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Found 51 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    Renthal MX Full Diamond Grips

    3 reviews

    Color: Gray Firm compound; same as stock Medium compound for better traction and comfort Soft compound ideal for maximum traction For use with twist throttles Sold in pairs
  2. ThumperTalk

    Renthal Full Diamond Grips

    3 reviews

    7/8in. ID for all ATVs with thumb throttle For ATV, watercraft and mountain bikes Small flange design will not interfere with controls Sold in pairs
  3. ThumperTalk

    ODI Grips MXPRO Edition Grips

    2 reviews

    ODI worked closely with the top riders to develop this limited edition soft compound grip No additives, no gimmicks, just a quality product designed for optimal comfort and control Made from ODIs proprietary TPR compound Full flange; 4in. long For 7/8in. bars and twist throttles; sold in pairs Available in white Made in the U.S.A.
  4. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION The Victor grip is one of world’s best-selling grip designs. Over 50 years of development have led to the DOMINO proprietary rubber compound. The compound is medium-to-soft with a durability unmatched by grips of similar firmness. Available in full or half waffle design, the Victor satisfies the widest range of rider preference. The Victor half waffle fits perfectly to all G2 Ergonomics dirt bike throttles and all other known stock or aftermarket throttle tubes. Available in Black, Blue, Gary, Red and Transparent. OEM grip for many dirt bikes. Proprietary, medium-soft compound satisfies the widest range of rider preferences. Dimple pattern is easy on the palm, while the 1/2 waffle pattern provide solid grip. Fit perfectly to all G2 Ergonomics dirt bike throttles and all other known stock or aftermarket throttle tubes. Available in full or half waffle design. Sold in pairs for 7/8in. handlebar with twist throttle.
  5. ThumperTalk

    Scott USA MX II Grip

    2 reviews

    Color: Green Soft TPR compound Combines the best of the Hurricane and Slim grips Sure grip waffle pattern on the under side while having comfortable /non-fatiguing minimum diameter features the palm side For 7/8in. bars. 4-1/2in. overall length
  6. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper Full Waffle Grips

    3 reviews

    Color: Gray Custom Kraton rubber compound provides long wear and tear resistance Full waffle pattern minimizes vibration Available in both soft and medium compounds
  7. ThumperTalk

    Driven Racing D3 Grips

    1 review

    Color: White Comfortable and attractive grips 2-ply designed to reduce vibration, arm pump and hand fatigue Manufactured from PVC-coated Kraton gel with alloy collars (black grip material with colored collars) Fits 7/8in bars with 4.84in. inside length Grips are black with collar material available in black, blue, red, gold, silver, gray or clear Replacement grip material is available in black, blue, gray, red, white or clear; sold as a pair
  8. ThumperTalk

    Renthal Tapered Dual Compound Grips

    2 reviews

    Color: Red Same grip that is on the 10-11 KTM MX and Enduros All the benefits of the classic dual compound grips, but with an oversized thumb diameter which tapers down to regular size at the ends to match the contours of a closed fist for maximum comfort and control Increased material in the sensitive thumb area offers more cushioning and damping against vibration without reducing control Soft compound is used for the outer diameter of the grip which is in direct contact with the palm, fingers and thumb Firm compound is used for the flange, inner sleeve and outer end of the grip for maximum durability Offers the ultimate combination of comfort and durability Sold in pairs
  9. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper Synergy Full Waffle Grips

    1 review

    Color: Gray Custom Kraton rubber compound provides long wear and tear resistance Full waffle pattern minimizes vibration Available in both soft and medium compounds
  10. LuizSNeto

    ProGrip 786 Foam Rally Grips

    1 review

    For the lovers of foam, our foam grips are the best for comfort, less vibration and lighness. Used on most of Dakar bikes and other rally races bikes. On the desert races are still the grateset grips. Open end only Made in Italy Size: Ø mm 22-25 / Long mm 125
  11. Russhole

    ODI Grips Grips MX V2 Rogue

    4 reviews

    ODI revamped the popular Lock On MX Grip to make it even better. The Lock-On Grip System allows you to change or replace grips in seconds without the need for any wire ties or glues. They also offer 100% guaranteed slip-free performance under any conditions. 100% slip-free performance guaranteed. Simple installation and removal without waiting for glue to dry. Throttle tube included with snap on cam to match more models. Knockout ends easily accommodate handguards.
  12. ThumperTalk

