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Found 189 results

  1. spaceboy

    Honda CRF450X (2005)


    Great bike. Like the dual sport ability.
  2. IamRooster151

    Yamaha YZ250 (2014)


    Great all around bike, from mx to offload, competition to recreation. Easy to maintain, plenty of power, light wight and "flickable".
  3. Hi guys, First of all I am new here and very new to the dirt bike scene hence this last minute question. I own a 2011 YZ450F and I am going riding with some friends this weekend in Taylor park Colorado. My bike will be fine seeing as thought it has fuel injection. My other 2 friends, one has a 2006 KX250F and the other fried has a 2001 YZ250 2 stroke. We are all pretty new to this but do enjoy having some fun once in a while. So about a year ago I took the one friends yz250 with my other friends kx250F to Taylor park which altitude is about 7500 - 10000ft and the bikes ran like crap!. The 2 stroke ran better than the 4 stroke but both bogged and had almost no power at all. We are getting ready to again and I was honestly hoping someone could tell me what jets we would need for these two bikes at this altitude? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. craydds

    Kawasaki KLX300R (2003)


    Great bike for a "play bike".
  5. Hello, I have a 2013 drz400sm with a MRD z-pro full exhaust system and a JD jet kit with the extended fuel screw. Could anyone tell me what settings I should use for jetting it? I live in Leavenworth Kansas which has an elevation of 840ft meaning I should use the blue needle. But, in Kansas the weather in summer is bipolar and can go from hot (above 85°F) one day, to cool (below 75°F) the other; and according to the paper I got with the JD jet kit, it recommends that if your tempatures are over 75°F you should use the red needle. So im not sure which one I should use and I'm not sure what settings I should use with regards to the main jet, pilot jet, etc. The bike is all stock minus the MRD z-pro exhaust. I'm new to jetting so if anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I took my bike in for my first service and I already installed the MRD exhaust, 3x3 and a JD Jet kit and they said they took my bike on a test ride and they said I need to change the JD jet to the dyno jet. My bike does backfire a lot off of decal but I though that was normal for these bikes to backfire a lot with a open exhaust. I'm not sure what jets i put in but I put the biggest jet size in. I told the dealership no but they said it's really bad to run like this. Does the dyno jet have a bigger jet size? Do I need to change the jet needle position? The bike runs very good though.
  7. I received my MRD SSW exhaust today that I have been wanting for a long time. I'm trying to decide if I had unrealistic expectations or if something with my jetting is wrong. My bike is an 05 400e with 3x3, slant FCR with Eddie mod, and I previously had just a Yoshi RS3 slip on. I was happy with this but saw people raving about the SSW so I found a used one and purchased it. My jetting is 160 main, EMN on clip 3, 45 pilot, screw is 2 turns out, and linked ports on pilot air jets. It ran perfect with e header and RS3 open and with the quiet core when on trails. I rode it today before switching exhausts so I could really feel the difference between exhausts when UPS showed up. So finally installed MRD an hour later when it came and went for a ride and just didn't seem to run right. It would barely power wheelie in second where it would easily before. Thought maybe it was lean so went and put the sparky and quiet core in thinking that would help but it then would not wheelie in second at all. The top end felt great pulling hard with the MRD in both ways but the torque difference made me want my old exhaust back. I ride a lot of trails so maybe the SSW wasn't a good idea but figured it wouldn't be to bad. I did play with my db meter quite a bit today trying to get some data on noise. I did the readings at 20" at a 45 degree angle from the tip. I taped the meter on a camera tripod so it was always in the same place. I don't have a tach, so I made a mark at approximately 1/4-1/3 throttle so they would all be taken at the same rpm. 05 DRZ400E, 3x3, FCR E Header with open Yoshimura RS3 slip on. Idle 90db Throttle 100db E Header with RS3 slip on and quiet core. Idle 85db Throttle 96db MRD SSW Open Idle 98db Throttle 107db MRD SSW with quiet core and spark arrestor. Idle 92db Throttle 101db
  8. DirtRockr

    Kawasaki KLX300R (2007)


    Original owner, bought new off showroom floor in 2010. Mods made it a great woods bike! Street plated but geared for woods. Only complaint...no button. That would've gave it 5 stars.
  9. ThumperTalk

    Dynojet Research Jet Kits

    22 reviews

    5% boost in horsepower Maximizes carburetor performance Includes step-by-step instructions
  10. burgesshoward

    Honda CRF250X (2006)


    Awesome bike. Everything that I could want in a bike.
  11. cowpie

    Suzuki DR-Z400 (2000)


    ive rode this bike alot all over, through trails and to work .. the worst thing about it is the seat height, unless youre over 6' youre tippy toeing at stops .. also imo it does not have enough power and speed for highway/open road riding, sure you can wring it out and get to 80-90 mph but i dont like punishing my machines like that and the semi on your rear fender when youre doing 80 makes you wish you had a real street bike .. so anyway it is what it is .. its a very reliable machine that does everything pretty good other than highway .. its best role is to put some d606 tires on it and use it to commute to the trails .. it can serve as a commuter to work with more street oriented tires but again, if youre under 6' it can be a pain in stop and go traffic, once youre moving its fine .. overall i love mine its a versatile lightweight and fun bike ... ..added supermoto rims and a higher gear and its much better on the street.
  12. Carman

