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Found 144 results

  1. k.g

    Yamaha YZ250 (2007)


    Bought just to start woods racing, and it was a great idea. What an awesome bike. One of my favorite bikes I've ever owned, and I've owned a bunch.
  2. SS109

    Gas Gas XC 250 (2011)


    This is actually a 2011 GasGas EC250 Racing and not an XC. Anyway... Last of the small framed GG's! These bikes fit my short self better than any other bike I have ever ridden. Really like the styling and the little details that most don't think about that this bike has. OEM it comes with a hydraulic clutch, dual ignition mapping, Galfer rotors, Vforce III reeds, 2k3 stator, an actually useful headlight, and a lot of smaller details. I'm really loving the 48mm PFP Zokes up front and the Ohlins 888 shock. The forks are plush without feeling mushy and vague. The shock, well, it's Ohlins! Just dial it in and it works great everywhere. This bike has a lot of bells and whistles added by it's previous owner (Thanks Ricky D!) along with a ton of extra parts when they're needed. Currently equipped... BRP bar isolators/Scotts damper setup, Renthal twin walls, Fastway barkbusters w/Cycra shields, MSR pegs, Lectron carb, Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 w/matching billet clutch basket, Emperor Racing radiator cages, RB head mod, LTR powervalve cover, FMF Gnarly pipe and Q4 Stealth silencer, carbon fiber pipe guard, Renthal 13t CS sprocket, Supersprox 48t rear sprocket, No Toil dual layer air filter, Twin Air billet air filter cage, bib mousses front and rear, Kenda Parker DT's front and rear, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a thing or two! Now, for the only things I don't like. The seat reminds me of a KTM it is so hard but instead of a 2x4 like KTM it feels more like a 2x6! The other is how the air filter locates on the air box. You have to be really careful to get it seated correctly. Next mods for me are Tubliss on both ends and Goldentyre Fatty 90/100 up front and a Shinko 525 cheater 120/100 rear. Also have some smaller diameter Scott Deuce grips coming as well. Hopefully this will complete the mods I want to make and I'll be ready for the upcoming AMRA racing season. Overall, I'm really loving this bike and thinking I will be enjoying it for years to come.
  3. RMmatt

    Honda CR250R (2004)


    To many mods to list.. Very fast fun bike handles great
  4. Bmorin237

    Yamaha YZ125 (2011)


    Amazing vehicle, everything you could possible do to a 125 it has. 134 kit, factory connections, full fmf exhaust, vforce 3 reeds, anodized blue renthal fat bars, Hinson clutch components and cover, Boyesen factory engine cover, gold renthal chain/black sprocket, Motoseat cover, (Excel notako black rims, OEM anodized blue hubs, FULL MGXunlimted graphics kit).Items in parenthesis will be put on over winter rebuild. Pics to come.
  5. Mefesto

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


    Recently I've owned an 08 WR450F, 11 KX450F, and now a 13 450SXF. I have to say the KTM is the cream of the 450 MX crop in the snow. This bike performs so well for me I've decided to hang onto it for another season.
  6. Wait-A-While

    Suzuki DR-Z400E (2016)