    ProGrip 732 Duo Density Road Grips

    2 reviews

    New design using ProGrips Duo Density GONT racing compound Harder density against the bar to keep the grip from slipping and soft gel density where needed 125mm
  13. quadfly

    ODI Grips Emig V2 Lock-On Grips

    6 reviews

    GRIP FEATURES: 100% Slip-Free Performance Guaranteed Simple Installation and Removal Without Waiting for Glue to Dry Throttle Tube Included with Snap On Cam to match more models Knockout Ends Easily Accommodate Handguards No safety wire required means longer grip life, even in the event of a crash Medium Diameter knurled pattern EMIG Design includes special designed half-waffle pattern with thumb relief
  14. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper Pillow Top Lite Grip

    10 reviews

    Color: Black New lower profile for better overall hand control Reduces vibration and cushions impact Inner core compound perfects the bonding interface with bars ANTI-Rip Tip uses denser compound to increase life of grip Designed to self-clean and shed mud away from outer surface Tacky gel-like surface compound is perfect for off-roading and MX
  15. ThumperTalk

    Renthal Diamond/Waffle Grips

    3 reviews

    Waffle pattern in finger area for traction, diamond pattern on palm side to reduce blisters 7/8in. ID for all ATVs with thumb throttle For ATV, watercraft and mountain bikes Small flange design will not interfere with controls Sold in pairs
  16. clappedoutkx

    Tag Metals Racing Slim grips

    1 review

    FEATURES Slim diameter for maximum grippage. Available in half waffle and full waffle. Soft and medium compounds. The soft compound offers more traction and absorption than any other single compound grip on the market. For twist throttle only.
  17. smv ryder

    Novik Gloves Grip Doughnuts

    1 review

    Looking to relieve your hunger for less blisters?? Well get yourself a set of the all new Novik grip donuts that are sure to make your buddies smile. Currently available in standard thickness.
  18. ThumperTalk

    Scott USA Hurricane MX Grip

    2 reviews

    Color: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Gray, Purple Soft TPR compoundFull length waffle pattern3 safety wire groovesThrottle recess notch to fit competition type throttles securelyFor 7/8in. bars. 4-1/2in. overall length 1-5/32 O.D.
  19. CRF450XINOZ

    ProGrip 732 GRIPS

    1 review

    SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer's Part Number: 732RDBK Part Number: PGG-732RDBK Grip Material: Bi-compound Grip Color: Red/Black Grip Length (mm): 125mm Bar Diameter (in): 7/8 in. Twist Throttle Compatible: Yes Thumb Throttle Compatible: No Quantity Sold as a pair. DESCRIPTION PROGRIP 732 Superbike grips are duo-density comfort and technology for your hands. These road grips feature two different strategically placed rubber density materials. The harder material is in the inner part of the grip to fit better without any problem of slipping, while the outer softer gel material reduces the vibrations that your motorcycle can transmit and you can feel. Get a winning grip with a pair of PROGRIP 732 Superbike grips.
  20. Rip.Roost

