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Found 193 results

  1. JKJH

    Yamaha IT200 (1985)


    For how old this bike is, it really performs well on the trails. The suspension is pretty soft which is fine for a teenager but arguably too soft for a larger adult. Love the low revs performance for a 2 stroke and the fantastic cruising comfort on back roads. Way better than any pre-1989 kdx200! Would recommend this bike to anyone that loves trail riding/medium enduro.
  2. Clutch250f

    Yamaha YZ250X (2016)


    So I've had a good year on the bike and it by far the best best I've owned! So much power and usability. I had to do some mods to even out the throttle by getting the G@ throttle with the cams, as I don't need the Supercross throttle twist in a trial that is tighter than my grip on my beer. This throttle is by far the most useful mod as it evened out the throttle so in tight sections you aren't going zero to the mood in a wrist twitch. Now I put the 8.4 ounce flywheel into her to get more low end and boy did that really make her a lugger. She came with the FMF Gnarly and the FMF Shorty pipe, I replaced the Shorty with a Q as I like "quiet" bike (I say that because it doesn't sound as quiet as my dad Husky TE300) and I need a Sparky. The oversized tank came with her and I swapped out the hand guards for my Cycra ones off my Husky. So my true overall feel for the bike, with these mods this bike has really woken up. I've taken her on a race and outside of me being an idiot and getting my shoulder dislocated just outside the pits. (Yes it's embarrassing) I love the bike. I ride it more than my others. I'd say if you can try one out, you won't go wrong.
  3. wallib

    Yamaha YZ250 (2007)


    really reliable, easy to maintain, modified for enduro
  4. Daac222

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2013)


    I love this thing. It cruises great on road and does even better off. She's a little heavy but if my 130 lbs can muscle her around you all will do great.
  5. verucht

    Honda XR650L (1994)


    I can ride 100 miles to the trail, ride the trail, then ride it back home again.
  6. CRF450XINOZ

    Honda CBR250R (1996)

    1 comment

    Picked up this little bike for $825 still registered but it had been dropped once or 10 times so it needed a good tidy up, 2 weeks later I had the tank repainted to match the new fairing kit, Lots of goodies to tidy it up also It is now a nice little bike, & a damn fast little bike too> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_CBR250#cite_note-Ash2011-3 Fitting a KOSO DB-02R speedo setup, I will get some pics when it is completed
  7. conman58

    Larger gas tank

    Anybody know of a company that makes a larger gas tank for crf250r for endure riding
  8. I just installed the Clarke 3.9 tank. Everything works well with some elbow grease and it's running fine. But i've searched everywhere and I have no idea what that long tube from the back of the stock tank does. What does it attach to? And there is no hole for it on the Clarke tank. I've searched this forum and everywhere else including bikebandit diagrams and have no idea what that tube does. What is it?
  9. motomanp58

    ims 3.2

    My father was kind enough to get me the ims 3.2 for christmas. The question that I have, will it get me through 2 hours without stopping? Is it even possible? The bike is 07 yz250, my speed is top b. I did search for this question and found some milage info which helped. I would like to find out range based off time, like tight riding condition, and wide open riding. thanks for any help, and happy holidays.
  10. I decided to cave in and get a bigger tank after relentless ribbing from some of my old timer riding buddies (after all it is cheaper to bum gas on the trail then bring your own right?). With the stock 06 YZ450 tank I got an average of 55-60 miles a tank. With the WR petcock I had somewhere around 1/3 tank reserve. I have gone around 15ish miles on reserve with fuel to spare. I only wanted a bit more capacity than stock so I could get closer to 100 mile range. I didn't want to go over 3 gallons as I HATE the handling penalty and looks of bigger tanks so I decided on a Clarke 2.6 gallon. I figured the reserve would be a bit smaller due to the design of the tank but boy was I surprised to find that it was only a few ounces! Now I already had plans to increase the reserve to at or near 50%. I have always thought it was sort of stupid in most cases, to have anything less. After many searches I found very little mention of the fact that most desert tanks pretty much negate any usable reserve unless you run dual petcocks (ill get to why I like singles better in a bit) Here is what I did: First I filled the tank 1/2 way and then measured down from the filler cap to the fuel level so that I could find how much length was needed to add to the reserve pipe (7.5 inches in my case). Im using a WR steel frame petcock which faces opposite the aluminum frame WR petcock I have been using for years on my stock tank. The added benefit as you can see from the pic is that the tubing is brass instead of plastic, making lengthening much easier. I then took a small pipe cutter and cut the pipe about half way between the screens (to avoid clearance issues with the cutter). Once I had the 2 pieces separated I simply prepped them like anything you solder (like sweat on plumbing). I just used some 400 ish grit emery and cleaned the mating surfaces after with solvent. I got a piece of brass pipe from my buddies hobby shop that was just large enough to slide over the petcock tubing (7mm ID). The stock pipe mic'd out at 6.97mm BTW. It took a bit of elbow grease to get the pieces slid together (the tighter the better) but once soldered, it is super solid. I wound up with 1.3ish gallons before reserve and a good solid 1.1+ gallon reserve, not including the "lean over" second reserve of fuel on the opposite side (where you would run the second petcock in a dual setup). This second reserve was just about 3/4 of a liter. So not an exact 50% but far more usable than a tiny amount that just gives you a warning that you are going to be walking a long way! Heres whats left in the "other side" that you have to "tip over" to get. Not much but plenty to tell you to get to high ground. Sort of a second reserve that you would not get on a dual valve setup: These measurements were taken on a stand so obviously in practice the amounts will vary. Since im running tank foam, the amounts will be more "repeatable". Side by side comparison: Fuel line routing: So in closing, I now have a near 50% reserve, a large enough range to cover any loops I have ever ridden, and with tank foam and the low CG of the Clarke, I cant tell the difference in handling from a stock tank. Cake and eat it to?
  11. So for many months I, like many DRZ'rs, have contemplated getting a larger, lighter, non-metal gas tank. Safari tanks are real nice, but a little too big for what I need, and 2x the cost of the others... Clarke tanks just look hideous to me. So I am resigned to looking at the IMS models, or a Rotopax setup for my rear rack. Many people have differing gripes about the IMS tanks in the fit & finish, so I am kind or still reluctant to pull the trigger on one. I am never too excited over the 4.0 gallon, as I like the look of the stock shrouds, plus it seems like a good bit of gas hangs out below the petcock in the shrouds of the 4 gallon IMS. So I kind of settle in on getting a Rotopax, or the 3.2 gallon IMS tank. And then after asking around a bunch of different places I am told (and not sure I believe) that the closest color match that IMS makes to my yellow '04 is the Y3 color--or what is often called "neon yellow" I am not sure why this color information is so tightly guarded! Still not real pumped or convinced about what I want, I do what many would. Troll eBay, TT classifieds, CL, Amazon, and all the online spaces. $250-280 for the 3.2 gallon IMS tank. I search many weeks with part #'s, words, phrases, different words...... Probably just gonna go with the Rotopax, right? Then last Friday, while doing my "usual" part # trolling my decision was made for me! And it looks like I can afford the Rotopax too if I want it! (see attached pic of receipt) Now after I discovered this great deal I ordered immediately! A few minutes after my confirmation came in I went back and looked once more, (so I could share the love with TT DRZ bros) It seems whatever price mishap occurred had been corrected. So here it is, right color, brand new, authentic item, fast & free delivery, best price available. Question is: Am I gonna get some kind of bad Juju or karma from this? Or was my patience and tenacity justly rewarded? Either way--I think I can get over 100 miles between stops now.
  12. hightower_88

