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Found 144 results

  1. Michael499

    Kawasaki KX250F (2014)


    Solid platform to work with. . Carter and Gary Bailey worked on final suspension settings, which are TCD's handy work. The C4MX modified race motor arrived and is ready for installation. New black plastics await the graphics. The Yosh pipe is on. Rental bars cut to 31.5" are on. Sharp footpegs too. The Braking oversized rotor. Graphics are on their way. Here the initial start up of the C4MX motor at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJF-VuBRauw
  2. ThumperTalk

    Moose Racing Hybrid Footpeg

    3 reviews

    Each footpeg is cast from 17-4 stainless steel, given a solution-annealing treatment, and age-hardened for superior strength Width (57mm) and length (90mm); slightly convex platform for better boot positioning and grip when leaning forward or back Dual-plane teeth provide traction without the stuck feeling Available with 1/2 rear offset to allow more space Use your OEM springs, unless otherwise noted in application chart Made in the U.S.A.
  3. 2 reviews

    DESCRIPTION Like the Titanium Footpegs, the pegs feature a triple row cleat design with a cross brace for positive grip and impact strength. They are 57mm wide for added grip and strength. FEATURES Stainless steel pegs are not only stronger and lighter than stock, in most cases they are a more cost effective alternative to OEM pegs Simple bolt on installation with no modifications Alternating V & X shaped teeth provide a positive grip regardless of conditions 57mm wide foot bed creates a confidence inspiring stable platform Made in the USA
  4. Chadillac801

    KTM 500 XC-W (2012)


    2012 KTM XC-W, gobs of power! I'm 6'5" and right around 250lbs and this things pull me around like i'm a 180lb rider. I added Factory Connection fork and shock springs and that made a huge difference. My wheels track the ground excellent in trail and desert riding. Love it!
  5. ThumperTalk

    Moose Racing Pro Footpegs

    1 review

    Constructed from cast, heat-treated and hardened 17-4 stainless steel Width (57mm) and length (90mm); slightly convex platform for better boot positioning and grip when leaning forward or back Larger surface area with serrated teeth for positive gripping Made for the aggressive rider Available with 1/2 rear offset to allow more space Sold in pairs Made in the U.S.A.
  6. Romy

    Honda XR400R (1999)


    Over the years I’ve owned a few dual sports, street legal from the factory: XT, DRZ, CRF-L. Each one was lacking in one way or another. Heavy, underpowered and burdened with emissions crap. I always found myself modding the crap out of them to confidently take on aggressive woods / atv trails. Basically, I had a $3-4000 machine which I had to dump a bunch more $$$ into to get the performance I wanted. So, I picked up this ‘99 XR400 for cheap money. For $1400 bucks, it needed tires, a chain and a carb cleaning. Bone stock mechanically, it already had more power than any of my previous DP’s (so there’s untapped potential). It came already set up with a BajaDesigns light kit, proTaper bars, Acerbis bark busters and an IMS 4.0 gallon tank. I tuned it up, added a Doubletake Mirror, RAM mounts for my GPS/Phone and I’m riding it a bunch and enjoying it very much!
  7. BDubb106

    Raptor Titanium MX Footpegs

    1 review

    DESCRIPTION Super strong. Using hand-fabricated, aerospace-grade titanium and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce the strongest welds, eliminating stress and corrosion. Ultra light-weight, only 410g per set. Maximum grip 24 tooth design, 3 Rows of teeth on a wider platform (57mm) offering a greater surface area. Anti-clog design to resist mud clogging and buildup. Hand-fabricated in the UK. All Raptor Titanium footpegs are supplied with compatible stainless steel springs. Extra springs can be obtained from our accessories page.
  8. Hey all, I recently bought a 13 WR250F, and so far am loving the bike (came off a 04 yz125). The power is very mellow and easy to use in the bush which is where I ride. That said, I am wondering where the correct position is on the foot pegs for my feet. I wear MX boots, is this what all enduro riders wear? I have played a bit with my gear shifter position and rear brake freeplay to try and set it up so i can have my foot under the shifter and over the rear brake while standing/sitting but I can't find a happy medium. I am fearful of riding the rear brake with my foot over it, and sometimes accidentally hit it and lock up my gear. I had the gear shifter up so high that I had to left my leg off to change gears correctly, surely this isn't the correct technique for off road riding. Originally I would ride with the arch of my foot (the curved part?) and stick my feet outwards to prevent hitting the rear brake or shifting. But holding the bike with my legs feels unnatural this way, so I assume its not the correct way to ride, as everybody says. Grip the bike with your legs! So being a total gumby and noob, what is the correct technique and foot placement? Should I look at a after market shift leaver? I am a size US 12 in a MX boot.
  9. Erik Marquez

    Toy time

    What a pleasure to work on a almost new DRZ434 SM (SSW worked motor already)... Clean, well maintained and rider wanting to do only the best in add ons, MODS, and all the reliability fixes prepping for a long upcoming ride. I really don't mind helping out the cash strapped rider that just needs it fixed.... But I really enjoy building with the best parts available. Install IMS gas tank with manual petcock Install and wire F&R LED blinkers, Electronic flasher and Edge tail light using OEM connectors sourced from Japan. Install Kick start kit Install S kick stand Install IMS pegs Oil Change Free Power MOD Bypass Kick Stand Switch Install 4 circuit Painless wiring ATO fuse panel Install Volt meter Install GPS and wiring Install Headlight bypass using Highway Dirt Bike brake perch dual switch PILEOPARTS
  10. motoinmoab

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2013)


