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  1. Hello all. My 2018 rmx450z has a hanging idle that seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it won’t return to idle at all unless I crack the throttle a couple of times. The idle adjustment doesn’t adjust the idle whatsoever like it used to. The bike has 2500km on it and I have never checked the valves. Other than the hanging idle the bike starts and works fine with lots of power. I also have a jd tuner set to the open pipe setting. Has anyone had this issue that can steer me in the right direction? Valves? Air leak?
  2. I have a 2011 ktm 250sxf with a fresh rebuilt motor and the bike starts up and idles perfect with the choke/ idle screw pulled out and I can warm it up but the moment I push the choke in the bike dies like I hit the kill switch. Just wondering what I gotta do to fix this. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I'm new here, just picked up a 2012 KX450F after being away from the dirt for a while. I'm having some concerns when it comes to the idle adjustment screw. When I bought the bike, it was turned out 42 clicks from full closed, after getting the valve clearance back in spec and doing some work, I've got it down to 35 clicks out but the manual says it should be about 22. The bike runs good and strong, I'm just making sure that I understand the delta, the last thing I want to do is cover something up by allowing more fuel in. Right now it starts cold on 2nd kick with idle screw pulled out, kicks over 1st time with idler in once it's warm. I've added a list of what I've done below. Again, I don't think anything major is going on, I just want to make sure I'm not slapping a band-aid on. Everything I've done since buying the bike; tore the motor down (without cracking the case open) replaced piston replaced timing chain and tensioner checked and set valve clearances cleaned throttle bottle and air intake sensors changed filters flushed coolant
  4. Hey there, new to TT. I have scavenged the internet for all possible answers to my problem. I recently purchase a 2003 CRF150f for my girlfriend. The bike ran but wouldn't idle. The guy claims he rebuilt the carb but had the bike sitting for 6 months or so. Got the bike home and tore the carb apart cleaned it all out. It has stock jetting by the way. Once I thoroughly cleaned the whole bike I put the carb back on and was able to get the bike idling with the fuel screw around 1.25 to 1.75 turns out. I was excited I got it to idle but couldn't get it to rev past idle. The rpms drop with the slightest twist of the throttle and the bike eventually dies. Looking to see if anyone has had a similar issue or would possibly have a solution. I still have the snorkel on the airbox but plan to remove it once I get the new jets I ordered. I picked up a 42 and 45 pilot jet, as well as a 112 and 115 main jet. It seems from everything I have read the 42/112 and 45/115 are the go to combinations with the snorkel removed. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. My klx400r/drz400e will not idle seems way too lean pops at closed throttle severe on deceleration. I've read hours and hours on TT and other sites for years before getting the courage to jet and fix my no idle hang idle and now I've made it worse jd jet kit 3x3 ce removed and 2 ports connected 1 plugged everything else the way i bought it used I recently found the o ring and washer was missing from the fuel screw Installed oe washer and oring from rmatvmc 1,500 to 3,500 elevation 2.75 turn fs 162 mj 45 pj Blue jd needle -4 I took a 180 mj out that someone installed but tbh it ran better before jd kit! It now has a bog sometimes that I didnt have with bottomed out stock needle and 180 mj I ride 100% offroad mostly single track or with my kid so slowish I'm ready to sell this green drz and go back to a 2t. HELP
  6. Hey guys, I like to set my idle speed at 1500 1700 rpm on my 4 stroke. Is it harmful to the bike? Does it cause problems?
