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Found 21 results

  1. I have the engine running where I like it now and am looking for advice on suspension mods. We ride mostly muddy,rocky areas( no real trails per say) with some hard pack and sand.There are no local suspension shops I know of in AK so will have to ship to America.Thanks in advance
  2. Been a member for a while but didnt post anything until now. I purchased by 2010 YZ450F about 6 months ago from a racer. I checked everything out on the bike and it seemed great. He said he just upgrades bikes every year and this was his previous year bike. I have been trail riding and riding mx and supercross at a local track. It does have suspension work by Total Control Suspension for a 220# rider and I'm 190. Long story short, we were riding at the track yesterday for a few hours and when I parked to talk to a few buddies one of them noticed that the frame was cracked close to the steering head. After further investigating we found that it was craked on both top tubes that connect to the steering head about 3/4 of the way around. The tube that comes down from those tubes and connects to the down tube is broken completely off the down tube. The down tube is cracked about 1/2 the way around. So it seems that it would have only taked a few more landings before it completely broke the steering head off. ALL of these cracks started or are completely through the center of the welds. All of the cracks/breaks look clean inside, like a fresh break. Is this a common problem on these bikes? I called Yamaha hoping for some help but you all know what they said, its not a defect. Is there anyone else that I can contact? I talked to a yamaha customer specialist, but had hoped to talk to an engineer. I can include pics if anyone would like to see them.
  3. Well folks, as some of you might already know, I've spent some time and money getting my KX250 woods-worthy, and manageable for my short stature (light forks and shock springs, hand guards, smaller front sprocket, skid plate, shaved seat, etc). I did my new top end exactly 2 weeks ago. And then it happened: I found out my buddy was selling his low hour 2009 XC 200 2T. And I'll be the first to say that I never thought I'd own a KTM. I grew up in 70's America, falling in love with Hemi super stock cars. Brute force, in your face. Just like my KX. But the XC is just so... gentlemanly. Nimble, light, refined. Truly enjoyable to ride (I've never been on any KTM before) Honestly, I would compare the feel more to my trials bike than a MX bike. The odd thing is that on paper, the KTM has exactly 1 more horsepower than my KX. But it doesn't feel it. I kept waiting for the hang-on-oh-my-God assault like my KX delivers, but it's not there. I know the delivery is intentionally moved to the lower end for these XC's. And it does wake up with a deliberate twist of the throttle. But it's just missing...something. I intentionally didn't post in the KTM section because I didn't want the KTM pompous elite telling me what a "real bike" feels like. Anyone here have a similar experience? Don't get me wrong, in 10 minutes I was in love with the bike and committed to buying it. But I'm hoping that the strong points of the XC will get stronger as I ride and will overshadow my occasional need for an adrenaline fix, instead of me getting more bored with it. And fwiw, I ride strictly woods, trails, enduro. I love technical stuff (as if the trials bike didn't clue you in). And please guys, keep the sarcasm and elitist comments out. I'm truly looking for experiences you've had, if similar. Don't make me come over there!
  4. Mi_thumper_82

    Yamaha YZ450F (2004)


    Just picked this baby up. Can't give an accurate review due to not riding it enough yet. But this bike rips!
  5. Axel43

    MIT Motors Swingarm Spools

    1 review

    DESCRIPTION Color: Blue Size: 6mm Material: Aluminum Finish: Anodized Durable Finish MADE IN TAIWAN
  6. Fzzap

