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Found 24 results

  1. So long story short i was hill climbing and some dumbass parked his car on the top in the road and i jumped right into it... Tore my MCL and got fitted for a brace yesterday awaiting its arrival now. The guy who fitted me suggested i get a CTI knee brace. He said he didnt like the older cti braces but he really liked their new ones. So are the newer ones comfortable? Are they the best brace (top of the line)? Or is there a better brand? I thought it was cool their made of carbon fiber... But i guess thats just one of their main selling points like anything else carbon fiber i suppose. What do you guys think? I would like to hear your opinions and experiences whether good or bad. Thanks
  2. Man, knee braces [error in title] are expensive. I'm new to the sport and being in the medical field, I've seen first hand what happens after accidents. But the price of these braces is $$$ more than the top-of-the-line knee pad. I'm assuming these braces protect against excessive lateral knee movement, to reduce injury to the ACL, MCL, and meniscus possibly too. But are those more for MX where you're going knee out on turns and impact the hard ruts and rocks? That move is not happening as much as during trail riding, so do trail riders not use them as much? Pros/cons?
  3. I mean, do you think they do make sense when you not racing? just trails and tracks recreationally? In what type of accidents they help?
  4. I tired of trashing my knees. Im in the market for some knee pads. What are some good ones that wont break the bank?
  5. Bryan Bosch

    NEW! Pod K8 Ultimate Knee Protection System

    K8 I ULTIMATE ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE Light weight, pre-preg carbon fiber frames combine with the Human Motion hinge system and modular components allow you to create your own custom knee brace. The brace adapts to a variety of activities and sports though the ability to easily add or remove the impact panels as needed. Superior multi-sport performance 630 grams Ideal for multi-sport applications Removable Impact Panel KNEE PROTECTION REDEFINED POD® ligament knee braces set new standards in user Comfort and Confidence™, POD products fit precisely, stay in position and move so naturally that it won't feel like you are wearing a knee brace. A POD brace supports your knee by creating an alternate load path to the knee joint that distributes forces away from your ligaments towards more robust parts of the leg. Many of the world's leading athletes choose POD to reinforce their knees without compromise while thousands of amateur athletes rely on POD to stay active. HUMAN MOTION® The intensity of modern sport places the human knee at significant risk which is why POD developed our own Synthetic Ligaments™ to reduce the strain on yours. Only POD HUMAN MOTION provides support on demand without compromising performance. It has never been easier to protect your knees. All POD knee braces use proprietary Synthetic Ligaments™ to reinforce the knee's complex range of motion and are easily replaced by the end user after exposure to significant forces or extended use. Adjustable extension stops are easily inserted to provide progressive control from 0 to 25 degrees. INDICATIONS FOR USE ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotational and combined instabilities Athletes of all skill levels and intensities Low to high contact / impact activities EFFECTS Protects against hyperextension Provides stability (collateral stabilization) Defined range of motion Relieves fatigue $399.95 MSRP for left or right, $799.95 pair. Sold by authorized WPS dealers.
  6. 1 review

