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Found 51 results

  1. Clutch250f

    Yamaha YZ250X (2016)


    So I've had a good year on the bike and it by far the best best I've owned! So much power and usability. I had to do some mods to even out the throttle by getting the G@ throttle with the cams, as I don't need the Supercross throttle twist in a trial that is tighter than my grip on my beer. This throttle is by far the most useful mod as it evened out the throttle so in tight sections you aren't going zero to the mood in a wrist twitch. Now I put the 8.4 ounce flywheel into her to get more low end and boy did that really make her a lugger. She came with the FMF Gnarly and the FMF Shorty pipe, I replaced the Shorty with a Q as I like "quiet" bike (I say that because it doesn't sound as quiet as my dad Husky TE300) and I need a Sparky. The oversized tank came with her and I swapped out the hand guards for my Cycra ones off my Husky. So my true overall feel for the bike, with these mods this bike has really woken up. I've taken her on a race and outside of me being an idiot and getting my shoulder dislocated just outside the pits. (Yes it's embarrassing) I love the bike. I ride it more than my others. I'd say if you can try one out, you won't go wrong.
  2. I bought the GYTR weighted flywheel and was actually reluctant to put it on fearing it would rob me of lowend, and make the bike feel lazy. So, I finally gave it a try, and wow, what a difference! In recent weeks I put on a ported cylinder, a shorty silencer, and dropped one tooth on the rear sprcket. None of which made a noticable improvement. Now on to the Flywheel weight. A friend who I ride with also has one on his bike and he is always so much smoother in the corners. He actually feared me puting in on! Well his feers were well founded. He now has the best view! From the instant I pulled away I could feel the difference. The bike actually felt 4-stroke like. Not necessarily a good thing in a two-stroke world but in a good way. Instead of blowing through the gears it wound-up like a wide ratio transmission (on the bottom) and didn't rob from the top. It was like I traded HP for torque on the bottom. My corner speed was NOTICIBLY faster in the first lap. Needless to say, for now I am sold and will leave it on!
  3. xcountryfreak

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    06 YZ250 with Carbon fiber gas tank, CF chain guide, CF silencer and pipe guard. Stock powerplant and carb, stock valving in suspension. 2010 YZ450F swingarm, linkage, rear wheel, axle and brake carrier. 2010 Honda CRF450 front brake. Miscellaneous titanium nuts and bolts and Ti rear axle. Applied Racing 22 offset triple clamps. Last weighed in at 211.5 lbs with no gas.
  4. ...I want to take 2lbs off of the flywheel. Will this be ok? I do not want to sacrafice ANY bottom end torque or low speed drivability or reliability. You can take the flywheel out with the engine in the frame. Correct?........thanks
  5. Canadian K

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    Just rebuilt the YZ250 top end and suspension. Only has 1.1 hours on it after breaking in the new piston and rings. Runs great and I'm really looking forward to riding it this season.
  6. awalker5171

    Yamaha YZ450F (2013)


    Just bought it this week. I haven't gotten to ride it yet.
  7. wild-billy

    Yamaha YZ250F (2004)


    This thing goes! ..a real woods monster...!
  8. dukeryder

    Yamaha YZ250F (2006)


    Wish I bought a 250F years ago! Love this thing! I'm not a MX racer but a like light bikes for trail riding and the 250F works perfectly. The 250FX is probably where it's at, as this bike's gearing isn't quite wide enough for the fast/open stuff. Riding on some of the 2 track and roads near Moab UT I found myself pinned in 5th a lot. The suspension is great stock, the fork is a little on the stiff side for my liking but I'm swapping to lighter springs and will opt for a revalvle if it's still too harsh but for a MX bike it works really well as is on the trails.
  9. ThumperTalk

    MSR Flywheel Weights

    2 reviews

    Precision machined from stainless steel Bolt-on installation at end of crank; no drilling or tapping required Some applications include CNC machined aluminum ignition cover for more space Makes your machine easier to ride by smoothing out the hit
  10. BrooklynStreets

    How to remove flywheel nut?

    Hi guys, I'm about to take my flywheel off to replace the starter clutch and do the loctite fixes. I'm a novice mechanic and this is my first time inside this part of the engine. I've read the tutorial and watched a youtube vid but in the vid they used an impact wrench which I don't have. Can anyone tell me how to secure the flywheel so I can remove and then reinstall the flywheel nut to the specified torque? I do have the flywheel puller for once I get this nut off. Also, there is no cs sprocket or chain currently on the bike. Also, what is the correct torque for this nut? I've seen different figures ranging from 36ft lbs to 72.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    Honda CR250R (2001)


  12. kauko40

    Yamaha YZ250 (2008)


    It seems to have very good power and really easy to use power band with the modifications that we have. It definately needed more braking power which we addressed by installing an oversize front disc. Now we're working on getting the suspension dialed in for my son and after that it'll be pretty much "perfect" MX veapon :). Very light and nimble.
  13. ToadalyCrazyCanadian

    Fly wheels

    Has anyone switched to the smaller fly wheels for the zonger 125 motor with the interior magnet? I'm running out of mods to do to my motor and was contemplating the flywheel but with the lighter faster spinning flywheel I see more reliability issues with the higher than recommended rpm. I still run air cooled and don't currently have overheating problems running 20w50 full synthetic but with the higher revs its safe to assume my bike would run hotter so I would have to go oil cooled. I've already done a true valve job have a knock off 26mm carb ported my intake and exhaust..... Etc etc etc.... Basically I want to know if anyone has tried this and what the pros and cons are and what mods may not have thought of?
  14. MSEG77

    Yamaha YZ250 (2014)


    My 2014 YZ250 awesome bike on the mx track
  15. ClutchinChrisG

    Flywheel Choices

    So my '00 DRZ 400E has had an issue ever since I got it back in March. It would not charge the battery. If you were really really revving it it would sort of almost charge it, but it wouldn't keep the battery full. It ran good though and has a kickstart so I decided not to mess with it until late fall when I could have the bike down for a while to figure it out. I did a little research, bought a multimeter, and started doing some electrical tests. The stator in the bike was clear shorted to ground and totally shorted to itself as well. No wonder it wasn't charging, dumping any power it makes right back into itself. I bought a RickyStator stator and started the install last night. It was gonna be a 45 minute job when I ran into some issues... :( I figured out why the old stator fried, a piece of metal, not sure where from, was lodged deep into the coils on the top of the stator. It had been forcfully smashed into this position by the flywheel. Unfortunately, while my flywheel and stator did righteous battle inside my motor, neither of them won and are both totally totaled. So I need to buy a flywheel and a flywheel puller. I have a few options as it seems, I can get the heavier LTZ 400 flywheel, the DRZ flywheel, or the TrailTech lightened flywheel. I'm leaning toward the stock DRZ flywheel, cheapest I could find in five minutes on Ebay and the lighterflywheel doesn't really make sense to me. I just wanted some opinions on this. Also, any idea what is stuck in my stator, it isn't the stator bolts, but when I took them out they didn't have loctite so it is probably the original stator. Anything else known to come dislodged and relodged into the stator? It's weird to think that it is something not from the stator itself even though it looks clean, it's a pretty big wad of metal, hard to believe it'd migrate all the way to the stator and then manage to weasle its way into place.
  16. TillamookTrailJunkie

    Yamaha YZ250X (2017)


    Best bike I've ever ridden hands down!!! Nothing bad to say other than it needs a tank and a skid plate to complete it as an "off road" bike but that's about it!