    This bike is a super easy bike to ride. I took it out on exactly the same trail as my usual old WR250F and was able to ride it with more speed and confidence. I was expecting the Suzuki to be more difficult to ride with the stiffer springs, heavier weight and bigger engine but the opposite was true. The thing that really set the two bikes apart was the confident handling at the front end of the Suzuki. Whenever it hit a large rock I could find the front deflected to an extent and having to steer the bike back onto the trail. The Yamaha tends to get horribly rattled on the same obstacles. It feels like the wheel gets deflected sideways and it's a violent, slipped-on-a-banana-peel feeling (to be fair to the WR it could be a front end problem and I will work on the suspension). The heavier weight of the DR-Z gives it a stable feel on the trail and irons out the stiff bumps somewhat. The only time the extra weight was really noticeable was when the bike was airborne and flicked a bit. The suspension was smooth, responsive and predictable. The engine was very smooth, with plenty of torque. It's also pretty responsive for a 400cc single and I'm keen to see what it's like when worn in. Minimal gear changes were necessary since the sweet spot was huge. What it puts up with before it stalls makes it very learner friendly. The ergonomics are very comfy for my height. The height of the bike (with stock seat, sag not set) was very comfortable with my 80cm (31.5") inseam. I found my back a little fatigued standing with the stock handlebars, but I did have a tendency to try to get my weight back on this bike. I can't really explain why I was doing that, I can only guess it's because it's geometry feels different to what I'm used to and I'm compensating unnecessarily. The ergonomics of the Suzuki actually seem more suited to my size than the WR250F (2002), which seems like it's for someone a little taller. A low point for this bike is the lack of a 6th gear. For trail riding it doesn't need one, but if you want a bike you can ride on the highway and the trails (which is pretty much the purpose of road legal dirt bike) this would be something that would make you look for a different bike. The looks of this bike are ok, but not stunning. You know it's a dual sport from the looks. The stock graphics are attractive and minimalist. It would always be nicer to have lots of decals covering the plastics to minimise the bush pinstripes but it never seems to happen. What did happen was a bonus enduro kit with spark arrestor, Suzuki bash plate and Barkbusters 'Ego' hand guards. The Ego model is a low profile small model meant for shorty levers. The stock DR-Z doesn't have shorty levers so I think 'Jet' would have been a better choice. The long levers foul the Ego aluminium brace and create an annoying buzz. The bash plate also makes a hideous rattling noise that turns heads. It was coming from the rear bracket rattling against the cross-member it rests on. I'm going to solve the problem with a piece of foam beer can cozy. The rider: 5'8" 65 kg (143 lb) 39 year old female Moderate fitness level Intermediate level trail rider The bike set up: I didn't know what the DR-Z suspension should be set at for myself so I had a guess and adjusted everything to 2 clicks away from softest. It has an SDG tall seat and Moose Hybrid footpegs with rear offset as the only aftermarket changes. The exhaust and jetting are unchanged and the road restrictor remains installed in the muffler.
  7. bdub_24

    Kawasaki KLX110L (2010)


    This bike has been the perfect pitbike all around.
  8. motoinmoab

    Yamaha XT250 (2015)


    It's not a serious dirt bike, but it's lots of fun on and off road. Probably my favorite thing is the low seat height, I fall over with my DR-Z400 every ride in the dirt.
  9. James Riseborough

    Suzuki RMZ250 (2007)


    fun bike very well balanced and light. Plenty of power too with revs to the moon.
  10. First and foremost I'm not normally one who bashes on a product... About a year ago I purchased a set of these pegs. When they first arrived I was really impressed with their build quality. These are some sturdy pegs without a doubt! Over the past year I have put these pegs to the test from pounding rocks in the Colorado Rockies to now, the Arizona desert. Now that they have a considerable number of hours on them some issues have come up. The so called replaceable cleats in the pegs have come loose and one by one falling out on the trail. The cleats are pressed in rather than being threaded in like other brands. Okay... No big deal I accept that. I mean your pegs take one hell of a beating. The problem lies in trying to get replacement cleats! Its friggin' mission impossible! I've called everywhere that carries these pegs and it's a no go on replacements. I went to Scars website and there is no phone number to call but rather a email form you fill out. I filled out the form and explained the situation and expressed that I need new cleats. As soon as you click submit the form crashes. Tried again from another computer that wasn't running that POS Windoze 8 (don't even get me started on Win 8) with the same result. So basically I just pissed my money down the drain on these pegs. In conclusion I will no longer support nor spend my money on another scar product. I have a set of Fastway pegs on their way and I know I can get new cleats for them. It's a shame really because I really liked the pegs but they went drastically wrong with using pressed in cleats.
  11. STEP IT UP! Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts Foot Pegs Are Outstanding In Their Field August 11, 2016 Irvine, CA — The Malcolm Smith Racing Collection has to live up to the standards set by the legendary Malcolm Smith himself. From the tip of Baja to the Roof of Africa for Six Days and On Any Sunday, Malcolm Smith has been there and won that! Every component in the collection is engineered to not only survive but thrive in the most extreme conditions. “Before Malcolm's name goes on, some serious design goes into every product,” explains Brand Manager Jason Gearld. “Case and point, our stainless steel foot pegs. Most riders take the lowly peg for granted, but considering the only two points of contact you have with a bike are the bars and the pegs, they become critical.” The tougher the terrain, the more important it is to be up on the pegs and in total control. With that in mind Malcolm Smith Racing pegs feature an exclusive arched cleat design to provide for better positioning and enhanced control. Further improving feel and control are the 55mm wide foot beds and aggressive cleats to keep the riders feet firmly planted at all times. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction ensures that these pegs will last a full Six Days, if not the lifetime of your bike, quips Gearld. “And they will look damned good doing it!” · Stainless steel cast construction resists rust and corrosion for added life and durability · Exclusive camber/arched cleat design aids in enhanced rider positioning and control · A 55mm wide platform provides for comfort and control · Aggressive peaked cleat pattern keeps rider firmly planted in all weather conditions without tearing up the soles of your boots · Open flow-thru design keeps mud and rocks from building up · 13mm (1/2″) rear offset for larger feet or to achieve a more rearward position · Made in the U.S.A. “When it comes time to step up your off-road game settle for nothing less than legendary!” says Gearld. “Keep your elbows up and your feet on Malcolm Smith Racing pegs.” Get more details here: http://msracing.com/hard-parts/controls/foot-controls/footpegs.html ### About Malcolm Smith Racing HardParts: Malcolm Smith Racing off-road products bear the name of the most legendary off-road racer of all time and we are honor-bound to live up to the legacy. Built to perform, to last and to survive more extreme conditions than your ordinary parts. Adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards, Malcolm Smith Racing believes in bringing products to the off-road community that provide riders reassurance so you can enjoy your passion. Our passion is to ensure that our riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse weather conditions and over difficult terrain with peace of mind. Malcolm Smith Racing is your brand and our goal is to offer you the best in off-road parts and accessories. For more information about the Malcolm Smith Hard Parts Collection, visit www.msracing.com
  12. Adrenolin

