with how well it works as soon as I test ride it.
  6. I was wondering if there was a general FMF brand exhaust pipe (or other type of exhaust brand) for my 1983 Honda XR350, as the previous one is filled with old oil sludge buildup (the bike was burning oil heavily before i got it rebuilt and was leaking oil buildup out of the end of the pipe) sourcing a new one is a pain, so if there is a new pipe I can purchase, please let me know. As of now I cant find one for my bike from any brand. Thanks
  7. Just installed an FMF system (powerbomb header & Q4 slip on) on my ‘05 KLR 650. Used contact cleaner and Permatex copper high temp silicone on both ends of the header. Got it up to operating temp and noticed a thin steady stream of white smoke where header and slip on meet. I idled the bike at operating temp for about 5-10 min and it didn’t produce any more/ thicker smoke so My best guess is probably something in/on the pipe burning off, probably nothing serious but i am curious as to what this might be?
  8. There's been a lot of useful info about what to do with JD Jetting settings on here and other posts, which can also lead to some confusion. I'm not comfortable enough doing it myself. So, while taking my L to get the 1600 mile valve shim check...I bought a full FMF megabomb / Q4 exhaust and JD Jetting components for them to install while they are at it. Soooo in the effort to clarify and gain some opinions as well please feel free to complete the following...I'm in the midwest... Aftermarket full exhaust/air box cover off: G/B? G? (6?), Y/B?, Y?, R?, R/B? Thanks everyone...
  9. Can anyone stick a dowel in their Turbinecore 2.1 (YZ250X model specifically) and measure how far it goes before it bottoms out in the middle of the spark arrestor? I cut mine down into a sort of spark arrested shorty but accidentally put the spark arrestor up tight against the end cap tube, and it is supposed to have some clearance for the exhaust to get through. It's too late to move the spark arrestor, I already drilled the holes and re-riveted it where it's at. The only thing I can do now to salvage it is trim some length off the end cap tube. I just want to make sure I trim the right amount off so I don't add a ton of back pressure or make the spark arrestor ineffective. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I’m new to TT and currently searching for a second-hand exhaust system for my DRZ-400S. I’m on a tight budget so buying new isn’t an option for me at the moment. With that being said, this horrid looking OEM exhaust has got to go! If there is anyone here wanting to sell their system, I’d be interested. Thanks in advance!
  11. I plan on getting a little more power out of my 2017 YZ250X. I put a gnarly pipe and a TC 2.1 on it. Helped a little in the low/mid range. The only other engine mod so far is a Wiseco piston. I want to do some mods and have been doing a lot of research. What are your thoughts on the RK Tek head? I run 50/50 92 octane and TRICK 110, so I should get away with more compression. Riding sea level-2000' so not sure how high to go on the compression...(that's a Kelsey question). I have also been reading a lot about the PV mod. Can anybody clarify how to remove the governor and how to disassemble it? As for the governor I just need to remove the (.08) washer closest to the spring, correct? Also, I have read that the shorty silencer helps with low/mid. Now this is the interesting part, the (X) has a smaller outlet diameter on the pipe than the YZ. Has anybody tried the normal YZ silencer on the X and if so, what were the results? Any other woods beast mode mods would be appreciated ?
  12. Hi , Any suggestions about RMX250 after market expansion chamber , my RMX is SJ14A Australian and Domestic Japanese market version and the placement of the expansion chamber is a bit lower then the US version RMX . I have already changed my silencer and welded custom mid-pipe . If i cant find any aftermarket pipe or difficult get can i customize original expansion chamber for a bit extra power ? thanks!
  13. Just installed an FMF system (powerbomb header & Q4 slip on) on my ‘05 KLR 650. Used contact cleaner and Permatex copper high temp silicone on both ends of the header. Got it up to operating temp and noticed a thin steady stream of white smoke where header and slip on meet. I idled the bike at operating temp for about 5-10 min and it didn’t produce any more/ thicker smoke so My best guess is probably something in/on the pipe burning off, probably nothing serious but i am curious as to what this might be?
  14. Hello. I just picked up my 2018 EXC-F 500. I ordered Vortex, FMF 4.1. and I plan to do the reed removal (unless someone suggests a reason to keep it...e.g. does it help w/ low-end torque?) I will do the emission delete, but am looking for suggestions on the best kit (best emission delete kit?) Other than Vortex (or perhaps 2019 500 Six Days ECU), FMF, the reed, and emissions delete, what else should I do? I am VERY heavy for this suspension at 6'2" 235. Should I respring both the fork and the shock? I did search the forum for a "one-stop shop for necessary mods" and didn't find one. I just cobbled this all together by reading and was hoping the fine folks on here would help me avoid any pitfalls. I am also getting the XL 80 Baja Designs LED headlight for camping trips. What else am I missing? The bike is such a slug off the floor. I think we all know that. I thought since they came out with the 2019 EXC-F 500 Six days (not street legal) that I may be able to buy that ECU and plug it in rather than the Vortex? Any thoughts on that? Prob won't work but it was just a thought. How much is a OEM ECU?