    Thor Force XP Knee Guards. I think we are all aware just how important our protective riding gear is. I consider knee protection to be at the top of the list, especially after many surgeries. Skimping on this one was not in the equation….We all shop for the best we can afford and sometimes pick the one that just meets our minimum standards, Ya know that one will work ok….and just may. I found many different brands and styles to choose from but decided on this one for many reasons……for the record I am an avid trail rider and do not race. My rating are based on a 5 star rating. 1 being poor and 5 being excellent Fit and Comfort. 5 stars I find the Force XP very comfortable, they hug the knee and shin well and fit in the upper portion of the MX boot without issue or discomfort. Inner padding is soft and ample with a space between it and the shell, designed to absorb impacts. The retention straps are of perfect design if you ask me, nice wide elastic upper and lower wraps coupled with extra quick release straps. Function. 5 stars I like the double hinge design at the knee, ( the guard is a 3 piece design) it allows great flexibility at the joint and works very well with minimum restriction. Another strong point is the retention system, two large elastic wrap systems that do not dig into your leg and a second upper and lower strap that is adjustable. Once you set it to your liking the strap latches on with a quick connect that does NOT come loose. There is plenty of venting to keep you cool on those hot days without sacrificing protection. Protection. 5 stars The Force XP offers great knee, thy and shin protection without being bulky. The plastic is thick and yet flexible and restricts twisting of the knee, it almost feels like a brace even though it is not advertized as one. My Conclusion. If you are looking for mid priced knees pads in the $100 range that are comfortable, durable and most importantly offer a great level of protection this is the one. Two seasons into them they have held up well and show no cracks in the plastic or signs of fatigue. Highly recommended…..
  7. Hey guys I would like to share my testimony. At all cost protect your knees s i am older now I sold my 95 rm250 because both my knees were shot. I had my right knee scoped and was heading for a left knee replacement my riding days was over but 4 months ago had that new chicken fat gel injected In both knees and now im feeling great and looking to buy a another rm250..man do I miss the smell of a 2stroke..
  8. Do you guys think either are a necessity? I've never seen anyone dog knee braces before, but I see some people saying that neck braces make it very easy to break collar bones(but id rather break a collar bone than my neck right?). Is there any credibility to this? I can afford both but before spending big bucks on them what are your experiences with neck and knee braces?
  9. OZ DRZ

    EVS RS8 Knee Brace

    0 reviews

    EVS has designed a one of a kind patented hinge knee brace that is easy to customize your setting for your flexion preferences. The EVS RS-8 Knee Brace is lightweight and incredibly comfortable with its well ventilated construction that allows for the air to flow through when you are turning up the heat. The EVS RS-8 is made so you can bend your leg and walk with no problem and it also keeps your knee cap safely covered. Go with the brand that you know and trust will protect you. Go with the EVS RS-8 Knee brace. Light weight durable construction. Totaltrack patella protection. Quick release buckle system Anatomically correct hinge. Breathable, removeable, washable liner. Conforms to all leg contours. Pair includes: 1 left knee brace and 1 right knee brace of the same size. For proper knee brace fit and size measure 8" above the knee and 8" below the knee 10"-12" below - 15"-17" above = Small 12"-14" below - 18"-20" above = Medium 14.5"-16" below - 20.5"-23" above = Large 16.5"-18" below - 23.5"-26" above = X-Large
  10. 21MotoMan

    Knee Braces

    Looking to make the investment on a pair of knee braces. Many choices out there .... I have read many many reviews, forums, individual testing, videos, etc ... I am leaning toward the POD K8's & Leatt ... I was hoping to get some input from you guys who have them, what they like/dislike, if they would switch to another, blah blah blah ... Thanks ahead of time ...
  11. yz250f_spud

    Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guard

    9 reviews

    Dual Axis knee and leg guards are comfortable, well ventilated protectors with two pivot points that allows them for more accurately bend with the human knee’s natural movements. They cover the knee, even when fully bent, as well as the lower thigh and most of the lower legs. Great levels of impact protection are proven by the CE impact safety standard they are certified to. They are also certified to CE’s abrasion resistance safety standard. Strap buckles are low profile with no edges to hang up on your riding pants. Straps are also backed by soft, comfortable, vented airprene material that resists slipping. Lighter weight, most comfortable and offers more freedom of movement than almost any other CE certified protection system.
  12. Hey there, Recently got back into riding and have been gearing up. Replaced 2001 KDX200 w/ 2015 KTM 300cx. Old helmet with new Shoei VFX-W. Working on the rest... Was out this weekend and my knees paid a premium on some spills. My riding budget isn't exactly ready for the high end knee braces I have been reading about. Is there a budget pair of knee/elbows that the forums love? Right now I am riding with nothing and its getting risky. Looking to spend $150 for both to hold me over until ready for the fancy pantsy stuff. Thanks! Jim
  13. fiedler42

    Knee braces

    I'm looking into buying some new knee braces and i was wondering if anyone had any feed back on which ones to buy and which ones are not so good. I know allot of people that will complain about them sliding down their legs so if any one has solid feedback i would love to hear it.
  14. mjslim