    Kawasaki KX250 (1990)


    got a woods monster on my hands. vforce3 reed system, fmf jetting specs, 91 kx250 front forks, and tree and clamps. IMS oversized 3.3g tank, pro taper bars, pro circuit full exhaust, 14t front 49t rear sprocket.
  13. CSAR FE

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)

    1 comment

    Great motor and great suspension. The bike handles a bit different than anything else I've ridden, which I attribute to Yamaha's centralization of mass. From my experience, this bike's ability to corner and not hop out of ruts is heavily dependent on your body position on the bike. Overall, I love this thing.
  14. jblob

    Honda CRF450R (2005)


    I absolutely love this bike it tracks straight over hard terrain and has way more than enough power to haul my lazy butt through and over anything

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2005)


    2005 SUZUKI DRZ400S, pulls hard great all around bike, I just bought this, need better tires, looking Dunlop 606, front not sure yet,working on suspension for my height weight front & rear, I'm leaving it the s model, not interested in super moto, it looks kool, but i like the back country, street tires won't cut it.cant wait for more seat time bike works better with that pipe & moose jet kit, so far pretty dam good strong bike street or dirt trails service rd,
  16. jthuynsma

    Honda XR650R (2007)


  17. Arctra

    IMS tank install

    I have signed up to do a ride this coming weekend, and the last 2 times I've done it I have had to refuel mid-way because my stock tank isn't quite big enough. I have an IMS clear tank on my old KLX and have to say I like it a lot, so it was a pretty easy decision to get the larger IMS for the Beta. Gary, the Australian importer, had one in stock, and fortunately for me it was a clear (natural) one so I bought it. It is a comprehensive enough kit, and the IMS site has a pretty good colour instruction sheet to guide you through the installation. The fuel tap/petcock from the stock tank needs to be moved over to the IMS tank. I didn't realise there was a long stork thing in the tank... and I'm not sure what it's for either. On the other side of the tank there is a "balancing" attachment so that fuel trapped on one side of the tank can be used without having to tip the bike over. The stock tap fits in nicely enough too. The difference in design between the stock tank and the IMS one means the shrouds you need to cut some off for them to fit. Test fitting the tank I realised the Force Radiator Guards butted up against the tank. I didn't think it was a problem at first though as I figure the guards would just brace up against the tank But when I went to bolt down the front of the tank there was a big gap because I could not push the tank forward enough. Fortunately the bracing bits of the guards can be taken off, so that's what I did. I am obviously concerned that the bracing abilities of the guards are now compromised, so I need to figure out if there is anything I can do about that in future.
  18. I have a 2001 yz 125 and would like to purchase a tank that holds a bit more fuel. I see Ims and Clarke tanks available. The Clarke looks a little taller , and can be purchased for about $50 less than the IMS. Is anyone one familiar with both tanks and can provide me with the pros and cons of both? I ride mostly trails Capitol forest,Belfair in Washington state. Thanks