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Found 41 results

  1. JustTakeItEasy

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


    Street legal in AZ, this 450SXF. Started with trail ready, kept going to full street legal. Easy to get plated in AZ. Pain in the ass and expensive to do all this on MX bike, but mad fun to have the 450SXF on the trails, open desert and bush. TBT suspension Rekluse Auto Core EXP Fastaway System3 Overbar Steering Stabilizer Fasst Flexx bars Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Headlight Rear LED tail kit from EXC with (exc rear fender swap) 70 watt upgraded stator Promoto Billet black kickstand Trailtech Striker digi gauge Seat Concepts low seat Moose Racing front fender dual sport pack Moose Racing rear render velcro cylinder pack Doubltake fold down mirror ProMotoB Billet rear rack - black Fastway linkage protection TrailTech radiator fan kit Bulletproof radiator guards Bulletproof chain guide/swingarm guards Ricochet skidplate FMF muffler Black Excel rims Cycra handguards Orange Anodized unbreakable levers OdiLock grips DirtTricks sprockets and Did gold series chain Warp 9 adjustable rear brake pedal with flexx Warp 9 gear selector with flexx Fastway Adventure footpegs Tm designworks chain guide Padiator - rear brake radiator
  2. lexirex001

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2013)


    Just needs a 6th gear.
  3. 2014 drz400sm - FCR39mx Bought this carb last summer, did the o-ring mod, fiddled with various jetting, never got the bike running to my liking, bogged noticeably when you crack the throttle quickly. I blame a poorly tuned AP system, but can't do much about it due to this carbs lack of AP tunability. Then one day I noticed that the throttle response has grown exceedingly shitty. I've had enough, I took off the carb and, sadly, had to resort to putting back in the stock carb. Poor old fcr was put on the shelf neglected for a few months. Today, I decided it was time, and began to dig in and find the problem, and boy did I. So can anyone give me some insight on how this could happen? Could it have been the o-ring mod? People say it puts too much pressure on the AP diaphragm, is this proof of that? If that's the case, what am I to do? With out the mod, the carb performs like shit. Hell, even with the mod it was never perfect. Someone please restore my faith in the fcr. Once I replace the diaphragm, how do I get it to perform correctly? How do I prevent this from happening again, while also getting the performance I'm after? Also, does anyone have any recommendations on where to find a knew diaphragm? I haven't searched yet, but it seems like it could be hard to find.
  4. so it finally happened... i got me one sexy piggy today!!! its been cold and raining all day here, so i parked her next to the ol' tanning bed, and proceeded to put the flatlands skid plate and radiator guards, manrack, wolfman enduro tank bag, and wolman weekender bag for the tail... my hand guards will be here thursday and i will be ordering the stage 1 kit in a few weeks... not much to post other then a lil picture... i cant even begin to tell you how happy i am with her so far... i i tried taking some pictures but it seems to be too dark in the room. so tomorrow i will get some pics of my girl for you guys... thank you guys for all the great advice and words of wisdom.. . ohhhhh, and i can finally post as a crf250l owner now!!!!!
  5. plugeye

    Suzuki DR350 (1994)


    just gettin started
  6. mebgardner

    KTM 690 Enduro R (2017)


    I've added over $4k of modifications to this cycle shortly after purchasing it. I'm intending this cycle to be a dual sport in purpose, and a USA BDR rider in particular. So, it will see freeway roads and speeds in excess of 75 MPH with hours of seat time slabbing it. It will also see sketchy two track and possible some single track, mud and for sure, some deep sand. So, *lots* of different conditions will be in view during the build, and as you consider the mods I make, please keep in mind my purpose for this cycle. Everything is a trade off, a compromise. Including cost. For instance, I did not / will not add a Rally tower or Rally type lighting. It's just too darned expensive for my purpose. But, I *am* big on protecting the cycle from hits and drops. So, I build out a layered approach to protection, with an eye on weight since I'll have to pick it up when I drop it. I'm also big on protecting *me* in these various environments. I can do something about the (my) body protection with various clothing armor pieces. I try to be seen, too. So, I'm big on lighting up the front, back and sides because drivers need to see me as best as I can make that happen. Sure, BDR riding does not need all that lighting. But, getting there and connecting the trail bits via roads *does* need it. So, it's on there. I referenced a lot of other folk's builds, picking out the pieces that I thought would be beneficial without adding too much weight, cost, or just too "blingy" for my taste. Kudos to Rocky Mountain ATV.com, and ADVPulse.com for their build descriptions. I also bought from KTM Twins.com, but I'm not very happy with that experience (returns take forever, and they dinged me for a lot of cash, for doing it). Probably not buying from them, if I can help it, anymore. Have a look...
  7. TheLittleYellowThatCould

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2006)


    pretty great after you throw too much money into it! lol
  8. Huck369

    Yamaha XT250 (2008)


    The XT250 is a Great Dual Sport, with a lean toward off road, it's light and flick-able, stone cold reliable, lower seat height than many of the Dual Sports. It's no powerhouse, but has all the power I need, very forgiving, and simple to work on.
  9. speersie

    Yamaha WR250R (2014)


    New addition of the family.
  10. Broncoxr


    I saw this tip many years ago, but could not find its original author. So, credits to who ever you are. I took two pint size plastic oil containers (quart size fits the bigger fender bags) and cut the tops off. Put necessary tools in one half and slide the second half over the first. This works great as the edges are smooth and wont wear through the fender bag. The oil containers also help to keep parts at bay while doing a trail side repair. I am able to keep all the tools I wish to carry in the pint size ones so the quart sized ones, if they fit your bag, will hold a bunch more
  11. I've been looking for a tail bag to attach to the ThumperTalk large rear rack. I want to hold thing like flat repair stuff, tools, first aid kit, extra water, things like that, and not lose my stuff when out in the boonies. I have looked at some threads here, but nothing quite looks like it will work. The wolfman Peak bag is too small, their tail bag attaches with bungees, which is too weak. I am leaning towards the Moose tail bag, but it might be too wide at the front, as it has more of a trapezoidal shape when looked at from above. Any suggestions with pics would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Mark R. Albuquerque
  12. Enduro Dom