  7. My trail hopper will not keep idling. Can someone explain to me how to adjust the idle? I do not know much about working on motorcycles. Jsust had it worked on, and the mechanic couldn't figure out the problem. Thanks
  8. I just bought a 1996 Yamaha XT 225 for a trail bike to keep at my dad's house, & when you let off the gas to shift it's like the throttle is stuck, it takes a long time to return to idle. It has a weird vacuum driven slider in the carb, could that have a hole in the diaphragm? When it is not running the throttle seems to work correctly, you can hear it click as you open & close it so it is not a stuck cable or slider. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. New to the forum so it has come to the point where lurking isn't enough lol I am a very experienced mechanic, just not on fuel injected offroad machines. A friend offered me a kx250f 2011 for a good price he just couldn't get it to idle right. It pulls like a freight train, never smokes, some tasteful parts on it so I decided it would be worth it to try to get it idling right. I haven't been on 2 wheels in a decade and my wife is REALLY getting into a KLX140 so i want to share the experience with her instead of looking lame riding around with her on my ltz400 lol So here is my dilemma. I have went through the throttle body and air filter and cleaned the bike along with many connectors, it was long overdue. Ran a dealer diagnostics test and it came back all good. It seemed to help the idle issue but I'm still having an inconsistent idle and I can make it cease and start with the gear shifter so I need to understand how the ECU in these first generation FI kawasakis work. -Bike won't start without some throttle cold or warm(im still learning this bikes quirks so I haven't been paying a lot of attention to this) -i can adjust the fast idle screw to get it to idle all day at 2000rpms in neutral once warm -idle does NOT hang in neutral when the throttle is blipped -once I bump it to first it idles up like I understand it should -if I blip it in gear the idle hangs. If I had to guess around 3000rpm or so for a while - i can force the high idle to stop if I bump it back into neutral. So what exactly does this ecu read/tell the engine to do when these bikes come out of neutral? I did buy a factory service manual and I'm going to skim through it a lot more tonight but until i know what is changing between neutral and first im in the dark as far as where to start. Appreciate any help. Thanks -
  10. I recently bought a 2001 yamaha yz426f and it wont idle at all it starts first kick but just dies unless you grab the throttle ive cleaned and adjusted the carb to factory but still wont idle properly anyone have any ideas what it could be
  11. Hello! This is my first post but I have been unable to find a problem like mine. I have a 2006 yz250f and I recently replaced the main jet. it was hollowed out and I put a stock one in. ever since, it seems like on start, it is getting flooded with too much gas, however, on idle, the bike will die and has a low idle. I have messed with the fuel adjuster as well as the idle adjuster, turning to 2.5 turns out on idle as the manual says. Doesn't seem to change my problem. I changed the spark plug as well in hopes that it wasn't getting spark (the bike would not even turn over whatsoever for a few hours. It ran good once i replaced the jet once but after that this problem keeps coming up. The only things i can think of that may be causing it are related to the pilot jets. Any tips? Thanks!
  12. Hello all, I replaced the stator cover the other day and when I started the bike it started and ran fine for about 3 minutes and then stalled. Started it back up and it stalled again after 5 seconds. Then it would not start with choke or no choke. Waited two days and the first start it started fine but only ran about 2-3 seconds this time. Then it went back to just cranking and not starting again. Any input?
  13. My bike sat for a couple weeks while my ankle healed up from a tip-over (right side). She ran absolutely fine on the way home, I put her up on the stand, and two weeks later she won't idle. I cleaned the carb, nothing. I checked for air leaks, nothing. I bought a new pilot jet and then she started up, but only with the mixture screw turned all the way in. I put in a leaner pilot jet and she still only idled with it turned all the way in. Why would it run the same with the mixture screw all the way in regardless of jet size? The fact that it can even idle with a jet two steps leaner than the original size that it ran fine with is confusing.
  14. Hi, my ktm 85 sx 2005 won't idle for long, maybe 2 seconds, if a nurse the throttle to a low rpm and let off the throttle it will idle quiet long, but after a WOT or half throttle it will die almost instantly I have to keep blip-ING the throttle ti keep the engine going, it runs fine tho apart from that. I have cleaned the carb and set everything back to factory setting from the manual, yet its still the same ?‍♂️ I have searched this forum but not much help can someone give me some pointers thanks ☺️
  15. Hello, I have a KTM LC4 600 EGS 93'. -new spark plug is black -mixture screw all the way in -idle screw 3.5 turns out, idle drops after about 10 seconds and the bike dies -throttle is really good throughout the whole range, responsive and works properly What should i change in my carb for it to run and idle well? Should i change the pilot jet to a leaner one and would that change how many turns out the mixture screw is? Also I think my fuel consuption is high, but i can't say for sure. Thanks
  16. So here are my problems and I would love to ride but I can't... Recently I purchased a 2008 rmz250, bought it off a friend who never had it running proper, said it backfired alot and didn't ever run proper. When I got the bike i tore everything apart to try fix the problem, I have done the following -ultra-sonic cleaned the carb, all routes are clear -header had a gash, initially thought this was the problem installed a new one -Redid timing to proper adjustment -new coolant, oil and cleaned all inside case -hot start rebuild, thought this was the problem too as it would be sucking air in past carb -checked carb boot, no rips -ran seafoam After all this the bike still won't idle proper off of choke, on choke it runs fine, blips out when I give it throttle when it's not on choke and makes a hissing sound, I have come to the conclusion it can't be timing BC then it wouldn't run proper on choke, it might be the tps I will test that and update the thread and I will check valve clearance, I am somewhat p'd off I always get stuck with some unfixable vehicle, would love any feedback, thanks in advance
  17. This issue has plagued me since I've owned the bike (bought used in 2010). When going down a steep hill, in neutral or with the clutch pulled in, the idle speed goes way down and many times it kills the engine. I've verified the float was in spec many times, can't think of any other part in the carb that could cause this. It only occurs during steep downhills and is very annoying, otherwise the bike runs great. Looking for any ideas on what could be the cause of this. Appreciate any helpful feedback. 2002 YZ250F, stock carb, no engine mods.
