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Found 30 results

  1. hey i bought a used thumpstar 125cc pit bike around Christmas i rode it for about a day it was running good and then i was ridding around in second gear and it bogged out and died. i tried to start it nothing. i then let it sit and tried it a couple hours later it started and ran for a little bit then died again. then i checked for spark and there wasn't any spark i tried it after awhile nothing. i then replaced the stator, ignition switch, coil and spark plug still no spark i also tested the cdi on another pit bike and the other bike ran better can you pls help me!!
  2. Honda fanatic

    93 honda xr100r

    Hi yall.just joined this forum and I was hoping yall good folks would be able to give me a general idea on the worth of my great condition 93 honda xr100r..thank you very much in advance.
  3. Hey guys, I posted a little while ago on TT about my 2006 Honda CR125 revving really high on cold starts. Last night, I finally fixed the problem. The throttle cable was routed so incorrectly that it was getting caught, causing the bike to rev high. I rerouted the cable, adjusted the air and idle screws, and voilà. Or so I thought.... I started it up earlier today and as soon as I did, that beautiful 2 stroke sound I was expecting to hear was completely drowned out by this rattling noise. I honestly have no clue what it is, my best theory is piston slap. Does it sound like piston slap? It could be something loose but I don't know where to start with this. Really need some help. I included a link to a video of me starting it up. It was not a completely cold start as it had been sitting for an hour or so since I started it up earlier. The bike rattles in neutral, gear, and with the clutch pulled in. Would really appreciate you guys watching it and letting me know what you think. Piston slap? Something loose? Thanks, Will https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0veHWqGMPg
  4. i just recently bought a 2002 yamaha yz250f. It has run great for the first week that I have owned it, but recently it started acting weird. I would give it gas and it felt like it was bogging down. If i slowly give it gas it doesn't have a problem, its when i try and open it up. When I'm at a steady speed in 3rd-5th it feels like it's cutting out. It has a hard time hot starting. I've changed the fuel mixture screw and adjusted it to what the owner manual says. Does this sound like a valve problem? Thanks
  5. Hickman800