    Yamaha WR250R (2015)


    My FIRST motorcycle at 46 years of age! Bought this 2015 Yamaha WR250R brand new from the dealer back in Oct 2015 with 4 miles on it. Most of my miles are street and highway but hit the dirt often and whenever I can. Simply love this bike! I'm currently setting it up for Adv Riding and it'll be seeing more of the USA and Canada this and following years. No trailers, no rear carriers.. just me, the bike and the miles we pass.
  13. 1 review

    Lighter than stock Much wider than stock with exceptional grip Moves pegs back 1/2in. for a less cramped feel and easier braking and shifting Open design to prevent mud and dirt build up Mounts quickly and easily using stock hardware Works with stock or aftermarket peg bar
  14. 1 review

    The Evolution of the Standard footpegs; Scar is the inventor of footpegs with integrated component teeth (a registered design) Made from high quality aerospace aluminium then CNC-machined; 40% lighter and 20% more resistant than OEM Exceptional grip with the new sharpened teeth made out of high strength tempered steel The body of the Foot pegs is 57mm width (+ 10mm compares to the stock pegs) Comfort improved & better control, thanks to an increased width which provides 30% more surface are for greater shock absorption during high G loading (casing jumps etc...) Ideal for extreme conditions, such as sand or mud
  15. marauder1441

    DRC Products - Wide Footpeg

    3 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS Durable steel wide foot pegs. Made of chromium molybdenum steel for extreme durability. 50mm step width provides better grip and control. Mid(Stock step height), High (5mm higher than stock peg position) and Low (5mm lower than stock peg position) are available for rider's body type or use. Black chrome plate coating finish for less corrosion.
  16. uuc328

    Turner Footpegs

    1 review

    DESCRIPTION Made from CNC-machined forged 6061 T6 aluminum. Quality anodized for durability and good looks. Replaceable stainless steel cleats. Dimensions: 3-1/4" X 2-1/4" (57 mm X 83 mm). Sold as a pair.
  17. ThumperTalk

    Drag Specialties Footpegs

    2 reviews

    Features black finish or polished and chrome-plated die-cast construction Knurled nylon insets for style and durability for all-day riding Matching shift pegs and grips available separately This unique foot peg style is only available from Drag Specialties
  18. 7 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS The new Fastway Evolotion AIR footpegs are now the ultimate pegs in the Universe. Narrowly beating out the industry standard Fastway Evolution 3's for the crown; the new AIR pegs are lighter, stronger, and man do they look good on your bike! Designed and sculpted out of the best 7075 Billet aluminum by Pro Moto Billet elite engineers and machinists, then hard anodized and laser etched for looks- means that the Evolution AIR pegs are NOT your low quality imported run-of-the-mill footpegs. Featuring Fastway's Patented adjustable HEIGHT, TRACTION, and CAMBER options, the Evolution AIR footpegs are superior in every way. Weighing in at a scant .60 pounds per SET, the Evolution AIR pegs are 50% lighter than our Stainless Steel Evolution 3 pegs, while being the same size. Put a set on your bike and ride them. You'll quickly agree that they are the best footpegs in the Universe.