    Honda CRF250X (2006)


    excellent bike. great power (lots of mods) great learner bike highly recommend to anyone looking to improvve skills. surprisingly good for enduro riding.
  13. TheSuperMotoTard

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2014)


    This thing is a wheelie machine. Decent offroad as well. I love it, this bike is my kid.
  14. pschultheis

    JD Jet install

    I'm going to purchase the Powercore 4 and want to install the JD Jet Kit at the same time. Are the jets difficult to do on your own if you have never done one before? I hear the instructions are great on the JD Kit. This is a 2008 WRF
  15. chemomche

    Suzuki NECJ suzuki needle

    1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Suzuki needle from RM250
  16. Here's the quick back story. - cut gray wire - did the AIS removal - JD Jet Kit (180 main, Red needle 3rd clip position, I'm in Oklahoma @ 1200 or so feet) - opened up air box a bit - fuel mixture screw - stock exhaust It ran perfect fine. December hit, ran like poop. Edit: don't know where to put this is but at this point I was fouling plugs left and right..way too rich Messed with the needle a little, put in the blue needle..didn't help (thinking it needed richening since it's cold). Changed it back to red needle since it wasn't that issue. About Feb. put on a slasher exhaust (not my choice, a friend did it)..really had not change...it's almost like having my stock. Still having issues where it's sounds like poop. has no power like it's fighting something to go. Worked on it with a trained tech (friend). We messed with the main jet a bit. seemed to work..ran great for one race. then acted funny again. (warmer weather is approaching) This has gone on all through this last summer. Hasn't run right. Thought it was water in my gas...drained everything out. changed the check-valve hose on the tank cap to a regular hose because sometimes that messes crap up. Floats are fine, checked them the two times I've had my carb off actually three times I've had it off. Bad gas is ruled out...I just go to the pump and fill it up with 91 octane 100% gas..just to rule out old gas...my tank is good for about 50 or so miles so one tank is good enough for doing one ride. I make sure to not get water in the airbox when power washing by blocking it all off and not running my bike after a clean up just incase water somehow slips in somewhere. I just let her air dry once I wipe her down with some clean rags... Are they called valves? Please excuse the fact I'm still learning here. But I had something checked with those thin pieces of metal to check the measurement gap thing just to rule out whatever it is you rule out when checking that..i'm having such a mind blank on that and I apologize. Just know that i think it was valves and we checked them. This past time at my mechanic friend's house we changed the pilot to a 45 from the stock 42, the main jet is still a 180, leak is I think I 70 since that's what JD jetting suggested in the directions when I first did all of this about a year ago. My fuel screw was 1 3/4 turned out. Ran GREAT that weekened when I went out for a ride. Temperature when I did all this was in the 40's. Red needle clip position is at 5 now (i know this is a lot) we were also accounting for colder weather in the future. My next ride was at an mx track, not that that's important but nonetheless it was there. Ran fine for a few laps...she got all warmed up and decided to started choking on the mid range throttle which is generally tied to the needle. I decided to call JD and ask them about jetting. He said the 45 main is WAY TOO BIG for my bike. Therefore today I'm changing it back to the 42. Putting my needle clip at position 3. Basically these are the settings I had since the beginning. I should also mention my accerlator pump deal should be all good and the last time we had the carb off or while we were putting it back together we made sure it was squirting gas correctly and not hitting the little door do-dad. I took out my spark plug just to start from new. It was black of course (at least it's not white). to me black is normal. I've fouled plugs on this bike so I know what too black is...regardless. I changed the oil to start new on that as well. Cleaned my air filter. (wasn't very dirty to begin with so that's ruled out as well) I'll probably dump the gas out and get a fresh pot. My oil has genearlly always smelled of gas which tells me it's not burning it all off..way too rich. And as much as I heart my mechanic guy he keeps thinking it's not rich. Most people think it's too rich including myself. I'm almost wanting to go to the 175 main just to see what happens. That's what I'm going to be doing is trial and error. Writing it all down, testing her out, writing down what happened and going from there. I'm just wondering if anyone else had had these issues and what you've done? Here's a video of what it sounds like..please note that there's not pop on decel so please don't mention "lean"...my other mechanic buddy that works at honda, he rode my bike since he crashed his and had to go get the truck..when he rode it he said it felt rich...it's got to be rich, it just has to be. I'm just so frustrated and can't wait to figure this out. I just hope I'm not chasing the wrong thing. My other thing I'm going to do is check the ignition coil just to make sure it's all good. I need to go buy a meter though. Here's the video: (hopefuly it'll work) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zOvLYxoQBs William, I hope you read this..you always talk about carbs!
  17. wrcasey

    gnarly issues

    I have a 13 wr250. I just installed a gnarly headpipe and stealth silencer. I will not be able to begin the jetting process until next week. will i be able to go out (light trail riding) this weekend without adjusting the carb? I was under the impression that most offroad bikes ran rich??? can anyone elaborate on this for me ...thanks
  18. Briley1226

    Yamaha YZ426F (2000)


    Very strong and powerful.