    TTR 125 4th gear ticking

    I was riding around on a trail today and I was in 4th gear, I was going around a turn so I slacked on the gas, when I jumped back on the throttle the chain popped off the bike, so I put the chain back on and when i was going I put the bike in 4th and it was making a ticking sound, it is fairly loud and constant. I think the weird part is I rarely use the 4th gear.
  6. Hello everyone, my first post. I bought a 2002 DRZ400 S for $850 that ran very loudly and clearly with something wrong. The bike had 9k miles on the clock, so I hoped it wouldn't be something so catastrophic that the entire engine needed replacement. I've pulled of the head and cylinder. Here's what I've found. The intake cam was dry and looked like burnt oil. The intake cam journals were all eaten up. The exhaust cam and journals look good though, which seems strange to me if the head was starved of oil. Maybe just an oil channel for the intake cam was blocked? Bottom of the head: Cylinder and piston: There was side-to-side play but no up and down on the rod: Frame oil screen, I think that's case sealant gunked up on it? Here's the link to the full album on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/cl1n1 So what can be used, and what needs to be replaced? What went wrong in the first place? I want to get this back to running as inexpensively as is reasonable. Obviously the head needs to go. Can the cylinder be reused? I wiped it out with WD40 and a paper towel, but didn't have anything to really scrub with. There isn't any lip that I could feel where the piston stops at the top of the cylinder. How about the piston? Could it be reused with new rings?
  7. I recently took a '86 RM125 as a winter project and as usual, parts are costing me an arm and a leg. Does anyone have experience with the 1986-1988 Rm's? Are they worth rebuilding? And why do water impellers cost $20? Any imput would be greatly appreciated. I have never rode this bike, as I bought with the engine in pieces.
  8. Hey guys, My new cr125 has a coating of red paint on the cylinder. I'm not sure if it's normal paint or powder coated but I would like to remove it. I have been told to just grab a can of paint stripper and see if that does the trick. My question is, can I use the paint stripper with the bike still together? I'm fairly new to the dirt bike world and not sure I want to take on the task of removing the cylinder only to strip some paint. Would it be possible to cover the surrounding areas with a rag or paper towels, remove the expansion chamber, and use a tooth brush or something to apply the stripper in hard-to-reach areas? Thanks, Will
  9. Okay, so I traded an old beat up z50 with a Chinese motor for a 2001 xr50. I got it home and thought maybe the carb was dirty so I took it apart cleaned it and put it back on. Tried to start it and nothing.... Took it apart again to double check and tried again, still nothing. The bike had decent compression, but it was still kinda weak so I ordered some new piston rings. I installed those, I checked to see if the valves were bent and they weren't, I also got a new head gasket and a new wiring harness. I also got a new spark plug. Adjusted the valves, set the timing, hooked everything back up but still... No fire. It's getting spark, fuel, great compression. But nothing works. Please help!
  10. Hey all, this is my first post on here. I'm out of ideas on this, and reeeaally need some help. 2002 yz250. brand new top end with low hours above break in, brand new boyesen reeds, fresh packed silencer (firm but not over-tight), and brand new stock jets and needles in the carb. The problem is that it starts up just fine, but it will either die while idling or die as soon as I creep the throttle about 1/4 or past. It seems like it will run a little longer, or rev a tiny bit higher with the choke on. If I kick it and start riding right away to see what happens it will basically run poorly and then start to die in under a minute. When it dies while I'm riding it's a slow death where the revs slow over a few seconds until it stalls, and it doesn't matter whether I grab clutch, mess with the throttle, or choke it. I just ordered a new petcock to eliminate any other issue that might be fuel related, but other things I'm inexperienced with that have been mentioned to me are ignition timing and the stator. PLEEEEAAAASE HELP!! I've hardly ridden in two months!!!
  11. Dan Paull

    2013 kx250f runs poor

    My kx250f won't run properly from idle and will stall if throttle is opened from idle to full throttle quickly. Some months back i had a big crash and was out for a while, in this time i rebuilt the bike. After this i noticed that it wasn't running well and harder to start than before. Its still ridable and power is still great but not sure whats going on. I have replaced the spark plug and still no improvement. Furthermore I can smell unburnt fuel when it runs and it pops when under engine braking. I do believe that I did the rebuild correctly. Any suggestion?
  12. rightRudder

    New Rider (long post)

