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Found 101 results

  1. fir_chan

    Honda CRF250L (2013)


    For the price point, it is hard to beat. Great commuter, decent trail bike..... did it's job when I covered 1800km to Thailand and back home in Singapore.
  2. Creature_Tweaked

    Kawasaki KLR650 (2006)


    Each to their own, the bike may not be the best but with some tweaking it is a good bike.
  3. Rip_Stik

    Yamaha WR250F (2002)


    Its a tank when it comes reliability and durability. it feels like your cheating its so easy to handle through the woods, around the track, in the back yard. this is just overall a great bike, I've loved it since the day i got it.
  4. Britex

    Honda XR650L (2009)


    Just recently purchased...getting into trail riding after being absent from dirt riding for 30 years....I LOVE this pig! Runs good for a plugged up bike...needs some opening up but from all I have read can be done on the cheap with good results.
  5. Azhule

    Kawasaki KLR650 (1999)


    Great bike, owned it for almost a year now, still gets mid 50 mpg no matter how I ride it. KLX Needle, main and pilot jets swapped out for current mods/altitude. Smile every time I ride it, even if I drop it, it was a good day on "Mia" :)
  6. Michael499

    Kawasaki KX250F (2013)


    The 2013 KX250fs have been very reliable. Aside from wheel & spoke and chain guide issues, the bikes have held up well to hours of use.
  7. DirtRockr

    Kawasaki KLX300R (2007)


    Original owner, bought new off showroom floor in 2010. Mods made it a great woods bike! Street plated but geared for woods. Only complaint...no button. That would've gave it 5 stars.
  8. Joshua Besneatte

    Honda XR400R (2003)


    I inherited this bike when my best friend passed away. Hope he smiles as I rack up the miles!
  9. ThumperTalk

    IMS Baja Kit

    8 reviews

    An inexpensive way to shave weight. Eliminates 4 1/2 lb. of smog pump, canister and mounting hardware. For off-road use only.
  10. dezracer96

    Yamaha YZ250 (2002)


    I've had the bike for four years now and I love it. The engine is a masterpiece. There are times when I wish that I had an 06 or newer because of the weight and suspension, but it still performs better than a lot of other bikes I've ridden
  11. CRF450XINOZ

    Honda CRF450X (2009)


