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Found 51 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro CR Pro Throttle

    1 review

    Kit includes Motion Pro CR Pro throttle and throttle cable to work with stock carb (includes carb cap if needed) Designed for ultimate throttle performance
  2. SS109

    Kawasaki KDX220R (1998)


    I think I like this bike better than my fully built '90 KDX200 and my '05 Gas Gas DE250. Great power, and with updated suspension, it handles everything.
  3. CRF450XINOZ

    Honda CRF450X (2009)


    Awesome bike, The power, Suspension & handling exceeded my expectations Removed snorkel & opened up the airbox slightly R&D flex jet 170 Main Pilot 45 Leak jet 60 NCVS Needle jet JT 14 tooth front sprocket Hinson clutch cover FMF Powerbomb header pipe E-Line carbon fiber Header cover FMF Powercore 4 muffler Trailtech Vapor Stealth speedo & dash setup, Great to keep an eye on the temperature & RPM etc Having both supermoto & offroad wheels is great
  4. 0 comments

    Zero maintenance, 100% reliability. This is probably the most rugged workhorse ATV you can find. For the amount of abuse that I've put this machine through, there is no reasonable explanation for why its still functioning like new. Best money I ever spent
  5. skaiter1007

    Honda CRF450X (2006)


    great bike, tons of power, dual sport capable (and mine is) a little on the heavy side, but i'll get used to it and stronger for controlling the beast that it is haha
  6. 2 reviews

    > These super-light wrenches weight less than one quarter of the weight of standard steel wrenches > Made from tool-grade titanium alloy > Extremely lightweight and compact design is perfect for trail tool packs > Exclusive Motion Pro design for optimized strength and performance > Titanium alloy will never rust or corrode > Ergonomic handle > Laser etched markings for easy identification > Designed by Motion Pro > Set includes 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 13 mm wrenches > Patented design http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/tools/category/tiprolight_wrenches/
  7. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Cable

    1 review

    Replacement cable made by Motion Pro for Revolver Variable-Rate Throttle Kit
  8. 1 review

    For worn or broken OEM units on most offroad and dual-sport models Made from a nylon fabric composite material Featuring pop-out end caps for use with bar end type brand guards All sleeves have molded ridges to secure grips All sleeves come in a 1-piece tube and drum design
  9. Hollerhead

    Honda XR650L (1998)


    Love the bike. Complete rebuild/restoration ($4000 or so). The 2nd/5th gears and 14R/48 sprockets are great choices. I love the look I've ended up with and couldn't be happier with the ride on and off road. Great bike for me.
  10. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro T3 Clutch Cable

    4 reviews

    Proprietary high performance liner in the elbow increases cable efficiency and greatly increases cable life Tool-less adjuster with innovative swivel fitting allows quick and easy cable adjustments Tool-less adjuster has built in lubrication port with o-ring cover for easy, no mess maintenance All fittings and elbow are anodized billet aluminum construction Low friction seals keep dirt and water out delivering smooth, long lasting operation Stainless steel inner wire provides durability and additional smoothness Assembled with constant viscosity synthetic grease Made in the USA
  11. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Mini-Pro T-Handle Set

    1 review

    5 piece set includes: 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14mm sizes Compact size for easy access and transport 6-3/4in. shaft length Chrome-vandium tool steel shaft Durable nickel pewter finish Includes a vinyl storage pouch Manufacturers lifetime replacement warranty
  12. Bryan Bosch


