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Found 277 results

  1. summitskibum

    Yamaha WR250R (2012)


    I LOVE this bike
  2. MotoFly1675

    Honda CRF250X (2005)


    Perfect bike for deep woods trail riding. Added front light helps with riding at dusk, easy to convert to street and get plated if you wish to blast down some public dirt roads.
  3. Seizurax

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2015)


    Enough power to commute and wheelie and do stupid shit.
  4. tjackson

    Yamaha TTR125LE (2007)


    I picked this bike up new cheap. I want a smaller bike in my stable, and this fit the bill. Electric start and short seat height, mellow power, and decent brakes. I have ridden this bike in some pretty hideous stuff and it fared well. I use it for slow technical stuff as it is not fast. A skilled rider can easily out-ride the front fork at speed. I have trained a TON of people on this bike and is fantastic for training new riders. I ended up dual-sporting this bike, but is still used primarily off-road. There is a reason these bikes are still made!
  5. BlueFrog

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2013)


    Ask anyone who has ridden a DRZ, they will tell you it's a do it all machine. Weekdays a commuter, highway, city, cut through a park all in one bike. On the weekend you can rip up the track, or bushwack, your call.
  6. MountainRider35

    Yamaha WR450F (2005)


    Still new to the bike big improvment from the dr350 and will update this when I have more sadle time.
  7. guto_piercing

    Suzuki DR-Z400E (2007)


    day by day bike, i'm use to work, to study, to all!
  8. 1 review

    PRODUCT INFORMATION This is an H4 halogen replacement head lamp bulb with a blue coating on it to give a whiter colored light output. While the part name says "superbright" it really is not brighter. It is just whiter in color. The whiter color may make you more visible but you get what you pay for in brightness. It's still a halogen lamp not an LED lamp. Works great as a replacement lamp - which is what it should be considered. Definitely not an upgrade to a stock light. The photo: In the attached photo the stock lamp is on the left and the Drag Specialties H4 Superwhite on the right. The sky outside was overcast and did get a little darker after I changed to the new bulb. I also had the garage door behind me open for both shots so there's more ambient lighting in the stock photo. H4 style plug Superwhite bulbs use a special blue filter coating to produce a whiter, brighter light The heavy duty bulb is recommended where severe vibration exists
  9. ThumperTalk

    Acerbis DHH Headlight

    1 review

    Color: White Our world famous DHH headlight is a favorite with enduro riders for its unique design and unparalleled quality and performance. The original dual halogen design Dual 35W halogen lamps for great illumination 10* Pencil and 38* Flood Size 12v 35w Will fit virtually any motorcycle
  10. 1 review

    The look of HID for headlights and auxiliary lights Shines at 5000K giving off a bluish-purple look Low beam is a purple color shining at 5000K while high beam maintains extreme white performance at 3800K. Purple colored top coat gives headlamp a purple look even when lamp is off SPECIFIC BULB DESIGN FEATURES: Metal bond that holds glass securely preventing cracks and leaks; Heat resistant glass tube; Welded focus ring assuring proper positioning; 1-piece filament support for perfect positioning; XTRA technology for greater output and performance; 100% quality control testing for perfect performance; 1 year manufacturers performance warranty
  11. HPilot72

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    So far, awesome machine! Changing out the 14t sprocket for a 13T makes a huge difference! Stock exhaust dropped 10 lbs off the bike and removing the rear fender/ lic plate assembly for a DRC Edge2 install dropped another 5 lbs and cleaned up the tail end quite nicely. Stock tires are find for light trail riding, but slippery hard pack or muddy conditions really show how a tire that does well on the street, makes for a lackluster woods tire. I have had this bike on technical terrain and the stock suspension has faired well. I am 190 lbs and the rear shock did require some addition of pre-load. Suspension upgrades are on the 'to do' list on down the trail.
  12. Denver Mike

    Honda CRF450R (2004)


    Its a 10 year old motocross bike, with very low hours. Perfect for an Enduro conversion. This bike astounds me. One day I'm riding MX on a track, the next I'm riding in the desert on single track. Its unstoppable, and just so easy and forgiving. I love this bike.
  13. notenuffridetime

    KTM 250 XCF-W (2008)


    Great bike...went from DRZ400e to smaller but great woods bike. Even held its own at Glamis, Imperial sand dunes. Smooth power for offroad, and after air/fuel upgrades even smoother and more responsive. Easier to start too!
  14. Gsxrstuntdrz

    Trailtech X2 Bad Ground

    My X2 headlight randomly stopped working the other day, I figured out why. Somehow the ground wire came out of the plug. I tried just pushing it back in but it just falls right out again. Is there any way I can re pin this? I'd rather not hard wire it. I tried contacting TrailTech but I'm still waiting for a response
  15. 5 reviews