    Rear tool bag

    My off road bike has an acerbis bag on the back but as I am travelling further and further each time I need to start carrying more tools and stuff for emergency repairs. I hate having too much wieght on my back or waist, apart from a small rucksack with water,some energy bars, wallet and phone, I am looking for a bag that will hold a decent tool kit that fits on the rear of my bike with, puncture repair stuff, new inertubes, other tools and stuff. Anyone got any ideas..¿?
  13. I just got my hands on a new CRF250L. Since this model was just released there are not yet model specific luggage options. Until some one comes out with mounting hardware for a set of hard panniers, what are my options? I tried a set of Ortlieb waterproof soft bags but the exhaust burned through the rear strap. The inside of the right bag was also hot as an oven. The obvious answer is a generic tail bag but I'd like more capacity and still be able to strap on a tent and sleeping bag. Would a pair of Aerostich tank panniers work? I'm concerned the flair of the front body work would push them out too far.
  14. Hi, I was wondering, where do you guys keep your registration? Their is no rear storage seat. do you guys keep it in your wallets? or find a spot on the bike to hide it?
  15. I wanted to be able to remove my fender packs when i don't need them...but i also like the security of the bolt-on design, rather than the strap on type of packs. Here is my solution. Chuck the pins in the worlds smallest vise and use a cutting wheel, or hacksaw to cut them just above the first hitch pin hole. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WEAR SAFETY GLASSES!!! Cutting wheels have a tendency to fly apart whenever they want to...and riding is tough with one eye. Then chamfer and smooth the rough ends with the worlds smallest bench grinder. *I have a pretty small garage, so you will notice many of my tools are also of Lilliputian dimensions Now, you have used the bolt holes in your fender pack as a template to drill the appropriate holes in your fender. Here we see the trimmed Clevis pins with washers inserted into the underside of the fender holes, and epoxied in place. Here we see the finished product from the top of the fender. This is the way it will look when you don't want to lug around your packs. Now, you can use the hitch pins to secure your fender bag in a snap...and still take it off easily!! Here is my headlight shroud getting the same treatment. And the finished product, the way it looks when you don't want to take your packs. And here it is with my moose tool pack attached All done!!!!
  16. vbakken

    Honda XL600R (1986)


    It's simple old school reliability. Once you learn how to start it, it never stops on you.
  17. ebrabaek

    drz400s aft rack and bags

    Just finished making the aft rack from 3/8 id stainless. Bags I sowed from 18 guage polyurethane coated fabric. Here is the full rundown of what i did. The only thing so far that i did was the airbox mod with the sewer hose to block the sound. That restored the bike from running rich to normal mayby a bit lean at 4000 feet and 90-100 degr. I felt that there was more to be done. In went the k&n su-4000 filter. Dynojet kit for the drz400s. From the kit i installed the following parts: Big spring, needle, clip for the needle. I changed the pilot jet to a 25 from stock 22,5. Installed the kientech fuel screw, and put in kientech stainles screws for the bowl. I decided to leave the stock main jet 142,5 i think. I really like the results. When i pull up the highway 5% grade to 5500 feet the bike for sure pulls stronger at a lesser throttle setting. 0 to1/4 throttle good response and pickup with only little backfire closing the throttle. 1/4 to 3/4 throttle very strong pickup especially from 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Maby a bit room for improvement about 1/4 throttle. when the needle circuit picks up at 1/4 throttle there is a tiny hesitation, maybe so little not worth mentioning. I think i have to run it a bit more to home in on it. And then figure out what to change...maybe try lowering the needle 1/2 step with the suplied spacer. From 3/4 to 1/1 throttle the bike pulls strong. So i believe the choice of main jet is fine. In the next day or so i will do a spark plug test. I left the fuel mixture screw at 1 1/2 turn.as per kientech recommend. It needed a bit more fuel from idle to 1/4 throttle so I ended up with fuel screw 2 turns out.....nice. I am in the process of taking all the covers and make a negative fiberglass mold, in which I will produce a carbon fiber replica of the original plastic cover. Have one done so far....looks nice. The pdf slide show is of the rack and bags. I welcome any questions at: ebrabaek@sbcglobal.net enjoy View attachment: erlings_thumper.pdf
  18. ColeJC86

    Honda XR650L (2001)


    Love this bike. Perfect all around thumper. Heavy on trails but I'm 6'1" 220lbs so I can manage.
  19. Im looking at investing in some wolfman luggage packs for 450 xc-w. My cousin has one on his drz400 and im very impressed with the quality. They have so many choices of packs and im having a hard time deciding which one(s) to go with. My xr250 had a pack mounted just behind the seat and I was happy with it. The ktm doesn't seem to have the room for a pack in that area. I do a lot of hill climbing and tight single track so a large pack will not work. Has anyone tried out the front fender pack?
  20. skoobeesnak

    Yamaha WR250R (2008)


    Love this damn bike. Amazing off road and surprising for a 250 on road. I can maintain 70 unless I have a headwind or if I am loaded down with camping gear.
  21. mott555

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Great commuter bike, it's light, agile, maneuverable, and easy to control. It can be a bit underpowered at highway speeds with a headwind but I have stock gearing and my engine isn't broken in yet. The engine is really smooth even at high RPM's, and it has good low-end torque output. Fuel injection is a nice touch, the bike starts right up and you don't have to fiddle with a choke or fast idle switch.