    I've been reading this forum for a while and it's been very useful, entertaining and also costly. In early 2014 I bought a CRF250L - and only after that I found out about this forum (so can't give the forum credit for my wise choice, haha!) A little background to put this post into perspective some years ago I had my first motorcycle, a Honda Shadow 600 VLX (a "cruiser" with standard seating position, 4 speed (only!), carburated, pretty looking bike and fun to ride - for a mini-cruiser). that was my "get into motorcycling" entry and because I only had it for a relatively short time, I learned enough to get started, but sort of forgot the feeling for it since several years have passed since. my most important "want" from any motorcycle is that it has a "standard seating" position, maneuverable and don't want yoga as a prerequisite for sitting on it. as much as I enjoy riding, on-road safety is my #1 priority (took the motorcycle safety foundation course and read a bunch of motorcycle books). How I ended up with a CRF250L several years ago I soldd my first bike (the VLX 600 above), but my "need for riding" didn't go away, was only dormant all that time. after a pretty intense debate, discussion, begging, telling half-truths, i got my wife to accept (almost) the fact that I wanted a "little bike" and i was going to get one. So I began looking - where i knew best: Honda. I had the impression Honda had some motorcycles that were a bit more "down to earth", "pedestrian" and reliable (among other all-out type of bikes). I wanted something that could do a little bit of everything, so I learned about "dual sport". Yada, yada, yada and after a bunch of reading and wataching youtube i knew that CRF250L was just the right compromise for me: it wasn't stellar at any specific thing, but the sum of all its parts were what made it really good (despite the inherited compromise of a dual-sport. And it wasn't terribly expensive and I liked the way it looked. I had considerd the Wr250R (which I did not know existed until i began looking for other possible alternatives to the 250L), but it was more of a bike than i needed (hmmmm... would surely not have been a bad choice at all, but the entry price out of my price). Two months experience I love it: smooth, good weight distribution, easy to ride, leans very nicely into corners I wish it had more power. I have not taken it offroad (except for a brief afternoon where i freaked myself out a little) I wish the exhaust made some "noise" like the "braaaap" i learned people sometimes talk about. The brakes are kind of mushy and the bike dives if i use too much front brake and not enough rear brake (I'm 6" 155 skinny lbs). At start of acceleration from a stand-still in 1st, the bike goes from a momentary pause to a surge, making it for a total beginner like me harder to do slow speed smooth turns (i know about modulating the clutch, counter balancing the weight, blah blah, but I'm not very good at it). Gas mileagae: started out with something like 51mpg (!) then went to 61, then I did something to the bike (See beow) and I need to re-evaluate. Freeway: i am pleasantly surprised that it cruises comfortably (for my size/weight) at 65 mph, bot it up to 74. I think 67 is the max speed i would cruise at for any extended period of time. All speeds are indicated speeds with stock gearing. My Near Term Goal Learn how to ride street and especially off-road at low speeds (like very easy off-road, fire roads kind of thing at first). Figure out what is more important to me: street riding (city cruising, with occasionally freeway riding to an off-road riding place), or off-road (and what kind of off-road). Then do the "necessary" upgrades for that particular ride style. I still have no clue what I like most - i just like to start it up and ride it anywhere. The Mods I made I read here and elsewhere that there are many mods that can be made, to suit one riding style or another. I wanted to do some very basic mods that I read about that would help any style of riding Full exhaust (I like Yorshimura). EJK (I learned from here that it is a must with any full system exhaust). Those updates were quite a lesson for me. I had never done any modification or mechanical work to anything before. The most I did was lube a hcain and change the oil/oil filter.But thanks to this post I tried it an it worked.I'll post the updates in the reply.
  13. kapieters22

    Need help - white smoke coming from exhaust

    Looking for some help/advice on my bike. I have a 2002 Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike. I've been riding it all year and went for a long ride yesterday, but started having some trouble. The bike was sounding a bit funny, kind of rumbling, and had white smoke coming out the exhaust. After noticing it was riding weird I was heading back home but it quit on me. Kind of sputter, maybe a small backfire, and shut off. I trailered the bike home from there. Noticed the oil was low so I changed it and it was very black. Put fresh oil in and it started right up first kick. Still has white smoke coming out. Don't notice any strong smells to it, but it seems to get worse the longer its running. Any advice? What can I check first? Not a mechanic by any means but like to try to work on the bike and fix what I can before taking it to the shop. Thanks!
  14. Hi - never posted, just found this site, and searched it for my problem but couldn't find anything. Here's my issue: My battery was dead on my 2008 DRZ400S, so I hooked it up to my charger/starter as I've done before. At the 10A normal charge setting, I got display, but not enough juice to start. Since I was in a hurry, I turned the charger to the 50A quick start setting. When I did this, the display died and no action on the start button. I set the charger back to the 10A setting, but still no display. I have since checked the 20A fuse off the batter, its fine. I even replaced it to make sure, but still no joy. Is the battery fried, is there an ECU that I've fried, or does anyone have an idea on how I've mucked up my bike? I had something on another forum about TWO fuses near the battery, but don't see one. Thanks for any help.

    wr200 broken clutch basket

    Does any one know if a clutch basket from a blaster 200 or a dt200 will fit my wr200? because the cog on the back of the basket that drives the kick starter has snapped in half . I have found a cheaper basket for a blaster 200 on ebay and a slightly dearer one for a dt200 at a wrecker, but am unsure if ether will fit my bike. hope you guys can help, thanks
  16. noahmaxwell11

    Blown Up?