    Race proven 70W lighting systems Dual reflector design allows for optimum illumination of both near and distant terrain Compact design fits tighter to forks than other headlights Integrated brake line guide (long brake line recommended for X2 applications on MX bikes) Removable clear rock guard covers headlights and seals against dust to keep optics clean Each lamp can be switched on and off independently (wire harness with switch not included, see accessories) Universal, quick-release mount system mounts to any motorcycle with included rubber fork straps and pin-stabilization system (instructions included) 100% self-contained Dimensions: 12.4 H x 12.8 W x 3.9 D Available in a variety of colors in HID or halogen models HID specs: 4 SC4 large lamp, 2 SCMR16 small lamp, 70W, 38 oz., auto-restrike enabled, 12V DC power requirement (can only be used on DC) Halogen spec: 4 SC4 large lamp, 2 SCMR16 small lamp, 70W, 28 oz., dims to match power output, 12V DC or AC power requirement Graphic kits also available (sold separately)
  16. Got this in a few days ago, and promised on another thread on this topic I would report back with thoughts on this new TT bracket when installing, along with some images. Here goes... First impression: Light, stealth, tough, well made, good value. Fit: Perfect. comes with the stainless screws as shown in the zip lock bag along with the two spacers needed to fill the gap between bottom of bracket and top of mount point. Screw holes in spot on location, no drill or dremel needed to come out of the tool box! Put a little blue loctite on the screws to keep them from rattling loose over time, as I didn't want to over-tighten with the nylon type spacers being sandwiched in there. Gave them a good tighten with large screwdriver and it felt very solid. Tail light had two flat washers and two lock washers with threaded posts coming from back. Again, didn't want to over tighten or rattle loose, so added a dab of loctite blue there too. License plate holes are perfect for my Oregon plate, and the integrated bracket looks clean and tough. I know that is the reason the Chinese bracket has been a pain here in the US, and this reason alone makes it worth it. I should point out I didn't buy the light and bracket together. I bought the light previously, it's the DRC edge LED, and been sitting in the packaging until I felt like fabricating a bracket myself (then I got the "new item" email from TT announcing this bracket). Wiring: Edge tail light comes with a yellow, red, black wire. I simply cut off the plug from the old tail light, stripped half an inch from them and soldered them to the edge wires using the twist/solder/fold/shrink-wrap method (and then used larger shrink wrap to bind all three smaller shrinks together). Somehow I managed to pop my fuse while testing things, but thankfully the spare was there and ready for service! The blinker mounts worked like a charm, and the placement gives a nice compact light cluster in back. Small standard bulb turn indicators is what I used, and all 4 match. Again, just a bit of blue loctite on the blinker posts to keep them from loosening. In retrospect, should have threaded a lock washer on the wires before the nut and wires soldered...but they didn't come with the blinkers and I didn't think about it until I was done. Easy enough to tighten periodically if needed. Below are some pics of product, install, and finished. The last pic has nothing to do with this job, just my new Zeta billet heel guard that I just put on and thought was pretty trick (compared to the oem one anyway). Hope this helps anybody thinking about upgrading to the new USA spec bracket. I highly recommend!
  17. GoPackGoGreenBay

    Happy Trails LED WOW Kit KLR650

    0 reviews

    DETAILS Don't be deceived by its looks. It may be a bit homely but this ugly duckling is a superstar. The exclusive Happy Trails WOW LED Taillight System transforms your KLR650 to the safest bike on the block. It is routinely blinding: during testing staff members grew accustomed to being temporarily blinded (like looking at a camera flash). We kid you not! Both lights are brilliant, both the taillight and the brake light are exponentially improved to a startling degree. The light installs in seconds: unscrew the stock bulb screw in the adapter unit; the board mounts securely underneath the taillight lens cover. The WOW LED taillight system uses less power, is far brighter (both tail and brake), and is rated to last over 100,000 hours with no signal degradation. Fitment: fits all Kawasaki KLR650 (A or E series); customers report it also works in the KLX250s. Power usage comparison (14VDC engine running): Taillight: Stock 1157: 5 Watts vs WOW LED GEN II: 0.1 Amps/1.4 Watts 10 Candela taillight Brake Light: Stock 1157: 21 Watts vs WOW LED GEN II: .7 Amps/10 Watts 100 Candela brake light (Light brightness testing carried out using a Minolta T-10 light meter at 1 foot). Flash Pattern: The brake light comes with a built-in dip switch toggle to activate a 1.5-2 second (4 flash) alert flashing before a brilliant steady brake beam or a brilliant steady beam (without flashes). Notes: Full brightness is not realized unless the bike is running and producing the full normal 14V. To disable the flashing mode slide both switches to the "off" position (switches are tiny toggles on the circuit board.) If your installation causes a small gap between the tail-light lens and gasket, remove a small amount ( about 1/16") of material from the taillight mounting posts with a small file or rotary tool. This will let the lens seal tight and keep water out. The brake light circuit on the WOW taillight requires an active and working taillight to function. Consequently, if you have a headlight cut-off switch that also eliminates the taillight the brake light will not work. Also, the WOW taillight cannot be bench-tested. It must be installed so that both the tail and brake light circuits are active. Dimensions: The light is about 1 1/4" deep, from the top of the mounting posts to the back side of the circuit board. The circuit board is 1 5/8" wide, and 2 5/8" wide. The maximum width on the installation holes is 3 1/4 while the minimum width is 2 7/8".
  18. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION For exterior and interior applications Easy replacement of the original incandescent bulbs Unique and modern look in a simple and cost-effective way Lifetime warranty High efficiency, reliable design with excellent thermal management Broad portfolio of parts and colors Easy to install
  19. teledan

    Honda XR400R (1997)


    Only had it one day so far, but I love it! I will post more as I get more time on it.