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Found 8 results

  1. blueshortridge

    YZ426 Stator Mod HELP

    So I am converted my 426 to a dual sport ( well, am in the process) However I need some help with the stator wiring. I picked up the WR426 stator just to charge a 12v battery I am putting in the air box. I bought the needed regulator/rectifier (trail tech) to convert the ac (stator) to the dc (battery) to charge it. The 12v battery will be lighting a 35w 12v polisport headlight, tusk tail light and turn signals and a horn. I am just curious as to if I need to mod the stator to work with the yz wiring or of the regulator/rectifier does that. Plus I have no clue how to wire the headlight. It has 3 prongs for the main light (the wiring diagram said ground, medium, maximum) then had a tiny lithe bulb to the side that says 4w and has two little wires that are a 2 pin connector, and like i said i have the tusk wiring kit which has the main switch for the head light but only has 3 wires for a main headlight a low beam and then a high beam, other than this, the bike is ready to go and I am dying to get it out on the road.
  2. hofsviken

    Honda Cr125 Lightning Stator

    Hi! I recently bought a Honda Cr125 1993ish model. I have started a complete teardown and a complete engine rebuild. The fifth and first gear did not operate as they should, so i splitted the engine case and found a fifth gear drive on the countershaft with worn out "dogs". I hope I managed to fix those with a milling machine to sharpening the edges. But now the dark and cold winter in Norway has started, and I thought that adding a light would be really nice. I have seen a lot aftermarked lightning stators to these bikes, but as a poor student I have a hope to save me money just modding the original stator. Do you have any thoughts on this idea? My plan is to solder two leads, one to each coil, and than connect them to the headlight via AC/AC regulator. See the attachment for a nearly similar stator, but mine has two soldering points on each coil.
  3. euroble

    Stator Damaged

    Hey everyone I'm having some stator problems and I'm getting frustrated at this point. I'm on my 2nd stator now and it has the same/similar problem as the 1st stator that broke. First stator had continuity to ground. Second stator didn't; however, after inspection the yelow wires coming from the stator that are hovering right over the flywheel magnets were halfway severed. Also on the first stator it looks like the outside wall of it was melted but it looks more like something was cutting into it somehow. the second stator also had this on the outside wall but it isn't as severe. The inside of the flywheel is also completely smooth. I've attached some pictures of both stators and my flywheel I'm pretty desperate for answers, I can't keep affording to have a stator keep getting damaged. The new stator is about 2-3 months old at this point too.
  4. Guys, I've been looking for an aftermarket stator for my 2001 YZF 426 that could provide me with enough DC current to power-up street-legal kits out there (50W should do). Browsing through the forum and elsewhere I found references to Trailtech (100W), Moose (50W) and Electrosport (35W) stators, but they don't seem to be available anymore, pretty much everyone is out of stock it seems. Like I said I need this as the cornerstone to my little project of a YZF 426 Street-Legal supermoto (I live in Brazil btw, it will be interesting getting a license for this vehicle here) - any pointers? * Anyone still making or with those in stock? * Could I just modify my original stator and/or flywheel to provide me with more DC power? * Perhaps some other stator from newer YZFs is compatible? (i.e., 2005 yzf 250)? * Anyone wanting to sell me theirs, in case they have it? Thanks! -Klaus
  5. avocasingletrack

    Stator Output Chart for Popular Dirt Bikes

    Honda Kawasaki & Yamaha KTM Suzuki, Husqvarna & Husaberg This info is courtesy of the folks at http://www.bajadesigns.com
  6. Have a 2008 KTM 300 XC-W. I recently rebuilt my starter and properly re-shimmed and installed new bushings per Slavens Racing. The previous owner had a starter delete cover, so I installed the stock one which means moving the stator to the other cover. Through my sheer excitement, I forgot which wire coming from the stators go to which connection on regulator/rectifier. The wiring diagram says there is 1 white, 1 yellow wire coming from stator and these connect to regulator/rectifier. I have two yellow wires. I've tried to connect it anyway but still not getting a spark. I also have a white wire on the bike with no home. I attached two pictures so hopefully it will make some sense. Thanks in advance.
  7. Note: First post, please forgive my ignorance, posting in wrong section, stupid questions, etc. Thanks Background Story: I just purchased an 1997 XR400 from craigslist! The bike is very very clean. There has been 2 prior owners: - Owner 1 (1998): Bought a bunch of mods/upgrades for it and gave it to his wife. His wife didn't like it, so he sold it to the second owner. Had it for less than 1 year. - Owner 2 (1999): The second owner used it around his property (a dairy) and used it rarely, kept it in a garage, and took very good care of it when he did used it. Owner 2 does not remember what mods owner 1 put on the bike. - Owner 3 (2016): Me! (I would like to find out what owner 1 did to the bike). My Questions: I would l just like to know where I stand, what mods have been installed to this bike? By looking at the below pictures, could you guys please help me by listing anything that doesn't look stock? Big or small, I've never owned an XR400 before so I wont know. Thanks so much! Things I already know from owner 2: + FMF exhaust + IMS 440 Kit - I have googled this everywhere and cant find what exactly the IMS 440 kit is. I know its a big bore 440, owner 2 said it also had stronger valve springs, clutch, carb re jetted, and guards done. But thats all we know, anyone know if there is more to this mod or if we are even right? Main things I'd like to know: + Suspension - he said the suspension was completely redone. In the pics you can see its by JN Innovations and Moto Pro. I would like to get this setup to my riding style/size ( 6'4" 180lbs mostly doing trail, fire roads, and some dunes). How can I tell if this will work for me, has appropriate springs ,etc? It feels a little loose. Should I just treat it as stock and try to adjust it to feel the best for me? + Carb - I hear upgrading to a pumper carb is one of the best mods you can do to the 400. I'm pretty sure this is the stock carb, but how can I be sure, so I don't buy a pumper when I already have one. Since this is a 440 big bore the pumper carb will still be an effective improvement right? +Stator - I would like to put a light bar for dune riding. I read that the stock stator doesn't have enough juice to power a light bar. So I would have to upgrade to a 200w. I would like to check to make sure I don't have an upgraded stator already? Any easy way to do this? Or do I have to pull out a voltmeter? ... ( side note, anyone know any cool light bars for the 400?) Now the pics: Whole Bike: Whole bike front: Left side, rear suspension: Rear suspension: Rear Wheel: Front: Front Forks: FMF Exhaust (I have the stock too, does anyone know if the FMF is to loud to drive on OHV places and if I should use stock to be safe?): This was written on owners manual, IDK if it was what was done or what maybe it can help? From the back: Thanks: And that all the questions I have for now. Thanks for any help you can provide or suggestions on things I can improve to get the best out of this bike. If you need more pictures for reference just let me know and I can put some more up! Thanks again!
  8. NWsurfkid

    Yamaha YZ426F (2001)


    Great Bike. Modified for on road use with a WR stator/Rotor and floated ground. The trail tech Reg/Rec chargers a small battery. I have a decent set of lights, blinkers, etc. It is alot of fun to have a YZ with a few trail parts. A 90% dirt, 10% road.