    I love the DRZ, it does everything I want a bike to do. Some of my other mods that aren't detailed below are the Vibranator vibration canceling bar inserts, flush mount rear turn signals, ProMoto billet rack, and a tool box from a Yamaha XT225.
  11. Baxter67

    Beta 300 RR (2015)


    I told my wife I was buying a bike with everything I wanted on it when it's new, so I ordered this on Beta's BYOB at $12,000 total, in July '14 and received it Sept '14, a great deal for what's in the bike, I was surprised she was good with that. The bike has been reliable and has me riding faster than ever.
  12. 2 reviews

    An Adventure Foot Peg with Proven Purpose. A larger platform with better peg traction & much improved comfort . The Impact Adventure Peg, Patent # US 6390488, accomplishes this by isolating the large cleat from touching metal to metal, resulting in the rider experiencing less vibration and abuse transferred to the foot. With the Impact Adventure Peg you'll have more leverage, while your foot stays better planted, resulting in your feet, ankles and knees feeling better. This adds up to a better day on the bike. How does it perform? Proofed out in the notoriously choppy, teeth chattering, West Rim in Southern Utah, a trail that is initially so harsh with slick rock ripples many find an alternate route to the “good stuff.” This was the perfect proving ground for the Impact Peg, as often riders feet vibrate or bounce off of the pegs from the continual chatter. With the Impact Moto Peg the harshness of the rocks was squelched, the riders feet stayed on the pegs, and brutality of the notorious chop tamed. Further the slick rock drops provided the perfect opportunity to test the how the Impact Moto Peg performed on massive impacts. Our test riders repeatedly launched big rocks to flat landings, noticing none of the sharp pain or sting shooting through their feet to their lower back as they would with any other peg. What is the Impact Moto Peg made out of? Both the cleat and the base are made out of 7075 T6 aluminum, providing the best structural integrity and wear resistance. The cleat is 112mm long by 60mm wide to provide a large platform with extra leverage often needed on large adventure bikes. 13 5mm Inserts are positioned for optimal traction and wear resistance. The base is shot peened and anodized, while the cleat is hard anodized for wear resistance. The cleat is isolated from touching metal to metal through our base elastomer on the bottom, and cup elastomers on top. 10.9 bolts secure the cleat to the base, making the Impact Moto Peg not only the best performing, but the strongest aluminum peg on the market. Models: Currently we only offer the Adventure Impact Pegs for KTM Adventure bikes, old chassis KTM/Husqvarnas (pre '16) and Husqvarna 701. We should have Adventure Pegs available for BMW, Triumph, the African Twin and Yamaha's Super Tenere shortly. Features Absorbs vibration and abuse. The elastomer absorbs vibration allowing your feet to remain better planted on the pegs. High-frequency abuse like spikes, jolts, and bumps are also dramatically reduced through the cushion of the elastomer. Exceptional traction A combination of our tooth profile coupled with minimized vibration, and larger platform (112mm x 60mm,) literally grabs hold of the bottom of your boot. Hard Anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum Provides exceptional construction, strength and wear resistance. Down and back. The KTM Impact Adventure Peg is a 1/2" down and back to open ergos, providing more room on the bike.
  13. nks0

    RHK Technology Footpegs

    3 reviews

    DESCRIPTION Forged from solid billet aluminium these extremely lightweight foot pegs are refined during the manufacturing process for unrivalled strength. The unique triple bridge design allows for 17 teeth across 3 rows for superb grip. The aerodynamic design reduces excess mud build up and 57mm overall width provides greater stability. All this and spare standard grips plus and additional set of super aggressive teeth. The RHK Pursuit foot peg is a must have for all serious riders and racers. SPECIFICATIONS SKU: L05YA120001 Brand: RHK Technology Shipping Weight: 0.9900kg
  14. 7 reviews

    Incredibly strong lever arms are cut from solid blocks of 6061 billet aluminum Tip positions are adjustable to change the length shorter, longer or at stock Kits include brake snake and clevis Large aluminum brake tip
  15. After installing Jimmy Button hi bars and an up and forward riser on my DRZ I was right at the limit of my cables. I really didn't want to go higher with the expense of new parts and new cables. I wanted to lower the already high center of gravity a little, not raise it more. Knight Design was willing to make a set of lower pegs ( close to 1in. lower) and after some work has come up with a peg that works great for me, and the brake and shifter can easily be adjusted to the new height. The pegs are also lighter and look cool as well. I am 6'2" and weigh 210 lbs. I can finally stand without getting a sore neck. If interested you can contact: Alicia at Knight Design at sales@knightdesignllc.com or google it. I am not affiliated with Knight Design. Just trying to help others with the same problem I had. 2 pics attached
  16. hedonist222

    KTM 500 EXC (2014)


    Perfect for cross-country
  17. Mark-us-B

    Footpegs, Who's using what?

    Ok, been playing with a couple of different pairs of boots lately and starting to look at what I'm standing on, LOL! Yeah, I still have the OEM 2014 stuff, and decided against using the PivotPegs as I had on my last bike. I guess there is not a lot of options for the Beta bikes yet? I'm not liking the OEM "wide pegs" on the Beta website. There's Fastway and what else that fits the Beta that people like? Is there another bikes pegs that fit our Beta's?? Thanx! M
  18. DoodleWoods

    KTM 250 XC-W (2015)


    Great motor, great suspension, great handling. Rides better than it looks. Fast as eff. Easy to work on and maintain. A keeper for life. Needs a few mods for added comfort on the road, but overall, there's no bike I'd rather be on.