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Found 75 results

  1. Nils Fleischeuer

    KTM 990 Adventure R

    Hi to all, What are the best sounding slip-on pipes for a KTM 990 Adventure R; to get that grunty V-twin sound out? Cheers..
  2. Hi there, Completely new here to the forum but already read a lot of info! Just bought a very nice Keihin FCR 41 MX carb to go with my KTM 640 SM 2004. This sunday i'm going to fit the carb on the bike but need some guidance for the jetting. The bike now has: - Snorkel from the airbag removed and the top of the airbbox is fully open - Leovince X3 slip on (i sawed de DBkiller, without it's way too loud and with the full DBkiller i can't hear the revs...) So... how to start with the jetting? I live at sea level! I also have a Rally cam laying around, do i need to rejet when i put the Rally cam in? Thanks in advance!
  3. I have a 2015 KTM 125sx with 4cs forks and I recently blew my fork seals so I am replacing them. I am about to add the fork oil into the forks, but in the manual it says “Oil capacity per fork leg - 680mm (22.99 fl. oz)” In the 4cs fork there is 2 places you have to pour oil into, the very top where the spring is, and the very bottom where the cartridge. How am i supposed to know how much i put into each? Thank you for your help!
  4. Hey everyone, just seeing what everyone out there uses for their phone storage. For as long as I can remember I would just throw it in the pack but on short rides with no pack I was out of luck. I didn't have pockets and if I did I didn't want to go down and break it. I found a case from Havik Accessories that is just what I needed and liked it enough I thought we'd share. Enter havik when you buy to get $4 off. https://havik-accessories-and-apparel.myshopify.com/collections/all-products/products/havik-motobar-case Here it is on two bikes:
  5. MrSzyma

    Old vs new 125 EXC

    Hello! I am currently looking at road legal 125cc 2 stroke bikes. Been looking on KTM 125 EXcs, as they are quite popular here (7 EXCs for sale currently, and only 1 Husaberg, 2 Husqvarnas :D), so you get a bigger choice. The question is, is there a really big difference between the older EXCs, vs the new ones? The newer ones cost A LOT more, so I thought I could get away with an older one. There's a 2007 EXC for sale currently for a good price. It has new 2011 plastics, headlight, gas tank and decals (everything new). Painted main frame, new rear frame, painted handlebars and some other small parts. New seat, decals, both sprockets and chain. The engine got a new cylinder and piston. New bearings, refurbished cam shaft, new kick + shaft and new gaskets. Some other minor parts like an FMF fatty + shorty, Twenty levers etc, but I don't think that plays a big role. Do you think that it's eorth getting that bike, or should I try to buy a newer one? Difference in power, fuel consumption or anything else? Regards, Szymon.
  6. Hey guys, I recently dumped my KTM 690 in a rather large mud puddle. After washing it A LOT, and cleaning out the wires/battery under the seat I have found a new problem, it won't start as it should. It starts occasionally but most of the time there is a "buzzing" or "squealing" sound coming from what seems to be the fuse box when the starter is engaged. Has anyone else had this problem? Everything else seems to be running properly, though I have heard the buzzing noise most of the internet seem to attribute to the "fuel pump" priming, it sounds more like a solenoid to me but I'm not well versed in electronics. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. The youtube link shows the starting issue
  7. 2006 300 xcw, with a Baja designs dual sport kit and a trailtech vapor already installed. Hours unknown, owner says he's never been into the top end, says PO replaced rings. A few aftermarket parts, pipe, handguards, springs (will redo suspension anyway) Both owners were old guys who used didn't ride much. Here's the add: https://albany.craigslist.org/mcy/d/06-ktm-300xc/6639957837.html
  8. Reid Varland