  18. Hi, new around here I know this has been debated many times but I just can't seem to find a similar problem or a solution. My 2011 kx250f has had some difficulty firing up ever since I bought it. A lot of people say fi bikes are harder to start and I do start them with 3 smooth kicks before the big one, but it just refuses to start without the choke being pulled or when in gear, so i replaced the titanium valves (and they were out of spec) with some steel ones and placed some new shims, but I also measured the cam lobes and one of the intakes was slightly out of spec but I left it be. Still hard to start. Then I tuned the tps and now it starts better but hardly holds idle at first try. Now the real problem is: - After the bike fires up and is idling in neutral the revs aren't stable as they seem to drop a little and comeback (sometimes not). - I put in gear and start running but as soon as I pull the clutch and the revs drop, it stalls. Every time. This means that when I'm riding every single time I grab the clutch for more than 2 seconds, the bike dies. Could this be due to the camshaft? Checked every sensor and also checked the fuel injector and it seems to be pulverizing just fine.Can't be tilt sensor because it doesn't turn off when it's revving. Thanks.
  19. Just got an 07 drz400sm. Previous owner said it worked but had been sitting a few months with a blown head gasket. After replacing the gasket and cleaning the carb repeatedly, bike still won't idle. Starting cold, fully choked, it starts up and sounds pretty nice. Then switching to half choke, it will sit around 2800rpm. Ive test ridden it, and it does great. Fine through the rev range, but with or without choke, if I try to get it to sit anywhere below 2800rpms, it dies. Once it gets warmed up I hear an occasional skip, rpms varying a couple hundred in either direction. Played around w throttle screw, set fuel mix screw to stock 2.5 and played with that too. It's been like this since the first time I put the carb in, and since then I've completely disassembled it and gone through it w carb cleaner, and pine sol soaked multiple times. Also cleared with compressed air twice, all circuits. Stock carb, airbox, jets, and exhaust. At a loss, any help would be very much appreciated. This bike's supposed to be my daily driver. Thanks, CJ
  20. Hello all. I own a very clean 2003 cr125. The bike starts first or second kick cold, but just does not want to idle by itself. Little spooge leaks while riding (normal considering I haven’t been ringing it out, I normally ride trails). Power isn’t lacking either as she rides very well, just doesn’t idle when I take my hand off the throttle. I don’t think the reeds are cracked as I have brand new vforce in there. I’m thinking I just have to totally clean out the carb and get the jetting correct, it’s still got the stock mikuni on it. Is there something else I should be doing? Bike just flat out doesn’t idle.
  21. Sorry if i double post, created an account with my first post and didnt get a notification and cant find my original post. I'll try to make this short if possible. Owned my 05 crf450x for a year with some minor work being done. Didnt really ride in the summer had some starting issues when i did try to ride end of summer. Bike would start but would bog and stall when you give it any gas. Once the bike was warm it ran fine. Realized i put pump 87 in my tank so i drained it and put pump 91 with some seafoam. Started fine new years day with no issues. Did about a 6 hr ride with numerous stops. Stalled once where it took about 20 minutes to finally get started. Stopped shortly after on a hill with the clutch in, the rpms dropped and bike gently stalled. Was so gentle if my bike wasnt loud i probably wouldnt have even noticed. Once again i couldnt get it started with the E start or kick starting. Had to roll start it. Shortly after coasting down a hill clutch in bike stalled again but just roll started it while coasting. Checked all connections, and wires for cuts, any disconnects, corrosion and nothing noticeable. Replaced the spark plug, ripped the carb off and cleaned it. 1 jet seemed a little clogged which i cleared. Assembled the bike back together enough to attempt to start it and fired right up. Gave it some gas no issues. Shut it off tried to start it again and hasnt started for 2 days. Waiting for my local bike guy to call me to see when he has time to work on it and how much it will be. In the mean time id still like to figure it out if possible. TIA
  22. Howdy, This coolster has run rough since I got it and I have not been able to figure it out. Basically it only runs clean at idle if the choke is left on. If you turn off the choke you have to turn up the idle a lot. Even with doing that it bogs, pops, spits. When riding it stumbles and pops then goes again. See video: Let me know if you all have any suggestions thanks!