    Knee Guards for Small Children

    When it comes to knee guards, I found that an adult size elbow guard makes a great substitute for small children. We were able to save a weekend of riding by having my six year old son wear my size medium Fox Titans on his knees. He rode for hours over the course of two days with no comfort issues, and the smaller cups actually provided a better fit for his diminutive legs. The forearm and upper arm straps do a good job of keeping the guards in place, and they fit easily into his boots. His other knee guards, which were the smallest size available, were still a bit too big. It was difficult to get the top of the boot to completely close around them, and they just did not fit well. If you decide to try this idea, make sure the knee guards are the style that have detachable, wrap around straps - these can be adjusted to fit comfortably without cutting off circulation. I would be reluctant to try this with the pullover sleeve type elbow guard as they cannot be adjusted, and would have to fit perfectly in order to be comfortable.
  15. Knee Injuries and the Use of Prophylactic Knee Bracing in Off-road Motorcycling Results of a Large-Scale Epidemiological Study Mark S. Sanders,* MD, Robert A. Cates,y BA, Michael D. Baker,y BS, Sue D. Barber-Westin,z§ BS, Wesley M. Gladin,|| BS, and Martin S. Levy,{ PhD Investigation performed at the Sanders Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine,Houston, Texas Background: The effectiveness of prophylactic knee bracing in preventing knee injuries during sports has been evaluated; however, because of the variability in study conclusions, the topic remains controversial. Despite a paucity of data, the authors believe that prophylactic knee bracing is frequently used in off-road motorcycling. Hypothesis: No statistically significant difference exists in the frequency and types of knee injuries incurred between braced and nonbraced riders using commercially available knee braces in off-road motorcycling. Study Design: Descriptive epidemiology study. Methods: Data from 2115 off-road motorcycle riders was obtained using an Internet-based survey over a 1-year period. Participants were grouped by use or nonuse of prophylactic knee bracing, and an incidence rate ratio was used for injury rate comparison. Results: Participants recorded 39 611 riding hours over the study period. A total of 57 riders (2.7%) sustained at least 1 knee injury, for a total of 89 injuries. The most common injuries involved the anterior cruciate ligament, menisci, and medial collateral ligament. There was a significantly higher rate of overall injuries in the nonbraced group versus the braced group (3.675 vs 1.587 per 1000 rider hours, P\.001). Significantly higher incidence rates of anterior cruciate ligament rupture (1.518 vs 0.701 per 1000 rider hours, P = .0274) and medial collateral ligament injury (0.799 vs 0.111 per 1000 rider hours, P = .002) were found among nonbraced riders compared with braced riders. Conclusion: The most common knee injuries in off-road motorcycling involve the anterior cruciate ligament, menisci, and medial collateral ligament. The use of prophylactic knee bracing appears to have a beneficial effect in preventing medial collateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligament injuries as well as overall knee injury occurrence. These findings may be applicable to other sports that involve similar forces and mechanics. Keywords: motocross; knee brace; knee injury; medial collateral ligament injury; anterior cruciate ligament injury; off-road motorcycling This study is for your personal use only and may not be republished in any way without the written permission of the author. However, linking to this specific page is ok. Here's link to view the full report: http://cdn.thumperta...hed_2_4_111.pdf To read the full study, you must download the attached pdf file. If you don't have the software installed that reads .pdf documents, you can download it for FREE at http://get.adobe.com/reader/
  16. Just like the title says. Whats a good knee guard and why. Do you prefer the soft slide on ones or the hard shell ones??
  17. I mean really! The older I get the more gear I find necessary to save myself from permanent or severe injury. I've never timed how long it takes, but it takes so long to suit up with all the gear that sometimes I find myself not riding as planned just because its a pain to suit up! I'm planning on going riding after work, but we'll see. In no particular order: Polypropylene socks Boot socks Knee guards Boots Elbow protection Jockstrap Body armor Neck brace Riding pants Riding jersey Gloves Helmet Goggles Hydration pack or fanny pack Sheesh!
  18. cjjeepercreeper

