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Found 4,180 results

  1. Dave and the boys

    Kawasaki KFX 90 starter not working...please help

    Hi. I'm new as a forum member to TT, but have been reading articles and learning a lot for a couple years now. This one has me stumped. My son's 2007 kfx 90 will start fine when kick started, but the start button only starts it very intermittently. Battery is new and has 12v. I know the starter is good, because if I bypass the starter relay (jump the wire that has 12v to the one that goes to the starter) it starts right up. This led me to believe it was the starter relay. Replaced and still won't work! I tested the push button itself and I get continuity when I push it. I tried jumping the two wires that go to the push button, just to be sure, no start, so this should mean that it isn't the push button right? I have two wires, a yellow/red and a green that come from the push button and I think they go the starter relay (same colors, although green wire is slightly different) I tried jumping those each (from push button to starter relay connector) and no start... So I have a new battery, a new starter relay, a starter that I've confirmed works, I think the push button is working. Any other ideas? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hey, my brother is wanting a slip on exhaust for his 1997 kawasaki bayou 220 and I was wondering if a slip on for a bayou 300 would work for it. If it won't work what sllip on could we get for it? I looked at fmf and dg's websites and they don't make any for a bayou 220, but dg makes one for the bayou 300.
  3. SlingDirt2007

    Kawasaki 96 kawi lakota 300 problems

    Quad will start right up, idle, and rev, but as soon as you get past 1/4 throttle it wants to die out, and it won't run off of full choke. new plug carb rebuild kit top end (piston,rings,headgasket,valves,cam chain,cam gear) any ideas?
  4. dringer3888

    Kawasaki 2008 kfx450 air box trade

    I have a used 2008 kfx450 that I just recently purchased. It came with a Velocity Intake system, which looks great and I'm sure adds some hp. I'm wanting to go back to stock because this mod eliminates the stock air box and completely exposes the air filter. This velocity system is intended for dry to mild conditions and here in the Northwest it is the complete opposite. I haven't looked at it too closely but it looks like it is from the throttle body and back, K&N air filter with velocity logo on it, previous owner did NOT give me the outwear pre-filter. Is anyone out there interested in trading for the complete stock airbox, lid, air filter, pretty much everything from the throttle body and back. If interested you can look up the intake online, do your own research, and I'll try and text or email pics to anyone interested. I would just want to do a straight across trade. Thank you.
  5. i have a kfx with an edelbrock carb for some reason it appears i foul out the plug after every ride i put a new plug in and it still won't fire is the edelbrock carb worth it or should i go back to stock??????? if i go all the way lean with itor rich still no luck i do live at 6500ft elev.
  6. Ok, I have a '84 kawasaki mojave quad that I need a front right spindle for, Everything for the front brake setup (brake shoes, brake lever, cable etc.), Front brake light, Everything for the rear brakes as well, and a gas cap. It is a huge project as you can see by everything that I need for it!! lol. Also, It has a 83 nighthawk engine in it, so if anyone has a nighthawk 450 air filter, or throttle setup I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me if you have any of these parts, and I will pay for them but not for a ridiculous price. Thanks
  7. Jonhyboi

    Kawasaki z\kfx\dvx vs raptor 700?

    what mods does it take to beat one? and can you beat them at stock bore?
  8. If so would you let your wife ride one or son? They both have ridden before and don't use much throttle anyways but I don't want them opening it up going over trails in the trees until they get used to a quad that is not a slow utility style that we are used to riding. I plan on using the limit screw to hold it to hopefully half or less throttle. Has anyone done this? How are its low end manners for beginners,or lightweights?
  9. sandslinger17

    Kawasaki white brothers discs needed

    I am in need of some white brothers e-series discs. If you have some and want to sell them let me know, thanks
  10. I'm really curious as to what you all use your utility four wheelers for? I have an 07 Kawi Prairie and will use it for snow removal in the winter but I was wondering what else I could use it for. I'm specifically curious about a bach hoe attachment of some sort. Also what do you think it to be worth? its an 07 prairie 360. Thanks in advance!
  11. dirtrider04

    Kawasaki problems with a 2003 kvf 400

    The other day i was riding my quad and when ever i hit around 50km it wouldnt let me go over 50km, it would make a bogging sound like it wasnt getting enough gas or as if it was runnung out of gas (tank is full) about a month ago the starter stopped working also when i started it up and sat down on the seat the lights when dim as if the lights were dying but when i stood up the lights went normal again and when i sat down the same thing happend i will also add the this is strcitly a farm quad/never seen a mountain/ never ridden hard PLease help! thanks
  12. I bent the a arm on my 08 brute force 650i and there is an 06 KVF650 a arm on ebay for sale appears to be the same, just wondering if the years are interchangable or not. Thanks.
  13. badfun

    Kawasaki Sticker kit

    Does anyone know where i can buy a sticker kit for my daughters KFX80/LT80 quad....Thanks
  14. tgpatrsn

    Kawasaki 2000 Lakota problems

    ATV sat for four years. Fires up but will not idle, gas comes out surge tank overflow, when atv is warmed up will not start if turned off. Carb needs to be rebuilt?
  15. chad2gin

    Kawasaki opinions on the kfx450r

    ok iv rode them all but the kawi and the suzuki not much of a suzuki fan tell me bout the kfx is it perfect? or what does it lack? just for looks I GIVE IT FIRST PLACE! talk to me somebody? thanx people!!!!!
  16. Im taking the plastics of my brute force 750 and the back is ready to come of but the wires are still connected to the tail light,how would i disconnect it? It runs from the tail light and the wires go through the frame etc.
  17. SteveWR450F