    1989 Xr 100 help

    Hello everyone. I have a 1989 xr 100.the frame has been poorly rewelded many time and I am looking for a good replacement. If I am not mistaken in 1990 the ignition changed to cdi which changed frame somewhat. What year frames are a perfect match to the 1989? Does anyone have a source for used parts that they like best?
  7. Hi Everyone, After reading for weeks on the various tips and tricks on how to polish and aluminum frame, I decided to test a few methods using my 2008 YZ250F as the guinea pig. There is so much conflicting opinions online it's really hard to determine the best way to polish and aluminum frame. If you add on top of that all the silly ass remarks and idiots who don't even bother to post photos, it's a recipe for stupidity. Hopefully, this series of posts will help those of you who want to do this yourself and have gotten stuck in all the chaos of opinions. Method: In this first test, I took probably the easiest method to try and it has a really low cost. I used Mother's Aluminum polish and Mother's Power Ball applicator to polish the right side of my aluminum frame. You can purchased these products at any decent auto parts store for less than $50. I did not use any other products - nothing to take the coat off the stock frame, etc. I did use a few terry cloth towels to hand polish the tight areas where the Power Ball would not work easily. It only took about 1 hour to polish the right side. Admittedly, I did it pretty quick just to get the test results. Pictures: You can see pictures of the results at http://gallery.mac.com/garogreen/100189 - email if you want other pics. These are high res images that show you the end results well. Conclusion: While this definitely added some shine to my frame, it was far from trick and not the result I wanted. It ended up giving my frame a shiny and foggy appearance. It was impossible to see any reflection in the frame. It looks better than the stock frame, but not the result most of you want. You can also still easily see a lot of scratches in the frame - bummer. If this isn't the desired result you want - then look for my next post where I try multiple grades of grit to sand the left side.
  8. 1 review

    Replacement for weak OEM upper and lower tank bolts. Available as kit (upper and lower bolt assembly) for 2008-2013 or 2014-on models. (Fits on Husqvarna 701) - 701 owners, please read THIS! Button head bolts are now included in the kit. Upper assembly (bolt caps and bolts) is also available as separate item too and it is same for all model years. KTM 690 Enduro/Enduro R/SMC suffer from known and documented problem with weak upper subframe (tank) bolts. This kit minimizes chance of failure of upper subframe (tank) bolts, by preventing free play in lower tank joint and by improving quality and design of upper tank joint. KTM 690 Enduro and Husqvarna 701 tank bolts issue explained. Kit consist of upper and lower assembly. Upper assembly: Upper bolt caps(qty. 2) are made of AISI 4140 steel, heat treated (for added strength) then zinc coated (rust protection). That makes them virtually indestructible. Size of the head is standard – 27 mm, same as front axle nut. There is M6 threaded hole for OEM bolt holding plastic fairing. Bolt cap is designed to be slim so plastic fairing is not sticking out more then it does when OEM upper bolt is used. Upper bolts (qty. 2 + optional 2) are 12.9 machine bolts, zinc coated. These are much stronger then OEM upper tank bolts. 25 mm long, so 15 mm is threaded into the bolt cap, when properly torqued. NOTE: in kits for 2014-2016 bikes additional button head bolts are provided - those are for Husqvarna 701 bikes. M6 small washers(qty. 2)are standard M6 steel zinc coated washers. These are used with OEM M6 bolts, that holds side fairings and bolts into the upper bolt cap. Lower assembly: Lower bushings (qty. 2) are made of strong plastic - polyamide with molybdenum, much stronger then OEM rubber lower bushings, yet gentle enough to be in close contact with plastic tank (rubber OEM upper bushings are kept, because completely rigid tank-frame connection wont be a good thing). Slightly different size, so they fit better. Sleeve(qty. 1) is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, without internal thread. Lower bolt (qty. 1) design is only difference between kit for 2008-2013 and 2014-on bikes. For 2008-2013 bikes high quality M8x140 allen head 12.9 zinc coated bolt is provided. For 2014-on bikes custom M8x154 mm hex head 10.9 zinc coated bolt is provided. Washers (qty. 1) are standard large M8 steel zinc coated washers andnut(qty. 1) is standard M8 steel zinc coated safety nut.
  9. shiftline

    Weak frame?

