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Found 125 results

  1. Hey all, I've got an 05 SM. Unfortunately he just failed inspection for a dim light and high emissions. I've been looking for a wiring diagram to help me out, but the only one I could find on here (and google) is for 2001-2004. Are they the same? If so, can someone point me to a high quality version? Something I can print extra large without blur? Also, any ideas on what caused the light to be dim? I just put in a brand new 60/60 bulb right before the inspection. I didn't notice a difference myself beforehand either. He has a few mods on him, but I haven't been able to find them all. It is a JDM spec bike, if that matters. The inspection machine is showing my bike puts out at 41??? as opposed to the 150??? requirement. Not sure what the ??? is, I'll have to ask my girlfriend since the inspection paperwork is in Japanese. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer! -Pomeroki
  2. So I bought a cr250r with some odi lock ons. I wanted to remove the left one and when I go unscrew the bolt, the bolt is not there! Pretty sure the guy who had it before me guled it on or something. How can I remove it without damaging the new bars?
  3. Hey all, I have been waiting for this day for quite a while. I am finally able to fix my bike, i've been in debt for some time but the day has come 🙂 Now i have a question, when I got my bike checked out at the shop, i was told i could rebuild my crank with any rod and bearings from 1986-2000. I am going to purchase an entire new hot rods crank instead. Am i able to order any crank from 1986-2000 for my bike? Mine is a 1987. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct part before I spend the money! Appreciate any replies or help. Thanks!!
  4. I am setting up my bike to do some road riding. I am completely new to tires and would like anyone's thoughts or opinions on the tires I want to put on my bike. I understand that the first number is width, and the second number is the aspect ratio and then the final number is rim size, but I am still not confident in the fitment as the tires I want aren't the stock size. My bike's stock tires are: Front: 80/100x21 Rear: 110/100x18 The tires I want: Front: (Undecided) Rear: Shinko 712 - 110/90x18 If anyone wants to suggest other road tires I am open to anything. Thanks - SLR
  5. Need help or advice on picking a bike. My last bike was an 04crf250. So been off the bike a few years. My dilemma is a 2009 rmz450 or a 2012 kx450f or maybe even a 2014 yzf450. RMZ is from a dealership. Was owned and maintained by an apprentice who works there at the shop so I'm sure maintainence was kept up on it, however the guy is a racer so that bike has been through a lot however taken care of. Guy said the bike practically has a new engine and does have some mods, fmf full system, rekluse clutch and forks have been revalved for I believe 180 or 200lb rider, I am 150. And other small stuff. I think price OTD I can get it for is $3K or $$3200. 2012 kx450f. Don' know much about but seems bike has been taken care of decently. Has KYB suspension. No mods really. Just hand guards and pro taper handle bar. And that's really it. Guy said he is pretty firm on $3800 but I'm sure will take $3600 And then there is a 2014 YZF450 that I've had my eye on but don' really want a Yamaha unless someone can change my mind. Looks like it' in decent condition and guy is asking $3700. Any pros or cons to these bikes or personal experience that you guys can share? Thanks!
  6. [Story] So I was riding and honestly riding pretty hard, and pulling up wheelies, and when I came to turn into a parking lot I noticed the sound of some "clunking" like something was catching, so I went to pull over and look at the bike , off eye I didn't see anything and got back on the bike, put it in first and went to take off and it would go a couple inches and catch, (stop, caught up, won't roll past a 5 to 10 inches, I had no clue what it was thought maybe a gear caught, rolled it back and fourth putting it in neutral and back in first, it went in gear fine but when I went to go letting off clutch, it would catch, a couple more times and heard a snap , then everything was "fine" no more catching riding like it was, I did hear a ding on the ground I thought, so I turned around went back to look and found a broke bolt, now I was in a parking lot and it could of been random off anything but i had a feeling it was from my bike, picked ut up and went home , bike ran fine no clunking no catching After looking online for drz400sm bolts , I think I found a match making me fell like it is definitely from my bike, just don't know from what [Question] does anyone know what This bolt is to? and if I should not ride with it being broke off ? Or is it atleast possible to ride around a little and possible to the store for a new bolt
  7. Hey I just bought a 2013 crf250x with no owners manual. I just want to know the oil quantities for the engine oil and the transmission oil. I have been told they fill from the same place, is this true? I thought engine oil filled on one side and transmission on the other? Thanks
  8. So I just bought a 01 CR125 and realized that the chain must have broke at some point and took a part of the case off. No oil is leaking and there is some jb weld on one of the bolt holes. I was curious if anyone was familiar with this repair? And how much it would cost in labor to replace the left side case.