    I own a 2007 Yamaha TT-R 230 that has been through hell and back. Her crankcase has cracked twice in the same spot and the sprocket(bolts just sheared off while riding) has ripped parts of the rear hub off. There has always been a fix for these problems though. Here is my new problem: Recently I was riding it around for about an hour and suddenly it bogged out. I was in fourth gear when this happened and shifted all the way down to first while it bogged out. There was no power in any of the gears while this happend. The bike won't start but when electric start is pushed it turns over. My friend and I took apart the bike and the piston looks fine, fuel line is clear, new spark plug. Any idea what could be wrong. Im assuming there is no hope and that its blown up. Please let me know your opinions/comments. Thanks- Noah
  17. So my 1994 Cr250r was given to me in this shape. The sleeve skirt broke and the crank bent and stretched it across its top, effectively locking it in place. Is this repair going to cost me a new engine?
  18. hello all, long time lurker first post. i bought a xt350 without a title for $300 from a buddy. when i checked out it started easily and ran fairly well. it has about 3500 miles on it and seems in pretty good shape once i got it warmed up i noticed the idle was turned way up and didn't run at high RPMs until i had taken it a a couple blocks. so heres my problem: i'll get it started and let it warm up. it will idle just fine and rev up perfectly. but after i go about a quarter mile once i let off the gas and put it in neutral it will die. even if i dump the clutch and try and let it start with the rolling power it will die on me. it takes about 10 minutes to get it started again and it will do the same thing. i just disassembled the carb and it looks fairly clean but i don't know the most about these carbs. any ideas? thanks, cal
  19. Hey guys, First of all, I'm fairly new to the sport. I recently picked up a 2006 Honda CR125 and I'm having a problem with it. When I start the bike up, choke on or off, the bike revs very high for a minute or so before finally settling down. It does this in varying degrees, sometimes only slightly higher than I think it should be and sometimes it revs all the way. After it settles a bit, the sound the bike makes when I rev it is weird. I see videos of people revving their bikes and they sound very crisp. Mine sort of continues to rev high for a little while after I rev it and doesn't sound crisp at all, it sounds sort of "sloppy" in my opinion until it returns to a more "normal" idle sound (please watch the video and tell me what you think). I always start my bike the same way, lean it over to let any excess gas leak out, turn on the gas and choke, 3 primer kicks, and finally a good kick which almost always starts it right up. Am I doing something wrong? I then turn the choke off immediately, which I understand is what should be done on a 2 stroke, but the bike continues to rev high as if it is still on. I assume it's a carb issue but being fairly new to this I could really use some more opinions. Thanks a lot, Will Here is a link to a video of me starting it up so you guys can hear what it sounds like. Keep in mind I turn off the choke as soon as the bike starts and although it may look like I'm giving the bike gas when I start it, I am completely off of the throttle: https://www.youtube....h?v=cl3SgsV8sF4 Also, I'm planning to update the bike a bit with some new plastics, seat cover, etc. Anyone know of any good plastic kits for this particular model? I know they have a polisport one that isn't very expensive. Is this good stuff? This is definitely a secondary task though, I want it to be running right before I do any sort of visual buff
  20. Dune Ready

    Check this Sh@! out!