    03 KTM 200 EXC won't start...

    So I've recently bought a 2003 KTM 200 EXC. When I first went to look at the bike it started first kick every time, the only issue was that it was running a bit rich. About a week later I picked the bike up and it still started, first time every time. There's a 465 meter difference (higher) between the the shop I purchased it from and where I live, but I didn't think it would effect the bikes ability to start. I rode it around a little the next day and put in the shed overnight. The next day it wouldn't start, didn't even sound like it wanted to. Over the past few weeks I've leaned and cleaned out the carburetor, cleaned the air filter and tried starting it with the air box open, checked the floats which seemed to be okay, and tried bump starting it many times. Sorry for the novel, but if anybody has ideas on what may be the problem, any suggestions are appreciated. Or should I just take it to the KTM shop and let them work their magic?
  9. Any and all help will greatly be appreciated.I've got a thumper racing build 570 Big Bore Stage 5 cam,portedhead,oversized valves,overbored carb,dual spray AP, jetting is close, a little rich. 15 hours run time on it. The problem is it will not cold start it turns over slow like the battery is weak sometimes it won't rotate past compression stroke. I'm on my second battery which is WPS lithium 180 CCA battery I'm on my second new starter my valves are adjusted correctly, once I get it started and it runs for even one minute I can turn it off and on 15 times it will always and very easily start if just slightly warm or hot but never cold. I'm dumbfounded.... I can't figure out why it's doing it maybe I need a good high torque starter I will appreciate any help thanks.
  10. Just bought a 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F with only 3.5 hours. Wouldnt start, I took it to the local KTM shop and discovered the pump wasn't pumping enough fuel. I replaced the fuel pump with a CA Cyleworks fuel pump. The bike now fired up. It wouldn't idle for more than 10-30 seconds but was ridable, however, suffered hesitation and bogging down when rolling on the throttle. I replaced the fuel injector and now it will start after several tries and run for a few seconds then die. I have fiddled with the idle screw with no success, its currently maxed out and doesn't seem to change the results regardless of the position of the idle screw or the cold start screw. I've checked the fuses and connectors and nothing seems out of place. I'm currently at a loss...oh and yes the fuel is fresh, and the battery terminals are tight...Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I recently bought a 2001 YZ250F for $600. Bought some stuff for it, and grand total was $850. The market in CA is about $2200, and I put it up for $2500. I have 5-6 people offering me anywhere from $2000-$2500 cash. My dad is saying that I shouldn't sell it since it's a green sticker, and since it's a 250. I think, I should sell it, and with the money buy a 2002 KTM 250SX. What should I get? Thanks.
  12. I have a 2011 ktm 350 sxf that will not run with choke off. I rode it on a Saturday and it ran fine went to ride it Monday and battery was dead. I tried to charge the battery but it was bad so I got a new one but when I put it in it just turned over but wouldn't fire. I pulled out the choke and it fired up on first hit. I let it warm up but when I pushed in choke it shut off like I hit the kill switch. I'm new to EFI bikes and need help.
  13. MaxxRADD

    KTM 300 xc billowing clouds

    I have a 2016 KTM 300 xc and recently on start up it would make a ton of white smoke. Maybe for a minute on start up after it's been sitting for a day plus but after the smoke clears up it's alright even if I kill the bike and start it a few minutes later. The reason I'm unsure of what exactly the issue is, is because we only started getting really cold temperatures recently usually 50-70 but the last few days it's been in the 40s. So is it because of possibly jetting that isn't correct for the temperature or is a coolant leak of some sort, is it possible coolant is leaking slowly leaking into the cylinder while it sits and the smoke becomes pronounced because it has collected?
  14. Hey, guys I recently bought a 2007 KTM 250f. The bike can be bump started easily and runs fine as long as I keep it revved up a little bit. But, unfortunately right when I stop revving the bike it dies within 0-3 seconds no matter how warm the bike is. Aswell I have not been able to successfully kickstart the bike I always have to bump start it (this could be because the choke is not working properly. Although, I doubt that because I still can not kick start it even when its warm.) Any tips, tricks, or ideas on fixing these problems would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. gyodock