    Has anyone has any issues with dents or tweaks to their frames ? I hair noticed my foot pegs were not completely even the. Saw what one has been pushed back slight sure to a weak frame.. Is this a structural issue on the bike? (If so is this a warranty issue?)
  10. Mastermason434

    KTM 500 EXC (2015)


    Amazing bike. Slowly turning it into a light-weight adventure bike. Most of the gear I had for camping was previously purchased for ultra lightweight hiking, so the weight I put on the rear subframe would be minimal.
  11. my brother and I are both very handy, I love taking things apart and putting them back together again. We've decided to build him a dirt bike (he's 8 and it's all he talks about) we have a bmx frame as well as 2 top-of-the-line mountain bikes no one uses I can disassemble. we have two 35CC chainsaw engines that still work perfectly but we have no use for... can I use one for the bike engine? which frame would be best? all other parts we've been hunting for at our local atv, snowmobile and dirt biking hot spot, thanks Denny! keep in mind it's for an 8 year old who's going to be riding it around the bmx trails in our backyard. no major jumps or anything yet at least and when that time comes he's already picked a bike out. this is for a cool little project for us to do but we still want it to be rideable so any tips or info provided would be awesome. thank you!
  12. I was wondering how to make my bike handle better in terms of cornering is it just triple clamps or is there more to it?
  13. Sknatlo

    RM250 Matching Frames?

    Hi guys Bend the frame on my RM250 beyond repair riding supercross. Pretty bummed, but I gotta try to find a new one. (Or a used. Whatever). So my question is, does all the RM250s have matching frames. Mine is a K10, so I figure it is with a K6 frame? I've heard they match frames as far back as K2 or K3? And in relation to that, does anyone know a good place on the web (besides eBay) to purchase such used parts and frames? I'm from Europe, but websites in the US can work as well. Thanks
  14. I have a 2000 TTR125 that the frame is broken and welded in multiple places. I can get a good deal on a 2005 TTR125E bare frame. I just need to verify in all the parts will switch over without fabrications or having to buy new 2005 parts.
  15. seanmct

    TTR-125L Cracked Frame

    Hey guys. Was replacing the muffler on the bike when I noticed the vertical section of frame near and above the chain is cracked wondered if this is a semi common problem or if it would be intuitive to weld? I think I can get a used frame for 115. let me know if someone knows of one cheaper. I'll add a picture in an hour or so -a poor college student

    Need advice ASAP! Frame damage?

    Just picked up an 03 CR250R dirtbike and saw that it didn't have the upper gas tank bolt installed.. then noticed somebody welded the hole shut and what looks like a hairline crack on the surface?! Is this dangerous and potentially a big problem?? I can live without the bolt but do I need do check further into this surface crack? Doesn't look like it's anywhere else except what is pictured! Help..
  17. RevDown56

    Suzuki RMZ450 (2014)


    Super kick ass bike! Has rad power and super sweet steering!!!
  18. sheikyurbouti

    Husqvarna TE 300 (2017)


    2stroke 300s are a separate class and enjoy a colorul history of being "almost perfect". The 2017 TE300 is no exception. There was a lot of worry about how the new suspension would perform since in past years components didn't perform up to expectations until after an expensive re-valve - adding to the already premium cost of the bike. The new Xplor forks and DCC link shock work very well with stock settings - and no one has reported (yet) how they perform AFTER break-in. The jetting sucks. You'll get close with the selection shipped with the bike, closer with jets you'll buy but jdjetting.com has a kit that works LIKE THE OEM SHOULD and will save you the owner/tuner much effort. 5 stars minus 1 for rich jetting and incorrect selection to get you there.
  19. http://www.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/New-KTM-Frame-Issues,1303287
  20. you bought a 450 and you ride woods. how do you make it work in a woods type setting? I've ridden 250 4 strokes and two strokes as well as a few 350's SX and EXC though the woods and they were fine (the 250 was a little short so i needed to be in second or third in the tight stuff) (350 was nice and at first it was the perfect amount). I'm wondering the best approach on how to make a 450 work in these type of trail systems. Putting the bike on a softer map and different gearing is my idea of how it would make it better along with hand guards skid plate yada yada yada.... v I've ridden with guys who rode 690's and 501's in the woods and just loved them and i'm talking bar to bar single trail. My reason for wanting to get my first 450 is A. my weight. I'm a heavier guy. B: My group and i go on longer rides over large stretches of two sided trail and single trail so the added power is nice i think. C: I'm more of a lower power user kinda guy, I don't mind screaming a 250 up to 13k but a 450 that romps to 8K is also nice to have when not wanting to shake all the power out of it. What are your reasons for buying or not buying a 450 and how do you make it work in a woods style? Thanks everybody!