    So I was riding at the dunes this weekend. Shut my bike down and it wouldn't kick over again. Took the top off and saw this. Any ideas on what caused it?
  21. xXaussieXx

    2004 CRF250R problems

    Hi, I recently brought a 2004 CRF250R. The other day I took it for a ride for a few hours and it ran fine. The next day I went to start it and it wouldn't start at all. Usually it starts within 5 kicks. It is making a different sound when I kick it than it used to and the kick start goes all the way down and smacks into the foot peg, which I'm pretty sure it didn't used to do. It still has compression. Any thoughts? Cheers
  22. 1. You remember when they invented whoops. 2. You remember when the water-truck was a wooden cask hauled behind two musk oxen. Yes, oxen, dammit. 3. You’ve been thwacked by the surgical neoprene strand of a rubber-band start. 4. You well know the difference between a Combat –Wombat, a Pursang and a Cappra. 5. You begged your dad to “forward-mount” your Elsinore ’s rear shocks. 6. Then you begged more for him to “lay ‘em down”. 7. You’re familiar with Skunk-Works and their whole get-up(s). 8. You badly desired a DG radial head for your RM-125. 9. You knew ‘em as Pentons – before they were Katoomers. 10. You recall Team Tamm and L.O.P. 11. You idolized Marty Smith & Bob Hannah 12. You knew Micky Dymond rode a Husky pretty damn well. 13. You were stunned when you heard Gerrit Wolsink was a dentist.(Dentist? Isn’t that a car-body repairman?) 14. You never missed ABC’s Wide World Of Sports. In case they featured Carlsbad . 15. You remember when hot-dogs were the only “health-food” available at the track 16. You dreamt of manhandling a Maico 501 17. You remember JONES goggles and Carrera’s, too. 18. Ake Johnson and Jack Van Velthoven are household names to you. 19. You’ve pulled serious dirt out of your nose two days after a National. 20. You’ve camped at both Mount Morris and Unadilla and lived to tell of it. 21. You wished you’d never bought those Scott plastic boots. But you did. 22. You’ve owned a duckbill visor on your Red Bell Helment. 23. You’ve worn football pads in a motocross race. 24. You’ve worn race-gloves with pieces of tires attached to the fingers. 25. You remember when box-vans were “factory”. 26. You’re making stupid-money selling your old motocross stuff as “vintage” on Ebay. 27. You used to think Heikki Mikkola was the baddest dude on the planet. In fact, part of you thinks he still is……… 28. You’ve pulled the lights and blinkers off an enduro bike to race motocross. 29. You recall seeing Jim Gianatsis’ name over every dirt-bike photo in the ‘70’s 30. Mr. Know-It-All both entertained you and pissed you off. 31. And you know who Lovely Louella is and where Chicken Licks Raceway isn’t. 32. You once asked your dad if you could get a Bel-Ray tattoo. 33. Your mom ironed on a Champion spark-plug patch to your jean-jacket. 34. You’ve written letters to companies begging for stickers (DC!) 35. You were there when tear-offs were invented. 36. You fondly recall the Wrangler Dash For Cash in Supercross races. 37. You owned at least one “Do It In The Dirt” shirt. 38. You tear up while recalling the sound of the start of a 500 National. 39. You blasted your Zeppelin & Rolling Stones on 8-tracks on the way to the races. 40. In later years, you rode home listening to the Eagles on these revolutionary cassettes.. 41. You witnessed a Supercross in St, Louis & L.A. 42. You saved up forever for that DG water-cooled head and front-plate radiator dealio from DG. 43. You’re familiar with the “Flying W”, WFO and the GYDBT, amongst other terms. 44. You’ve purchased both Bassani and Hooker pipes for your Yamaha DT-250. 45. You installed a white fender-extender on your ’76 YZ-125. Just because. 46. You used to think it nutty to pay a buck- twenny-five for race-gas. 47. You recall MXA magazine having a ROY (Rider Of The Year) that was awarded a truck. 48. You’re familiar with front-falling gates, too. 49. And flag starts. Uh – huh. 50. Some tracks even had traffic-light starts ! Whaaaaa ? 