  15. Hey whats up guys and gals , I am just curious and wondering to see what you guys hate about your dirt bike or a problem you wish your bike would never have. Just curious its for a school project and I just thought you guys could help me out. Thanks
  16. I just stumbled across a hell of a deal on a brand new FMF Megabomb for a 2014 KTM 350 SX-F. However, I have a 2014 KTM 350 XC-F, and on the ad it says the pipe fits the SX-F models but says nothing about fitting the XC-F. Does anyone know if the head pipes on the SX-F's and XC-F's are interchangeable? I assume they would be since they are identical motors, but I don't want to order it and be SOL.
  17. Long time reader, first time poster. Ive got a 1984 XT600 that needs a little work. Small upgrades. One of which is a new header and exhaust pipe. Its got a clapped out, rigged up Superclapp on it now. Ive heard a Honda XR600 fmf pipe will fit the XT. Anyone know if thats true, and if so which years fit which. Thanks in advance. Sheck
  18. Hey all, ive been upgrading my 1995 XR250R and have come across many people using this FMF Muffler: http://www.fmfracing.com/Product/ProductDetail?CategoryID=42&BikeType=MX%2FOFFROAD&BikeMake=HONDA&BikeModel=XR250R&imaConfig=Single&ParentCategoryID=31&Priority=13 Has anybody here fit one of these on a 1995 or other pre 96 XR? If not what kind of good aftermarket muffler works with the 1995? Thanks and cheers
  19. Anyone know anything about this exhaust? Is this capped? Any information would be appreciated.
  20. I just recently did an exhaust repacking on my FMF Turbine Core spark arrestor pipe for my ‘98 CR250r and was able to repack and re-rivet the pipe from the end leading to the bike’s cylinder head and expansion chamber (two-stroke) without any problems. When I remounted the exhaust I noticed the tail end had an inner metal tube that was loose and could be moved around easily. I believe it was tack welded into place and he welds broke but just wondering if anyone has dealt with the exhaust outlet side when repacking the bike side and wether I didn’t assemle the exhaust correctly or whether the back part of the tubing just broke free?? Also how to fix? Here is a pic of the exhaust tip with the inner tube obviously out of place and not lined up with the outer.
  21. Hello, I just installed a full FMF system on my 2008 yz450f. Its a factory 4 slip with the mega bomb header. Had a couple questions. My first question is per the installation directions it states to put RTV high temp gasket maker at the header/slip on connection, my question is if there is suppose to be some kind of the gasket from the header into the motor? I dont believe there is but just wanna confirm. My 2nd question is on the directions it says some bikes dont need to be jetted unless given direction, which mine didnt say to. Just wanted to see if anyone has the same bike or around the same year that had to jet or didnt have to? Thanks
  22. I recently decided to get a FMF Shorty, it is fairly snug to even put it but that’s probably from the build up of oil on the fatty from the old silencer. I cleaned it up to make it as close to brand as possible. Still the silencer will not slide in enough to mount on the subframe. I’m tempted to grind off excess metal off the the end of the shorty to fit, but I’m unsure how this metal is made so I don’t create rust. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.
  23. Hey there, I moved to the orange side and just picked up a 19 KTM 450 XCF last night after trading in my 17 CRF 450. Went and rode the XCF last night on a 20 mile single track loop above Boise and it was stock, but super fun. I have already ordered a 5.4 Rear Shock Spring which I know is right for my weight, (weigh 250 with gear on). First impression of the stock bike is the forks feel a little high in the triple clamp, and it feels like the front end wants to dance, but that may be the adverse effect of the soft stock 4.6 rear spring working with stock settings in the forks. The power is sweet and smooth, the mapping and TC is rad too. Overall will be great once I get the suspension figured out. I can figure out the rear spring settings but my big questions lies in the forks -- What AER fork settings have you found work well for you guys? I ride 80% Idaho City (National Forests, 10-20mph single track) and 20% dez. What air pressure is good for you guys on single track, and what compression / rebound settings? Interested to hear what you guys have to say. Nonetheless, love the bike and going to keep figuring it out! Radius CX, FMF Ti 4.1, 5.4 spring and hand guards on the way!!!
  24. 2019 Marks a year of new winners, motivation, and the passion of FEELING inspiration for podium bound performances. FEEL IT FMF Style! #FEELITFMF
  25. I Have a 2015 KTM 450 XC-W factory edition . I removed stock muffler and installed an FMF powercore 4 slip-on. OMG!.. The bottom end is Insanely powerful!.. But I seem to have lost that mid range powerband pull?.. Seems flat in mid and I am now often WOT. Am I now too lean?. How do I get mid back?. William.
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