    By Sean Goulart, ThumperTalk Sr. Contributing Editor When it comes to off-road motorcycles, there are certain tools that you simply must have and we’ve spent some time talking to riders, racers and manufacturers about just what they are. You might be surprised as to what makes the list of “The 9 Tools Every Off-Road Rider Must Have”. Of course, we’re not saying that this list has the ONLY 9 tools you’ll need; these are the tools our audience felt they “must have”, not “should have”. That said, let’s take a look at our first “must-have” tool. #1 - TIRE REPAIR KIT A complete tire repair kit that can cover both tube-type and tubeless tires is a must-have item. A flat tire will end your day quickly and can be a real disaster if you are far from the trail head. This kit features the ability to repair tube and tubeless tires and also includes tire irons as well as a cool hose from the spark plug to pump up the tire when done. Stop and Go Deluxe Tire Repair Kit - $49.95 MSRP #2 - SPRING PULLER This affordable simple item is rarely used, but when needed - nothing else will do! Riders used to call this an “exhaust spring puller” because it was mainly used for two-stroke pipe springs. But smart mechanics know it can be used for a variety of tasks that other tools just can’t handle; like getting into tight spaces, picking up or “hooking” lost or misplaced items, getting underneath gas tanks, removing cotter pins, and holding items out of the way. You need it because no other tool in your tool box does what it does. This T-handled spring puller from MSR Racing shown here is just one example of this cool tool. MSR Heavy Duty Spring Hook - $9.95 MSRP #3 - LOW PRESSURE TIRE GAUGE Having the right inflation for the terrain and tires you run is extremely important. If you’ve over or under-inflated your tires, you know the drill - incorrect tire pressure brings on a myriad of handling and traction-related woes, not to mention the potential damage to your tires, tubes, and rims. Working with old gas station compressors and $3 air pressure gauges just ain’t gonna cut it. Most gauges read in 2-5 PSI increments and because the scale is so great, the low pressure accuracy is lost. You need a gauge that reads in ½ to 1 PSI increments to get those tires dialed in right. Features like longer hoses and bleeder valves are required and the unit shown below has what most off-road mechanics require at an affordable price. Cruz TOOLS TirePro Dial Tire Gauge - $19.95 MSRP #4 - SMALL GRANULARITY TORQUE WRENCH Over tightening bolts on motorcycles is easy due to the small size and relatively low torque values applied. This can do serious damage to your bike especially on bearing related and load bearing items. Things like fork tubes are very vulnerable to damage when not following the specific tightening values as outlined in your shop manual. Many torque wrenches are built for automotive applications and do not offer the granularity needed for low-torque applications. We like to use a specific lower value torque wrench with a ¼” drive to try to avoid ham-fisting expensive assemblies. One such example is the unit shown below, available in ¼”, ⅜” or ½” drive(s). You need this if you care about doing the job right. Bike Master Digital Torque Wrench - $124.95 MSRP #5 - IMPACT DRIVER We’ve all spent time with stripped screws and know what a pain they can be. One old fastener can turn into a day of frustration if the right tool isn’t available to remove it. Although many methods are used to get out these stripped fasteners, the old fashioned impact wrench is our go-to tool for this problem...it pretty much works the first time, and every time. Always replace stripped screws with new units and use a torque wrench to avoid over-tightening. One issue when using impact drivers is missing the tool and smashing your hand, so here’s an impact wrench that uses a newer design for the handle that addresses that, although pretty much any decent unit will get the job done. Note: Many issues with removing fasteners is due to the incorrect driver being used to begin with. Are you SURE that Phillips Head driver is the right tool? To learn more about the Japanese Industrial Standard, or JIS - Click Here Bike Master Professional 1/2in. Drive Impact Driver - $24.95 MSRP #6 - T-HANDLE WRENCHES Every time I visit the pits, I look at what the mechanics use, no matter if it’s the Nationals or a local race. And one items that you always see is the ubiquitous T-handle wrench set. This is a tool than we use a bit more at the track/trail than we do in the garage, but it’s always closeby...and for jobs like taking on/off plastics, quick, low-torque applications; it can’t be beat. T-Handle wrenches are inexpensive, usually have no moving parts and this would be a good example of what’s available out there: Malcolm Smith Racing T-Handle Wrench Set - $46.95 MSRP #7 - QUALITY TIRE IRONS Unless you’re made of cash or have a trust fund, you probably mount your own tires. Needless to say, thIS job is among the least liked, but the show must go on and once you get good at it, well... it still sucks. But one thing that can make it better is having the right set of tools for the task - namely tire irons...and not those short stubby knuckle-busters that came in your OEM tool kit, we’re talking about irons that actually help you get the job done the first time. Once you use these you’ll never look at those stubbies again! One such set are these from Motion Pro and wow are they trick, take a look: MotionPro T-6 Combo Lever Set - $54.99 MSRP #8 - HARDWARE KITS When doing routine maintenance and inspections, lost fasteners are always a problem, and can end your day on the track or trail due to a missing or broken 10 cent screw or bolt. Add to that the fact that many hardware outlets do not carry the correct fasteners for our noble steeds and it all adds up to riders using the wrong item for the application. This can be avoided almost entirely by adding a hardware kit to your tool arsenal. Most off-road motorcycles use the metric standard so we would recommend a kit like this (or larger) to fill most of your hardware needs. Remember that using the right fastener for the job is a safety issue! Motion-Pro Metric Hardware Kit - $14.99 MSRP #9 - CHAIN BREAKER PRESS AND RIVETING TOOL This tool almost didn’t make the list but after discussion, its merits won us over. Changing chains can be a real hassle when they aren’t the perfect length and Murphy’s Law says it’s bound to catch up with you...and when you need to install a chain, shorten a chain or press out a pin, no tool works half as well as the right one. A good chain tool will feature different dies for different size chains and hardened pins for long life. This unit from Motion Pro is just one example of a complete kit. The Motion Pro Chain Breaker Press and Riveting Tool - $89.99 MSRP Thanks for checking out our "9 Tools Every Off-Road Rider Must Have!" article. If you're still hungry for more moto-tips, we've got em'! Just click HERE to browse. Or, if you don't see what you're looking for, use the search function. Hot Topics > SEASON OPENER: Prepping Your Bike for the Highest Performance > SUSPENSION: The Little Things Can Mean BIG Improvements! > STAY WARM! How to Ride Longer Into the Season. Official Launch of the Highly Anticipated Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet Sponsored Content View attachment: tube kit_1-1.jpg View attachment: springpuller_2.jpg View attachment: pressure-gauge_3.jpg View attachment: torque-wrench_4.jpg View attachment: impact_driver_5.jpg View attachment: t-handle_6.jpg View attachment: tire_iron_7.jpg View attachment: hardware_8.jpg View attachment: chainbreak_9.jpg View attachment: leatt_6.5_youtube_player.PNG
  13. Sierra_rider