    From the album: gyodock

    2016 KTM 350xc-f - Olins Fork Cartridge Inserts, FMF 4.1 RCT Muffler, Pro Circuit Linkage Arm, Torc1 Reaction Shift and Rear Brake Lever, P3 Carbon Pipe Guard, Acerbis Skid Guard, Mobie Linkage Guard, Acerbis Swing-arm Guards, RYD Crew Aluminum Handguards, Sicass Racing Tail Light Kit with Flush Mount LED Rear Turn Signals, Sicass Racing Handguards with Built-in LED Turn Signals, Rental Sprockets, Trail-Tech Stator Upgrade, ktmandhusky.com Fuel Rail and Anti-vibration Bar Ends, Guts Seat Cover, USB Charging Port, Misc Anodized Orange Aluminum Bling. My wife is getting jealous of the attention I am giving my bike!
  16. For the life of me, I cannot find any jetting charts for the 2010 KTM 530 xcw, why not? I purchased this used bike, bogs at low RPM. I'm at 2000 FT in AZ, the main is 175 jet, and idle 42 jet. Any advice?
  17. We took a trip through Central Texas over spring break 2018. Stopped at GSL Ranch, Emma Long, and CTOR. This is a (long..) video of our entire ride of the main loop at Emma Long Metropolitan Motorcycle Park in Austin. Great trails! We camped at the Emma Long Metropolitan Park campsite, and rode to the trails (a mile or so from the campsite). If you read the online information regarding the Motorcycle Park, it may tend to scare you away... They basically proceed to tell you how rough it is and that you should not ride it the first time without someone who knows the park and terrain. We went the evening before just to check it out, and there were a couple of people there who basically told us that it was really rough, and once you are a few hundred yards into the trail, there is no turning back. So when we started riding the next day, we were a little intimidated. We did ride the "easy/warmup" side of the park for a little before hitting the main trail (a 6 mile directional loop). Once we hit the loop though, it was not nearly as bad as it was made out to be. It is rocky, and there are a LOT of ledges, but most of it was not too difficult. It definitely is not a trail for beginners, but it is by no means an expert only trail either (as my riding it can attest to). We rode pretty slow, and took our time, but had a lot of fun in the process. We completed the 6 mile loop in about an hour to hour and a half. That was not all ride time though, we stopped a lot, and also rode pretty slow. Ride time (and video length) was 38 minutes. It would be more difficult if you are not used to riding in rocky conditions, and are not fairly well practiced in compressing your front forks, or at least getting your front wheel off the ground. Balance is pretty important as well, as there are a lot of rocks, and cedar tress to dodge. There are sections of the trail that are marked with a single or double black diamond. The trail basically splits there, and you can choose easy (1 diamond) or difficult (2 diamonds) through that section. We took the double diamond most of the time when we could, but honestly, there did not seem to be a huge difference between 1 and 2 diamond most of the time. Of the 3 places we visited, I would say Emma Long was probably my favorite. You can easily spend a day here riding - there is more than just the main loop, there are a lot of areas that break off from the main loop, and several areas marked as trials areas that can be fun on an enduro bike also. As to big bikes, you may be okay on something like 690, or a DRZ400, but probably not the best trail DS or ADV bikes bigger than that. Anyway, the video below is the entire loop with me narrating over it. It should give you an idea of what to expect at the Emma Long Motorcycle Park. https://youtu.be/7qIY-OZvREw
  18. Reid Varland

    Is MMI and good?

    So I have been looking at reviews for MMI Phoenix and they have been pretty mixed. I heard they were the only MMI school that works with KTM, which is what I would like to specialize in. Wondering if it is worth the money and if not are there better options where I can pursue this career?
  19. xWVxENGx