  23. Hello all, Thanks to Thumpertalk I dared to plunge into the deep and do a rebuild of the top-end of my 2012 YZ250 myself. 10hrs and still going strong. But the reason I did the rebuild (other than that the time has come), was that there was also another issue that I was hoping to fix. I'll walk you through the symptoms: Start up of the bike (cold) in cold or hot weather w choke. (PS: I think the problem is a little better in cold weather) Bike starts up in one kick if kicked correctly. The bike smokes, but normal amount to a 2stroke. After a 10 or so seconds, when I blip the throttle, ALOT of smoke comes from the exhaust (white smoke). It also doesn't ping but bogs (bwaaa) when I go on the throttle. Sometimes its so severe that it dies during the bog. When I start my ride on the track, the bike doesn't ping and I don't have much power + still excessive smoke. But when I hold the throttle WIDE OPEN for 10 or so seconds, then it starts to 'clear out' and begins to haul *ss. The smoke also disappears and the engine starts to ping again. The bike runs fine after that while its cleared out on the track. I thought this was a sign that I should change the top end (30hrs, novice) and clean the carburetor. What did I do: Completely clean and dissasembly the carburetors and jets. Change the piston, rings, gaskets,.... Replace spark plug. The problem seemed to be gone the first time that I started the bike after the rebuild (first kick yeahah!). But it quickly came back and is even identical to before the rebuild. Now I thought the cause is the following: Crankshaft seal leak at the clutch side. --> But I just checked my transmission fluid after 4-6hrs of riding and it's 650cm³ after the 750cm² I filled it with. That seems to be about normal consumption, no? Coolant leakage somewhere inside the combustion chamber --> Triple checked: not losing coolant. The following suspects: Float height Crankseal leakage Pilot jet wrong (I checked that the standard one is installed). I'm at a dead-end here. I don't have the friends with the knowledge to ask these questions to. But I'm laying my faith in the hands of thumpertalk :). If there is something I can do to test something for you guys, let met know. Kind regards, Dries This is the me, my bike and the issue (it got a bit worse over time :p). Yes I know I shouldn't be so hard on the throttle when I start it, but for one time its not bad and it was necessary to show the problem.
  24. Hello! I know that this is posted in the XR600/650 section, but there was no 500 section. I am the proud owner of a 1983 XR500R, equipped with dual, progressive linkage carburetors and I'm having some very frustrating and confusing problems. Firstly, the idle speed changes when blipping the throttle. I will blip it and the idle speed will either decrease or increase each time it is blipped, sometimes going very high, mid, or going back to idling at a normal speed. As you can imagine this makes the bike very difficult to drive, as unless i blip the throttle multiple times to get it to idle right, the bike will carry on in 1st gear at around 15-20 mph without even touching the handlebars, meaning engine braking is nonexistent at low rpm. The throttle doesn't seem to be sticking, and the butterfly mounts for the cables are solid. Secondly, I am having issues with the floats. I tried setting them at first to factory spec (20 mm) at the highest (or lowest when installed) part of the floats and it poured fuel from the overflow tubes. I then set it at 20 mm at the back of the floats on the flat portion and it doesn't leak when running but will with the bike off. If i set them any higher it closes the needles all the time. I have replaced the float needles. When i got the bike the carburetor bodies were damaged, so I got a pair from a 1985 XR600R off eBay and didn't have either of these problems at the time. The bike then started suddenly pouring fuel from the overflow tubes a few weeks after I got them and it sat for about 4 months. After taking it out of the shed finally and cleaning the carbs real good and replacing the float needles, as well as messing with the float height it had the idling problem from the moment I started it up. Ive messed with the ratio screw and idle screw and nothing seems to be working. The jetting is 45 pilot, 100 primary on left carb and 128 on right carb, and I reside at about 5000 feet above sea level. The primarys are chewed up, looking as though somebody took some vice grips to them, but I don't see why that would affect the idle, and the bike runs very nicely otherwise. Thank you for your time, and any insight would be greatly appreciated, as I'm beginning to get very frustrated with the old girl.
  25. What would cause this bogging when I blip the throttle at idle and the high idle surge ? If I leave it it does idle ok 92 cr125 brand new carb, top end and reeds. Pretty much rides fine though. Stock jetting. Video here : https://imgur.com/gallery/YYrK9WK
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