  9. [Story] Ok... so I bought a 06 drz400sm, btw I love it. I live in a sketchy neighborhood so I lock my bike up on my front porch. after I noticed someone still messed with my bike, maybe kids playing on it, I decided to buy a alarm system. Bought a pyle plmcwd25 watchdog on Amazon 20$ ... sooo..... [INSTALL] I started to install , first just hooked up the hot and ground wire with the horn to make sure it even worked, it did (Great!)... so then I hooked up the turn signals to flash with alarm, it worked! (Great!) [PROBLEM] Buuuttttt... when I got to the remote start that's when it got little more complicated and it said to hook up the remaining orange wire to the ignition (+) and the blue wire to the starter (+)... soo.. I looked up the diagram for wire on the drz400sm and was trying to figure out what wire was the + hot wire for the ignition switch either the orange or red was what I was thinking and I hooked up the blue wire to the hot wire to the starter and to test it I touched the orange wire to the orange wire in the back of the ignition switch, when I pushed the remote start, the lights all came on very fast in a flash and for a half second it sounded like it was about to start, then FLOP! No work, pressed again nothing , removed the wire and noticed my Speedo was lit up but not displaying anything at all ! Not even a flicker, I removed the blue wire from the starter and tried to start it normal with the start button on the bars, nothing! Not even trying to turn over, made sure it was in neutral ,checked the signals and light ,head lights tail lights were on, turn signals worked, alarm still worked, but Speedo no display and will not start or even try to at all not a hint of a sound ... now I do have all the plastics and gas tank removed carb unhooked from tank for the install (thinking maybe the carb not hooked up might not let it start but didn't explain the Speedo blank ? I checked the fuse on the alarm and it was blown and replaced it and alarm worked but the main fuse above the bike battery was NOT blown but there was obviously a surge, (im thinking) [QUESTION] ANY thoughts, ideas, tips, tricks, things to check would help! Please throw in your 2 cents, I have no clue what it could be!
  10. So I was replacing the crank and piston on my 01 kx250. When I got the bottom end pushed back together I flipped the case over and found I busted the inner case where one of the tranny gear dowels slips in. Is this worth trying to fix or am I better off with a new case?
  11. |Debrief <start>| I use to race Motocross as adolescent and teenager, started on yz 80, went to yz125. Raced hard, too many injuries so I quit. Me and my father bonded when I raced. I quit riding about 12 years ago. I'm 27 now and he recently passed and I wanna start riding again. Not to go pro, just fun. I feel it will help me through grief and I honestly miss riding. I've been out of the loop so long and not sure what to get. |Debrief <end>| 1. What is your skill Level (be honest)? Once was an intermediate, sure after a few rides I would be considered a novice again? 2. Height and weight? 6ft and 350lbs. Yes I know I'm fat. I'm losing weight already. Please don't roast me my life is already hard enough. 3. Last bike was heavily modified and race ready yz 125. I'm looking for a 4 stroke that packs a punch but I won't be doing any triples anymore. I'm partial to Yamaha. I'm looking at the WR or FX models. Was thinking 450 to haul my fatass around but now I'm thinking 250 because of how mean 450s have gotten. Then today I noticed I could get yzf250s for way cheaper! So now I'm looking at them in 250 or 450s too. I currently found a 2018 yzf 250 for 5.5k with almost no hours on it. (Just finished break in) He was setting it up for trails with radiator guards, bigger tank and slid plate. I know I said I'm partial bro Yamaha but I've seen some kx 250f's for 2.5-4.5k. I feel it's stupid that I can find a bike with less power "wr" for cheaper than a snappy "yzf" :( Also. Fuel injection is a thing now apparently. Should I even care? You can map icus now? I want a bike that has it's balls in the low to mid end range. I don't want to have to be racing it like a 2 stroke. Ive looked into the ttrs, and klx's and they don't seem like they would be enough for what I want or need. Apparently Huskys are a thing again? What about there 300 model for off-road? 4. What's your ballpark budget? I really don't want to spend more than 6k but that would be for a newer model 2010s+. Ideal price is 4k? Unless it's suggested to get a newer model. 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? Fields, novice tracks (no doubles+ Etc) and wide dirt trails, not log jumping and steep hills. 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? Play riding, need to stay away from racing lol If you have got this far thank you. Sorry if my old school ass got some stuff wrong but any suggestions on what motorcycle I should get. Sorry for Grammer and spelling. -Amity
  12. Hi guys. My first post on this site so will try to keep it short... I did my first rebuild on a kx 250. All went well. Awaiting barrel to start. I replaced snapring on idler gear with an internal snapring(only found out the difference afterwards). Someone told me the snapring with ears for internal grooves will fly off the shaft due to the centrifugal spinning of the holes.... Now its driving me mad... Does this normally wprk or should i open up and replace with the correct one and have peace of mind... What does the expert say
  13. The other day up at my local trails a four wheeler pulled out in front of me and I completely snapped my front left fork in half. I can't find any place that still sells forks and I don't want to replace them with cr 85 forks. Is there anyplace that sells replacement forks? Thank you.