    2019 KTM EXCs Revealed!

    https://press.ktm.com/News_Detail.aspx?id=66807&menueid=3050 What does everyone think?
  20. This may be a rather dumb question, but is the position the petcock in (sticking straight out -- see picture) in the OFF position?
  21. Evening fellas My twin brother and I need someone to show us around Idaho City trails. I know there's tons of riding up there, over 500 miles of it... We are new to the area and absolutely love single track. I've blown out Emmett (Lil Gem), rode a good amount of 8th street, tried clay peak, went to MTN home's track... (not happening again) but I still haven't done Idaho City and I am dying too. I don't want to get lost, and would just make it a ton easier to be able to follow someone who knows the area for the first time around. Have only lived in Meridian for two months. If anyone reading this is going Sunday July 22nd, let me meet you up there or follow you out of town. Hell, if you're going anywhere (blacks creek, Anderson ranch.. some of the other ones I've heard of..) I would love to ride with someone new that could show us around a new area. I will buy lunch or dinner for your time, and just need to meet some new guys to ride trails with. Let me know. I know some of yall gotta be going somewhere! Thanks! Hayden & Chase
  22. ashfmxuk


    Hi got my son a ktm mini adventure and its in dire need of new chain n sprockets there is zero info online. Currently it has a 12 front and 46 rear! I cant find anywhere in the uk that sells 46 dished but can find a 48 Will a 12 front 48 rear be good gearing? What have been the best gearing combos for these bikes you know of??? thanks ash
  23. Randy Samuel

    Supermoto wheel options

    Converting a 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F to supermoto. Looking for some insight into what brand wheel to buy. I live in Canada and couldn’t find many options so I’m probably going to buy something internationally. Looking for decent wheels but not necessarily the best/most expensive. So far I’ve been leaning towards getting VMX wheels. I heard that Excels were not as strong as Warp 9 wheels, but I’ve also heard mixed reviews on Warp 9’s. I’m not opposed to cheaper Chinese wheels as long as they are decent. Although stuff from China usually means poor quality and poor consistency. If this topic was already discussed can someone post the link, I’m new to thumper talk and not sure what I’m doing.. Thanks in advance. 🤘🏼
  24. scottiedawg

    Don't Ride Naked

    Want one of these cool jerseys? We need your help picking out the best film poster. My last post highlighted a moto documentary film that will be coming out soon. Its called Never Ride Alone. Make sure to follow the official Facebook movie page at Never Ride Alone Film https://www.facebook.com/neverridealonemovie/ to stay up to speed on the release dates and film festival showings.#neverridealonefilm s As I am in the final stages of putting the finishing touches on the film project. I find myself in a spot where I need some help. So, I thought I would find some good old Thumpertalk advice. Instead of asking for opinions on which is the best oil, guaranteed to bring a thousand opinions, I thought I would ask opinions on movie poster options. What better way to prod you for a response than to make it a contest. Here goes. I have an official MotoMission Peru jersey to give away to one of the TT members that cast their vote for the movie poster. All of the votes will be taken into account, a list will be made of each person that provides a vote, and one of the names will be randomly drawn. The winner gets a sweet jersey out of the deal, just like the one in the picture above. Option 1, 2 or 3...Pick your favorite and message me for a chance to win an official MotoMission jersey The Official Never Ride Alone Film Trailer I am not sure if you caught my last post, but I shared the official movie trailer with the TT community. Here it is again in case you missed it. It should get you excited for the film. The film is about exploring the Andes mountains of Peru on a dirtbike, and its filmed, directed, and produced by a dirtbiker. I will let the trailer do the rest of the teasing. As for the film, many have asked about release dates. The film should be finished during the summer of 2018. It will be released in the film festival scene first. From there, it can take a few different paths, but it will be available for purchase after the film festival circuit is complete. Again, make sure to follow the official Facebook movie page at Never Ride Alone Film to stay tuned to festival schedule and showings near you. I am looking forward to tallying up your votes. Also, stay on the lookout for a sweet movie coming soon. Until the next one, Scottiedawg Scott Englund is the owner/operator of MotoMission Peru, a social enterprise hard enduro operation nestled in the Andes Mountains of Cusco, Peru. Check out our website at www.motomissionperu.com or find us on Facebook at MotoMission Peru. Feel free to follow along this blog for ride adventures in exotic places, with amazing people, and with some incredible experiences along the way. www.motomissionperu.com https://www.facebook.com/neverridealonemovie/