    Awesome bike, The power, Suspension & handling exceeded my expectations Removed snorkel & opened up the airbox slightly R&D flex jet 170 Main Pilot 45 Leak jet 60 NCVS Needle jet JT 14 tooth front sprocket Hinson clutch cover FMF Powerbomb header pipe E-Line carbon fiber Header cover FMF Powercore 4 muffler Trailtech Vapor Stealth speedo & dash setup, Great to keep an eye on the temperature & RPM etc Having both supermoto & offroad wheels is great
  12. Hello folks...me again. I installed an IMS tank on the wife's' 2013 250L. We have been doing a lot of mountain riding and she is always concerned about her fuel... we have had some close calls. She also packs the 1 gallon RotoPax but still would like more, as we usually end up dumping my RotoPax in her bike as well, (I have a 3.6 gallon IMS on the DRZ). I found the IMS install instructions are somewhat lacking so I searched TT to see if insights were shared and pictures posted. Didn't really see what I would like, so I captured some shots of the IMS bracket locations and my shroud trimming evolution (yet to be carried out) and have posted them. I laughed out loud when I read the IMS instruction "...some trimming may be necessary". That is a poor statement at best. Should say " trimming of the shrouds will be required if one doesn't want it to look like a cobbled together POS". I believe it will be easy with the right tools but for those with little vision...take it to a professional. I found it to be disconcerting that IMS left out any instructions about the fuel vent hose... I know what to do with the whole evaporative system but I must guess that many would not. If you want to keep your bike all legal beagle like you must connect the supplied vent hose to the evap system via the little white plastic "hose mender" then route it up to the supplied gas cap. I believe the tank looks better with a billet cap and vent and toss the hose in the trash along with the evap crap, but no...I would never do that...no way, not me...that would not be compliant and IMS can't share that, certainly. I noticed IMS has a great pictorial as advertised on the instruction sheet ...here is the link: https://www.imsproducts.com/Tech/VisualInstalls/Details.cfm?PartNum=112246&Model_Option=&page=1 This shows most of the story but leaves out details on the trimming and the fuel tank vent...as expected. I will only bother you with the trimming aspect and encourage anyone to view the link prior to starting the work...it is very helpful to understand the positioning of the IMS "L" brackets and forward vibration mounts before you get started. Here is my pictorial...hope some, find this useful...: One needs to remove this black plastic shroud piece on the right side: Looks like this after: If you do not trim you have this little issue: Cut off this much from both right and left shrouds: Sissors work really good...a die grinder works fabulous ;-) Smooth it out with a flapper wheel, file, or what have you... Looks pretty good indeed...just take care not to scratch the finish as you work: And this: My tool array for this exercise: Ta Dahhhh !... Watch the clearence on your after market bark busters...very close but didn't actually hit the tank: Here's my cap setup. I arranged this to show what some might choose to remove when doing this if they don't care to keep it USA highway legal and such... If one were to do this they would need to cap the evap pipe to the intake base to not have a vacuum leak, also, properly protect the evap electric valve connector that would go unused in the event of such nonsense...but... best to keep it legal and not try this at home You must connect the stock vent line to the IMS supplied fuel cap with the IMS supplied hose and white plastic hose mender to keep it legal on USA highways. Summary. I found this to be a very easy install, nice looking and functional...plus my wife loves it and thinks I'm a super star for adding more capacity to her 2013 CRF 250L. BTW...I'm a Manufacturing Engineering Manager by trade...what's that? I manage a crew of techs that write work instructions for a living...explain how to assemble things for those with no idea what comes next. Pictures, drawings, detailed explainations, tools, best practices...that sort of stuff. I have very high expectations from manufacturers instructions...details left out lead to frustration and costly mistakes. Thanks IMS...good job on the design, it fits beautifully and looks nice...! We found this IMS tank to be well built and rugged, a must for rough terrain riding. We rode up in the mountains yesterday on some old washed out high mountain logging roads. Brush, logs, cliffs, boulders, bears, elk, deer, ravins...that sort of stuff. My wife reports she didn't notice the extra fuel tank width, height or weight...at all. We rode about 90 miles before the fuel guage started to register, expected. We arrived back at base with 115 miles on the odometer with the guage down to the second bar from full. although we didn't run it out, we estimate the trip range, loaded with gear, to be around 200 miles now...way more better. The fuel pump plate gasket showed no signs of leakage and nothing rattled loose...bonus! When weighed against the costs associated with running out of fuel in the remote forests of Washington...we believe the IMS tank to be a great value at the advertised price. If it saves us from one "bike pushing event", I would say it paid for itself, immeadiately upon installation. Additionally, my wife is no longer concerned about running out of fuel before me...that my friends, is priceless. Cheers
  13. hightower_88

    Kawasaki KX250 (1990)


    got a woods monster on my hands. vforce3 reed system, fmf jetting specs, 91 kx250 front forks, and tree and clamps. IMS oversized 3.3g tank, pro taper bars, pro circuit full exhaust, 14t front 49t rear sprocket.

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2005)


    2005 SUZUKI DRZ400S, pulls hard great all around bike, I just bought this, need better tires, looking Dunlop 606, front not sure yet,working on suspension for my height weight front & rear, I'm leaving it the s model, not interested in super moto, it looks kool, but i like the back country, street tires won't cut it.cant wait for more seat time bike works better with that pipe & moose jet kit, so far pretty dam good strong bike street or dirt trails service rd,
  15. While fueling my XR650 the other day, the IMS fuel cap came apart and the smaller piece dropped into the tank. Doing a little research, I found two styles made of plastic: (1) with 6 squared off cogs (2) with 5 rounded graceful cogs - pics attached. Mine is the former. Yes, I can buy a new one, but if I can just buy a seal that would be great. Online pictures of a new cap show the same two pieces that I still have. The question is, what holds them together? Did it break or does the seal, a clip, or something else (maybe in the tank as well) hold the two pieces together?
  16. bdub_24

    Kawasaki KLX110L (2010)


    This bike has been the perfect pitbike all around.
  17. wallib

    Yamaha YZ250 (2007)


    really reliable, easy to maintain, modified for enduro
  18. jonathan101514119

    Honda XR650L (2007)


    5 stars!
  19. CSAR FE

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)

    1 comment

    Great motor and great suspension. The bike handles a bit different than anything else I've ridden, which I attribute to Yamaha's centralization of mass. From my experience, this bike's ability to corner and not hop out of ruts is heavily dependent on your body position on the bike. Overall, I love this thing.