    Oxford Products Heated Gips

    5 reviews

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Oxford Heaterz Premium Cruiser heated handlebar grips are made especially for motorcycles with 1" Ø handlebars. The grips have ergonomically engineered surface structures to optimize riding performance. Soft, grippy rubber provides comfort and control. What really sets the Oxford Heaterz apart? The answer is many tried and tested features such as the silicon cables which provide flexibility in the coldest weathers and the winter grade wiring prevents cracking and short circuits; the bonded grip design has been in use for many years and is well proven; the grip compound and thermo plastic rubber construction is designed to absorb vibration making them extremely comfortable and durable, often outlasting standard grips and the silicone wires that come from the grip are angled to eliminate water ingress and resulting corrosion/ice damage and have special unique internal supports which are heat shrunk together to prevent damage if the wires are snagged. In addition, five carefully chosen heat settings allow the perfect temperature to be selected in ALL weathers and most importantly, the switch will switch off if the voltage drops to 10.5V to ensure that the battery is not damaged to the point that it cannot be recharged to full capacity. This latest Premium range is the result of over 30 years of research and development by engineers and motorcyclists, which are now easier than ever to fit due to the new intelligent heat controller eliminating any need to wire the positive to a live ignition feed; simply connect the 2 ring connectors to the battery. You'll find everything supplied by Oxford to fit your Heaterz from a wiring loom with ring connectors to the battery with simple plug and play connectors to attach to the switch and grips, smart mounting bracket and switch right down to the glue and cable ties all neatly packaged in one box. FEATURES 2 Year Warranty Sealed for life Up to 122°F (50°C) Rainproof switch Draws under 4A Additional Heaterz Premium Cruiser Features: Soft grippy rubber provides comfort and control Removable chrome end cap keeps original styling (includes 2 additional dark chrome end caps) Replacement throttle tube for pre-fly-by-wire throttle Harley-Davidson models Throttle adapter tube for Honda motorcycles Intelligent Heat Controller Raised and tactile silicone buttons for use with gloved hands Battery Saving Mode turns the grips off if you forget Clutch mounting bracket & fitting kit included New mounting bracket for 1“ handlebars (including chrome & black covers) New Switch Features: Standard for all Heaterz Premium models 5 heat settings give the perfect operating temperature with LED lights to indicate the level Miniaturised electronics Robotised manufacuring Simpler wiring Sonically welded These Premium Cruiser Heaterz are designed as a replacement for the handlebar grips already fitted to the motorcycle. They will fit onto most motorcycles that use 1" (25mm) Ø handlebars. Each grip has removable chrome end caps so that bar end weights can be fitted. The standard length of the Premium Cruiser Heaterz grip is 5.43" (138mm). Should the length need to be shortened, they can be trimmed to a minimum length of 4.68" (119mm) without damaging the heating elements. External grip Ø = 1.59" (40.5mm).
  21. Axel43

    Tag Metals Racing Cradle Grips

    2 reviews

    PRODUCT INFORMATION If you’re looking for a great cost effective grip, look no further. With these Tag Metals Custom MX Grips you will get all the comfort and durability of a high priced grip with the low cost of an economy style grip. FEATURES: Available in soft and firm compounds Thicker diameter for more vibration damping Unmatched value Cutting edge design includes a unique grip end that prevents premature tearing and a medium diameter to avoid arm pump Half waffles and grid texture layed out for optimal comfort and control An innovative 3 groove wiring system allows secure fastening TAG Metals grips install easily on all 7/8" diameter bars Two innovative synthetic rubber compounds that provide the ultimate combination of tackiness, vibration dampening at a wide temperature range
  22. fishbill


    Who makes the best most comfortable/ whats your favorite grips? Was looking at the pro taper pillow tops, I have also heard good things about Oury grips. Opinions?
  23. 1 review

    If you ride a dirt bike then you know what it is like to have a grip that slips. Despite all your best efforts to properly glue and safety wire the grip securely in place, it inevitably slips creating an annoyance and a safety hazard. The act of gluing and wiring grips with specialty tools can be a hassle as well. The wire often breaks leaving a sharp point and wreaks havoc on both your hands and the grip. The gluing process is a mess and difficult to get consistent coverage between your grip and the bar due to the fact that the grip just pushes all the glue to one end or the other. Risk Racing has a simple and effective solution. We are introducing the patent pending Fusion Grip Tech Bonding Strips and Fusion Spray Catalyst. Simply peel and stick the bonding strips to your bars. Then spray the bonding strips with the supplied Fusion Catalyst and easily slip your grip into place. At first the catalyst acts as a lubricant for easy grip installation, but after it dries it creates a lasting bond. The entire process is clean and simple. Additionally, Fusion Grip Tech comes packaged with the new Risk Racing Ergo Wave Grips. The Wave Grips are a high quality, dual compound soft grip with a reinforced grip end and an ergonomically designed grip flange. This ergonomic “wave” on the flange of the grip reduces pressure points between the riders thumb and the grip flange. Although this patent pending design feature is subtle, it greatly reduces heat and pressure, which reduces blistering and increases rider comfort. Thanks to the Risk Racing Ergo Wave grips you can say goodbye to “Yama-thumb”!