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Found 25 results

  1. im looking to get 100 percent accuri 2 otg goggles and a fox v1 revn helmet and was wonder if anyone had knew how they fit?
  2. Anyone use the goggles with the fan in them. Would like some input on how well they work before I pull the trigger. Smith optics are the ones on the shelf at Lynn. Motoplex. Thanx.🙂
  3. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Scott Sports has again created a Limited Edition, Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) goggle. Scott only made 1,000 units. WHEN THEY'RE GONE, THEY'RE GONE! Scott Sports has committed $10,000 of the proceeds of this BCA Limited Edition goggle to the "Making Strides for Breast Cancer" division of the American Cancer Society. Goggle Specifics: This is a Hustle goggle that features a custom hot pink and white tiger striped woven strap with the Breast Cancer ribbon sewn on. The frame is custom pink and black tiger striped with a purple chrome AFC lens. Comes with a special BCA tiger striped micro-fiber baggie and a specially marked box. Product is made in the USA. Get yours right here at ThumperTalk.
  4. Tell me your favorite brand of goggles and why you like them.
  5. Got my first glasses at 42. What do you guys use? I tried standard goggles and they really put pressure on the glasses into my forehead and are uncomfortable. Before I drop $50 on a new set of goggles, any you fellow 4 eyes have suggestions?
  6. I realize there are some threads on this which I have looked at. All were ancient though and didn't focus enough on the idea I seen before I wanted to try. I mean its almost that time of year! There is a harescramble at a place I love end of April. I rode it last year, but had never done one and was super ill-prepared. It rained on and off the whole race and I actually had NO tear offs B-). Pretty much ruined the race for me, I tried to wipe em and smeared/scratched the crap out the lens. Took em off and got crap in my eyes. I dont really have anyone to be "in the pits", those who come with me are riding too. So this year if the forecast is shaping up to be rainy I would like to be better prepared. Which judging by how much snow we got this winter and on and off rain showing in the 10-day, my guess is there will be a chance of rain again. The thing I am more interested in is the chicken wire instead of a lense, then silicone it in place. But in order to block the smaller particles since we have a lot of sand most of the time, using a anti-fog safety glasses underneath. Does this defeat the purpose? I figured I would also run the old lens on the visor and tape off the holes in my visor and where the visor meets the helmet plus tape off the top scoops in my helmet so water doesnt come in there (Klim F4). I see it get mentioned by 1 guy, but then no one else really seems to follow up on it besides the occasional negative comment. The idea seems pretty good, I would just like to know who else does it before I commit to it. I could throw an extra pair with regular tear offs in a camelbak and a homemade mudflap to try and stop water from getting in between from the top of the goggles in case it fails miserably. Seems like itd be fairly cheap to do. Just sucks to ruin a race because you're not prepared whatsoever...lesson learned. So, who has tried this method, and does it work? Also assume there will be mud, and again sand.. Thanks.
  7. I have sensitive eyes and literally wear sunglasses almost everyday. I want to get some Oakley goggles with a couple different colored lenses (for different light conditions) But what's the usual? Do people usually just wear clear lenses? Do most people even notice? I was thinking about getting a set of Oakley Airbrakes so I can switch them out and keep my spare lenses in my backpack.
  8. Does any one have a pair of these goggles- Oakley Crowbar Goggles - Biohazard Orange Blue Fire Iridium If so are they worth the money or can use recommend ? Cheers
  9. Just curious what everyones favorite goggle is , I've had Scott , Fly, and Thor . I'm in the market for some new ones not sure what brand I want this go round.
  10. Hello, new to TT. I would like to share a simple yet very effective trick for your goggles. When you are using goggles with roll offs, if the lens gets wet, the roll offs will not move because the film becomes stuck to the lens. What I do is take a length of clear fishing line and route in on top of my lens where the roll off film will be going and tie it to the brackets that hold the film cartridges. Then, when you put the film across it, is riding on the line and if water gets on the lens, the film will still roll. You really can not tell the fishing line is there and it sure beats yanking and yanking on your string until it breaks. This article triggered others to email us their verisions of this idea, so here's an addition provided by TT Member: Fernacticus The trick with the fishing line and the roll offs is better if you loosen the screws holding the canisters on, put a loop of fishing line round one pair of screws, stretch it over the lens and onto the outside of the other pair of screws. Do up this pair of screws and the line is caught underneath the canister. do up the first pair of screws and trim the surplus fishing line off. you now have a double track for the film to run on, water does not make it stick and the lens lasts longer cos nothing is rubbing across it. British enduro guys have been doing this for years!
