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Found 30 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    Mikuni Easy Kits

    1 review

    Designed to work with your original Harley-Davidson intake manifold, choke cable, air cleaner and throttle cables May be used with high flow air filters designed for the stock CV carb for better performance Installation instructions and all necessary hardware included Pre-jetted and ready to run, per application 42mm carburetor Must use stock cover Includes high flow backing plate and mounting hardware Requires stock oval cover and a Screamin Eagle high flow replacement filter
  2. Ogri88

    Honda XR400R (1997)


    Truly bullet proof adventure tourer!
  3. XRik

    Honda XR400R (1996)


    Very fun bike. Not overly powerful, but handles well, isn't too heavy and is drop dead reliable.
  4. VMBeazel

    Honda XR400R (2004)


    This street-legal 2004 XR400 is a bullet-proof, trail-riding tractor, with no radiator to bash in, valves that never need regapping, and after adding a Mikuni pumper carb, the perfect trail-bike that can be brapped over logs and rocks, and ridden in whatever gear happens to be handy. And just because I love it so much, I change the oil about once a year. Starts on first kick after pumping the starter to TDC and if I can remember not to touch the throttle at all (pumper carb easily floods engine otherwise).
  5. thunder god

    ATK 605 DS (1997)


    It's a great bike very low maintance and extremely durable. Loads of torque. A little slow in the handling but still more bike than I can use. Seems to work best when moving at a good clip. Parts are readly available from the web or phone a lot of them cross to other manufacturers. So a good bike think ducati for dirt.
  6. saxonator

    Honda XR400R (1997)


    Love the XR400R, powerful enough for me and after changing the spring and shock rate it is a great bike with lots of potential. I ride mostly single track in Thailand and I need low maintenance bike, that can easy handle extreme temperatures as well as extreme terrain, it both handle both very well
  7. 10 reviews

    Square-type slide carburetors have increased air-flow metering at low engine speeds Smooth-bore design cuts down turbulence in carburetor throat for better throttle response and power delivery throughout the RPM range Provisions to install power jet included on 38mm TM series bodies are designed to accept Power Jet Kits, which prevents leaning out during extended full-throttle running Bore: 36mm Spigot Mount: 43mm Main Jet: 130 Pilot Jet: 12.5 Needle Jet: T84-13002 P-8 Throttle Valve: N/A Jet Needle: 9DZH6-50
  8. JoViterbo

    Suzuki DR650SE (2012)


    The first, and last bike ill ever buy! (besides maybe another DR)
  9. I'm cleaning my CV carb (Mikuni BSR36) off of my 2005 DRZ400S. The Slide Neelde Jet/Collar/Seat fell over when it dropped out. I don't know which way to put it back in? Which end will receive the slide needle first? A. The smaller o.d. end with the rounded opening? B. The fatter o.d. end with the beveled opening? . I've searched this forum a good bit last night, but didn't find this answer. If it is out there I apologize for the redundancy. I did see one thread asking a similar question but still couldn't figure out which end faced the slide needle. Nik
  10. teledan

    Honda XR400R (1997)


    Only had it one day so far, but I love it! I will post more as I get more time on it.
  11. mattiasnowak

    Honda XR400R (1999)


    Have had a lot of bikes but this is the one I always keep. Just keeps running. The only bike I want to keep forever.
  12. colinvh

    Suzuki DR650SE (2008)


    Original owner installed TM40, 40F0, and Cogent DDC and shock rebuild. Oh, and a Sargent seat. I could live on this thing. Can we go ride now?
  13. So I was looking at my carb closely today and checking tightness of everything. The hoses are beyond brittle. They have no give and feel like hard plastic instead of the rubber. Their color is dirty yellow brown resin like nastiness. I searched online but couldn't find a hose replacement set by itself. I saw carb rebuild kits with them but I need only the hoses. Anyone have any suggestions? Oh....it's for a 2003 cr250r
  14. Hello everyone, I have a 2002 Honda CR250R. I am looking for a needle jet that will fit the stock mikuni carb. Curently the e-clip is set at the top groove of the stock needle jet (6BEY 30-74). I am looking for a needle jet that i can go up 2 grooves and still be somewhat in the middle. Looking for an easy way the lean the bike out at low speeds. I hope this makes sence...
  15. ment4bikes1

    cr250 carb issues

    I posted here awhile back and people told me that I can buy a new carb and it would solve the problem...I'm looking for a cheaper method as a carb is like $200. My problem is the float in my carb. the level is too high and in order for me to ride it I have to turn the idle way down so the bike doesn't idle at all but it drives properly. If it is idling properly then the bike bogs bad when starting in 1st gear(getting too much gas) but the actual bike runs great, starts 1st kick blah blah. anyway was wondering if this would fix my problem, i mean for like $30 worth a try.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150582805145&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT#ht_500wt_749 Let me know guys, i would really like this bike running properly so i can hit the track!
  16. tom5395

    Honda XR650R (2000)


    Bought the bike with a uncooperative carby, tm42-6 and it’s a brand new bike so fun on the road
  17. PitRipper

    Mikuni carburetor tuning guide

    I think this could be a useful sticky. http://www.mikuni.com/pdf/vmmanual.pdf This is a free tuning and carburetor knowledge manual that is very informative and easy to read. Most of all carb problems are addressed in this PDF file. Since a large portion of our forum topics are carburetor problem related, I think this could be very useful and lead more people to be able to help others, effectively making more question answerers as opposed to question askers, which is good for everyone. Just an idea...
  18. Cr125 rider 22

    Stock 2002 cr125 jets

    I have a 2002 cr 125 and need the stock settings for the carb. Main jet slow jet ect. My bike has a pro circuit platinum, stainless shorty, main jet of 430 and a slow jet of 30. At approximately 2000 ft. Is that anywhere close?
  19. wably

    Honda XR400R (2004)


    So far so good. Checked/repacked/replaced all worn bearings, fluids, tires, clutch plates, brake pads, chain, sprockets, bars, grips and levers. Replaced all incorrect size/length bolds, nuts, screws. Removed a ton of red loctite. Usually at the expense of the threads and or bolt, nut and screw! BAD TOAD!!! I want to convert to electric start. The parts are out there. Let me know if you have done it or know someone who has.
  20. So as some of you know, I have just gotten a 2007 KX-125 for my birth day (I can't ride the bike until my bday which is on the 6th ) and today when just starting it and poking around the carb, I saw some oil leaking out the base of the exhaust, it was not much, just a bit around the manifold and a tiny bit dribbling down about 4cm. Is this a bad thing? The bike starts on the first kick easily and when I test rode it it had SOOOO much power compared to my KX-80!!! It has some 40:1 mix from the previous owner that's new (it wasn't mixed months ago, I think a few days ago) the bike idles for about 10 seconds then the revs start dropping until it cuts out, but if I give a tad more throttle it revs fine and then it will idle for about 10 seconds and the whole thing goes over again... I don't wont to go tearing the bike apart, is it a just card adjustment? Or do I just need the take the exhaust off (I heard that some oil might come pouring out because it was not ridden "on pipe") any help will be much appreciated!!!
  21. Should I try to jet my mikuni on my 05 cr250 or switch to a pwk of a yz? Thanks in advance
  22. StreetPlated

    Honda XR400R (2001)


    Love it!
  23. One1

    Yamaha TTR125L (2003)


    Love it! It's a starter with room to grow. People love the 125 for its lightweight abilities and a BBK should liven it up. Handlebar position is a little low for my tastes. Some may want to add risers for improved handlebar positioning.