    Kawasaki Quad suggestions

    My girlfriend is looking to buy her first quad, most likely a new one or last years leftover. I ride bikes and know very little about quad life. We live in Oregon and ride fairly tight techical trials - no racing. She is really interested in reverse and electric start. She does not want to learn how to adjust valves, etc - probably from hearing me talking about doing it on my bike . . . With the little knowledge I have, I have suggested that she consider a Honda TRX 400 - she felt the quad fit her - and I have have heard its largely based on the XR motor that I know is bulletproof. A few people have commented that since it lacks modern cooling, it can overheat. I usually have been brand loyal to Yamaha and also suggested the Rapter 350. She did not like the fit and some thumper gods have said the motor needs to be rev'ed a lot more to keep in the power and she will not like that. She wants to tractor up hill climbs at times. So the next quad I suggested, was the Suz. 400. It has electric start, reverse and radiators. But I dont know how reliable the bike is. So . . . I thought I would post this comment in all the three forums and ask for comments. Really want to suggest a good quad for her - its a big purchase. Because we only ride trails - I dont think she is interested in going to a 450 plus they seem to be a lot more. Your comments are appreciated, Steve
  18. i'm in need of a axle, front wheels, head light. for a kfx 400 /ltz400 let me now if you have any thing.
  19. BF650i

    Kawasaki BF650i Clicking

    I have a 08 BF650i I have about 350 miles on it. I was riding at the Bad lands in Attica Indiana my left rear inner boot came off my axel joint and got alot of dirt sand and crap in general in the joint. I noticed it when I heard a kinda clicking or ticking sound. I latter took the axel apart and cleaned verything real good and repacked it with greese. After putting it back on I noticed I still heard the clicking. Where the bearings were was slightly worn I was wondering if that could make it click because if someone else is on the back It does not do that???? Let me know if anyone knows anything. I just don't want to mess something up.!!!
  20. I was wondering if anyone on here knew what the tecate 4's should go for in price. I believe they made them only for two years 1987 and '88. I'm looking at getting one that is clean and wondering what would be a fair price to as not to get burned. thanks for the help
  21. therooster55

    Kawasaki Kawasaki EFI controller

    I dont want all the guys that have a PC3, PC5 or whatever else.. i want the guys that bought the Kawasaki controller.. i need info on how to tune it. all help wanted
  22. Hairyyeti

    Kawasaki 2012 Brute force 750 4x4i

    Pick up this bike this weekend, leftover from last year. Getting pretty good deal. Will I enjoy this bike? thanks, Brian
  23. XDragRacer

    Kawasaki ATV Course Marshal?

    Course Marshals needed for VA Trail Ride, April 22: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4613109#post4613109 Glad to have you!
  24. Co-pilots Sara Price and Erica Sacks will take on grueling 9-day race in the deserts of Morocco, Africa LAKE ELSINORE, CA - January 8, 2014 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Team Kawasaki IMG Motorsports announced today that they will support the first ever ‘American Side X Side Team’ to race in the 2015, 25th Anniversary, Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. Sara Price and Erica Sacks will be tackling one of the toughest All-Female Sporting events on the planet in a factory supported Kawasaki Teryx® Side X Side built by IMG Motorsports. The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is a 9-day race located in Morocco, Africa where approximately 160 teams and 300 competitors come together to tackle the terrain without the help of GPS. Using nothing but outdated maps, teams are forced to navigate through the incredibly tough terrain with nothing but a compass and their will to succeed. This navigational challenge will be a true test for the Kawasaki IMG Motorsports team. They will navigate with the goal of traveling the shortest distance from Point A to Point B, ranging anywhere from 700 miles to 3,000 miles. Emily Miller, former pro racer and one of the first Americans to participate in this race, is mentoring Sara and Erica along with Kirsten Kuhn, who is the US Team/Media Liaison for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. Sara and Erica will have to overcome the challenges of a language barrier, an unvisited country, and unfamiliar desert. Sara Price previously raced for Kawasaki as a professional women's motocross racer making history in 2010 as the first ever female factory supported racer in motocross. Sara also achieved over 16 Amateur Championships on a Kawasaki during her amateur racing career as well as medaling in X-Games. Sara crossed over into the Side X Side racing in 2012, racing many different disciplines in a UTV and fast became a force to reckon with. She is also going to be the youngest American to race in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles’ 25-year history. Erica Sacks has over 15 years of off-road racing experience. She has been all over Baja and has raced the longest race in the US, giving her the knowledge necessary to compete in this long race. She has raced in a variety of off-road cars from Trophy Karts to Class 1 cars, and has the experience and navigational skills required when racing in the most prestige races held in Baja. She recently finished second place in a UTV at the 2014 Lake Elsinore Grand Prix. "Racing in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles has been a dream of mine to test my skill and also have this experience of a lifetime. Having a long history working with Erica from on-the-track to in the garage, I feel we couldn't be a better team to do this. I'm very excited to be back with Kawasaki and have their support and can't wait to make America proud" commented Sara Price. Erica’s excited about this new partnership as well and commented, "When Sara came to me about being her teammate for the rally, I thought this is crazy, but what a fun experience! Sara and I have been friends for many years. This last year I have been involved as her spotter in her UTV racing and working together with her on her UTV. I'm looking forward to taking our racing friendship to Morocco as team USA, Kawasaki, IMG Motorsports." Team USA, Kawasaki, IMG Motorsports are asking for their fans be a part of this amazing, first-ever American race team at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles! A Crowd Funding Campaign has been started to help support this team at www.darkhorsepros.com/campaigns/88, where fans and supporters have the chance to come on board to join and support them in this amazing journey. The team can also be followed on their journey, from training for the rally to daily updates in Morocco at www.facebook.com/TeryxGirls or use Official Hashtag #TeryxGirls on social media sites. For More info on the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles go to the Rally’s Official Site http://www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com.