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Found 87 results

  1. Stichris

    Yamaha YZ250F (2007)


  2. nateb1583

    Yamaha WR426F (2001)


    Love It!! Got a great deal and it is a monster.
  3. ried57chevy

    Honda TRX450ER Electric Start (2006)


    this is my first sport quad. the thing is a beast.love it.
  4. WrightStuff

    Yamaha YZ400F (1998)


    Great bike for 16 yrs old! Would like it to have a kick start sometimes! ;)
  5. tarip

    Yamaha YZ426F (2000)


    Love this bike.. Gobs of power. Hot Cams Intake and Exhaust Stage 1, FMF Slip On, Power-bomb Header
  6. vagrantidol

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2007)


    I love the DRZ. It is a pig and not the best performer, but I will rebuild this bike over and over before I ever sell it.
  7. Bronco boy

    Kawasaki KX450F (2009)


    Amazing bike overall however I have had a few issues dealing with neglect from the previous owner.
  8. PaullyD426

    Yamaha YZ426F (2001)


    I bought this bike in 2009 for $1400 and it's been awesome! It has gone through two rebuilds and eventually ended up in its current dual sport (CA Street Legal) configuration.
  9. oldfrt613

    Honda CRF450R (2008)


    Excellent all around MX bike
  10. RMZ2Fifty

    2012 RM-Z250 Engine Knocking Sound

    I got my bike pretty dirty so I hosed her down and like a retard got water in the air intake that even when it dried was very hard to start, but eventually did. When it started I didnt hear any knocking at that time, but I was probably too excited I got her to started I didnt even notice it. Hours later I took it to some sand pits rhode it for a few and my cousin pointed out the knocking sound. The bike showed no performance difference. Realizing my washing tactic was probably a rookie ass mistake I researched what happens when water gets into your engine. Followed recommendations of cycling oil through the engine 3-4 times looking for traces of milky oil or bubbles. I found both. by the 3rd oil change she was coming out clean, but was still making a knocking noise. Consulted with my mechanic friend and he put his BET on the the crank shaft bearings had gone. I say BET because I replaced both Top & Bottom End, and even installed a new clutch kit and re oiled her for the 4th time as well as an oil filter. I let him know $700 later the knocking is still there. So I asked him about the Valves, he said they were in spec. The knock sounds like it comes from the top. knocks 3 times, quick pause and comes back simultaneously. I researched problems tied to engine knock and found the following.... - Worn out Shims - too much space between buckets and cam lobes - Bad oil pump - Synthetic oil causes louder engine noises (I highly doubt) Does anyone have any idea what it could be or how reasonable these suggestions are? I can upload a video of bike running or anything else if needed. All help is appreciated, Thanks!!
  11. barker14

    Help! Cam timing!

    So here I am with the new cams in and they don't line up at all like the picture hot cams provides... seems like 14 pins looks much better (3 dots pretty much all visible on both sprockets) but they say to go to 15. See pictures below at 14 and 15. Any help appreciated!
  12. Red Ripper

    Honda CRF250R (2006)


    Love it, it gave me some problems before the rebuild but now it's better than ever. Big bore gives it crazy bottom end and the cam makes up for that loss off the top. Awesome bike all around.
  13. Sheppard03

    Kawasaki KLX125 (2003)


    Good for rippin the trails :)
  14. Axel43

    Hot Cams Shim Kits

    1 review

    Most of us would rather ride than wrench, but with the Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit you can at least get your valve adjustments done quickly and accurately while saving some money. This Valve Shim Kit from Hot Cams will save you from unnecessary trips to the store or ordering incorrect shim sizes since you’ll have all the shims you need on hand for pretty much any clearance. These shims are precisely manufactured with the exact diameter for your machine and are sized in convenient increments for a total of 47 different sizes of shim. 3 shims are included for each size and are organized in a compartmentalized plastic container to keep all of your 141 total shims together.
  15. quattro251

    Yamaha WR250F (2001)


    Solid bike, fun to ride.
  16. Stichris

    Hot Cams cam chain

    1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Silent chain Exclusive heat treated links create excellent friction and impact resistance Engineered to exceed OEM specifications and tolerances
  17. falk_ben

    Hot Cams Stage 2 Gold Series

    1 review

    DESCRIPTION Stage 2 Gold Series: Dual cam engine. Intake and exhaust cams sold separately. Mid to top RPM application. Requires valve spring kit PART #VSK4001IN. SPECIFICATIONS Exhaust Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 256.00 Exhaust Lift (mm): 8.76 Exhaust Lobe Center (Degrees): 102.50 Exhaust Valve Lash (mm): .20 Intake Duration (Degrees at 1mm): .00 Intake Lift (mm): .00 Intake Lobe Center (Degrees): .00 Intake Valve Lash (mm): .00 Shim Kit: HCSHIM01 Exhaust Duration (Degrees at 1mm): .00 Exhaust Lift (mm): .00 Exhaust Lobe Center (Degrees): .00 Exhaust Valve Lash (mm): .00 Intake Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 261.00 Intake Lift (mm): 8.79 Intake Lobe Center (Degrees): 110.00 Intake Valve Lash (mm): .15 Shim Kit: HCSHIM01
  18. Denver Mike

    Honda CRF450R (2004)


    Its a 10 year old motocross bike, with very low hours. Perfect for an Enduro conversion. This bike astounds me. One day I'm riding MX on a track, the next I'm riding in the desert on single track. Its unstoppable, and just so easy and forgiving. I love this bike.
  19. pew05

    Honda TRX400EX Sportrax (2001)


    Bought an old race quad and redid it. Ended up buying new plastics, so there are pics with it yellow, some red, and all red.
  20. stupidmoto

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2005)


    Great starter bike. Very easy to ride and a lot of fun. Pretty heavy and not really that fast, but still an awesome bike.