51. You recall the van craze and it’s link to mx. 52. Rex Staten always kind of scared you a bit. 53.. You still think of Mike LaRocco as “ that fast kid from Indiana ” 54. You’ve ridden a bike or two up and into a pick-up truck bed. 55. You’ve also wadded it up performing this stunt. 56. You’ve raced the Open-Class. On a real Open-bike. 57. You remember the Harley –Davidson mx team. 58. You could never afford those FOX-Shox. But you desired them, badly. 59. You remember Bob Hannah’s Open-Bike fan-club at Unadilla. 60. You remember an AMA National in St. Pete , Florida . 61. You thought the Husky chrome tanks were extremely sexy. 62. You were pretty sure the Hodaka transmissions were made of plastic. 63. You always knew that, by the 90’s, Supercross would be live on TV on Saturday nights. 64. You used to bring your girlfriend and her dog to the races. That didn’t last. 65. You recall Cycle News East & West versions. “ We don’t care how the hell they do it in California ” – that was the East version’s battle cry. Odd times, indeed. 66. You knew Can-Am’s had rotary valves and no head gaskets. 67. You knew Ricky’s boss had worked in the sport pretty seriously prior to getting into big-rig management. 68. You not only owned a 175, you actually raced the 175 class ! 69. You still have your JOFA mouthpiece. 70. You called your pants “leathers” – even if they weren’t. 71. You always wore a kidney-belt. You just did. 72. You’ve seen a Maico 490 Sand-Spider shred the knobs off. 73. You knew who “Super-Hunky” was. 74. You’re familiar with terms like “Full-Floater”, “Unitrak”, “Monoshock” and groovy. 75. You remember the DATSUN USGP Of Motocross 76. Debruzer was some kind of handlebar pad endorsed by “De-MAN”, right? 77. Tommy Benolkin’s name rings a bell with you. 78. You knew what product "Electro" manufactured. 79. You were there when Darrell Schultz won Daytona on his Chris Haines prepped CR250. 80. You knew Steve Wise was a motorcycling Mr. Do-It-All. 81. You loved watching Jimmy Ellis at the Atlanta Supercross By Wrangler on his Honda. 82. You liked those Dunlop K190’s, you really did. 83. For many years it was only Metzelers for you though. 84. You did give Trelleborg’s a brief try. 85. And Hi-Point’s Red-Dot tires. (Hannah endorsed !) 86. You were there when Donnie started FMF with a fatty hanging from his lip! 87. You’ve actually left a motocross race in a Ford Pinto towing a 3 rail Holsclaw trailer, by golly. 88. You’ve heard of both Bauers: Willi and Steve. 89. You had subscriptions to Modern Cycle & Popular Cycling. 90. You’ve heard the term “Maico-Breako” a time or two. 91.. You would have given your left buttock for a pair of those “hi-zoot” Simons forks ! 92. You’ve seen white KTM’s with red-frames. 93. You actually owned a bike-cover for your machine at one point. No, really, you did. 94. You always wanted to put a 44mm Mikuni carburetor on something. Anything. 95. You knew Josh Hansen’s dad raced a bit. 96. You bought a roost-boost bottle for your bike. Supposedly it straightened out the powerband or something. 97. You worked that Impact-driver like nobody’s business. No Phillips-stripping for you, my brother. 98. The name Torsten Hallman was familiar to you, just like you knew well the Gunnar-Gasser throttle. Hell, everybody did. 99. You’ve broke more than one chain in a day. And you always carried extra master-links, you had to. 100. You knew, that if you only had five-bucks to get home on, you could get four burgers from Mickey-D’s and five gallons of gas for your Econoline van. True. 101. Back then, a rhythm – section was a drummer and a bass player.
  23. VanHalen5150

    1990 KX125 Top End

    Hey guys, I got a 1990 KX125 that I ran before warming up (in 60 degree weather no less) and toasted the top end. The jug is grooved up and the head looks a little rough as well. It looks like the previous owner has done the top end before, which leads me to my question. Should I bore it out and put a bigger piston in it, put a sleeve in it, have the cylinder replated, or should I buy a new jug. Also, is there a big bore kit available for this year bike? I'm 17 and this is my first attempt at doing a top end, so all tips and suggestions are welcome.