    Beta 300 RR Race Edition (2015)


    It has a very neutral chassis, turns very well but doesn't give much up in stability. The power is very linear and easy to use. If you wan't a hard-hitting 2 stroke, this isn't your bike. Even with the aggressive map switch and the powervalve adjuster turned in, it much more mellow than my Yz. Although the power may not be exciting, it's perfect for gnarly technical terrain. Stock forks were harsh on square-edge obstacles. The Pressure springs(small spring in the top of the fork) are known to be to stiff for most offroad riding. I had them changed out when the forks were revalved. E-start works flawlessly and starts the bike within a couple seconds when cold. Ergo's feel good to me...at 6'1", I was worried that it would feel to small to me, but that's not the case. The rear brake lever is a little low for most people, but I actually prefer it that way and it's adjustable anyway. Brakes themselves feel good, the front in particular is very strong. I don't feel they give up much to the Brembo's on the Ktm's. 40 hour update: replaced the stock rear tire within 20 hours and did the front at about the 35 hour point. I now have a tubliss front and rear, with a new rim in the front because of bad crash I had. In that crash, I also smashed the pipe, split a radiator hose, twisted both radiators, and popped the preload adjusters out of both forks. Beta fixed the forks free of charge, so no complaints there. Separate from that crash, the stock map switch is busted and I blew the fuse for the e-starter, although it blew in extremely wet conditions. The most likely culprit is the horn, it's a pretty common issue that's easy to fix. Also, the stock plastic is extremely brittle and easy to crack.
  14. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Push/Pull Throttle

    1 review

    OEM-style cables are available in a wide variety of applications for most popular models Cables are nylon lined and use precise OEM component dimensions Terminator clutch cables are available for several models; wires in the outer casing are wound lengthwise instead of around the cable to eliminate compression and spongy clutch feel
  15. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Black Vinyl OE Clutch Cable

    2 reviews

    Black vinyl coil-wound housing Meets or exceeds OE quality Inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth operation Image is for reference only, actual product may vary
  16. Millar360

    KTM 350 SX-F (2011)


    Really smooth and loves to get up and go. This bike is a wonderful escape.
  17. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Black Vinyl Clutch Cable

    2 reviews

    Standard black vinyl housing Meets or exceeds OEM quality Premium chrome fittings
  18. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube

    1 review

    Designed for the rigorous demands of motocross Tougher and more resilient than aluminum tubes Will not deform and seize upon a hard impact like aluminum tubes can No more DNFs due to bent or broken throttle tubes Proprietary low-friction material provides smooth operation and eliminates galling No irritating and uncomfortable vibration like aluminum tubes Higher performance than aluminum tubes at a much lower cost Cannot be used with bar end mounted hand guards
  19. 2x1wheeler

    Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    12 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS For use on most KYB inverted forks with a M5x0.8 air bleed screw in the fork cap. New ultra-compact, low-profile design is only 11 mm high installed. Stainless steel body is stronger and will not corrode. Easy to install, simply replace the O.E. bleeder screw with the Micro Bleeder. Reduces harshness caused by air build-up. Allows bleeding of air pressure without tools. One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks. Kit includes two bleeder valves.