  11. Do you love them or hate them? Is the nose adjustment worth it? Does it prevent the goggle from pinching your nose?
  12. Hey guys. my eyes are getting worse. to the point where I dont/cant even wear my goggles while riding. I end up wearing my expensive shades and getting mud and roost shot at the $500 lenses all day. not god. ive got oakley crowbar goggles. not sure if that matters. not sure if I care about how dorky they look.... if theyre cheap, work good, and allow me to see; Ill take em!! so, whats out there? good? bad? any pros/cons to prescription goggles? is there inserts for my current goggles? do I need whole new goggles? can I get ones that COMFORTABLY go around my glasses? or should I just man up and start wearing contacts? (doubt thatll happen... no ones touching my eye balls, not even me)
  13. Is there anybody on this forum crazy enough to be paying over $100 for some goggles? I was just browsing a parts website. BTO? and saw some Oakley chad reed o-frame crowbar airbrake iridium blah blah for $220? is anyone paying for those? or is that like those $1000 fox helmets? $152 for some Dragons, $150 for some Spys... No wonder everyone is wearing 100% a normal person can still afford them
  14. Well many years of riding blind since age did a number to sight. The wife noticed one day that I didn't wear my glasses when I ride. She said to me how do you see without your glasses, you can't even eat without them cause you want to see your food. Well my response was oh I see fine out there. She found out they make prescription goggles and made me an eye appointment to get new glasses and ordered me to get a copy of the prescription to order goggles. Me not wanting to argue did exactly as instructed. Seeing that I was getting something that I wanted and she thought it was her idea. Win-win I'm figuring. Ordered and received. Didn't want to give her time to change her mind. Got the bifocals so I can see my phone and trail map when I get lost. All I can say is Damn was I missing a lot out there. I can see!!!
  15. I bought myself a brand new pair of the Scott pro air goggles as a Christmas present. The $70 ones. Today was the first day that I used them and after 15 minutes the foam was separating as you can see in the pictures.. Unfortunately the receipt and packaging has already been thrown away so I cannot return them. Does anybody know what type of glue I could use to stick these two foams back together?
  16. ok peeps, I have a fly helmet with scott goggles. no matter what I do I cannot get comfortable. the goggles fit pretty tight into the eye opening of my helmet and the goggles are pushed down on my nose making it harder to breathe out of my nose and very uncomfortable. the goggles and glasses combo it not the problem but really wondering that do some helmet manufactures make their openings larger than others? seems I have no room for adjustments in the eye opening of the helmet. More than willing to upgrade helmet for comfort. This weekend I ended up just taking ht goggles off half way through my ride due to comfort but really know I am just potentially asking for problems if I continue to ride without them.
  17. Whats the difference between the Crowbar and Mayhem goggle? I have a Bell Moto-9, and I want to make sure they fit. Sometimes with these goggles they come down to far on my nose, and kinda cuts of breathing....
  18. Goggles are a crucial accessory in any off-roader’s gear bag. They can be the difference between a comfortable ride and a dirt-in-the-watering-eyessunburned-face miserable experience. It is important, however, to properly select a goggle that best suits one’s riding tendencies and locations. There are so many types of riding, as well as many different riding conditions, and the proper goggle (and lens) can make all the difference. Every goggle should have these core features: Quality hydrophilic foam Interchangeable lenses Silicone-lined strap Venting Polycarbonate lens The aforementioned features are vital to the performance of the goggle, but it is also very important that the goggle fits the riding application, face, and helmet. The better a goggle fits inside the opening of a helmet, the easier it is to create a nice seal of foam around the eyes. When choosing a goggle, have your helmet close by. A goggle may fit nicely around your face alone, but it may fit completely different with the helmet on, or even the opposite. Sometimes a goggle can compliment a helmet by naturally fitting inside the opening and creating a seamless connection of goggle and helmet. With your helmet on, try different goggles on, making sure the strap is even and straight around the sides and rear of the helmet. Grab the sides of the goggle frame and adjust the fit inside of the helmet opening, doing your best to seal the foam around your face. Make sure the goggle does not press down too much against your nose; for this can limit your breathing through the nostrils. Once you have found a frame that matches well with your face and helmet, it is time to choose the best lenses for you style of riding. Every off-road enthusiast should have a clear anti-fog lens. They can be used in all conditions and perform the primary function of goggles---protection. As conditions vary, and can potentially hinder vision, different lenses can be used to compensate. The following breaks down a variety of lenses offered by Scott, including their tint and ideal application. In addition to standard lenses, thermal models are also available for cold conditions. Offered by Scott in a variety of tints, these dual-paned lenses work under the same principle as a home’s storm windows. The insulating airspace between the two lenses reduces the temperature gradient between the outside environment and the eye port. This drastically reduces fogging in harsh conditions. For a lot of riders, motocross and off-roading are more than just a hobby. For some, it is about racing, competing, winning, and advancing. For those riders, more advanced goggles and accessories are available to help provide an edge over the competition. Goggles equipped with multi layered face foam, tear-off posts, and attachments such as noseguards and ventilation visors used along with tear-offs and film systems are the best tools to battle roost, mud, rain, and sweat. Tear-offs: stacks of thin, clear shields that cover the original lens. When the top layer gets covered with mud or moisture, the rider can tear off the top layer, revealing a fresh, clean layer, and thus providing a clear view. Film Systems: An alternative to tear-offs (or used in conjunction with) is a film system. Using the same idea of a camera, a film strip is stretched across a goggle lens with canisters on either end. As the goggle gets covered with mud, etc the film can be advanced to reveal a clean section and a clear view through the goggle. In the most extreme cases, film systems and tear-offs may be used in one system, such as the Scott WORKS Systems available on NoSweatXi and HiVoltageIII goggles.