    Thor Motocross Sector Knee Guards

    1 review

    KEY FEATURES: Durable polypropylene molded knee and shin panels Two adjustable retention straps prevent repositioning while riding Slim, compact design increases comfort while keeping the weight to a minimum Imported
  19. I was riding yesterday & crossing a man-made river bed that was a little slimy I guess. The bike slid out when I hit power band & ate it on my left knee, & nothing else. Well my knee is swollen as a mother & I'm hoping it's not a fractured kneecap. So this puts into perspective for me, maybe I should get some riding protection gear. In everyone's opinion, what are some good knee guards that aren't really expensive (broke college kid problems). & what are some problems you have with wearing them. Pros & Cons. Thanks!
  20. High-tech Mobius X8 Knee Brace Uses Cable System Jul 30, 2014 By Beth Dolgner FRISCO, Texas – One of the most memorable new products at the Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Brand Show was the Mobius X8 Brace, a very different approach to knee braces for motocross riders. Mobius inventor Darren Fleming developed the X8 Brace. The company says that it took seven years and an eventual collaboration with Supercross star Ryan Villopoto to arrive at this retail-ready design, which looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Selling Points: The design of the Mobius brace is intended to prevent three typical knee injuries: lateral bending, lateral rotation and hyperextension. The hard Nylon shell is supplemented by the Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS). It is a continuous cable loop in a figure-eight configuration that loops around the knee joint. The CCRS tightens when forces are applied to the knee joint. In turn, the brace shells tighten, too, to keep the knee firmly in place. The cable’s beginning tension is adjustable with a dial large enough to turn easily, even through a pair of pants. The straps that hold the brace in place are also adjustable. Another notable feature of the Mobius X8 is that the front of the knee is never exposed. The brace’s panels are articulated, and even with the knee bent, the pieces overlap. Options: Color options include white and bright yellow or gray and red. Price: $599.95 per pair. Ordering: Mobius has their launch planned for mid-September.
  21. Hey guys, i'm in the market for some knee braces and i'm wondering what are you guys using? I've had EVS vision that I quickly sold. Tried some 5 years old asterisks and obviously they were not fitted for me but they were very unconfortable and I rode the last 2 years with some Thor force. Those last one lacks protection, the back velcro straps can hurt quickly and i'm pretty sure i can find a better protection and better comfort out there? So anyway i'm lost with all the brands, tech and reviews i've read around. I'm finally interested in the evs rs8/9 as a compromise. wise choice you think? Do you guys ride with braces or knee guard? It's not really a matter of budget as i could afford some high end braces on the second hand market, it's really a comfort issue (my experience, but maybe i'm wrong too) any help on that matter will be apreciated. thanks guys.
  22. Boots have shin guards, why are they doubled up? and does anyone know of a good pair of knee pads that don't have shin guards, or pants with good knee protection (even better!)? I ride trails, not mx. Just wondering, I did a search and seems most people tuck the shin guard into the boot. I've always rode with them outside the boot and my pants (probably to some laughter) but it feels weird to have shin guards inside my boots.
  23. Hey all, I'm debating for a decent set of knee/shin guards with a brace mechanism (not the full braces though). Was wondering if anyone had any opinions between the: Leatt Dual Axis Knee/Shin Guard (click here) Alpinestars SX-1 Knee Guards (click here) or any others? I think EVS makes decent ones, and Leatt also makes one that you can slip on. I'm just a casual trail rider, but want some good protection as I'm about to enter my 30s and missing work for injuries is not acceptable.
  24. Bryan Bosch

    EVS TP199 Travis Pastrana Knee Pad

    2 reviews

    One of our most popular knee protectors has been completely redesigned. Designed specifically for Travis Pastrana, the official TP199 Knee Pad offers everything for those looking for complete support without the bulk of a traditional knee brace. They are perfect for both track and mountain riders. FEATURES - Reactive Memory Foam (RMF) patella protection design utilizing advanced impact foam technology - Molded bio-foam upper for increased impact protection - Silicone strip on inner sleeve helps limit migration while riding - Integrated internal floating knee sleeve helps give continued support even during brace migration - Fully breathable mesh backing to help with temperature control - Low profile, hard molded shin guard slips easily into your boot - Sizes: S/M, L/XL, & Youth - Sold in pairs