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Found 3,054 results

  1. 08whiteltr

    Ktm sx stock beadlocks

    looking for a set of used stock beedlocks. email please whiteltr450@yahoo.com
  2. anyone ,,, I have a 08 450xc and 525xc.. race both , 450 is stock.. after practice last week I washed the bike and then it would die everytime I hit the throttle. starts and idles just fine.. thought I had a carb problem. checked it out completely and readjusteted everything , swapped carbs between the two bikes, same problem, swapped CDI units , same problem , swapped ignition coils, same problem. disconnected every connector and cleaned, same problem , changed sparkplug, same problem.... a couple of hints are where to go next would be appreciated,, manual is pretty basic..gotta be something simple.... a little frustrated right now. pulled the muffler , same problem.
  3. So I pulled out the Outlaw yesterday and drove it about a mile and pulled it into the garage and when it was in neutral, clutch out I revved it up maybe 2 times before I was going to turn it off and BAM! It popped and shut off. I saw oil coming from underneath and the front of the case was busted. I've had the bike for at least 6yrs and have had no problems with it. When I first bought it I put in a 12.5:1 CP piston, 8/33 cam and did a little porting on it. It has ran great up until yesterday. Do yall have any idea what could have happened and about how much $ does it cost to rebuild one of these engines?
  4. KTM13

    Ktm tire pressure

    hey everyone, iv got a polaris/ktm outlaw 525. i just got new tires and im wondering if i should run a higher psi then usual in a new tire? it seems the center of the tire is sagging when aired up to my usual 6psi.
  5. has anyone bought one of these yet? and would you agree with the title of this thread? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHjY9vPU2zU
  6. Looking to sell my quad since I don't really get time to use it w/ my work schedule. Looking to see if I get any interest on in. Will sell straight or do a partial trade for cheaper quad, or preferably street worthy bike w/ cash. Im located in PA. I didn't see an atv specific classifieds, sry to post here!
  7. bsundell71

    Ktm KTM 525 xc paddles

    I am looking at getting some paddles for my Dad. He has a 525 xc coming in this week. What bolt pattern are they? Thanks
  8. Off-Road Maniac

    Ktm KTM ATV Attacks Rider!

    KTM ATV Attacks Rider! Taken at 2008 Loretta's
  9. Bamster

    Ktm Brake Q

    Does any body know the FA number for after market brakes on the 525 Quad?
  10. markhillierrees

    Ktm ktm 250 exc ktm 300exc ktm 450 and 350 sxf

    hi just after some advice will be looking to change my bike soon as the 2011's come out loads of factors affecting my decision of bikes and so on. Also don't know if iam going to do enduros or cross country/motocross. I have a 250 exc 2009 at the moment with tons of stuff done to it it's awesome to ride just want to know if the 300 is better again or what the differences are. And just a bit of info off any1 that owns a 450f (from new) on what the maintenance costs issues or what you feel about them (within a year of ownership) because if i do choose to go motocross and cross country i'd be having a 450 or 350f. And if anybody in the uk has put a new motocrosser on the road how hard is it? many thanks mark
  11. Billahjack

    Ktm KTM 990 vs Honda TRX700

    Which one do you think would be better for a mix of hardpack and soft sand desert. Probably be doing a mix of technical, smaller jumps and high speed fire/power line roads. KTM 990 or... Honda TRX700
  12. CRF250X Rider

    Ktm Check out this old 525

    I found this interesting looking KTM quad and thought it was sick It was on this website http://motowallpaper.altervista.org/gallery/funny_moto_pics/funny_moto_pics1.html
  13. I really need some help here and did not know a good title for this question. So I just exploded my 08 Outlaw that has the KTM 525S engine on it. I need to know if I should I build it all out or just get it back together and sell it. I would love to build this KTM 4st to beat all of the Honda, kawa, and Yam 450's if it's worth it. I know It's not gonna beat a Shee but I would at least want it to be close if possible. I have a nice 4mil Shee and would love to build the torque of this KTM and wheelie by it if possible. My dilemma is: Build the ktm525 engine (570 or bigger if necessary) or just get it back running and put the money back into the Banshee. And I'm talking 70% drag and 30% comfortatibility! I love to wheelie at 60-80mph but with the shee it's just not that easy. Send me in the right direction on what to do....
  14. ThumpinRooster

    Ktm KTM quad!

    Check it out guys: http://www.ktmatv.com/ I guarantee this thing is going to dominate!
  15. AmmoRacing

    Ktm kfx450r problems

    So I have a 08 kxf450r that I can't get to stay running.. It will fire up and idlle but as soon as I touch the clutch or the gas it dies out.. The bike has a full pipe set-up and a k&n filter.. The bike worked great the last time I rode it.. Brought it home from the track and washed it.. Stood it up on end, when washed also. Then when I was done I put it in the guarge.. Now when I go to ride it, the f*ckin pile of a** won't stay running.. Any ideas what it could b?? I even filled the tank thinking that mayb it was to low.. I don't know much about the fuel inj. crap on these things.. So any help would b great.. Thanx guys...
  16. Deftone

    Ktm KTM side by side?

    I'm not a big ATV fan, but I hope KTM follows up with a side by side like Yamaha's Rhino or Polaris' Razer. My bro in law has a tricked out Rhino he brings on our toy hauler/dirtbiking excursions. The thing is a blast. It rock crawls in 4wd low and rips 2wd high. Totally fun for when you had too many beers and don't want to get on two wheels. I'd like to see KTM make one with more power. If they can make a race car and now an ATV, a side by side shouldn't be a problem.
  17. GAKTM200

    Ktm Ktmworld 540 Xc

    Was in there yesterday and the sales manager said they are doing a KTM World special edition 540 XC ATV. Just a heads up for you big thumper guys:ride:
  18. How would the KTM 525 run against the Yamaha Raptor 700R SE? I love the way the raptor looks, but I like KTM's race ready design. Which has more power? I'm going to the KTM dealer tomorrow to make an offer and don't want to make the wrong purchase.
  19. adam ford

    Ktm 2008 polaris 525 ktm

    what do u think abiut this machine is it worth the money
  20. http://www.atvriders.com/atvnews/ktm2008sportatv525xc450xc.html http://www.atvriders.com/gallery/2008ktm525xcatvphotogallery/index.html
  21. Guest

    Ktm Sick Quad seen two @ 3bros OC

    Just finished drooling over that baby. Ohlins hydro clutch, feels fifty ponds lighter thatn my boys honda.
  22. KTM13

    Ktm 2007 Outlaw 525 IRS

    Hey everyone, i pulled the atv out this past weekend to play in the snow, after it had been sitting in the trailer for about a month. when i rolled it out of the trailer coolant ran off of the skid plate. i looked around and didnt seen it dripping from anywhere. i then started it and it started fine but smelt like coolant and the oil became milky after about a minute of running. i would assume because the oil was milky it would be a head gasket. however how would it get on the outside of the motor? possibly water pump gasket.. or maybe both? the day i rode the atv last i cleaned it and put it in the trailer where is sat, but there was no coolant leak or smell when i cleaned it, so im confused on how it could have developed a leak like this without being ran?
  23. harley rider

    Ktm Exhaust wrap or jet hot coating??

    i have a 08 525 xc atv. What the advantages of either and will it need to be rejeted.
  24. Jake00

    Ktm Ktm xcf 450

    I have a chance to get a xcf 450 brand new for dirt cheap, but looking at it alters my decision. Its a beautiful machine no doubt but they say its for trails and dunes and all that but it looks super compact. Its not very wide and really short in length. Anyone who owns one out there can you give me some feedback please. Thanks guys ride safe