  14. Does anybody know how to adjust the stock shift linkage on a 2001 ttr 125. I know i can buy a shifter pedal to bypass the linkage but i dont want to spend money on a good running bike i have alot of projects already.. Thanks you ahead of time
  15. Hi everyone, I've just bought a 2004 Drz400E and I have noticed a small metal piece poking out of the carb and rubbing into the top of the engine. I had a look on a 2015 Drz and it isn't there. What is this and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance. 2004 Drz 2015 Drz:
  16. I'm 16 years old, 5'11" and weigh around 130 lbs. Tall and lanky. Looking to buy an off-road bike that doesn't have to hit such a high speed (maximum cc's to be around 125 for me) and Honda's CRF100 caught my eye at such a low price. Would this bike fit me? I'd love for this to work out. Thanks guys!
  17. Hello! I'm excited /extremely new motorcycle work and am in need of advice. I've just moved to AZ and picked up an 87 Honda XL600, sadly once I hit 70 on the highway it started to shut down, and oil was dripping from the connection to the air filter. After a nice $200 u-haul back to my home I'm trying to get it back up and running, I'm waiting to get my manual in, and hoped I could get some advice on how to move forward with working on it. Lastly I'll add that there was a line that got plugged / busted off during that first ride (I believe), it comes from the bottom of the air filter, and looks like it was connected back to the engine. I've attached some photos. Any advices welcome, thank you in advance.
  18. Hey guys, I'm new to rebuilding. I got a yz125j in the spring and have been working on it and not riding it ever since. Currently the cases are split and I have a rebuild kit going in. The problem is that when my uncle (a mechanic) was trying to get the clutch bolt off by bracing a screwdriver through the basket to keep it from spinning, he snapped a couple teeth off of the basket and a couple of plates on the inside of the clutch are snapped. I havent had any luck whatsoever on eBay except for mitaka baskets but no others and idk if they are performance oriented cuz I just want something that will last and not break again. I have seen people talk about putting yz100 baskets into their 1982 yz125 and switching gears on the back or something like that. I am just looking for a basket and to get a little bit of riding in before snow comes. Any help or insight into how I might get a clutch basket assembly for my yz125j would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Duncan
  19. I just rebuilt my 2011 kx250f and the idle started to hang it would rev up like normal and stop at 2000 rpm for a sec then go back down to 850 and there is some decel popping. Things I've done Cleaned fuel injector Replaced throttle cable (btw it sticks a tad cause both the new and old cable routing is bad and don't know factory spec) Checked valves Checked all connectors Also I got some carb cleaner in the mass air flow so I don't know if that messed anything up but I think it works Replaced injector Insulator Cleaned throttle body Has good compression Any help would be much appreciated 🙏
  20. So my crf250x engine blew up for the second time and i want to put a more accesible engine into my crf250x since i live in the philippines. Im thinking about putting a crf250l engine into it and im wondering if anyone can tell me if its possible at all even with some modification
  21. So I’ve recently got this 03 suzuki rm250 2stroke and it was running ok when we went to go pike it up when we got it home we changed all the fluids and then it wouldn’t start I found out that the throttle was stuck half way open now it seems like it’s running super rich like 10x the smoke on a cold start and it doesn’t go away when the bike warms up also I took the pipe off and I poured like a quart and half of spooge out of the pipe and it doesn’t really what to rev up to the high rpms I’ve also check my he carb it’s a stock needle on the second position and Im running a 150 main and a 45 pilot idk what’s going on any help would be great
  22. I have a small leak in my fork seal and I’m wondering if it’s normal. I tried getting in there and making a seal saver to clean it out but I’m having a hard time taking the dust seal of while it’s on the bike and I don’t see how putting it on a bench will make it any easier. Should I try harder? Should I even worry? It’s so small you almost can’t notice it unless you wipe your finger on it and it gets a little slicker. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  23. Hey! New rider here, just got my first ever dirtbike which is a Honda CR125 1997. Got it running yesterday, but i noticed a lot of oil and exhaust fumes flying out around the area where the exhaust connects to the cylinder. Its also reaaally loud, the rubber piece that connects the muffler and the exhaust is also missing, is this the cause to the loud noise? Also noticed that one of the springs that connect the exhuast to the cylinder has been changed and one of them has a lot of slack. The last thing is a hole, less than 1mm big in the exhaust that leaks oil too. And when i took the exhuast off the first time, there was looads of oil sitting in the exhaust. Help is greatly appriciated!
  24. I have a big problem that i need help troubleshooting. The clutch works fine but when i am rolling along at speed and i give it full throttle the engine is revving but no power is getting the rear wheel. Thlught it was clutch plates? But dealer said it may be pully system which have never heard of. Does anyone know how to teoubleshoot this?
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