  19. So my question is can I buy adult goggles or will I have to buy a youth goggle due to my helmet size, I have a thh xl helmet (youth) an Will adult goggles fit into my youth helmet?? thanks any reccomendations of goggles would be great (one preferebly with tint)
  20. I know not many people will have the preference in goggles, but curious what some of your favorites are. I really like my fox airspc. They fit well, but sometimes ive gotten dirt in my eye with them. I have been running two pairs for a year and have replaced the lenses a few times in both. So they have some pretty hard time on them. The last pair of goggles i ran were 100%. Not sure what model, they were $25 with a clear lense so probably the strata. They kinda pinched down on my nose so i cant say im a fan. I have some brand new spy omens that i havent used yet, but i have a feeling ill like them.
  21. I do mostly trail riding and more times than not, there is no one else riding with me. I'm looking for ways to stay cooler while riding this summer and losing the goggles seems like a good option. I would instead where my sunglasses. The only downfall I can think of is that sweat from my forehead would drip into my eyes whereas if I were wearing goggles, the sweat would be absorbed by the foam. However, I am hoping not to sweat at all, but that probably isn't realistic. I suppose I could wear a bandana to soak up the sweat. Are there any other reasons to not lose the goggles and instead wear sunglasses?
  22. Anyone ever try them? I'm thinking about cause I keep hitting shit. What your guys opinions?
  23. Recently I went to a local track when was misting most the time but had some on and off rain. I constantly had to stop to wipe my goggles to see the ruts. The tear offs didn't work because the water got in between them. What do you do? Roll offs? Btw I where Oakley o frames. And looking to snag a couple pair of 100% race craft. And when I get those should I get the roll of system?
  24. I know that there are plenty of specialty anti-fog products you can buy, but here's my list of homegrown anti goggle fog techniques I've used, know of others that have used or read about: Soap Take a bar of non-abrasive soap and soak it in a bit of hot water for a few minutes to soften it up (liquid soap works just as good). Once soft, scrape off a bit of the softened soap and put a light film of soap on the inside of the goggle lens. Once the film is dry, carefully buff the lens clear with a soft cloth. This is usually good for several hours of riding. Taters This technique must have been the brainchild of Idaho potato farmers, but it does work. Cut a slice off a spud and carefully rub the white part on the inner lens of the goggle. Like the soap technique, let the spud juice dry and buff the lens clear with a soft cloth. If you want, bake up the rest of the spud and eat it for dinner. I prefer lots of sour cream & bacon bits. 👍 Spit I read that skin divers use this technique, but in my experience, it will get you by in a pinch, but not as effective as others (doesn't last very long). Car Wax Wax On! Wax Off! Just about everyone has some of this stuff in their garage and it does work pretty well. Just make sure to use wax, not paint cleaners as they'll scratch your goggle lens. Dual Lens Goggles You can purchase either a goggle that already has a dual pane lens or get just the lens and replace your single goggle lens. I buy the basic Scott 83 series goggles and then get the dual lens for it and swap. In really tough conditions (all winter in the wet pacific northwest) I keep a "winter" goggle ready that has a dual pane lens AND some of the foam over the upper vents removed too; no need to worry about dust in these conditions. What's your approach to keeping your riding goggles fog free? Reply in the comments section below, I'd love to hear other methods that have worked for you.
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